‘Lowered standards’? That’s been the hallmark of this presidency

The Attorney General wants to lower standards for proving civil rights offenses.

What else is new?

For Democrats, nothing defines Affirmative Action better than lower standards, and nothing more clearly reveals the Obama administration for what it is.

Standards were lowered for qualifications of a President…and cabinet posts;

Standards were lowered for burden of proof when black thugs defied the law;

Standards were lowered for qualifying Gitmo detainees as ‘not terror risks’;

Standards were even lowered for qualifications to be an American citizen.

‘Lowered standards’ is what Obama and Holder are all about.

In AG Holder’s America, where military-garbed Black Panthers brandish nightsticks and threaten white voters on election day with impunity, are we surprised?

Over the last six years, Americans have lived Affirmative Action…every day.

3 billion more reasons to stop this guy

Obama’s Treasury Dept. gave health insurers $3 billion of your money last year.

Just one BIG problem – that money wasn’t authorized by Congress to be used.

Congress refused to allow the appropriation for those payments…he did it anyway.

And Obama’s minions won’t say where the money came from.

Until Obama’s toadies disclose the source for this illegal spending, it’s fair to ask…

…how many veterans or children will die, because of $3 billion diverted from their programs…so Obama can enrich fat-cat insurance companies?

He’ll keep on breaking the law if he’s not stopped

Now it’s being reported Obama’s using an executive action to ban bullets. Without bullets, a gun becomes little more than a hammer.

And his FCC just imposed Internet regulations that have serious consequences, yet refuses to let anyone know what’s in the language of those regulations.

Unconstitutional as his actions are, a gutless GOP won’t do what needs to be done to stop him…the only thing that will stop him: impeachment.

Short of that, all they can do is de-fang him…as noted in our previous post.

For gutless Congressional Republicans, there’s only one way to stop this lawlessness

Obama threatened consequences for border agents who don’t follow his lawless executive amnesty action, even though a Federal court has stayed that order.

But in Obama’s eyes, agents are breaking the law…if they refuse to break the law!

He will get away with it – GOP congressional members are cowed by his supporters. They do not want to be branded as ‘racist’, and refuse to consider impeachment.

So, some are calling for a ‘Convention of States’ (U.S. Constitution, Art. V) to create an amendment that will help stop Obama’s lawlessness…

…but how does creating another Constitutional amendment force Obama to obey a Constitution he’s currently in the process of deliberately shredding?

Remember, he swore to ‘PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND’ it…by no stretch of the imagination can anyone claim he is obeying his sworn oath.

A ‘Convention of States’, to create an amendment he will ignore anyway, is futile. His actions demonstrate that futility…with impeachment off the table, what now?

How else can one control a lawless President…who controls the Justice Dept?

Here’s a thought: Congress has the power “to constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court.” (U. S. Constitution, Article I, section 8, clause 9.)

Create a Congressional Court with full legal powers and enforcement, controlled by the Congress, to prosecute, fine, and jail directors of government branches who fail to properly carry out established laws of the land.

Leave Obama alone…but take away the minions willing to do his lawless bidding.

Throw a few of them in jail, and their replacements will think twice about following.

Obama may be untouchable…but his toadies aren’t.

The inconvenient quid-pro-quo of race politics

Obama-philes have played the ‘race’ card anytime someone opposes his policies.

No reasoned argument is acceptable – opposition is because Obama’s black. It’s especially effective for shutting down dissenters who are using inconvenient truth.

But if it’s fair to say it’s merely ‘racism’ that motivates opposing Obama’s policies…

…it’s also fair to say that it’s merely ‘racism’ that motivates supporting his policies.

Could Senate Republicans be playing Democrats for fools…?

Homeland Security funding will be halted if a bill isn’t passed and signed by Obama.

The funding deadline is Friday. The Senate GOP tried five times, but Democrats blocked the bill from coming out of committee. Even CNN reported Democrats did it.

Which leads to our question…

…could the Senate GOP be playing Democrats for fools? If the funding dries up after Friday, is it possible Republicans are crowding Democrats off the stage ’til then, showing they’re doing everything they can, until a nuclear option last resort?

Will McConnell man up, nuke the Democrat filibuster, and drive the bill through…

…leaving it to Obama to veto the funding, because it excludes amnesty?

Looks like we’ll know soon enough.

…or maybe Gruber just misspelled ‘assistance’…?

Assistants…assistance…what’s in a word?

Seems the Obamacare guru, MIT professor Gruber, is in hot water for overbilling.

Contracted by Vermont for impact projections on single-payer systems, Gruber was charging “…$500 an hour for his work and $100 for his research assistants.”

But it appears he only had one assistant. And it just could be his ‘stupid taxpayer’ rhetoric caused more scrutiny than he expected.

Going through billing documents, it appears some irregularities were noticed by those doing the audit, including how many assistants he had (versus billed for).

Seems Gruber billed 100 hours of his time, and 500 hours of time for his assistants.

But as noted previously, he only had one assistant – the number of hours he billed for ‘assistants’ (1000) would have meant one assistant worked 100 hrs/week.

On the hot-seat now, he hasn’t yet responded to those ‘inquiries’. If it were a blue-collar type guy, he could always claim he just misspelled ‘assistance’.

(But, that would somewhat tarnish a brilliant MIT professor’s credentials.)

A PERFECT example of the pitfall in ‘compromise’

Senate Republicans won’t use the nuclear option that would allow a simple 51-vote margin to pass the (anti-amnesty) Homeland Security bill sent them by the House.

So, they’re allowing Senate Democrats to stall the bill.

In a ‘compromise’ effort, the Senate GOP parted out anti-amnesty verbiage making it a standalone issue, hoping then Senate Democrats will go along with the DHS bill.

The Senate Republican thought process defies logic and common sense…

…if Democrats won’t go for anything in Plan A that threatens Obama’s amnesty plan, what makes the GOP think Democrats will go along with an 11th-hr Plan B…

…when it, too, obviously threatens Obama’s amnesty plans…?

Plus, as the GOP plays appeasement games, the media is enjoying the opportunity every day to cast Republicans as villains potentially causing a DHS shutdown.

(As if there were such a thing – in reality, essential Homeland Security operations would actually continue functioning.)

Obama’s amnesty threatens middle- and low-income earnings and jobs, and also causes a huge entitlement drain on an already financially-unsupportable system.

Senate Republicans should stop playing games, go nuclear, push the Homeland Security bill through on a partisan vote…and thus, dare Obama to veto the bill.

There is no downside to such a plan…


It can’t be a Democrat white flag of surrender…incredibly, with the help of deceitful media, Democrats stalling the bill are blaming Republicans…for stalling the bill.

As the GOP tries to act like adults in the room, Democrats give them rabbit ears…

…so much for the ‘advantages’ of a college education in politics.

In school, class clowns were lovable; the studious were derided and pranked.

Any guesses which Party is which?

Running away from their created monster…

Democrats who created Obamacare scurry like mad from their mandate monster.

So the morons who voted for these fools deserve everything that mandate entails.

But this is exactly why the GOP Congress must repeal Obamacare…

…because now, if they fight to keep the mandates Democrats spawned…

…Republicans (who opposed Obamacare from the start) become the bad guy.

And you know the media will rush to twist that story in Democrats’ favor.

When it comes to O’, the LAST thing the media wants is honesty…

Liberals are frothing over Rudy Giuliani’s comment that Obama dislikes America. (His point being ‘transforming’ America means Obama didn’t like it as it was.)

So, Obama’s media hyenas try to embroil potential Republican front-runners by asking them to disavow Rudy’s remark, and validate Obama’s love for America.

Thomas Sowell, noted economist and straight talker on all things American, fires back, asking why the outrage…when all the evidence supports Giuliani’s remark.

But the media, relentless in their efforts to take down prominent Republicans by forcing verbal errors, try everything – including asking GOPers if Obama is Muslim.

Here’s an easy comeback for the GOP to put Obama-philes on edge: Obama was Muslim while living in Indonesia – if he renounced it for Christianity, prove it…

…show the Islamic fatwa or death warrant issued against him, for renouncing Islam.