When will this ever end…?

This RedState.com article sums it up in mind-numbing accuracy…“After Two Years of Exhaustive Investigations, Journalists Still Cannot Corroborate Any Allegations In Dossier Which Triggered Russian Collusion Probe”

“For over two years, teams of investigators and reporters have thoroughly examined the claims contained in the Steele Dossier and have been unable to corroborate a single one. Trump’s presidency has been held hostage for two years now over a document that is nothing but a collection of lies.”  (bold, underline emphasis added)

In a truth-stranger-than-fiction reality, Democrats and their media masters unable to acknowledge their failure in a terrible candidacy of Hillary Clinton have destroyed not only the credibility of mainstream media, but our trust in America’s federal agencies.

Is there anyone honest on the Left, willing to call a halt to their madness?

Stop stressing about ‘breaking the build-the-wall promise’ hypothetical

Trump supporters should not let FakeNews create a distrustful environment over the build-a-wall promises of President Trump, because it’s gonna get done, sooner or later.

Sure – he promised a wall…but he didn’t promise to destroy Republicans in Congress.

Part of his job as the Leader of his Party is to give them every opportunity to succeed; time and again, he’s opened the door for Republicans in Congress to get on his wagon.

He wins BIG if Congress funds the wall, but still wins if he has to go around them. Give him the benefit of the doubt – he wants the congressional GOP to be winners too.

Failing that, he can still build the wall…so, give him credit for trying to help his Party.

All this hype over him backtracking on the wall is just that…HYPE.

Media better be careful what they ask for

Calling for the National Enquirer to be charged with campaign finance violations for not running a story on Pres. Trump prior to his election could have serious consequences.

It’s being claimed that an act of not printing a negative story is a campaign contribution.

But, extending the logic, then it means RUNNING stories must be contributions as well.

(Besides…freedom of the press’ also means they’re free to run or not run stories.)

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Destroying evidence eliminates any credibility for this special counsel & his probe

Daily Caller: “New Facts Indicate Mueller Destroyed Evidence, Obstructed Justice”

Evidence destruction and obstruction of justice are serious charges, and regardless of the issue, would qualify as all the reason needed to disqualify an ongoing investigation.

“The Inspector General of the Department of Justice reported late last week that Mueller wiped Peter Strzok’s cell phone of all messages during the crucial time he was working for special counsel. The IG was unable to recover any text messages from it.”

(bold, underline emphasis added)

What credibility is left for an investigative team (and its leader) guilty of such actions?

Those who encouraged illegal immigrants are guilty of child endangerment

Talk about gall…

We’ve noted in the past that openly enticing illegal immigrant behavior will always put the most vulnerable at risk; now a 7-yr old Guatemalan has died after being rescued by Border Patrol agents, during an illegal crossing with her father into New Mexico.

Seriously dehydrated and malnourished, she suffered seizures, dying in a hospital.

And the very same Party encouraging child endangerment wants accountability?

Look in the mirror, you damn fools.

Seriously? The Womanizing Party thinks votes would’ve been lost for womanizing?

Speculation of how many votes candidate Trump would’ve lost if his ‘womanizing’ had become known is laughable, when you consider how ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton and Ted ‘waitress sandwich’ Kennedy were idolized for their sexual escapades.

Based on those examples, arguably Trump might have actually received more votes…

…from Democrats.

Mueller’s team SCRUBBED rogue FBI agent/lawyer text messages?

American Thinker reports: “Inspector general discovers that Team Mueller scrubbed Strzok and Page text messages during critical post-election period”

“Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) destroyed a potential treasure trove of evidence about the “insurance policy” Trump-haters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were implementing against the Trump administration as it prepared to take office and establish itself in its first few months.” (underline, bold emphasis added)

This isn’t the first time exculpatory evidence has been sent down the memory hole folks.

DOJ lawyers on the Mueller team have done it before, to the extent that a U.S. District judge routinely instructs prosecutors to turn over ALL exculpatory evidence to the defense prior to starting court proceedings, because of these same tactics.

The special counsel records officer who allowed the texts on the cell phone to be scrubbed “reviewed Strzok’s DOJ issued iPhone after he returned it to the SCO and determined it contained no substantive text messages.” Yeah…right.

Mueller and his DOJ cohort don’t mind framing innocent men and don’t mind fabricating and hiding information as it fit their agenda before: why expect anything different now?

But, hey, nothing to see here…move along…

(Meantime, wonder if anyone’s called the NSA?)

Strange new world, where leading abuser of journalists given credibility on blaming others

For 3rd straight year, Turkey jailed more journalists than any other country

Got that?

Turkey, journalist-abuser extraordinaire, portrays an anti-Saud regime activist and terror supporter (Khashoggi) as a ‘journalist’…feigns outrage over his death in Turkey…

…and the U.S. Senate rebukes the Saudis?

In a world where it’s okay for Obama as president to kill American terror supporters, and where a Middle East is torn between an Iran-Turkey alliance fighting against the Saudi forces trying to set a moderating role, our ‘greatest deliberative body’ pulls for…

…the greater of 2 evils…on the word of a leading abuser of REAL journalists.