Maybe it’s time to give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine

Obama expanded abilities to surveille citizens before leaving office, with an executive order just days before his exit, which widened that capacity for 17 gov’t agencies.

Republicans claimed the act was done to make it easier to unmask those surveilled and (of course) Democrats scoffed at this charge, dismissing it as just partisan chatter.

Anyone with a reasoning faculty understands, if the Democrat position is correct, then the only way forward is to believe that Obama wanted Trump to have greater powers to monitor and expose the opposition Party…which on the face of it is a ludicrous premise.

But, if that’s the way Democrats want the game played, why not double down?

President Trump has more than enough evidence that PROVES the Democrat Party in general, and the Hillary Clinton campaign in specific, colluded with Russians to develop their opposition smear effort with the dirt-dossier they paid for through FusionGPS.

Game on:

Let’s push for expanded surveillance of suspected colluders ‘cuz, after all…Obama set up the surveillance expansion, so…it must be okay and critical for America…

…otherwise, Obama wouldn’t have let 11 months go by after developing a wider plan of NSA info-dissemination, or waited until just 8 days before leaving office to do so…

…and even Democrats demand that Russia-colluders MUST be exposed, right?


FISA fraudster Comey tweets ‘that’s it?’ demeaning House memo that excoriates him…but it’s not over yet…

Disgraced FBI Dir Comey couldn’t wait to try dissing the House memo exposing abuse of the FISA surveillance process by the Obama administration, but he can’t hide this…

James Comey Signed FISA Applications Utilizing Same Dossier He Publically Called ‘Salacious and Unverified’ ” (underline emphasis added)

Unnhhh, Jimmy…you may want to talk to that lawyer buddy of yours…

…’cuz if it was salcious and unverified during your June 2017 testimony…

…it sure as HELL was in Oct 2016 – when you signed the FISA app!!!

And if rumors are true, there’s gonna be more surveillance abuses exposed soon.


Evidence Suggests Obama Admin Spied on Candidate Trump and Campaign LONG BEFORE FISA Request was Presented to FISA Court” (emphasis added)

Ever been sand-bagged by a co-worker after a promotion?

You just got a once-in-a-lifetime promotion.

Life is good; you’ve got some great ideas that will move your company forward, while hugely improving the lives of all its employees with better wages and more benefits.

But just as you’ve turned on the lights in your new office, you learn your promotion is in jeopardy because a co-worker up for the same job has paid to have an ‘independent’ source write a dossier alleging (falsely) that you had conspired with a competitor.

Now your boss is telling you things are ‘on hold’ until everything gets straightened out, and in the meantime, not only are you neutralized, you might actually be fired.

Unfair? You bet.

Just ask President Trump.

The memo is out – can’t wait to hear the Democrat rebuttal

“House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump”

The memo charges

  • a Democrat-funded opposition doc was an essential part of the FISA application;
  • relevant information on the target (Carter Page) was excluded from the app;
  • neither the original application or its 3 renewals disclose the Democrats’ role in the funding and creation of the opposition doc forming the basis for the application;
  • the creator of the doc (Steele) was verifiably unreliable and not credible as an FBI source, but was not noted as such in the application;
  • after the FBI fired Steele, they renewed the Steele-based FISA app 3 times;
  • DOJ and FBI signatories and primary actors were notably, provably anti-Trump but not disclosed as potentially biased anywhere in the application;
  • even though used as a basis for the application, the dirt-dossier was in its infancy as to corroboration (and unsubstantiated as of today!) but that went undisclosed;
  • the application “…ignored or concealed (Steele’s) anti-Trump financial, ideological motivations…”
  • “Then-Director James Comey signed three FISA applications in question on behalf of the FBI…Deputy Dir Andrew McCabe signed one. Then-DAG Sally Yates, then-Acting DAG Dana Boente, and DAG Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more of the FISA apps on behalf of DOJ.”

Bottom line? FBI Officials Knew Political Origins of Dossier, But Used It Anyway

Well, if nothing else, we now know who the unknown FBI and DOJ people are who warned against releasing the House memo due to ‘national security’ concerns.

Message to Comey, McCabe, Yates, Boente, Rosenstein: you better lawyer up.

Message to President Trump – fire Rosenstein for cause; replace Mueller with someone who will actively pursue the real criminal and fraudulent acts behind this farce.

Finally, to Democrats who decry a GOP loose-lip policy pertaining to classified data…

considering your role in the Awan Pakistani aide IT scandal, you have no credibility.

Mueller’s first act should’ve been to verify credibility of premise for probe

Notwithstanding the fact special counsel appointments actually REQUIRE that a crime has been established as having been committed…any honest prosecutor appointed to that position should, as a first order of business, ensure credibility for its existence.

At that point, Mueller would’ve determined a FISA surveillance warrant was fraudulently obtained, and the next order of business should have been to indict co-conspirators.

Mueller’s extra-legal parameters instructed he follow “…any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation…” (bold emphasis added)

Failing to determine at its onset that the entire Trump-Russia narrative was based on a dirt-dossier opposition research paper, and that fraudulent data was used to justify a FISA surveillance warrant, is all the Attorney General needs to justify replacing Mueller with an honest special-counsel prosecutor who will follow a necessary course of action.

Let’s continue the probe, lawfully, and take down these deep-staters.

Where rule-of-law & honest journalism are concerned, the state of our Union is…Banana Republic

Banana Republic.

There’s no other way to describe America today, when a known felon like Hillary Clinton can be paraded before the American public as a serious presidential candidate…and a duly-elected President is harried and harassed where no crime has been committed.

Yes, Martha, mishandling classified data on a home-brew server is a felony, and yes, Martha, the ‘justice’ system and FakeNews media gave Hillary a Free Pass.

Yes, Martha, there’s now a ‘special counsel’ investigating a non-crime, and positioning to indict Pres Trump for obstruction…from a crime that’s never been established.

Sadly, almost half the country is okay with the farcical nature of both situations, because (evidently), one’s political affiliation determines how, and against who, ‘justice’ is done.

The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

And, regretfully, the hope of righteousness and courage within GOP ranks is waning.

Au contraire, Mr. Sharpton…your ‘crisis’ is that the President DOES understand the Constitution

The joke that is Al Sharpton says “the crisis is we have a president that doesn’t understand the Constitution”…without, of course, explaining with any specificity what exactly has caused this race-baiting dimwit to make such an assertion.

Ironically, it was in the context of the ongoing, unconstitutional Mueller special counsel probe, and probably had something to do with an unsubstantiated report that President Trump supposedly asked (then) FBI Ass’t Dir. McCabe who he voted for.

So, they’ve no problem with unconstitutional activity on the Left, just with the Right.

Sharpton and his ilk have a problem…

…with a President who understands the Constitution very well.