Is this Democrat ‘implosion’ part of the plan to position Michelle O’ for 2020?

Even the great Rush Limbaugh, prognosticator of prognosticators, is flummoxed by the current implosion within the Democrat Party, as one big-wig after another falls to earth.

In his monologue today, he speculated “…is it possible that we’re in the midst of the crackup and breakdown of the hypocrites in Hollywood, the media, the Democrat Party, I’m not saying that that’s happened. I’m asking, is it possible that we are seeing the beginnings of it? I would certainly hope so, but we don’t have near enough time in or data to know whether or not this is actually happening.” Wishful thinking; we doubt it.

We’re of the impression this is more likely a ‘clear-the-decks’ strategy.

BlueCollar suggests that, to prep a field for Michelle Obama (or any other radical left candidate) in 2020, establishment ‘moderate’ Democrats must be swept away (and by the time the dust clears, there will be in place a solid rank of far-left replacements).

We see attacks against Democrat men in positions of leadership as a deliberate, direct indication that women will be the primary image focus for Democrats in 2018 and 2020.

Remember Saul Alinsky’s 12th Rule?

The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” What could possibly be a more constructive alternative to a ‘man’ problem…than a WOMAN solution? 

Call us paranoid…

…but we smell a community organizer’s hand in this current Democrat fiasco.

As far back as 2015, we speculated Michelle O’ was looking at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We stand by our months-old prediction – Michelle will be their go-to choice in 2020.

Paying thugs to stop acting like thugs…a clueless NFL buys an ‘out’

NFL To Pay Out $89 Million For Social Justice In Bid To Stop Anthem Protests

Rewarding thugs protesting treatment for being thugs is never a good idea.

NFL take-a-knee’ers have been protesting a lie – that the police are over aggressive to black thugs, and that America is oppressive to the black community as a whole.

The lie-protest has paid off, with the ThugFL paying players not to disrespect the flag.

Question: who’s the check being made out to – Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton?

Remember? When Bill Clinton was attacked, his ‘successes’ neutered opposition


Everyone gave Bill Clinton a sex-predator pass, ‘cuz, hey…he was succeeding.

Now, Democrats are attacking Pres Trump, claiming among other things…dementia.

And where are we now?

If this is the result of ‘Dementia’ – keep it coming.

(As for Joe Scarborough, the leading media goon pushing the ‘dementia’ meme, it may be a good idea to dial it back a tad…after all, a young woman did die under unexplained circumstance in his office, and no amount of hype on his part can deny that fact.)

In the Land-of-Semen-Stained-Dresses

…Dementia now reigns…supreme.

Tax Cut logic – using deceit to make a point actually PROVES…4 points

Tax-Cut Logic 101…

Using deceit to make a point actually PROVES four points:

  1. the point being made has no merit;
  2. the user of the deceit has no integrity;
  3. the opposite-point being made has merit;
  4. the opposite-point advocate has integrity on the issue.

Attacks against the Republican tax-cut plans make a perfect case for this logic – when its Democrat opponents aren’t flat-out lying, they’re using deceit to make their points.


Cries of ‘middle-class tax hikes’ in the Senate plan are a lie, because a vital part of the issue (a $7k early-years tax-cut) is being left out in order to push their dishonesty.


Using their never-ending Democrat class-warfare rhetoric they claim the GOP tax-cuts are ’tilted toward the rich’ without bothering to note that a) the higher income brackets pay the lion share of taxes and b) percentage-wise, the lower-incomes get more back.


Warning everyone who will listen that the GOP plan ‘blows up the deficit’ by $2 trillion over the next 10 years ignores Obama’s plan, which ‘blew it up’ $5 trillion in 8 years.

Riedl’s article in NRO is worth the read, for 3 reasons – it puts the lie to the Democrat minions invested in a deceit they champion the middle-class; and by their deceit, gives credibility to a Republican effort, that may not be perfect, but is a very good start…

…and, once again, exposes a FakeNews media that aids such Democrat tactics.


BLACKmail by any other name…

“NFL offers millions to social justice aims as split emerges among players, report says”

Translation: The NFL has decided to pay millions to get black players off their knees.

But, if anyone should take-a-knee…it’s America’s police officers!

In 2015, a police officer was 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was to be killed by a police officer.

Got that?

As the ThugFL continues lying about over-aggressive police tactics against the black community, the fact is out of 7881 black deaths in 2015, 233 were police shootings…

…that’s less than 3% of black homicides, as police caused.

He’s paying thugs to get off their knees for protesting a lie…and Goodell gets a raise?

Why is the Democrat House IT aide scandal still in political limbo?

18 Months In, Dem IT Aides Not Charged With Hill Crimes Despite Red Flags

Illegal access and downloads involving House Democrats’ classified information, tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, theft of electronic equipment…the list goes on.

Why is it charges haven’t been brought against the aides?

How is it Democrats involved still retain their seats on the House Ethics Committee?

What reason could keep Republicans so silent on the issue?

Where in the hell is the Justice Dept.?

The media’s so quiet, you’d think these Democrat IT aides were serial sex-abusers.