Media’s Helsinki Two-Step: now Trump’s condemned…for REFUSING to lie?

This is what FakeNews is all about, people.

First they falsely condemn Trump for lying – when he doesn’t…

…then they condemn him for REFUSING to lie.

For all the storm-and-fury over the President standing next to another world leader and refusing to go along with media’s ‘collusion’ story, you’d think he spit on CNN’s logo.

Even conservative news outlets bought into the false premise, saying President Trump shouldn’t have sold our intelligence agencies down the river, standing next to Putin…

but he didn’t.

What the President did was insist on telling the truth, and in a bizarre twist of irony, now the FakeNews media cycle is caught up in condemning him for that truth-telling.

Supporters of the President know what’s going on: he’s denouncing political appointees at the top of these organizations, not the rank-and-file people protecting our Nation.

And he refuses to give any credence to the false Trump-Russia collusion meme.

To do otherwise, would be to go political – that’s not what this President does.

Falsely accusing him of demeaning our intelligence agencies conflates the issue.

We contend that the President standing up for honesty next to another world leader is a lot more important than scoring cheap political shots and one-upmanship, and dare we note…especially when Mueller’s latest indictment states Americans aren’t included.

Sure, Russia meddles with our politics…all Nations meddle outside their borders, including the USA. But who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea for a world leader to shove that down another leader’s throat, in the face of that very well-known fact?

Even more ironic, by associating cheap tricks of top political appointees as being the work of the intelligence community as a whole, the media disrespects those agencies.

A sad factor in all this angst is that conservatives are being sucked into the narrative.

Show some backbone, people.

Florida’s senate race may be decided by Puerto Ricans fed up with Democrat policies

Many islanders fled hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico’s misery…a misery exacerbated by the 50+ years of Democrat rule that allowed the island’s infrastructure to deteriorate.

The majority of those fleeing into the States are now living in Florida.

So there’s a focus on Florida, where a senate race pits an incumbent Democrat against the Republican who will be facing him this November – Governor Rick Scott.

And, now what could be a brewing backlash against Democrats has a new problem…

Politico“Democrats fret as Scott’s cash haul comes into full view”

November will be a very interesting month.

Will ‘big flies’ pass through…or will we have ‘equal justice under the law’?

“Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.”

Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) French novelist and playwright must have witnessed the same thing we’re seeing play out, as political heavies and cohort dodge accountability.

Will the GOP reset the ‘equal justice’ standard so lacking in today’s America?

Or, should that motto be scraped from the front of the Supreme Court Building?


So, the political game of weaponizing fed agencies is okay, but looking into that is not okay?

Jaw-dropping lunacy of the Left continues, unabated…

Hill op-ed “Why does Congress keep playing political games on FBI oversight?”

Seriously? An administration in power uses FBI-CIA ops to spy on political opponents and, somehow, use of that raw, weaponized federal power is not worthy of oversight?

Can’t wait to see how Democrats act when Trump’s team does the same to them in ’20.

(Think FakeNews outlets will be just as supportive then?)

Oh hum, another day…another critic of the Clintons…dead

Ever wonder why there are so many deadly ‘coincidences’ surrounding Bill & Hillary?

Anthony Bourdain slammed ‘monstrous’ Clintons in newly released interview

Bourdain died after the interview, published a little over a month after his ‘suicide’.

Bad Luck? Troubled? Either way…

…sure doesn’t seem to be a good idea to bash the Clintons…or even be near them.

WAIT – California Democrats stole $330mn from foreclosed homeowners?!?

Why do Democrats keep getting elected, with stories like this?

California ordered to restore $331 million to fund for homeowners

“When California received $410 million in 2012 as part of a nationwide settlement with major banks accused of abusive foreclosures, Gov. Jerry Brown used $331 million to pay state agencies in housing and other programs to cover their deficits.

Now a state appeals court has ordered the money be used for its original intent: to help homeowners who suffered foreclosures.

The money was “unlawfully diverted” from a settlement fund that was designated for programs directly assisting homeowners, the Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento said Tuesday.” (underline/bold emphasis added)

There was only one way the House-vs-(FBI’s) Strzok hearing should have been conducted

As soon as Strzok was sworn in, Trey Gowdy should’ve told him “Mr. Strzok, since we all agree INTEGRITY is the most foundational aspect of a reliable FBI investigation, we must excuse you, because you’re adulterous behavior and biased texts reveal…

…YOU HAVE NO INTEGRITY…any testimony you would give is suspect, therefore…

…with extreme prejudice, and Congressional disgust…you’re dismissed.”

Witch-Hunt, meddler-hunt…it’s all in the ‘target’

Do foreign nations meddle with the American election process? Sure. Should there be an effort made to stop or neutralize such efforts? America’s been doing that for years.

There are federal agencies in place and tasked with that effort on an ongoing basis.

Where a ‘witch-hunt’ is in play, however, is when a political Party…

  1. conspires to entrap an opposition campaign;
  2. activates ‘lures’ to set up suggestive meetings;
  3. employs a lawyer-cutout network to organize and fabricate an opposition research dossier built on lies and lurid innuendo;
  4. creates the illusion of multiple-source stories that are actually single-sourced from that one fabricated dossier;
  5. uses efforts 1, 2, 3, & 4 to get a FISA warrant to covertly surveille
    1. an opposition campaign, and, then,
    2. a presidential transition team…
    3. without satisfying necessary legal criteria for such warrants;
  6. lies, misleads, and obscures on 3 subsequent FISA warrant renewals;
  7. deliberately leaks fabricated information to FakeNews media;
  8. then demands an investigation of the campaign/administration being targeted.

THAT, my friends, is a WITCH-HUNT…defined.

To allow FakeNews to conflate ‘witch-hunt’ with ‘meddler-hunt’ does disservice to all.