No-evidence smearing shows the media has no limit to its anti-GOP tactics

As the no-evidence smear of Trump colluding with Russians continues, it brings into sharp relief one indisputable fact…sham-stream media don’t need proof to attack Republicans.

You can expect fact-free slams throughout Pres. Trump’s term, and not just against him…

…the GOP better figure out a way to handle it.

We don’t always agree with Andy McCarthy’s view of Mr. Trump’s fight-back style, but he does have some relevant insights into media tactics and how Congress should handle it.

And you can bet this isn’t about just attacking the President and Republicans; it’s also a tactic to deflect attention away from how DEMOCRATS colluded with Russia.

So far, cowardly Republicans are allowing this tactic to work.

Their Left-wing ideology is more important than your national security

As deep-state imbeds continue leaking classified information, news stories are emerging that foreign governments will withhold critical intelligence-sharing from the USA.

The damage to America’s credibility caused by these ideological leakers is enormous.

Federal laws make illegal the leaking…AND publishing…of classified information.

The news media and their leakers must be held accountable…


The first thing President Trump should do upon returning from his diplomatic tour abroad is announce the need, after hearing concerns from foreign leaders, to enforce federal law.


And start with the media, who are giving cover to deep-state leakers. Review the illegally published information, beginning on Jan.20th, and indict those who broke federal law.

Then indict them as aiding and abetting, if they refuse to give up law-breaking sources.

Message to whining Left-wingers…it’s the National Security, stupid!

Democrats continue lies about budget ‘cuts’

Definition of a split second: the amount of time that elapses between a GOP budget unveil, and the Democrats wailing over budget ‘cuts’ that aren’t really cuts at all.

Pres. Trump released his proposed budget, and, yes, some areas have a lower rate of increased spending than a Democrat would wish, but to color them as cuts is a lie.

Only in a Democrat world is a lower increase in spending considered a cut.

Coincidence? China’s CIA informant executions fell within Clinton Sec-State timeframe

Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State from Jan 2009 through Jan 2013.

News is out that China executed scores of CIA informants between 2010 and 2012. One can’t help but wonder how their identities were revealed to the Chinese government?

Considering the fact that the CIA is for all intent and purposes the intelligence gathering arm of the State Department, is it possible Hillary’s hack-prone email system contributed?

Hey, her classified emails were even found on disgraced Anthony Weiner’s laptop, so it’s not that far-fetched to think crucial data outing CIA informants could have been in the mix.

The only ‘Russia-collusion’ evidence is against Democrats, Obama

Where’s the media outrage?

Seems, after almost a year trying to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians, the only proof and evidence that’s surfaced reveals Democrat collusion.

As Rush likes to point out, they can’t even fabricate something to use against Trump.

And does anyone else find it odd that their raucous calls for impeachment have suddenly toned down…coinciding with more speculation about the death of DNC aide Seth Rich?

Wouldn’t it be ironic, to learn the Left’s unrelenting drive for an investigation into the theory (after one year, still unproven) that Trump colluded with Russians, instead reveals…

…a Democrat aide was the source of DNC email ‘hacks’ that ended up with WikiLeaks?

Pull up the lawn chairs, folks, and watch the travelling circus.


It’s obvious that obstructing Republicans from governing is their plan

While everyone gets down in the weeds over whether the President misspoke here, or mis-stepped there, the fact is even if all were perfect this deranged attack will continue.

The sham-stream media and their lapdog Democrats don’t care about Comey, don’t care about Flynn, and sure as hell don’t care about Trump…they care about losing control.

So, it won’t matter what cowed Republicans do to appease these unhinged lunatics, it will never stop until they regain that control, and drive a scattered GOP into the woods.

The deep-state Obama-ite leakers are given cover by the media; until they’re flushed from the undergrowth, the only alternative to ending this madness is to focus on the enablers…

…the sham-stream media.

If Republicans are to govern, this madness must end. A good offense is the best defense

So, where the law allows, publishing classified leaks should be answered with a swift frog-march of journalists doing so, into halls of justice to be held accountable for their crimes, and if they refuse to reveal deep-state leaker sources…throw away their cell key.

We also suggest the Clinton illegal email activity investigation be re-opened.

There’s all sorts of ways to drain a swamp.

Finally, idiot Republicans better get behind Trump, because this isn’t just about him…and the sooner they realize it’s a campaign against the entire GOP, the better off we’ll be.

Responding to the fever-swampers…

Our previous post struck a nerve, with demands to explain our “flimsy claim fomenting a spectacle of faux outrage”…as, of course, the Left believes all anti-Trump claims are solid.

(FYI: we define flimsy as ‘fragile, weak, insubstantial, slight, rickety, thin’)

Flimsy Claim 1: Trump worked with Russians to hack the elections. A) no evidence, since last year when the claim started, has been produced to substantiate this claim, and B) an election involves 1) voting and 2) counting votes…so it can’t be ‘hacked’.

Flimsy Claim 2: Trump gave classified information to the Russians in a meeting. A) As the President, he has the authority to declassify and discuss anything, with any nation…so he’s basically being accused – in an inflammatory way – of doing his job.

Flimsy Claim 3: Trump ordered Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. This one’s a doozy, regarding A) a memo NO ONE HAS SEEN, B) supposedly written by Comey to himself, C) AFTER a private meeting with the President, D) that Comey HASN’T VERIFIED, E) in which the President ‘hopes’ Comey will see his way clear to dropping an investigation, F) a few weeks AFTER the FBI announced it found no wrongdoing by Flynn.

Since when is hearsay – from a memo no one has seen, may not exist, and even if it does exist can’t be credibly dated – evidence of anything? Even if it does exist, since when does ‘hope’ become re-defined as ‘I order’? And why isn’t it right to ask that a costly investigation be dropped when the FBI admits no wrongdoing has been found?

Democrats and the media had no problem with Obama coercing the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s PROVABLY illegal email activities…yet now scream from the rooftops?

Yeah…we said it…FLIMSY.

There’s only one way to fight back against the savaging of Trump

When you tweak the swamp creatures, you should be ready for the savagery.

In his inauguration, President Trump promised to return power to the people, and he promised an end to the process of a small group of elites reaping “…the rewards of gov’t while the people have borne the cost.” He put the swamp creatures on notice.

And they are attacking, with any flimsy claim fomenting a spectacle of faux outrage, in the wake of a sham-stream media tsunami whose pretense of objectivity has long been shed.

Trump supporters better understand there’s only one way to fight this relentless attack: keep supporting your President, because the swamp creatures will not go away quietly.

Several weeks ago, Democrats discovered they were revealed as the true enablers of the wealthy elite, when Democrat focus groups admitted their reasons for voting Trump.

Who could blame them? Due to Obama’s quantitative easing policy they saw historically huge siphoning of middle class and elderly wealth ending up with elite financial interests.

Wall St banks and corporate America profited as working families saw their money-market funds and savings account incomes shrink (per economic consultant David Smick).

So, when an upstart new President says he’ll drain the swamp, and effectively stop the lucrative Democrat policies benefiting the swamp creatures, all hell breaks loose.

The best way you can support this man is by continually hounding GOP congressmen to support President Trump, or face massive recrimination and/or recall processes.

And keep hounding them.


A definition of chaos…is when burden-of-proof no longer matters

If a memo-to-self about a private conversation is actionable, anything can be fabricated.

Comey’s supposed ‘memo-to-self’ – said to have been written after a meeting with President Trump – doesn’t pass the smell test, but you wouldn’t know by the reporting.

In an intelligence world where anything can be intercepted and known about anyone, it’s entering a world of chaos to accept such nebulous, unproven data as factual…

…or newsworthy.

What’s truly amazing is how the entire journalistic environment is suddenly discussing the mechanics and ramifications of what is basically the most specious form of hearsay.

Democrat politicians, most of them lawyers, know this…and must be dancing with glee.

We have no doubt more ‘memos’ of this nature will soon surface.

After all, when legitimacy isn’t an issue, anyone can write a memo…about anything.