Fool us once, shame on us…fool us 2, 3, 4 times…

As Obama’s serial liar...errrr…national security advisor Susan Rice makes the round of safe interviews with lapdog media, claiming her unmasking activities weren’t political…

…we’re reminded of her Sunday round of TV ‘news’ cycle Benghazi lies…

…and Bowe Bergdahl lies…

…and ‘I don’t know anything about unmasking’ lies (just days ago)…

…before asking ourselves…


If you’d prefer, though, put her serial lying history aside, and ponder this: she was working directly for Obama as an ADVISER, not an analyst.

As Andy McCarthy points out, the White House does NOT do investigations…they’re a consumer of information from Intel sources.

If unmasking had been required as part of any investigation, it would have been the intel agency requesting that act…

…not Obama’s White House flunkies.

(And, as Rush points out just moments ago, if it ‘wasn’t political’, where and when did Rice ask for Hillary – or any other Democrat – to be unmasked?)

It was political, and no amount of lapdog media spin can refute that.

If unmasking GOP opponents wasn’t political…

If unmasking Republican opponents wasn’t political (as caught-out Democrat operatives will no doubt claim), refer to nsa adviser Rice’s lie just days ago that she ‘didn’t know anything’ about unmasking…that SHE ordered…

…former Obama administration Farkas’s comments on gathering/dispersing as much unmasked intel info as possible…

…then, ask yourself why Obama widened the scope of Intel dispersal just days before he left office.

Democrats have a standard that Republicans should begin to apply in this matter…

…regarding the appearance of impropriety.

‘Disgrace’ is just an 8-letter word to Democrats…but leaking signal-intel is a felony

The sham-stream media frantically tries to stuff the manure back into their jackass, but this egregious abuse of power can’t be obscured or ignored any longer.

Double standards are a given, but sooner or later there comes a tipping point, and the latest news of how Nat’l Security Adviser Rice abused intelligence may be it.

She answered directly to Obama, and the data she ordered collected on Mr. Trump (and God knows how many other GOP rivals) was made widely available by the last-minute machinations of then-president Obama, before his leaving office.

Circumstantial it may be, but the abuse of office by Obama, and provable abuses by Rice and her aides, call for immediate articles of impeachment, followed by criminal trials against those who, through organized acts, violated RICO statutes.

Only a crazy Left base would argue there’s nothing to see here. Any honest person, no matter how ideologically biased, sees abuse of intelligence data as wrong…


A news agency reports that “the unmasked names of Trump aides were given to officials at the National Security Council (NSC), the Department of Defense, James Clapper, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director.” They should all be indicted as co-conspirators.

We tire asking how media would act if this were done by a Republican: relentless howling would’ve ensued, if Obama had been such a target.

(And, can they finally shut up their disingenuous lie about Russia-Trump collusion? With the latest news, knowing he was spied on for a year, how empty can that get?)

Is political weaponizing of national security intelligence gathering the final straw? Or must we continue to live with a Democrat double-standard where anything goes?

Hopefully, honest Democrats will demand perpetrators in their midst be accountable.

But we’ve seen the raw deceit and thuggery of their last administration, so hold on.

There’s an old adage that ‘patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’

…we have no doubt Obama, Rice, and their cohort will soon seek that refuge.

Why the freak-out over negating Obama’s coal & fracking policies?

The Left is going whacko over Pres Trump negating Obama’s coal/fracking policies.


According to IBD, from 2007 to 2015, “without any government mandates”, our CO2 emissions have dropped over 12% (and overall carbon intensity dropped as well).

Fossil fuel is still the least expensive energy source, and you’d think the ‘champion’ of the little people would want to keep fuel and electricity costs affordable, right?

So…why is the Left going crazy over Pres Trump’s actions that will do so?

Obama ‘it-was-the-video’ liar NSA Rice behind unmasking of Trump transition team surveilles

Funny you don’t see this blockbuster info on the front page of the NY Times…

Evidently it was Obama’s national security adviser asking for the unmasking, as the Eli Lake-Bloomberg article reveals…is anyone surprised at this?

Or, surprised that, when asked last month about reports of incidental unmasking of American citizens, Rice responded that she knew nothing about it?

(When it comes to congenital liars, seems Hillary has a serious competitor here.)

And, wonder of all wonders…the sham-stream media has missed the story, if you go by the lack of reporting on the front pages of the Washington Post, et al.

GOP panties-in-a-bunch crowd need to know Freedom Caucus is willing to deal on Obamacare

As reported Firday by the Washington Examiner “Here’s what Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows of the Freedom Caucus said about Obamacare repeal”

They’re willing to vote for the Republican bill if two issues that seriously affect health costs are dealt with…Essential Health Benefits and community ratings mandates.

Both adversely raise costs – simplified, the EHB allows a Health-&-Human Services secretary the discretionary latitude to declare ANYTHING to be deemed ‘essential’.

(The appalling ambiguity of this mandate screams for its elimination.)

And (again, simplified) the community ratings mandate makes a policy for a healthy twenty-one year-old the same price as the policy for an eighty year-old.

(And trust us, it’s not the eighty year-old that gets the break.)

As the Freedom Caucus people noted, of the 12 most serious mandates with this Democrat Obamacare disaster, only 2 were addressed…they’re asking for 2 more.

2 mandates, that seriously drive up health costs. Seems like a reasonable request.

A final statement on the ‘Russia election hacking’ meme

We have a final statement on the ‘Russia election hacking’ meme.

The claim is provably laughable, but even if true…

If the power of a Democrat president and his vast American intelligence community was so inept to allow such a thing, that alone disqualifies them to lead the country.

Bottom line: the Democrats ran a flawed candidate, or a flawed administration.

Take your pick…either way, they’re not qualified to lead.

Spy-vs-Spy…Oversight-vs-Oversight…choose your poison

The House Intelligence Committee chairman takes heat from the usual Left-wing suspects for bringing information, given him by a whistle-blower, to the President.

But, with the partisan nature of politics today, it was actually the least harmful way to deal with the situation, and was certainly the most transparent for the public.

Especially considering that, along with ‘Fake News’, you can add ‘Fake Politics’ and ‘Fake Intel’ to the National lexicon…in today’s charged environment, anything goes.

So spare us the ‘House Intel Committee chairman breached protocol’ whining, and don’t even suggest his source ‘broke the intel chain-of-command’.

Obama embedded his cohort in every federal agency before leaving; any chain-of-command at present would be unquestionably anti-Republican, thus problematic.

(Who among us believes an Obama-embed would release info harmful to Obama?)

Chairman Nunes took the ONLY right action…honesty and transparency.

Who knew there was any of that commodity left in DC?

(For a compelling argument on the correctness of his efforts, those interested could read Victor Davis Hanson’s piece in National Review Online today.)