Obama’s ‘twitter-feed’ was Left-wing media…Trump just works with what he has

If you don’t have an objective mainstream media, or Reaganesque oratory skills, you work with what you have…or leave yourself open to unrelenting, merciless assault.

As with the other anti-Trump Republicans, Rich Lowry’s backhanded compliment to President Trump just doesn’t seem able to capture the essence of that difficulty.

“The Trump Presidency Isn’t Nearly As Bad As It Sounds” belies a benign verdict on President Trump, but it didn’t take longer than getting to the article’s subheading “Trump’s presidency is much better than his Twitter feed” to understand Rich Lowry doesn’t like the fact that the President uses Twitter to get his point across to Americans.

Every day, the Left-wing media hammers Republicans with implacable rhetoric on a wide-ranging category of issues, from immigration to travel bans to Russian collusion.

So, when Lowry condemns Trump’s terrorist-atrocity re-tweets, or conspiracy innuendo tweet against Joe Scarborough, it’s disingenuous at best, amazingly tone deaf at worst.

National security relies on border-security, and a relentless concentration of intelligence assets – reminding citizens of the violence terrorists are capable of is a public service.

And when it comes to dismissing conspiracy theories, it would behoove Mr. Lowry to keep in mind their ‘Russia-collusion’ meme…and how that’s stalled a GOP agenda.

Please, sir, we know you’re anti-Trump…but keep some perspective.

Finally, we can tell you with a great degree of certainty exactly what would effectively end the President’s use of Twitter…an objective media honestly reporting news.

We can also tell you with certainty that Hell will freeze over before that happens.

If there’s no wave, they’ll create one…?

Democrats have lost a lot of control over the last 7 years, and despite what FakeNews ‘sun-is-shining-again’ memes are circulating now, they’re worried the trend will continue.

They saw a lousy 2016 candidate draw little support from black and women voters.

That said, the question for them then becomes “what to do”?

BlueCollar suggests the devastation occurring among Democrat male leadership in the political-media-celebrity landscape is being carefully cultivated by an activist plan that they think will result in a pathway to the future for regaining power and status in DC…

…and, along the way, ridding the Party of status quo moderates…

…while at the same time creating enthusiasm among key voter demographics.

2018 election campaigns will reveal if our hypothesis is on target.

Is this Democrat ‘implosion’ part of the plan to position Michelle O’ for 2020?

Even the great Rush Limbaugh, prognosticator of prognosticators, is flummoxed by the current implosion within the Democrat Party, as one big-wig after another falls to earth.

In his monologue today, he speculated “…is it possible that we’re in the midst of the crackup and breakdown of the hypocrites in Hollywood, the media, the Democrat Party, I’m not saying that that’s happened. I’m asking, is it possible that we are seeing the beginnings of it? I would certainly hope so, but we don’t have near enough time in or data to know whether or not this is actually happening.” Wishful thinking; we doubt it.

We’re of the impression this is more likely a ‘clear-the-decks’ strategy.

BlueCollar suggests that, to prep a field for Michelle Obama (or any other radical left candidate) in 2020, establishment ‘moderate’ Democrats must be swept away (and by the time the dust clears, there will be in place a solid rank of far-left replacements).

We see attacks against Democrat men in positions of leadership as a deliberate, direct indication that women will be the primary image focus for Democrats in 2018 and 2020.

Remember Saul Alinsky’s 12th Rule?

The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” What could possibly be a more constructive alternative to a ‘man’ problem…than a WOMAN solution? 

Call us paranoid…

…but we smell a community organizer’s hand in this current Democrat fiasco.

As far back as 2015, we speculated Michelle O’ was looking at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We stand by our months-old prediction – Michelle will be their go-to choice in 2020.

Paying thugs to stop acting like thugs…a clueless NFL buys an ‘out’

NFL To Pay Out $89 Million For Social Justice In Bid To Stop Anthem Protests

Rewarding thugs protesting treatment for being thugs is never a good idea.

NFL take-a-knee’ers have been protesting a lie – that the police are over aggressive to black thugs, and that America is oppressive to the black community as a whole.

The lie-protest has paid off, with the ThugFL paying players not to disrespect the flag.

Question: who’s the check being made out to – Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton?

Remember? When Bill Clinton was attacked, his ‘successes’ neutered opposition


Everyone gave Bill Clinton a sex-predator pass, ‘cuz, hey…he was succeeding.

Now, Democrats are attacking Pres Trump, claiming among other things…dementia.

And where are we now?

If this is the result of ‘Dementia’ – keep it coming.

(As for Joe Scarborough, the leading media goon pushing the ‘dementia’ meme, it may be a good idea to dial it back a tad…after all, a young woman did die under unexplained circumstance in his office, and no amount of hype on his part can deny that fact.)

In the Land-of-Semen-Stained-Dresses

…Dementia now reigns…supreme.