Illegal demonstrators, (Left-wing) white supremacist posers…yeah, yeah, it’s all Trump’s fault

Charlottesville Shake-n-Bake…the ultimate recipe for Left-wing chicanery:

Mix equal parts

  • 1) illegal Antifa/BlackLivesMatter demonstrators,
  • 2) pseudo Unite-the-Right (but really Leftist) white supremacist groups,
  • 3) coordinate (?) with Obamaite activist Kessler and Socialist Spencer,


  • stir well by misuse of law enforcement personnel
  • pour into a small, confined setting
  • slow-bake with a dash of ‘stand-down‘ spices
  • add a sprinkle of crocodile tears
  • serve when erupted, with FakeNews hash and a jigger of outrage.

Yup, yup, this was President Trump’s fault.

If you think Obama’s activist nature has nothing to do with unrest, think again

Would you think it odd that a former OccupyWallSt Obama supporter just ‘happened’ to be a white supremacist organizer for the Charlottesville rally that turned violent?

Word has it that ‘antifa’ is an OccupyWallSt metamorphosis…so what gives?

We noted in a previous blog that the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ is not Right wing at all, but just another segment of Left-wing groups…and evidence mounts we’re right on the mark.

These people stop at nothing to slime Conservatives…

…even if it means organizing BOTH sides of a riot.

Truth, Justice…and then there’s the Democrat way?

Democrats in Congress are calling for President Trump to be censured, after he made a statement that Charlottesville violence was shared by both antagonist groups.

Really…censure the President…for telling the truth?

Even CNN contributors acknowledge Antifa/BlackLivesMatter started the violence.

Pull quotes…

“If Antifa and [Black Lives Matter protesters] didn’t show up, Unite the Right would have finished their demonstration and went home and no one may have been killed or injured. The violence that was started by the left has to take some responsibility for the death of Heather Heyer also.” (bold emphasis added)

(More irony? Unite the Right had a legal permit to demonstrate, Antifa/BLM did not.)

So an illegal Antifa/BlackLivesMatter crowd started the violence, which, by law, means that they share responsibility for any act committed during said violence, but…

…as far as Democrats in Congress are concerned, that law doesn’t apply?

Remember when it used to be “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”?

Hey, Haters – Transform America to what…Angola?

Those who claim that they want to transform America into what it could’ve been if slavery hadn’t existed need to answer a very basic, honest, direct question…

…would they ‘transform’ America into what Africa is today?

Sure, slavery was an evil institution, but we fought our way out of that evil.

America is an unmatched superpower, thanks to combined efforts of its citizens. No other nation comes close to us in terms of industrial, or military accomplishments.

If the outcry is ‘we could’ve been better than the best we are’…well, okay, but is that type of complaint worth the storm and fury of what the Left forces us to endure?

(And, hey, lucky for them, that claim can’t be proven or disproved.)

Historically, the following is true…and can be empirically proven:

Africa had thousands of years before America to prove her potential; at the risk of being branded ‘racist’…sorry, we’re NOT impressed with how those millennium were used.

For all its faults, America is the greatest Nation this world has ever known. And, it’s a combined achievement, which should be celebrated by ALL…not bemoaned by a few.

But, Haters will hate, and there seems to be no way to prevent that.

We will, however, endure.

Ironic though, isn’t it…the American descendants of slaves (had their ancestors not been ripped from their homes) could still themselves be slaves…in today’s Africa?


Sorry Liberals…you can’t whitewash that African tribes traffic’d in slavetrade

Danny T objects to our statement that African tribes enslaved other tribes.

Isn’t it strange historical symbols can be a source of outrage, but historical facts aren’t?

Fact: Europeans didn’t just go in and kidnap slaves…African tribes enabled the slave trade, traffic’d in that trade to their profit, and kept slaves in their own homes…

…and there’s empirical proof it still goes on today.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans fought to end slavery, did so, and that fact should be celebrated…but instead, Left-wing Haters choose to pick at a 150 year-old scab.

Shouldn’t your outrage be directed just as vehemently at African nations?

You know…those that started black slavery then…and CONTINUE slavery to this day?


Common sense: tax-cuts benefit everyone…but media won’t say it

Are you happier with more money in your pocket?

Does it provide you with more choices to benefit your life?

Does it put you in a more competitive position to achieve greater goals?

Why does anyone think those same advantages shouldn’t be enjoyed by corporations?

America has one of the highest global corporate tax-rates. It makes American business less competitive globally, with fewer choices to help benefit in the business community.

If we lower corporate taxes, it benefits all: more business sales means more jobs, higher wages, increased competitiveness, better benefits, expanded investments.

Politicians work the class-warfare gig to play on a victim class, and knowing they will do or say anything to get votes goes without saying, but honest media would expose lies…

…and there’s the rub.

Americans should know “Data from 72 countries over 22 years show that countries that RAISE corporate tax rates hurt workers, while countries that LOWER corporate taxes help their workers earn higher wages (bold/capital emphasis added)

An honest media would report that.

Alt-Left Haters destroy, with a provably faux outrage

Destroying the statues of Confederate memorials isn’t the answer.

The radical, often unhinged Left is all about destroying this Nation’s history, and it’s their typical reaction to anything they oppose, but there’s a different way to go about this.

Why not add memorials exalting Union sacrifices to emancipate slaves? Arguably, over 300,000 Americans died to end slavery…why go negative with a positive like that?

Over 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War – toppling statues doesn’t solve anything.

And who gets to say where their ‘outrage’ should end? As we noted previously, Europe started the African slave trade; African tribes enslaved their own; Democrats held the south during and after slavery, founded the KKK, passed Jim Crow laws, inflicted Bull Connor intimidation tactics of brutality, and fought against civil rights legislation.

Why stop at toppling a statue?

There’s something strange about an outraged group that supports the Democrat Party which symbolizes all the racism, slavery, lynchings, and brutality THEY memorialized.

If the Left really wants to make a statement in those Southern states with a Confederate heritage, they’ll work for something positive to celebrate our achievements, not failures.

Otherwise, they’re proving themselves as HATERS…

Here’s an idea, for an ‘outraged’ Alt-Left…

…ship those Confederate statues back to the Party that created them.

The real HATERS are those who push victim-mentality

Talk to a Liberal about Rush Limbaugh, and their first reaction – ‘he’s a hater’.

But how is someone who preaches self-respect and integrity a hater?

Yes, he attacks Liberalism as an empty ideology, from the perspective that in order to believe in Liberalism one must accept that they have no control in life, they’re victims.

He suggests rejecting a Liberalism core value: identity politics, because there’s no unity or togetherness. Identity politics offers only a victimized hopelessness, helplessness.

How does fighting against those who instill a victim-mentality make anyone a hater?

(We dare all those who dismiss Rush Limbaugh as a hater to read this monologue with an open mind…and then, after, drop us a comment on whether that label still applies.)