Alt-Left Haters destroy, with a provably faux outrage

Destroying the statues of Confederate memorials isn’t the answer.

The radical, often unhinged Left is all about destroying this Nation’s history, and it’s their typical reaction to anything they oppose, but there’s a different way to go about this.

Why not add memorials exalting Union sacrifices to emancipate slaves? Arguably, over 300,000 Americans died to end slavery…why go negative with a positive like that?

Over 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War – toppling statues doesn’t solve anything.

And who gets to say where their ‘outrage’ should end? As we noted previously, Europe started the African slave trade; African tribes enslaved their own; Democrats held the south during and after slavery, founded the KKK, passed Jim Crow laws, inflicted Bull Connor intimidation tactics of brutality, and fought against civil rights legislation.

Why stop at toppling a statue?

There’s something strange about an outraged group that supports the Democrat Party which symbolizes all the racism, slavery, lynchings, and brutality THEY memorialized.

If the Left really wants to make a statement in those Southern states with a Confederate heritage, they’ll work for something positive to celebrate our achievements, not failures.

Otherwise, they’re proving themselves as HATERS…

Here’s an idea, for an ‘outraged’ Alt-Left…

…ship those Confederate statues back to the Party that created them.

The real HATERS are those who push victim-mentality

Talk to a Liberal about Rush Limbaugh, and their first reaction – ‘he’s a hater’.

But how is someone who preaches self-respect and integrity a hater?

Yes, he attacks Liberalism as an empty ideology, from the perspective that in order to believe in Liberalism one must accept that they have no control in life, they’re victims.

He suggests rejecting a Liberalism core value: identity politics, because there’s no unity or togetherness. Identity politics offers only a victimized hopelessness, helplessness.

How does fighting against those who instill a victim-mentality make anyone a hater?

(We dare all those who dismiss Rush Limbaugh as a hater to read this monologue with an open mind…and then, after, drop us a comment on whether that label still applies.)

Sorry Libs, the KKK is a Democrat construct, with the same manifesto

Fake-News can spin away, it doesn’t change facts: the KKK is a Democrat creation.

Meandering claims that ‘the Party today is not the same party’ has no merit…the fact that it’s moved FURTHER left has little bearing on the fact it’s still the same Party.

Claiming to now be the Party of Reform and the Disenfranchised means nothing to the original argument (ask an aborted unborn fetus if it’s ‘disenfranchised’ status helped).

Who cares if they say ‘party lines are not the same’? Talk is cheap; especially theirs.

Saying one thing while doing the opposite means little to a black child forced into no-choice failed public schools, simply to support Democrat-donating teacher-unions…

…and means nothing to the black worker paying high gas-pump and electricity prices, so fat-cat Wall Street Democrat donors can rake in big profits on energy investments.

Democrats created the KKK to terrorize blacks, and their Republican allies.

They may no longer openly burn crosses or lynch, but stealth-mode Democrat policy gets the same thing accomplished – i.e., keeping minorities in their velvet shackles.

Nothing’s changed about the Democrat Party, except their methods are more deceptive.

Just because today’s KKK can out-crazy the Left doesn’t change a thing.

‘Alt-Right’ labels mislead; in origin they’re actually Leftist groups

KKK supremacists and pro-Nazi groups, although labelled ‘alt-right’, are actually Lefties.

This labelling is meant to tar-&-feather the conservative Right, but the roots of the KKK and pro-Nazi sentiment are firmly planted in Left-wing fanaticism, despite media deceit.

No matter how Fake-media labels it, these nut-jobs are birthed and owned by the Left.

And the ‘Alt-Right’ was begun by, and furthered by, an avowed Socialist.

No way the ‘Alt-Right’ is Right-wing.

Recall Alive: CA Democrats’ attempt to stop anti-gastax recall effort blocked by appellate court

California residents outraged over the new gas-tax that will hit in November prompted a recall effort of a freshman Democrat who helped push the bill through in Sacramento.

Democrats’ trickery began, when a rule “…was slipped into a budget-related bill on a veterans’ cemetery…”, allowing more time for signatories to change their mind.

Naturally, the extended time ‘conveniently’ took the issue beyond a November vote.

With the appellate court ruling, that effort is now moot, so the November recall will be on the ballot…unless Democrats can devise some other trickery to neutralize voter anger.

Nailed it…Rush Limbaugh’s on board: eliminate Democrat Party for its racist roots and support of slavery

Yesterday’s BlueCollar post pondered the question of why the Democrat Party gets a pass…when they historically symbolized the worst racist traits in America?

Today, Rush channeled the BlueCollar Perspective, speaking of the same paradox.

It was the Democrat South that perpetuated slavery;

It was the Democrat South that memorialized those who fought to preserve slavery;

It was the Democrat South passing Jim Crow laws, and applied Bull Connor brutality;

It was the Democrat South that gave birth to its militant arm…the KKK;

It was the Democrat South fighting against civil rights on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Want to REALLY wipe out the roots of racism?

Eliminate the Democrat Party.

Toppling statues is largely symbolic…

…but toppling the Party that symbolizes Racism is a solution.

(If, of course, a solution is desired.)

Beware ‘national adult’ polling…

Be skeptical of any results referred to as ‘national adult’ polling.

Calling major population centers for opinions can very easily result in skew polling; while ‘national’ in general, it’s still Democrat/Liberal in specific to focus on such areas.

Those identifying as ‘Independents’ lean strongly left in heavily populated urban sectors such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Los Angeles, so claiming a ‘national poll’ without geographic specificity gives pollsters opportunity to skew results with impunity.

Just sayin’.