Did enviro-whackos forget to make their monthly payment to the NOAA?

Just days after data-temp-tampering reports, the NOAA has re-stated 1936 temps.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ‘tweaked’ the numbers to create  a warming trend narrative desperately needed by Obama and ‘warming guru’ Al Gore.

But suddenly and mysteriously, 1936 is now the hottest year on record…again.

Could it be the enviro-whacko billionaires just forgot to make their monthly payment?

Just askin’.

A sublime solution to Democrat-created illegal immigration: Territorials-at-Large

For certain politicians, illegal immigration is only about potential voters.

For honest, caring mainstream America, the humanity of the situation cries for solution.

Democrat politicians don’t want border enforcement, and haven’t for decades. Neither are they interested in enforcing anything else that once was ‘immigration law’.

They know that 85-90% of illegal aliens would potentially vote ‘Democrat’ if given that right…until then, they simply keep the issue unsolved…to beat up on Republicans.

Giving amnesty to such a huge group would finish off the GOP…not allowing amnestied immigrants a right to vote gives Liberals the right to scream ‘disenfranchised’.

What to do? The answer is staring us in the face from the Caribbean…Puerto Rico.

BlueCollar solution…designate ‘amnestied’ immigrants as ‘Territorials-at-Large’.

Allow ‘T-a-L’ immigrants the right to vote in local elections, but not statewide or federal elections; in those cases, give them representational status – as we do Puerto Ricans.

After a generation – 25 years – give them an opportunity to acquire full voting status.

America can continue to stumble along, with Democrats blocking border control which threatens our national security (not to mention our health)…or recognize the inevitable.

Offering amnestied immigrants a ‘T-a-L’ status brings them out of the shadows, makes border security possible, drastically reduces disease risks, provides voting privileges on a local scale commensurate with existing national policy, and won’t threaten the GOP.

Republicans should be able to sell this idea to their constituents, as well as any honest Democrats embarrassed by their Party’s sinister use of the destitute for political gain.

And any Democrat politician opposing this plan would be exposed.


If it’s good enough for Puerto Rico, shouldn’t it be good enough for amnestied legals?

It’s not ‘radical’ to suggest people pay for their own lifestyle

How is it NOT radical to insist somebody else must pay for their lifestyle?

People who love animals generally don’t choose to work in slaughterhouses…

People who love children generally don’t choose to work in abortion clinics…

People who don’t believe in God generally don’t choose to work as ministers…

…so why is it that ‘radical’ to suggest contraceptive lovers should choose to work at a Planned Parenthood…rather than a business with deeply held religious beliefs?

To do otherwise smells like the atheist who joins the Boy Scouts of America, knowing there’s an oath that includes a belief in God…then sues because they don’t.

Seems like some basic values have been turned around over the last few decades.

In America, we’re free to choose where we work…those wanting free contraceptives are free to choose NOT to work at a Hobby Lobby.

Conversely, if the work environment (or pay structure) of a Hobby Lobby is worth more than your desire for free contraceptives, you’re free to ignore the desire and take the job

Simple, isn’t it?

Note to Justice Ginsberg: Only in Obamaland is obeying the law ‘RADICAL’…

The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare can’t force businesses to violate religious belief.

Several business owners objected to being forced to provide free contraception, which violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act…SCOTUS agreed, on a 5-4 ruling.

Guess Sandra Fluke should forget about working at Hobby Lobby.

Of course, Liberals don’t agree, including Justice Ginsburg…because, you see…

…only a Liberal should decide WHICH religious beliefs are protected by law.

(Is it cruel to wish THEIR parents had chosen the birth control route?)

(Just wonderin’)

Okay – who ‘tipped the CO2 balance’… 300 million years ago?

Another day, another global warming ‘scientist’ warning the ‘CO2 balance is tipped’.

Before the Industrial Revolution began in the late 17th Century, atmospheric CO2 levels were 280 parts per million…today it measures 400 parts per million…

OMG…cue Chicken Little! Filthy modern man is destroying the Earth!

But, before you send your donation to Al Gore, you might consider this…

…during the Carboniferous Period 300-360 million years ago, measurements of rock layers revealed CO2 levels were as high as 8000 parts per million!

And, oh, did we mention…that period lasted 60 million years, nonetheless?

We understand the sea floors were rich with brachiopods and surface life was rich with diapsids (eventually, reptiles)…no doubt the filthy scum responsible for so much CO2.

Yet the world we know evolved, though CO2 levels were often 20x greater than today.

(So, human polluters, it’s okay to exhale…you did know that was CO2 you emit, right?)

Makes you wonder what the EPA and Al Gore think they’re protecting us from now…


(Just think…if the EPA and Al Gore had been there then, we might not be here now.)

Shouldn’t it humble Al Gore and enviro-whackos to know, when it comes to CO2…

…brachiopods outproduced humans?

But Al doesn’t care…for him it isn’t about climate…it’s about portfolio investments.

Should we bill Mexico for the border chaos Democrats created?

News reports indicate Obama wants $2 billion to deal with the border crisis.

He should send that bill to Mexico. If they can’t pay it, take it from their foreign aid.

(We give that government over $750 million a year in foreign aid.)

Mexico let the illegals through; it’s that nation’s border they’re crossing. It’s patently ludicrous to absorb billions in costs because Mexico won’t control its border…

…while we send them $760 million a year in foreign aid.

If Democrats feel that’s way harsh, let them fund it from their campaign funds…

…after all, they’re the ones who feel so strongly about open borders.

Besides, it gives them a chance to put their money where their mouth is….

…and…pay for the chaos THEY created.

A sure way to force Accountability on rogue government agencies…& workers

Fining a government agency for violating personal freedoms doesn’t solve the problem.

Your tax dollars pay fines levied against government agencies, but agency wrongdoers must be punished as well, otherwise there’s no incentive for stopping bad behavior.

Think about it…if it’s tax dollars paying the fine, we taxpayers foot the bill. Besides, if government won’t hold its malefactors accountable, bad deeds will continue.

The present-day IRS scandal is a good example. For several years, its legion has been using obstruction and intimidation tactics to attack or stonewall conservative groups.

A traditional-marriage-defense group was just awarded a $50k settlement from the IRS. An IRS worker unlawfully gave confidential information to a gay marriage group, which used the donor list to harass and intimidate private traditional-marriage supporters.

But merely fining a government agency doesn’t solve the problem, since it’s our tax dollars picking up the tab. Government workers in sensitive positions, who violate the public trust, must be punished a-s-a-p, and made to pay back those tax dollars.

So, how does that happen, when agencies involved, including law enforcement, are all run by an administration bent on thwarting the very laws being broken?

Congress. They have the power to freeze bank accounts, and withhold agency funding.

The House of Representatives controls spending. If an agency won’t hold accountable those who break the law, Congress can use financial pressure to force accountability.

Start at the top, freezing all their personal assets and salaries, and give those pressured 72 hours to comply or face commensurate extended financial pain and house arrest.

Some might argue that agency directors may not have been aware of the problem…but failing to hold accountable those responsible makes them part of the problem.

And after all…isn’t that where the buck always stops?

Quit playing games…exert financial pressure. Watch how fast they comply.