If ever there were poster-boys for selective justice and deceit…

When it comes to selective justice, no one does it like Robert ‘Perjury-Trap’ Mueller.

After over 18 months, not one indictment for collusion against a Trump team member. After $40 million, all he did is spring perjury trap process-crimes on selected targets.

Deceptive though the special counsel investigation may be, Mr. Injustice Bob Mueller is over-shadowed by an even worse malevolent character, Mr. Deceit Jim Comey.

Comey started this hoax ‘collusion’ theme, and owns the storm coming his way.

Summed up brilliantly by Julie Kelly at American Greatness (all emphasis added)…

“…we know that Jim Comey presented political opposition research to a secret court to spy on the Trump campaign. We know Comey concealed from the court the fact that the DNC and Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. We know he also concealed this detail from Trump.

We know, too, that Comey’s FBI was paying Christopher Steele at the same time he was being paid by Fusion GPS. We know that Steele, an FBI asset, was meeting with American journalists right before the election to plant damaging stories in the press about the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to the Russians. We know that Comey used one of those articles as evidence in his FISA application.

We know that Fusion GPS was lobbying the Justice Department on behalf of a Russian company and was working with the same Russian lawyer who attended the Trump Tower meeting with Trump’s son and other campaign principals in June 2016. We know that Glenn Simpson, the owner of Fusion, met with Natalia Veselnitskya before and after the Trump Tower meeting.

We know that Fusion hired Nellie Ohr, the wife of Justice Department lawyer Bruce Ohr, in late 2015 to work on the same opposition research that Steele was manufacturing. We know that the Ohrs met with Steele in the summer of 2016 and that Steele was lobbying Ohr on behalf of his client, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, to restore his U.S. travel privileges.

We know that Comey’s FBI used spies to infiltrate the Trump campaign. We know that he met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch as early as March 2016 to set the plan to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign in motion. We know that he opened a counterintelligence probe into the campaign in July 2016, and violated protocol by not notifying top Congressional leaders about the investigation. We know that top FBI officials were biased against Trump, and worked before and after the election to damage the president.

Here’s what else the public and congressional Republicans know: Comey is a shameless partisan with deep, personal animus toward the president. His interviews and post-firing tweets are evidence of his grudge against Trump and desire to take down his presidency.

But here is the most important thing we know: More than two years after James Comey opened an investigation into a presidential campaign, obtained a secret court’s approval to spy on at least one U.S. citizen associated with the campaign, hired spies to infiltrate the campaign, allowed his deputies to break the law by leaking classified information to the press, and admitted using a personal memo to set in motion a special counsel investigation into Trump-Russia “collusion,” not one person tied to the Trump campaign has been charged with a crime related to ‘collusion.’

Why subpoena Comey to testify before Congress?

Everything that we know is evidence-based, and points to one logical course of action.

Just issue a warrant for his arrest.

Proof that Sen Flake has no clue about the U.S. Constitution…or is a petulant whiner

The appropriately named Flake is blocking Trump judicial nominees because he wants the Senate to vote on a bill that protects Mueller from being fired by the President.

A bill of that nature would be flagrantly unconstitutional, because the Executive branch is responsible for running the Justice Dept, and a President can fire anyone he wants…

…ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

(Besides, there is already in place a device to check a President – impeachment. It’s a constitutional device, but does require Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors’ to be impeached, according to Article II, Section 4.)

Question: is The Flake constitutionally ignorant…or acting in a petty manner?

Latest actions expose collusion probe for what it is…opposition shenanigans

Since it’s unlawful inception, BlueCollar has been outspoken in condemnation of the creation of a special counsel investigation into a hoax Trump-Russia collusion claim.

First, it’s never been about ‘collusion’ because COLLUSION ISN’T ILLEGAL…without a crime as it’s foundation, the definition of collusion simply means working with others.

No crime was defined; no Mueller indictments since involve ‘Trump-Russia’ collusion.

Even more telling, where possible criminal collusion WAS found – involving Democrat efforts to sabotage the Trump campaign – no indictments have been forthcoming.

So Mueller continues investigating what isn’t there, and won’t investigate what is? But any honest probe should include found evidence of chicanery…regardless of Party.

That said, why isn’t it being done?

It can be explained with the 4 D’s: Delegitimize, Diminish, Destroy, Dissuade

  1. Delegitimize the 2016 Trump election;
  2. Diminish the Trump presidency to neuter his efforts;
  3. Destroy evidence incriminating Democrats, accessible due to the probe;
  4. Dissuade any future outlier candidates from ever running for public office.

Rush Limbaugh laid it out again yesterday:

“We have been lied to ourselves. We have been misled. We have been misdirected by a willing accomplice Drive-By Media working with Robert Mueller and his staff of anti-Trump lawyers and the entire Democrat Party combined with the Washington establishment to create in the minds of the American people a story that didn’t happen, couldn’t happen, nobody can ever prove did happen. Where is the tampering of votes? Where is the meetings? Where is the strategy? Where is the evidence that Trump got together with Russians to sabotage the Hillary campaign? Which is what everybody has been led to believe happened here…We haven’t found anybody that has anything to do with Russian collusion. We haven’t found anything on anybody who had anything to do with rigging an election. We haven’t found anybody, there is nobody who had anything involvement with tampering with votes in the 2016 election — zilch, zero, nada.”

Make no mistake, for all the hype of Trump-Russia collusion, if there were any proof of that claim it would have ‘leaked’ long ago and he would’ve been run out of town by now.

This is all about defusing a Republican presidency, hiding Democrat chicanery, and making damn sure no other non-establishment GOP candidate will ever run for office.

Bad strategy & ineffective messaging resulted in House GOP LOSERS

In an IBD article today, poor messaging over healthcare solutions was blamed as the major reason why the Republicans lost the House to Democrats in the midterms. And House GOP losers made a mistake by not emphasizing a national strategy, one that told the story of a Republican platform that’s bringing American growth back, bigtime.

House Democrat winners ran on healthcare, with deceptive ads how a cruel, evil GOP would take away everyone’s healthcare including pre-existing condition protections.

As today’s editorial notes “Republicans…have consistently struggled to message the limited-government perspective on healthcare policy…” (because of its complexity).“For Republicans to explain why government-run health care may decrease competition and increase costs, they need a lot of time and a whole lot of willing listeners.” (u/l added)

To counter, Republicans needed to first deal with deceptive and false Democrat ads, and this is where they failed. How hard could it have been to expose such lies? (Here’s a great byte…‘How did YOU spend the $2500 premium savings Democrats promised?’)

LYING about healthcare doesn’t give anyone better healthcare should have been their lead, followed by a clear compelling message that the same Republican policies Making America Great Again can just as effectively Make Healthcare Great Again.

How hard is that to message in a 20-second sound byte? In one fell-swoop, they could have countered deceptive Democrat messaging, and nationalized their own.

Not only did House GOP losers choose poorly by not embracing a national strategy, they also failed to neuter the Democrats’ deceptive strategy, calling out the lie. (And if anyone disputes this logic, the next few contradictory points prove that statement.)

Consider this dichotomy: “50% of Americans trust Democrats to handle healthcare policy, while only 34% say the same of Republicans.” And yet…“According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey conducted earlier this year, only one-third of Americans believe the Democratic Party is “in the mainstream.” Fifty-six percent consider Democrats “out of step with most Americans’ thinking.” (emphasis added)


How can 50% of Americans TRUST a Party that 56% of Americans believe is out of step with America? More importantly, how did Republicans fail to note the paradox?

Our perspective IS blue-collar, and by no means formally educated in political sciences, but how does anyone miss the fact 67% of Americans see the Democrat Party as out of the mainstream…but trust that Party more than the Republican Party…on healthcare?

IBD is right – Messaging Matters…and so does recognizing strategic opportunity.

Any Republican dumb enough not to connect HUGE dots from such publicly available polling (and unable to deliver a persuasive message) doesn’t deserve political office.

One can only hope their 2020 efforts will be more effective.

Blaming the GOP for decades of border-control abuses is wrong-headed

Reader Mark F., responding to our blog where we lay blame for enticing illegal border entry at the feet of Democrats, says Republicans own this. Trump owns this. He promised to fix it. They concentrated on the wall when they should have fixed birthright citizenship, eVerify, and visa overstays while they controlled Washington.

We disagree, and replied There’s one Party that proudly supports Open Borders, and thus entices illegal entry. The other Party may have a few weak-kneed members, but – as a Party – supports controlling borders…it’s not right, or accurate, to paint an entire Party as co-owners of an enticement policy when a few bad apples hamper the efforts of the majority within.”

“To the extent Republicans controlled Congress and haven’t funded the wall, they’ve abetted the problem…but the Open-Borders crowd provides the enticement. President Trump called for funding the wall, negated Obama’s unlawful DACA mandate, called for a change in defining ‘birthright’, and by EO changed how asylum is handled, so we’d say his stance on this issue does NOT entice illegal entry efforts, & as such, doesn’t justify a statement that he owns any part of it.”

(Some would argue that some Democrats disagree with open-borders rhetoric, but we remind them that while they may disagree, they still vote Party line to stall the GOP.)

A FLOTUS red Christmas…from a derangement perspective

As the Trump-Derangement crew goes into meltdown mode over the First Lady’s choice of crimson Christmas trees for the White House hall, we suggest they read this story…

…from The Washington Free Beacon: Buildings Around the World Will Turn Scarlet to Show Solidarity With Persecuted Christians” (underline emphasis added)

So, is the Left angry about shades of horror…or support of Christians?

Does ‘civility’ mean we’re heading toward MAMA again?

Are we headed for a left-wing ‘Make America Mediocre Again’ trajectory?

In a great article today, Victor Davis Hanson compares the President’s effort to ‘Make America Great Again’ to the regrettable results seen in the Western classic ‘Shane‘.

In the movie, a reformed gunfighter reluctantly uses his skills to protect the peaceful but vulnerable sodbusters trying to farm, from vicious cattlemen intent on driving them out.

As Mr. Hanson notes, in November 2016…

“…the public turned to Trump, despite his lurid personal history…But as the centrists of the suburbs showed in the recent midterm elections, those who saw Trump as necessary in 2016 may now see him as optional in 2018 – and probably because of his successes rather than his failures. In other words, good times allow well-off voters to forget bad times. Success breeds options. They are freed to turn their attention to…controversial means that had achieved for them their desired ends.”

Shane took up his gun to fight a hired gunslinger (Wilson) who had already murdered a sodbuster who dared stand up to him even though woefully unskilled. The movie ends with a wounded Shane riding off into the sunset…no gratitude given him for his help.

President Trump has stood strong against Swamp detractors using combative tactics he’s known for; and though he has won most of the fights, he hasn’t gone untouched.

It remains to be seen if his supporters regret ‘controversial means’ used to achieve the ‘desired ends’…we contend many past failures called for the controversial measures.

In the end, will the President ride into the sunset…ostracized by an ungrateful Nation?

High unemployment, stagnant wages, sagging slow-growth GDP, ankle-biting foreign nations – is Make America MEDIOCRE Again really that attractive an alternative?