It’s not ‘radical’ to suggest people pay for their own lifestyle

How is it NOT radical to insist somebody else must pay for their lifestyle?

People who love animals generally don’t choose to work in slaughterhouses…

People who love children generally don’t choose to work in abortion clinics…

People who don’t believe in God generally don’t choose to work as ministers…

…so why is it that ‘radical’ to suggest contraceptive lovers should choose to work at a Planned Parenthood…rather than a business with deeply held religious beliefs?

To do otherwise smells like the atheist who joins the Boy Scouts of America, knowing there’s an oath that includes a belief in God…then sues because they don’t.

Seems like some basic values have been turned around over the last few decades.

In America, we’re free to choose where we work…those wanting free contraceptives are free to choose NOT to work at a Hobby Lobby.

Conversely, if the work environment (or pay structure) of a Hobby Lobby is worth more than your desire for free contraceptives, you’re free to ignore the desire and take the job

Simple, isn’t it?

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