If special counsel Mueller does his job THOROUGHLY, it must include… everyone

To the extent that special counsel Mueller is investigating obstruction/collusion/leak acts during and after the election, it’s an honest question to ask if he’ll include…Democrats.

After all, his buddy (former FBI director Comey) implicated Democrats during his Senate testimony, when he stated Obama’s Attorney General pushed her narrative on him.

She ordered him to refer to the ‘matter’ of then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s email imbroglio, rather than as what it was – an investigation – to give Clinton cover during her campaign.

That, my friends, was ‘obstruction’…

…unlike the talk President Trump had with Comey in February, where he ‘hoped (Comey) could see his way clear’ to leave Flynn alone, after learning Flynn did nothing wrong.

That wasn’t obstruction: 1) it was NOT an order, and 2) even if it was worded as an order, as President he has the legal authority to end any investigation, not to mention that…

…3) to prove obstruction requires proving corruption – to establish that means an official must know their order is against the law, but as shown in 2) above, it’s lawful to do so…

…for a President.

For a great article on this, see Andrew McCarthy’s latest op-ed at NRO.

Now let’s talk about collusion, where, for a year now no evidence has been produced that shows Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia, but it begs a larger question…

Why isn’t there any talk about back-channel and open talks with Russia by Democrats?

We know, we have proof, of Clinton campaign chairman Podesta’s engaging with them, as well as other Democrats, yet, typically, sham-stream media focus is centered…

…against Republicans and Trump, where no proof exists.

Finally, about the leaks that have actually caused the most damage in this mess – damage to America’s global credibility – a primary self-confessed leaker has been found.

Former FBI director James Comey…

…you know…the guy everyone was trusting to conduct an ‘impartial’ investigation.

And, oh yeah…a very good friend of Mueller’s for over 15 years now.

President Trump has the right to replace the compromised and conflicted Mueller with another special counsel…someone who might be more willing to probe EVERYONE.

Failing that, and absent a thorough investigation, this Mueller scenario is a farce.

Hey…it was a counter-intelligence investigation to start with. The ‘special counsel’ rule is for criminal investigations. But if they bend rules, the least they can do is acknowledge…

…that leaking intelligence is a bad thing…right, Mr. Comey?

So, to the extent that Russia-collusion and intelligence-agency leaking is cause for wide investigation, it should involve BOTH Republican and Democrat campaign groups…

…and if you want to talk presidential obstruction and/or meddling (as it pertains to how the pre-election campaigns were conducted), let’s look at Barack Obama too.

Queen of Fake-News New York Times… ‘…once more unto the (Trump-referendum) breach’

For breathless hyperbole and faux swooning virginity, you can’t beat the Times.

A special election in Georgia for the House seat to replace now-Health Secretary Tom Price has the NY Times aflutter, eagerly anticipating a (heavily financed) Democrat win.

Their assertion that “…it has evolved into one of the most consequential special elections in decades…” oddly fails to mention how the Left fabricates such ‘evolving’ processes.

This is probably a fourth or fifth time ‘unto the breach’ for Democrats since they lost big in November; each time, their win would be a ‘referendum’ on Trump and the GOP…

…strangely, their eventual losses were never seen as a referendum on Democrats.

But then, this is a well-traveled road for them, on their Never-Our-Referendum Bus.

(Witness reporting on the ’10 GOP House takeover, the ’12 GOP House wins building on that hold, the ’14 GOP Senate takeover, and November 2016 presidential win.)

It must be nice for them to dwell within a ‘referendum for thee, but not for me’ world.

In Shakespeare’s Henry V, the bodies of English dead storming French fortifications were a very real symbol of the price that’s paid when the battle wasn’t going their way, and they were urged “once more unto the breach, dear friends…”  by their King.

But, when they’re losing, for the NY Times and Democrats…

…Symbols…who needs symbols?

Needless to say, anything could happen. And the fact that they’ve poured a ton of money into this particular election makes it the “…most expensive House contest in history”.

(Consider this…of the $23 million Democrat donations, $700k is from within the district.)

So, if by some stroke of luck they win…

…it’ll be ‘the referendum’

…(not the money).

‘Consequential’? We’ll see…that $22.7 million dollar question will be answered tomorrow.

Looking like the cowards they are won’t get congressional Republicans re-elected

The Hill “GOP considers cancelling August recess to salvage agenda”

‘…salvage agenda’?

The only agenda this GOP Congress has is to undermine President Trump.

Let’s face it, if they’d started doing their job in January, a lot of the heat would have been diverted from the desperate Democrat fake news stories on a fabricated Russia collusion.

They allowed themselves to get caught up in the ‘let’s undermine Trump’ game the Left and their media masters have created…and it’s taken 6 months for them to wake up?

‘Salvage the agenda’ – Yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket…

When they should be asking themselves this: when it comes to re-election campaigns, how do they all fit in the  ‘Principles’, ‘Loyalty’, and ‘Integrity’ categories?

…since when is doing something lawful a crime, but slandering a president isn’t?

Why does the public continue to give ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN et al any legitimacy?

The sham-stream media has flooded the ‘news’ cycle with fake news of such a spurious nature that even a moron can understand the contradictions spewing forth daily.

If this ‘news’ was an investment stock for sale, its pitchmen would be jailed for fraud.

The President’s vilified for something he HASN’T done, and for what he legally CAN do.

There’s NO evidence justifying the non-stop media hype over the Russia-collusion claim. He DIDN’T order the Flynn investigation stopped (he could have, lawfully by the way), and he HAD THE RIGHT to fire Comey…at any time…without giving a reason…but…

…in a world where Sunday tabloids make fortunes reporting UFO mindswaps, we guess it shouldn’t be a wonder that – inevitably – this media is now infected with tabloid-fever.

The smoke and flames from this firestorm of ‘attack-Trump’ media-ites is fabricated arson ‘cuz this Flynn ‘thing’ should never have been…there’s no basis for him being a suspect. 

So Trump’s being attacked, vilified, and cast as impeachable because he was sticking up for a friend…who did nothing wrong, and shouldn’t have been under investigation.

It’s a damn shame the FCC doesn’t yank licenses over this media malpractice.

Why not impeach these fools wasting taxdollars on this non-collusion issue?

News articles indicate that, no matter how much a non-issue this Russia collusion thing is proven to be, Democrats plan to stay on that message, for no other reason than optics.

Harping on even a proven lie helps them drag President Trump’s approval down.

This might be a great time for those states with precocious Democrats to launch ‘impeach campaigns’ of their own, to hammer these time-wasting, tax-dollar wasting politicians.

When a politician openly admits to wasting time on non-issues, it’s time for them to go.

Rethinking Mueller post – why a criminal prosecutor running an intelligence investigation?

BlueCollar’s opinion of the Mueller special counsel situation is…evolving.

As new information flows in and details get more, well, detailed, it does beg the question of why a criminal prosecutor of his caliber is special counsel in an intelligence investigation?

Counterintelligence probes of this matter requires an intelligence expert. Attorney General Sessions should insist that such an expert take over the lead, as soon as possible.

If Mueller’s to stay on (which we’re sure will be the caterwauling demand of the unhinged… err, Left), he can, in an advisory role, despite predictable, inevitable protests of the Left.

Common sense dictates it takes an intel-expert to hunt down an intel-expert.

(Besides, with the self-identified leaker Comey as a friend, Mueller is tainted anyway.)

An article at American Greatness is throwing a whole new light on Comey, and what he may have had in the back of his mind when his testimony took on a legalese bent.

If Andy McCarthy’s right and the point was to set up a Trump ‘watch-dog’…

…it’s time to set the record straight, install an AG-Sessions approved counter-intelligence special counsel, and move the ‘watch-dog’ Mueller to an advisory capacity…now.