Strange…using intel agencies against a campaign is ok, but declassifying what they did is ‘un-American’?

At “Schiff: Declassifying Crossfire Hurricane data is ‘un-American'”

Since when is TRANSPARENCY un-American, Congressman Schiff?

Rumor has it the congressman is nervous because of various and sundry leaking that was going on (from – horrors – Congressional halls, no less)…could that be it?

As the White House statement notes, such “…action will help ensure that all Americans learn the truth about the events that occurred, and the actions that were taken, during the last Presidential election and will restore confidence in our public institutions.”

Truth, and restored confidence in public institutions…

…aren’t those good things to want, Mr. Schiff? How is that un-American, Mr. Schiff?

BlueCollar can’t wait for those documents to be made public…

…at the risk of sounding, well, you know…un-American.

…still think he’s racist…?

“Trump’s Presidency Linked To Decline In Racial Prejudice”

“The researchers were surprised, but concluded Trump’s rhetoric has pushed the country away from racism.” ‘Surprised’? Not unless you watch FakeNews.

“…researchers noted that other factors may have contributed…but concluded Trump’s presidency is the primary factor because of the pointed drop following his election.”

(bold, underline emphasis added)

Expect 17 months of ‘impeachment’ innuendo…’cuz they’ve got nothing else

Thomas McArdle of Issues & Insights sums it up nicely:

“…months and months of ‘to impeach or not to impeach.’ But what facts are there that special counsel Robert Mueller and his $35 million and 22 months of investigation by 18 prosecutors didn’t already scrutinize?” Exactly…THEY’VE GOT NOTHING.

And, their dilemma doesn’t stop there…

“The trouble for Democrats is that without Trump in the guise of criminal, the focus shifts to the booming economy, destruction of ISIS, withdrawal from the lopsided Iran nuclear deal, engagement with North Korea’s nuclear-armed Kim Jong-un, and scores of appointments to the federal bench. Their task is to stop re-election of a President with an unusually impressive record.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

But, they also have a problem trying to sell their Big Government solutions.

Impeachment talk – it’s all they have…

“And so Pelosi and Schumer seek the best way to impeach without impeaching. Anything to avoid seeking votes the honest way: defending the Big Government solutions they’re so intent on imposing.”

When it comes to holding hostages, no-one beats a Democrat

You knew it would happen.

Pres Trump told Pelosi and Schumer he wasn’t going to hold any discussions with them until they stopped holding America hostage to their collusion hoax…cue faux-outrage.

Any Democrat able to snare a mic now claims Trump’s holding infrastructure hostage.

We’ve been subjected to 2-1/2 years of phony collusion drama; Democrats, unhappy with the INDEPENDENT special counsel findings want to waste time on more probes…

…they hold the House of Representatives – the Congress – and America hostage…

…and it’s the President’s fault?

Hundreds of subpoena’s, thousands of documents, intel from NSA-CIA-FBI surveillance all came up dry – NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION – but they want more of the same?

Collusion; Obstruction; Cover-ups; Hostage-taking…as we’ve noted, Democrat strategy has long been one of committing acts that they then accuse Republicans of committing.

Even as it’s discovered Democrats colluded with foreign agents to influence an election, then placed partisan lawyers in the probe against Trump to obstruct finding that real collusion, and cover-up the wrongdoing…they audaciously demand more of the same

…then have the nerve to accuse their opponent of what they’re guilty of committing.

Sadly, for America, when it comes to holding hostages…no-one beats the Democrats.

…for ‘Obstruction of Justice’ to be properly defined, Justice must be predicated on TRUTH

Trying to make sure Justice is truly served, by making sure an investigation isn’t going toward what would be a false conclusion, cannot be defined as ‘obstruction’.

There’s a great article on Obstruction of Justice at the American Thinker.

Here’s a great take for all to consider: “Regardless of how an obstruction law might read, no citizen who is innocent of a crime should ever be found guilty of having obstructed justice if his actions facilitated a correct conclusion regarding it.”

(emphasis added)

Elected politicians conspiring with deep-state criminal actors to undermine Pres. Trump = RICO indictments

Coordinated attacks against a sitting President = R-I-C-O: “The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.”

Criminals are defined as those who have committed crimes. The Democrat Party, as an ‘organization’ and, by its actions, are conspiring with those who have committed crimes.

You know – crimes like falsifying FISA applications; illegally surveilling Americans; leaking classified information; intimidating witnesses; lying under oath; weaponizing federal agencies; election tampering…all which Deepstate & Obama’s team has done.

PROVABLYwith mountains of evidence at hand.

Now Democrat politicians in Congress are conspiring to use those same criminal acts as part of a continuing effort to hamstring and undermine a duly-elected President.

Fraud; perjury; obstruction; witness intimidation; classified leaks…it’s damning, yet even as the criminal perpetrators run for cover, congressional Democrats take up their cause.


President Trump should stop slow-walking the process, and instruct Attorney General Barr to begin the indictment process immediately, before any further harm is done…

…for the good of the Nation.


Hey, Rep Nadler…can we expect a subpoena for financial dealings of Cummings soon?

At PJMedia website: “IRS Complaint: Wife of Elijah Cummings May Have Received Illegal Benefits From His Committee Activities”

File this one under No Kidding…“‘When a powerful chairman of a committee of the House of Representatives has a wife that is bringing in money from entities with interests before his Committee and she is not providing the transparency mandated by the IRS, there’s a serious problem,’ said Tom Anderson, director of the National Legal and Policy Center’s Government Integrity Project.”

Gives ‘oversight’ and ‘government reform’ a whole new meaning, no?

But no worries, Elijah…you’re a Democrat, which makes you invulnerable to the law.

(But then, we’re guessing he already knew that.)