2 months to clear Hillary from PROVEN felonies…why is it taking 1-1/2 years on a HOAX?

MSNBC’s Maddow is organizing street protests because AG Sessions was fired, which she claims ‘threatens’ the Mueller probe of the Democrat-driven Russia collusion hoax.

Guess that’s the FakeNews version of objective journalism…???

Begs the question though: no sooner was ink dry on initiation of an Hillary email probe than an exonerating memo was drafted by her investigators, yet Mueller – with the full power and scope of the Justice Dept – has taken 18 months investigating a hoax?

Of course, the only provable collusion with foreign agents to date has been the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee…but Maddow seems oblivious to that.


It’s about time – CNN’s Acosta gets banned from WH press briefings

Jim Acosta is a pathetic Democrat-partisan hack who should have had his press pass privileges to the White House briefings revoked a long time ago, for his disrespect.

Finally, after months of mistreating Sarah Sanders, he went hostile on the President, and learned in no uncertain terms his journalistic badgering was coming to an end.

“CNN’s Jim Acosta Denied White House Entry After Trump Presser Dust-Up”

Those who practice incivility shouldn’t try to force THIS President to take it quietly.

Jim Acosta pushed back against a female White House intern who was trying to do her job by taking the microphone from him after being denied further chances to badger.

Video shows he pushed against her. His claims that he did it ‘gently’ may play well with the forgiving Left, but…Jim…we’re talking about respect, decorum, and professionalism.

All lacking, where you’re concerned.

Those who claim the President is retaliating against CNN have no basis in fact, since, to our knowledge, the White House hasn’t banned CNN…just the rude and boorish Acosta.

Send a message, Mr. President We suggest the Acosta ban be made permanent.

Cagematch: President Trump vs Crazed House Dems? THAT’S Entertainment!

Putting a smiley face on the apparent loss of control in the House…

We can’t think of what could be more entertaining over the next two years than the President matching wits with the House Democrats focused on Trump-derangement.

Especially if border-wall funding and permanent tax-cuts get passed by year’s end…

…’cuz that means we’ll have 2 more years of economic WINNING going into 2020.

Besides, what were the odds that House-controlling Republicans were ever going to do anything but serve while holding 1 finger in the next-election wind…their usual stance?

Now that it seems Democrats took control, we’re released from that teeth-grinding frustration, and looking forward to the spectacle of a Trump-v-Dems cagematch.


…we’d like to give a shoutout to California Senator Dianne Feinstein, because without her anti-Kavanaugh smear campaign, Republicans might well have lost the Senate.

Thanks Dianne…

…without your disgusting act, Democrats may have won ALL of Congress.

Prepare now for the President to ‘prep the battlefield’ over the next few weeks, posing as a willing bi-partisan and positioning recalcitrant House Democrats as obstructionist.

NOW – Let the games begin.

(‘Cuz, let’s face it…in a battle of wits/ideas, Trump is facing unarmed opponents.)

Next best thing to control of Congress, is gridlocking Congress

BlueCollar was hoping the last 2 years of success for President Trump would open the eyes of the American electorate to the point where tradition would give way to reason.

Unfortunately, the House seems to be headed toward Democrat control.

Next best thing to control of Congress is gridlocking Congress, and with unprecedented increases of Republican seats in the Senate, seems that’s the direction we’re headed.

As for Democrat threats for the future, looks like it’s ‘let the Devil take the hindmost.’ It may actually be fun…watching President Trump play Mad Maxine & Nattering Nancy.

But, don’t forget…the new Congress doesn’t swear in ’til January, which means a GOP-controlled House until then can still pass legislation with Senate help to close the year.

IF they’re actually in office to SERVE the people, that is.

So, GOP, pass Wall funding; pass permanent tax cuts – leave a legacy deserved.

You have the tools – for the People…serve in the NOW.

As for the threatened House Democrat ‘Devil take the hindmost’ approach?

Our money’s on the President.

Cautiously optimistic over elections, ‘cuz…

BlueCollar is optimistic over the midterm elections, for several reasons…

  1. Push-polling (meant to influence more than poll) did not seem to achieve the desired affect in resulting numbers, showing quite a few races remarkably close;
  2. Republican early voting is higher than normal, showing marked enthusiasm;
  3. We see huge turnouts at Trump events, as opposed to opposition Party events;
  4. Major negatives focused on the FakeNews media outlets and their tactics;
  5. Democrat early voting has also been reported as high, but is that good for Dems?
    1. Booming economy, historically low unemployment for minorities/women, and sky-high consumer confidence fosters a ‘don’t rock the boat’ mentality;
    2. Support for Trump among black voters is reported at over 40%;
    3. The illegal alien caravan timing is problematic, considering a majority of Americans – many Democrats – don’t want open, unsecure borders;
    4. Mob violence and thug tactics don’t play well with law-abiding citizens;
    5. Below-the-belt treatment of Kavanaugh and violent politician rhetoric will turn off more decent Democrat voters, than motivate their thug element.

The Democrat negatives noted above are positives for Republicans – there’s very little chance that a Republican will turn out to vote Democrat, given all that’s transpired.

Conversely, we suspect many decent Democrats will turn out in numbers to make their unease felt over the actions of their political leadership these past two years. So, the fact that Democrat turnout seems high doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all vote (D).

(Remember – it’s known if someone voted…but how they voted isn’t known.)

Unknowns? How many dead and/or otherwise illegal voters will be casting ballots?

Looney Left ‘threat-dragging’ Democrats to vote…but secret ballot voting ‘R’ can spoil that strategy

Who IN THEIR RIGHT MIND thinks this is okay?

If you’re a Democrat, how would you feel to see this door-hanger on your front door?

Remember, who you vote for is private, but whether or not you vote is public record. We can’t wait to see that you voted on November 6!(emphasis added)

As noted in our last post, voting is a secret process. They may be able to tell if voters showed up to vote or not, but there’s no way to tell HOW that vote was cast.

Any 1st Congressional District Pennsylvanian who receives such a threatening note should make their displeasure at being threatened known…by voting ‘Republican’.

Let the vote count send a message: vote-threats are not welcome in America. 

First there’s threats of being cut-off sexually, then there’s Black Panthers in camo and carrying weapons, now threatening door-hangers…this is ‘Get-Out-The-Vote’ writ crazy.

Democrats must be so proud.