“…the number of homeowners fell for the 8th straight year…”

“…and the downtrend is expected to continue.”

“The study paints an even grimmer picture for lower-income minorities, including those who held onto homes after the subprime crisis. Negative equity problems are highly concentrated in minority and low-income neighborhoods.”

Such is the legacy of Democrat economic policy, which, from 2007 through 2014, was controlling Congress. The people they ‘champion’ are paying a heavy price.

Low income and minority groups vote heavily for the Party that oppresses them.

Hopefully, some of these minority and low-income voters will open their eyes soon.

With a Republican Congress and president, this downtrend can be reversed.

Or…the oppressed can choose to continue being oppressed.

Tax cuts vs throat cuts…

Donald Lambro performs a brilliant takedown of Barack Obama’s economic policy.

In two years, Reagan’s tax-cuts brought the economy back to 6% GNP growth…

…and now, in his 7th year, Obama’s myth-makers can’t even project 2% growth.

Paraphrasing, those who ignore past successes…are doomed to repeated failures.

And, the problem is, the rest of us are being dragged down with him.

What if a former Marine could have prevented the South Carolina murders?

Nothing gets the Left worked up like a mass killing, and even Obama is weighing in now, that more gun-control laws could have prevented the Charleston tragedy.

But churches there are gun-free zones…and felons aren’t allowed guns…by law.

Obama’s bluster notwithstanding, no gun-control law could have stopped this. But, if the Left believes otherwise, by that logic…Justice Fohrall could have stopped it.

He would have been 23 in June, 2015, and, serving as an usher at the outside door of the church, would have noticed the telltale bulge under the killer’s clothing.

With military training (4 years in the Marines), he would have taken the killer down, using the special hand-to-hand combat tactics he honed during his time in service.

Church members inside would have been spared.

Problem is, Justice was aborted in South Carolina (as the law allowed) in 1992.

Yes, Marine Justice Fohrall is a hypothetical…

…but so is Obama’s bluster about more gun-control solving the problem.

If his hypothetical is acceptable…then, by that standard, so is BlueCollar’s.

Congressional fraudsters…hiding in plain sight

Did you know your congressman and senator have only 1 part-timer on their staff?

That’s right…House and Senate applications for fed subsidies in the Obamacare exchange falsely declared those legislative bodies as ‘small businesses’…

…and falsely listedtotal employed’ in each legislative body as 45 aides.

(That’s 45 aides for the ENTIRE House, and 45 aides for the ENTIRE Senate.)

That means each of the 435 representatives in the House have the help of one aide for 48 minutes daily; lucky senators each get one aide daily for 3.48 hours.

Does anybody on Planet Earth believe that?

Evidently the Obamacare exchange workers who went ahead and processed the fraudulent applications did, because unjustified subsidies are flowing to Congress.

Congressmen and their staff are avoiding out-of-pocket health-care costs, illegally maintaining federal subsidies for their  medical care through out-and-out fraud.

The hypocrisy reeks…a Democrats-only vote pushed Obamacare on Americans, in the name of a ‘public good’…but avoided being forced into it themselves…

…and then committed fraud to maintain illegal (tax dollar) financial aid …

…at the cost of the Americans they shoved into Obamacare.


Call your congressman and senator – demand the truth be revealed…NOW.

(Or, if you’re okay with the deception, just do nothing…but keep paying taxes.)

Trump’s nothing more than a Democrat ‘stalking horse’ for 2016

Donald Trump is a billionaire with ego…and purpose.

He knows he has no chance in a 2016 presidential run…why waste the money?

It’s called investing in the future. He’s donated big bucks to Clinton all along. As a stalking horse, it’s simply a different manner of donating…without the stench.

Stalking Horse: (noun) “…a candidate put forward to divide the opposition…”

Billionaires don’t get where they are by throwing money down a rathole.

(And his idealistic rhetoric is about as real as that ‘hair’ on his head.)

Taking out the trash…Politics-style

An NRO article calls for Republicans to argue forcefully against Hillary’s agenda.

How hard can that be? She calls for more government involvement in education, even as literacy and graduation rates are at an all-time low in public schools.

She calls for raising minimum wage and imposing family-leave benefits which add more costs to running a business, even as new business startups decline, fewer women are employed, and small businesses disintegrate under crushing regulation.

She calls for more liberal immigration, even as joblessness among the poor and minorities continues, class-sizes mushroom, and social safety nets melt down.

She rails against corporate profiteering, even as profits and personal wealth of the corporate elite expand under Democrat crony-capitalism…and Clinton favors.

And, most ironic considering her State Dept failure, she promises to “…do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe.” Benghazi should tell you all you need to know.

Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Chris Stevens weren’t available for comment. Of Benghazi failures, Former Representative Allen West said it best:

“…let us never forget some ran to the sound of guns, while others ran to bed.”

Yeah…right…Hillary Clinton will be a tough one for Republicans to deal with.

Those who vote ‘Democrat first’ regardless aren’t the ones that need to understand this…they would vote for an Iranian mullah if he were the Democrat candidate.

The voters who will make a difference are those who value results above rhetoric, and who value morality above Party.

BlueCollar believes even some Democrats fit that latter descriptive.

Just another example of how a ‘Free Stuff’ Party hurts the poor, minorities…

We’ve blogged this before – Democrat politicians impose stealth ‘tax’ systems on those they claim to champion: Investor’s Business Daily op-ed headline says it all…

“EPA Clean Power Plan Will Hit Blacks And Hispanics Hardest”

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure it out – If energy costs ‘necessarily skyrocket’ as Obama has promised, it takes a larger bite from those who earn the least.

This is the price minorities and the poor pay for voting the ‘Free Stuff’ Party line.

So, such groups eagerly grab for ‘free’ Obama-phones, while unwittingly paying for it through $25-$50+ per-month hikes in their electricity and gasoline taxes…

…all courtesy of the Democrat Party policies that cause the price spikes.

If the media reported honestly, all of a sudden, ‘free’ wouldn’t look so good.