‘If it just saves 1 life’ argument: ok for taking away guns, not ok for securing our border?

Democrats just came out with their ‘If-1-Life-Can-Be-Saved’ justification criteria and when it can be applied, as reported in the following NewsBusters.org article:

“CNN Lets Dem Guest Push Gun Control, ‘If It Saves Just One Life'”

See, it’s not an okay justification if it comes to border walls to stop the deadly effects of vicious gangs and drug-trafficking illegals, but, sure, it’s fine if it takes your guns. 

Class dismissed.

1.3bn data-points review shows voter ID requirements DON’T hamper voting

Democrats  claim voter ID requirements stop minorities and elderly from voting.

But, as reported in the Washington Times, a new, extensive study shows “…strict voter ID laws have no significant effect on voter turnout, don’t keep interested voters from being able to vote, and for that matter don’t prevent them from registering.”


And it should come as no surprise that Americans still don’t have much confidence in the system even when ID is required, as many states issue ID to illegals anyway.

But don’t conflate a vote of ‘no confidence’ with negative aspects of requiring voter ID, because individual trust in a system is a subjective standard with no measurable basis.

It certainly shouldn’t be used by anti-voter-ID groups as a reason to stop voter ID.

Look at it this way: ID is required to buy cigarettes/liquor, get on an airplane, or enter a gov’t building…even though we’re aware there are ways to game those necessities.

Voter ID is crucial for obvious reasons: voting gives every citizen an important voice in the type of gov’t they want…and ID deters fraudulent votes from negating your vote.

‘Gotcha’ deals slipped into House budget bill must be dealt with firmly by the Senate

Parents know their kids bring up last-minute issues for a reason.

Developing a 1200-page House legislative budget ‘deal’ at the last minute can only mean one thing…Democrats snuck in ‘landmines’ with no time to read and catch them.

Senate Republicans better man up, because if they won’t…the President will.

The first government shutdown, despite reports to the contrary, actually worked in the President’s favor – it brought into sharp focus a very real border security problem.

As Pres Trump said a day or so ago, there’s no reason for a shutdown this time and he wants to get budget legislation signed, but rest assured Democrats have mined the bill.

They believe with media behind them they can lie and blame the GOP as responsible for the next shutdown, should one occur as a result of their legislative malfeasance.

There’s no reason for last-minute legislation, and it doesn’t serve the American public well for such deceptive practices to occur…just because one Party pushes an agenda.

Congress should be required to pass budget measures with adequate time for review.

Until common sense strikes, Republicans should get in front of this deceptive chicanery, expose it for what it is in specific terms, and smoke out the deceit in this legislation.

Lesson learned? CA Dem bullet-train billion$ ok to mis-use, but unspent common funds for wall use not ok?

RedState.com headline: “Calif. Gov. Newsom Admits Bullet Train A Green Project Boondoggle (But He’s Not Giving Back The Money)” Hmmm…

“…private funding for the project has been scarce yet taxpayers were still on the hook helping fund the organization that would be running the train via a carbon tax.”

So, everyone’s okay with misusing billions for this now-dead ‘bullet-train’ fiasco, but if anyone suggests the President could budget-sweep unspent funds for a border wall…

…all hell breaks loose?

…and coordinate anti-wall funding lawsuit with Texas GOP…

Critics maintain if the President does go ahead with an executive action (of any type) it will be challenged in court by Democrats, but Republicans can short-circuit that.

Texas (as a border state affected) can file the suit coordinated with Republicans, in order to ensure any appeal would go through a friendly Fifth Circuit in Louisiana.

That way, they’d stymie Democrats court-shopping friendlies, like the 9th Circuit.

Hopefully, these ideas are already well on their way in this regard.

Focus people – Funding the wall is about Congress doing THEIR job

Not surprisingly, regarding the wall-funding issue, everyone seems more focused on the President…because the FakeNews media drives 92% negative daily coverage of him.

But our REAL focus should be on Congress – it’s their job to fund necessary programs.

Yet, once again, media shows how they run cover for Democrats, making every story an issue of how it affects the President’s agenda, as if it’s not America’s agenda also.

Okay – let’s focus on President Trump…

  • HIS shutdown forced media coverage that exposed dangers of open borders;
  • HIS shutdown revealed Democrats as indifferent to facts on drug smuggling, sex-&-human trafficking, terrorists and vicious gang members, crossing unimpeded;
  • HIS persistence in demanding Congress do their job to fund a border wall shows he doesn’t want to act unilaterally with executive action (but notes that he could);
  • HIS willingness to let Congress try to do their job supports the Republicans in that body, and at the same time puts Democrats under an anti-security spotlight; and,
  • HIS APPROVAL NUMBERS ARE UP 9% POINTS as a result of this process!!!

Anyone check approval numbers for Congress lately?

Bottom Line: President Trump made the case, made the effort to get Congress to man up, put Republicans in the ‘protect Americans’ column, and pinned a ‘they don’t care about American security or migrant wellbeing’ tail on the Democrats.

He can re-state the case, sign it (if there’s no hidden ‘gotchas’ in the final bill), then do a budget-sweep or national-emergency executive action, add that cash to the paltry sum they’ve authorized, and continue to build the wall in the areas Border agents designate.

(For that matter, we’ve noted he could use seized drug cartel cash to fund it.)

Considering his broad powers, he could’ve funded it without Congressional assistance: by not doing so until they showed they wouldn’t, he’s honored Constitutional principles.

In the final analysis, it’s Congress who failed on proper funding, and there’s no way in hell anyone can call THEIR ineffective legislation a ‘cave’ on his part. It’s on them.

Wait…a Democrat presidential hopeful condemns abortion?

CNS News headliner: “Kamala Harris: ‘Our American Values Are Under Attack. Babies Are Being Ripped From Their Parents’” but, wait…it’s not about abortion?

It’s about illegal immigration…you know…where sex traffickers, drug smugglers, and vile gangs are using other people’s kids as shields to get in over our southern border.

‘Our American Values’ approve of such heinous activity, Kamala?


Want your Internet activities curtailed? Choose Socialism

The lure of Socialism seems to be based on envy and hopelessness.

Trying to teach the PROVEN evils of such a system to millennials falls on deaf ears.

Okay, hit them where they live…social media, smart-phones, and the like.

Those who’ve lived through it know Socialism means restrictive policies that will control the use of smart-phones, and curb the widespread reach of an all-knowing Internet.

As noted above, such is the restrictive nature enacted by Socialism.




Tell them millions died, they don’t listen…but tell them they’ll lose Internet access…

…and all Hell’s gonna break loose.