Relax, LIBTARDS…your House Dems can impeach as much as they want, ’til next year

Open message to Liberal angst over the GOP-Senate shutdown of more witnesses…

…your anti/never-Trump buddies in the House needed to make a legitimate case for impeachment – they FAILED. The Senate job is to hear the case, not build it for them.

And whining about ‘more witnesses’ doesn’t pass the smell test.

This isn’t a matter of ‘it’s now or never’…if the case House Democrats built fails, there’s nothing stopping them from building their next HOAX (or call it Impeachment2.0)…

…at least, that is, until the Nov. election results (if/when House control goes GOP).

Besides, Senate rules have a built in kill-switch…if the Democrats try to pull a fast one, the team that represents the President can call for an immediate verdict or dismissal.

In essence, trying to force a ‘more witnesses’ issue puts the burden on the Senate to help the House further build their case, which is not within their constitutional purview.

That qualifies as pulling a ‘fast one’ and should trigger the Trump-team’s kill switch.

Democrats want a stronger case? Okay…it’s their House Democrats’ job to build it.

Pres. Trump’s approval polling has gone up 4-7 points since SHAMpeachment began. If Democrats want to keep that trend going, until elections change the dynamic, they can.

Choose wisely.

Put up or shut up: enough already…if their case is that weak, make them open another

Witnesses, they scream.

Well, if they wanted those witnesses, they should’ve subpoenaed them during their first hack at impeachment, instead of trying to force a ‘more witnesses’ issue on the Senate.

It’s the House of Representatives job to build a case on impeachment.

It’s the Senate job to hear the case the House built…not add to it.

They want more witnesses? Build another case, and subpoena them already.

Otherwise, shut up…and try some other type of Hoax effort.

The real ‘bombshell’ is that FakeNews considers anonymous-sourced hearsay a bombshell

That media continues to treat hearsay as ‘bombshell’ news shows how low they’ll go.

  1. Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ bombshell…anonymous hearsay;
  2. Ukraine ‘quid-pro-quo’ bombshell…anonymous hearsay;
  3. Trump aide ‘yeah, it was quid-pro-quo’ bombshell…anonymous hearsay

(The first 2 hoaxes collapsed from lack of proof; no doubt the fate of #3, soon.)

But, don’t expect them to give up soon…this crap works for their lunatic base.

And, hey…John Bolton’s happy (pre-release book sales start today).

That leak over his book claiming ‘Trump Bad’, though eventually (we predict) revealed to be untrue, will have increased book sales and made him a richer man for it.

Another day, another hearsay hoax to push their agenda…

‘Anonymous’ source claims a former Trump aide manuscript says yada, yada, yada…

That’s what they’re using to push a ‘need witnesses’ screed in SHAMpeachment Day7.

Why would ANYONE give credibility to anonymous hearsay after these last 3 years?

(Unless, of course, they’re a Democrat/Communist/Socialist anti/never-Trump’er.)

Farce, wrapped in Tragedy, packaged for Americans in yet another HOAX box.

First, it wasTrump-Russia collusion…anonymously sourced. Then Ukraine quid-pro-quo…anonymously sourced. Now ‘John-Bolton-says-it’s-so’…anonymously sourced.

E-N-O-U-G-H already.

At the very least, demand direct named sources from this point on.

Deep-State has at its disposal the FBI-CIA-NSA-FakeNews, yet with all those intel sources the only thing they can come up with is…hearsay? Know what that tells you?

President Trump’s that cleanand they’re that dirty.

Guess who’s leaking the ‘Trump-quid-pro-quo’ baloney in John Bolton’s book?

First, it’s important to flesh-in dot-connecting coincidences.

Vindman was the probable leaker to the gossip-monger…errr…’whistleblower’ alleging a scandalous Ukraine-Trump quid-pro-quo demand that has NEVER been proven.

That led to the Democrats’ SHAMpeachment effort which is dying from lack of facts.

Now, just as the GOP team starts their defense of the President, a book being vetted by Vindman’s brother supposedly implies that Trump told Bolton there was quid-pro-quo.

Based on (yeah, you guessed it) another leak.

And, lo-&-behold, the media pushes the story, so, YEAH, more witnesses are needed.

Now, connect those dots.

Is there any doubt who this new leaker is?

Wait…if THEIR real corruption benefits an opponent…whose fault is that?

Seriously – Democrats are claiming investigating THEIR corruption benefits Trump.


Anyone notice they’re not claiming innocence based on proof? 

They dismiss corruption as unfounded, despite overwhelming proof…but what they’re trying to sell us is that they should be immune from any corrupt lawlessness…

…because THEIR GUILT benefits their political opponents.

Stunning in its audacity…imagine how stupid they must think Americans are.

Now exposed & losing ground, Dems start undermining the election process

No surprise here…Democrats and their crazy Left base have been exposed for all to see, and knowing that exposure will further deteriorate their chances, they resort to…

…condemning the election process that threatens their continued relevance.

It was bad enough they lost in 2016, but now with President Trump ripping the lid off the polluted Swamp that is Washington DC, the situation is desperate, calling for…

…desperate measures.

Their ongoing assault against the Constitution and its principles is what that looks like.

The good news? Every day, more Americans are rejecting their actions.

The bad news? The swamp-creatures CAN’T stop; desperate measures will continue.

Make no mistake: Democrats are impeaching the U.S. Constitution itself.

…and, hey, if they ‘need more evidence’ nothing’s stopping House Dems from amending what they have

They want more witnesses and evidence to support their ‘overwhelming’ case…

…and, deceitfully, they want to blame Senate Republicans?

Talk about blowing smoke…House Democrats wailing about so-called new evidence they want the Senate to look into know damn well they could amend if necessary…

…and their media accomplices pushing this SHAM know this also.

How convincing is it to hear Democrats scream ‘unfair’, when they’re muddying up the waters, blaming others to obscure the fact THEY’RE THE ONES WHO ARE UNFAIR?

Make no mistake…they’re throwing Biden under the bus deliberately

Understand this – Democrats don’t make mistakes of this nature….they don’t ‘blunder’ (Turley) and their actions don’t ‘inadvertently’ (Cruz) throw one of their own to the dogs.

Everything they do is calculated for effect.

For all the talk about Democrats screwing up and throwing Biden under the bus with this SHAMpeachment process – as Soros proxies – fact is they’re doing this deliberately.

Follow the money: George Soros is billion$ deep in this foreign corruption imbroglio, and the Schiff-Pelosi crowd (including family members) are connected to his wallet.

Soros has a far-Left agenda…further than even Biden is willing to go.

This SHAMpeachment is about damaging the electability of Biden AND Trump, all while trying to veil real Ukraine corruption; actually, anywhere Soros and his ilk are involved.

When mud-wrestling with pigs, everyone gets muddied…but only the pigs enjoy it. In this SHAMpeachment scrum, they want enough mud on Trump to bring him down too.

Because, hey, they’re always mud-stained…

…so their only alternative is to drag opponents into the mud-pit also.

(Another school of thought: exposing Biden may lure Republican Senators into thinking it was a mistake, tempting them into a ‘more witness’ gambit that gives Democrats an opportunity they need to drag this out through additional documentation requests, etc)