An inevitable result of hysteria-driven pandemics…the ‘bubble-wrap’ diagnosis

“Fauci recommends people don’t shake hands ‘ever again’ after pandemic”

What’s next, never hugging your kids? Never kissing your wife/husband? Wrapping up in bubble-wrap before taking a walk or drive? How is such idiocy given any credibility?

Seriously…this is the guy whose every advice is eagerly implemented?

OK, he’s an expert on infectious diseases.

But if his solutions are comparable to an expert on transportation safety saying, to avoid traffic accidents, never drive or ride on public roads again, do we act out such ideas?

Damned…either way? Then, do the right thing

As the actual numbers continue to prove the lie that is WuFlu hysteria, it’s increasingly clear that whether Pres Trump stands down from mitigating acts or not, he’ll be vilified.

If the economy-destroying acts continue he takes a hit for that as well as not being fast enough with initial actions; if he stands down from the economy-destroying acts, you can be sure every death after, attributed to WuFlu, will be heaped on his shoulders.


Hospitalizations dropping; deaths are plateauing; expected hot zones (most specifically, California) are not showing the numbers that would typically justify that expectation.

Deaths attributed to Wuhan Flu aren’t even required to be proven. And the Left is doing everything in it’s power to place every death to date at the feet of the President.

So, how is that any different than being blamed for any deaths that occur AFTER he tells people to go back to work and get our economy back on its feet?

Either way, they’ll try to blame him. It’s really a no-brainer…

If ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ is the order of the day, restart the economy.

This president knows how to fight against their daily hype, and he’ll have saving the economic well-being of every American as his foundational motivation.

That’s a platform he’ll be very comfortable with…and,again, NUMBERS DON’T LIE.

Do the right thing, Mr. President.

Stop this unconstitutional WuFlu insanity…’what-if’ computer modeling is NOT good cause

“…make no law, respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…’

What manner of hubris is this, that computer ‘what if’ modeling has suddenly become the standard for violating the Constitutional rights given us in that founding document?

Suddenly, we can’t worship; we can’t ‘peaceably assemble’; we can’t travel?

Because of faulty computer modeling hysteria?

Unless martial law has been declared, no such powers exist for our government to take away our constitutional freedoms in such a manner: even then, without good cause.

‘What if’ computer modeling IS NOT GOOD CAUSE.

Because, by that standard, EVERY civil right we’re guaranteed could be abridged.

Of course viral flu is scary; of course common sense precautions are in order…but the actions taken by our local & state government to date are NOT legitimized by the data.

First, actual deaths CAUSED by this Wuhan Flu are being over-inflated by including any deaths where that flu is present, even if it wasn’t proven the actual cause of death. 

But, even accepting every death attributed to that WuFlu, CDC data for the month of March indicates that we are not experiencing any ‘spiking’ death totals they predict.

As reported at, “According to data obtained from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics Mortality Surveillance System website, total U.S. deaths for the first three weeks of March are DOWN 10% from the average of the prior four years for the same three week period…The final data for March could show a total of 26,000 or more FEWER DEATHS in the month than would be expected without even factoring in the impact of 4,000 COVID deaths.”  (ed note: 4,000 deaths was for March only)

As of 3:22am, April 09, death totals for WuFlu are reported as 14,797. That means – to date – even with that higher number added to March, total deaths are below average.

Rate of contagion, hospitalization, and deaths at this point are all the result of computer modeling; none of those ‘what if’ modeling numbers have proven close to being true.

Allowing such idiocy opens the door to the same idiotic ‘what if’ thinking that can justify taking away our right to bear arms; or otherwise be secure from unreasonable search and seizure; or allowed due process; or protection from excessive bail or fines.

Americans should demand more from their elected leaders than ‘sky-is-falling’ hysteria.

Americans should demand their constitutional rights not be unnecessarily abridged.

Americans should hold accountable the politicians and media causing unfounded panic.

And based on the ACTUAL numbers to date, re, this Wuhan Flu MADNESS…

…Americans should be going on with their normal lives…


Playing the race-card means they know WuFlu hysteria will be exposed as bogus fear-mongering soon

Now, they’re reporting that the black American population is hardest hit by WuFlu.

At USAToday: “Black Americans are dying of coronavirus at much higher rates compared with other Americans in some major cities, but most federal officials and states are not keeping track or releasing racial data on coronavirus victims, raising concerns about care for the nation’s most vulnerable populations. As coronavirus cases and related deaths soar in cities with significant black populations, including New Orleans, Detroit and New York, civil rights groups, Democratic lawmakers and the White House have called on federal health officials to release racial data to ensure resources and information reach every community affected by the outbreak.

(bold emphasis added)

But, guess what…the lower income and poor brackets are always the hardest hit…

…by any flu.

They can least afford (or don’t have access to) healthcare; can least afford a proper daily nutritional diet; and are most susceptible to chronic underlying health problems.

Their low income status force them into inner-city high occupancy low-rent areas, and in any high population density situation as that, contagion rates are at their highest levels.

It has always been thus.

So, why is such attention just now being given to this problem by Leftist media?

Because WuFlu numbers adding up don’t justify Big Government intervention on the order of magnitude we’ve seen to date: they’ll need another narrative to keep it going.

(Hey, these Big Government Lefties will not give up their Top Priority ideal easily.)

Cue the race card. Any discussion of getting the economy back on track by loosening the social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines will be branded as racist in intent.

But, they have a serious problem if consideration is given as to why these groups are hardest hit, because it will show Democrat policies oppressing minorities are the cause.

Who runs ‘…New Orleans, Detroit, and New York’…? Democrats have, for decades.

You can bet Democrats and FakeNews media will start hammering the race-card

…question is, will Democrats be held to account…as the underlying cause?

Proof that intelligent life exists…

“Trump’s Economic Approval Rating Hits Highest Level Ever”

And pandemic hoax be damned…“The survey’s results show that the economic contraction due to the virus has been severe but Americans remain optimistic. Fifty-one percent say they expect the economy to improve in the next year. Forty-nine percent expect the economy to return to normal in the next few months.” 

Even the hoax-media can’t dampen America’s optimism.

Hail to the Trump!!

WuFlu may be China’s fault…but our hysteria-flattened economy is the Left’s fault

This hoax-hysteria is even WORSE than what we predicted.

As noted in our previous post, a GatewayPundit blog noted that the CDC numbers of reported deaths in the USA for March will be 15% lower than the latest 4-year average.

This is not just because deaths were misreported as WuFlu deaths…those deaths are actually included in the totals – which means the U.S. overall death rate in March was lower than the average normal over the last four years, with WuFlu deaths included.

Which means even over-inflating WuFlu death-rates didn’t drive total deaths higher.

Which means the hysteria over WuFlu that caused government to react by shutting down the economy was unjustifiably driven by a Democrat-agenda-driven media.

Got that? Tomorrow’s media headlines should read “Overall U.S. Death Rate 10-15% LOWER In March, Counting WuFlu, Compared to Avg Of Four Previous Years” 

But, then, that’s a positive message, right?

Think you’ll see it?



BINGO!! Number of other causes of deaths ‘shockingly low’ among WuFlu death hype


Last week we posted that over-inflating WuFlu as ’cause of death’ when it wasn’t will eventually manifest itself by unexplained drops in rates of other causes of death.

In our post “Anyone notice the lack of ‘seasonal flu’ reporting during this hysteria?” we asked (of those deaths reported) Are individual states reporting lower-than-normal rates, which indicates WuFlu unnecessarily blamed?”

On his show’s 1st segment today, Rush Limbaugh just announced New York (among other cities) is seeing ‘shocking’ low number of deaths for non-WuFlu-related causes…

…just as we predicted.

And, then, there’s this reported at the GatewayPundit: “This Is Strange: Total US Deaths in March 2020 are Actually Down 15% from Average of Prior Four Years”

Just as we predicted.

Blame it on what you will…‘bleeds-it-leads’ media reporting to inflate viewer/readership, anti-Trump efforts to make his administration’s response look inadequate, whatever…

…but believe this: the WuFlu death numbers will continue to be over-inflated.

Why? Ignoring for the moment Trump-Derangement-Syndrome, keeping the public in a high state of panic – desperate to rely on government assistance – feeds their agenda.

It’s about power, folks.

Highest priority of Democrats and their media masters is Big Government control.

And, what has this WuFlu hysteria inflicted on Americans? Big Government Control.

Who honestly believes their hysteria-driven WuFlu numbers will ever be corrected?