Detroit reveals Obamacare as just another union bailout…

Reflex slap at the previous ‘defund Obamacare’ blog from a reader.

Please, get real…lobbyists write the legislation, not Congressmen. And the biggest lobby for Democrats are unions, painfully aware of huge unfunded healthcare liabilities.

Make no mistake…union lobbyists eyeing looming financial disaster built an ‘escape hatch’ into Obamacare. The GOP warned about this; mainstream media downplayed it.

Obamacare’s just another union ‘bailout’, and that descriptive carries strong negatives.

ONE MORE REASON for the GOP to defund it now…because…

…if not now…WHEN?

After Stockton, San Bernadino, and Chicago shove their union retirees into the plan?

Open letter to Dr. Charles Krauthammer…we’re at the ‘nothing left to lose’ stage…

Defunding Obamacare…BlueCollar takes on, with admitted trepidation, the ‘Hammer’.

Charles Krauthammer said Friday that defunding the widely-despised Democrat law, at the expense of shutting down the Government, is a ‘really dumb’ idea, especially since he’s convinced Republicans would eventually cave, or get blamed for the shutdown.

(He thinks the GOP should first regain the Senate, or the White House, or both.)

With all due respect to Dr. Krauthammer (channeling the estimable Don Rumsfeld)…you go to war with what you have. The GOP has a growing public loathing of O’care that’s palpable; plus, the House of Representatives, fairness, and equality on their side.

First, even a heavily-Democrat-weighted NBC poll shows the law is despised.

Second, like a poorly-built jalopy, pieces of the law are falling off, as are promises of ‘keeping your plan’, ‘keeping your doctor’, and ‘your rates will go down’. None of it’s working. (Even a Democrat would return a new Corvette, if it ran like a lawnmower.)

Third, everybody BUT the middle class is getting a waiver from its mandates, and even Congress Democrats and their aides threaten mutiny if they’re forced into Obamacare.

(Left-of-center Politico’s story included Republicans as being in the talks, but ‘forgot’ to note only Democrats voted for the law…thus being the only hypocrites in the room.)

Fourth…Republicans should invoke Obama’s much-vaunted FAIRNESS doctrine. After all, many unions and businesses are getting a pass…but individual citizens don’t?

Fifth, the U.S. Constitution promises Americans ‘equal protection under the law’.

If a House GOP passes individual Continuing Resolution budget items (14 or so), they can invoke ‘fairness’ in stripping O’care funds, yet not jeopardize other gov’t funding. All items will cover the necessary government appropriations, as itemized individual CR’s.

Don’t wait ’til the last minute…the House should pass ‘urgent’ individual resolutions now, send them to the Senate with an “itemized plan prevents a govt shutdown” message… then, POUND that ‘fairness’ mantra every day until Democrats cave. DEMAND equal protection under the law…(or in this case, from the law)…for individual citizens!

Force Senate Democrats to defend unfairness and inequality daily…there are quite a few up for re-election in 2014, and they’re not happy trying to defend Obamacare. (A big reason why Obama just gave the employer-mandate a no-enforcement pass.)

Harry Reid and cohort may try to jam the items into one ‘all-or-nothing’ bill, to force the GOP to stall the bill, making it look like they’ve caused a shutdown…but clarity prevails if the House points out in advance a Democrat-consolidated bill will snarl things up.

And Senate Republicans should take every action at their disposal to  push the message set by the House, always prefaced with Fairness and Equality demands, and stressing the fact that an ‘urgent’ per-item plan prevents any shutdown possibility.

If Senate Democrats still try to jam all continuing resolutions together, to make it an ‘all-or-nothing’ bill that Republicans won’t buy, or if they stall (making it a last-minute crisis), they own it…because the GOP set the ‘urgent’ and ‘shutdown preventable’ narrative.

If the Democrat Senate version passes fast, the House can conference the bill, break the Obamacare funding out again, re-sending 14 itemized bills to the Senate quickly, thus forcing Harry Reid’s Democrats to – once again – snarl the issue, or cave.

By October 01, if Democrats refuse to accept fairness and equality, they will be seen as the perpetrators of a government shutdown…despite the media’s best efforts.

So let’s use the mantra of Fairness and Equality against them…

…along with the common-sense ‘1st Rule of Car Buying’…value for your money.

No sane American buys lawnmower power …at a Corvette price!

Send Obamacare to the junkyard where it belongs.

And, today, we hear bankrupt Detroit has decided to push the retired city workers health care obligations over to Obamacare. MORE cities will follow, at more billions in cost.

If Republicans can’t sell defunding a hugely despised law based on basic values of fairness and equality, they’re not Republicans…they’re just politicians…

…and lousy ones at that.

2010 midterms sent a message Democrats fear. But 2012 saw the lousiest president in history re-elected. 2014 elections carry no Senate or White House GOP guarantees.

In our opinion, it’s now or never. Janis sang it best

In the death-grip of Obamacare…Freedom IS just another word for ‘nothing left to lose’.

Up the ‘idea’ creek, without Carter’s paddle…

In the ‘arena of ideas’, Obama’s policy seems to be: keep opposing college kids away.

The Evader-in-Chief gave a speech Wednesday at the University of Central Missouri, but fearful of six College Republicans kids, Secret Service barred their entry.

They had tickets and youthful curiosity, but their GOP-messaged shirts gave ’em away.

You can just never be too careful when it comes to the college crowd…

Brings to mind the ‘killer rabbit’ that Jimmy Carter fought off with a boat oar in 1979.

Okay, yes, 6 college kids (with Republican shirts) do have 8 more legs than a demonic bunny, and considering his failed 4.5 years, Obama’s handlers knew he’d be in trouble.

The Secret Service may insist that Obama keep a paddle close by for future events…

You know, to protect against engaged college kids with great ideas…

…or to avoid being up “that” creek…without a paddle.


Open question to Obama…how is a dead American ‘phony’?

Several times this week, the Liar-in-Chief has alluded to ‘phony scandals’ that distract from the real work needed to fix the economy (ironically, that his policies broke).

Ignoring the inexcusable problem (Obama’s words) of IRS and NSA agencies targeting Americans, does he really think dead Americans (due to federal blunders) are phony?

Dead U.S. border agents due to Fast-&-Furious? He invokes ‘executive privilege’.

Dead Americans in Benghazi? He refuses access to Benghazi survivors.

Since when do ‘phony’ scandals require Executive stonewalling?

Martha Stewart went to jail because she said openly she’d done nothing wrong. In the insider-trading trial that followed, she ended up in federal prison for that statement.

Shouldn’t Obama’s ‘phony scandal’ statement result in the same penalty…for him?

The problem with politics…

Cruel Edward the Longshanks, talking to his advisors about how to deal with rebellious William Wallace and his Scottish countrymen, diagnosed the problem:

“The trouble with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots…” (Braveheart, 1995)

Fast-forward to present day Washington D.C., and the concept is apropos…

The trouble with Politics is…that it’s full of politicians.

The economy is at a standstill, debt exploded to $17 trillion, Middle East going up in flames, 9 million jobs have been lost, federal agencies are intimidating private citizens…

…the Congress and President have unprecedented high disapproval ratings…

…and we’re ‘concerned’ about a government shutdown…?

Seems like, with all that’s transpired, Americans would pray for a shutdown!

Interpreting Democrat’ese…the 180-degree solution

To mute scandals and dodge Obamacare potholes, Obama is now out talking up how his policies will help the Middle Class. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The Wall Street Journal pull quote: “…no President has done worse by the middle class in modern times…” (over the last 4-1/2 years he’s been in office).

The old joke goes that you can tell a politician’s lying if his lips are moving.

BlueCollar suggests a new model for the Deceiver-in-Chief and his Democrat cohort…

…when their lips move, look 180-degrees (opposite) their claims. That’s where they are.

Coining the term…’Democrat180’…is the cue – their actions are opposite their words.

Obama’s speech in Galesburg provides a perfect example of Democrat180.

COWARD…thy name is ‘Senator’

Just when you thought members of Congress couldn’t be any more gutless…

The Senate Finance Committee is working on tax reform. And the only way leadership can get Senate-colleague suggestions on what deductions and tax credits to keep…

…is to promise them 50-years secrecy for their individual input.

(Translation: shower special interests with tax-dodges, and take no blame while alive.)

‘The world’s greatest deliberative body’ has sunken to a new low…shadow-dancing. In Washington, DC, the new Congressional norm appears to be ‘hiding, in plain sight’.

Leadership cowards Senators Baucus (D) and Hatch (R) need to hear from you.

Call and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts on GE’s behalf.

Babble-on, fool…

Only a babbling fool would call a brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon a ‘drooling idiot’

Bill Maher has reached a new low, but at least exposes his value system (and stupidity) in the process. To Maher, any moron with Liberal values…Good…

…But a talented Conservative brain surgeon for kids…Bad.

And the REAL drooling idiot is…? Bill Maher.

Once again, we’re regretting that Maher’s mom wasn’t a Liberal, way back when…who would have embraced abortion as her pro-choice alternative…

…and we could have been spared this present-day fool.