Racial Sensitivity training…simplified

Philadelphia Starbucks has a policy – ‘No Purchase, No Bathroom Privilege’.

Two black men decided to test that policy, and ended up getting arrested, because they demanded bathroom access, refused to buy anything, then refused to leave the store.

Now, every U.S. Starbucks is closing for an afternoon, for ‘racial sensitivity’ training.

Let’s simplify the training: Hold no ‘person-of-color’ accountable to law or policy.


Unethical exposure of conservative radio/TV personality exposes another Leftie judge…but then, what’s new?

Another day, another liberal judge with no respect for the law or ethics exposed.

There was no reason to order Trump lawyer Cohen to publicly disclose ‘client #3’, and it could have been done discreetly before a grand jury without causing embarrassment…

…but then, that’s why they did it – ‘cuz that’s what Liberals do.

A George Soros judge (she officiated his wedding) was happy to breach legal ethics.

Sean Hannity was not accused of any crime: legal ETHICAL standards would, in  usual cases, preclude unnecessary exposure of private citizens, but the Left has the strategy of maximum exposure and demonizing by innuendo…so, sorry Sean…it is what it is.

“Without providing Hannity any notice and opportunity to be heard on the matter, she directed that his name be disclosed in open court.” (We bet she heard from Soros!)

As Andy McCarthy notes, it was the NY Times/CNN lawyer pushing for public exposure and the Leftie judge Kimba Wood rolled right over Sean Hannity –  forcing the reveal.

No doubt George Soros is smirking, and lurking in the underbrush…wallet in hand.

It’s way past time to bring these slimeballs out of the swamp, and if the Right has to get muddy in the process, so be it…taking the high road WON’T WORK against the Left.

McCarthy says “…failure of the court and the government lawyers to enforce that (ethic) standard just adds fuel to the fiery contention that, where President Trump is involved, investigations are driven by politics, not law enforcement.” (emphasis added)

That goes without saying.

When it comes to Leftie judges a Soros check outweighs legal standards…every time.

GOP tax law hits richest Californians hard, Democrats exposed by whining

“Trump’s tax cut not for everyone: 1 million Californians will owe $12 billion more next year”

Gov Jerry Brown is up-in-arms, whining about how a million Californians will be hard hit because of the new GOP tax-cuts…but forgets to mention they’re the RICHEST million.

The new GOP tax law caps state-tax deduction credits on federal returns, which means those that earn the most – who will pay the most in state taxes – are adversely affected.

So, the lower income-earning population benefits, the richest don’t, and he’s angry.

What happened to all that Democrat rage over the rich getting richer, Jerry?

(Sidebar to the rich, downtrodden taxpayers…you can always move.)

FakeNews media faux outrage over failure of Congress…to pass an unconstitutional law

As GOP Balks, McConnell Shuts Down Bill To Protect Mueller

So rages the Associated Press, which should know full well that the Congress has no Constitutional authority to stop the President if he wants to fire Robert Mueller.

Mueller works under the auspices of the Dept of Justice, an agency that reports to the Executive branch of government, and McConnell knows the U.S. Constitution

…even if the FakeNews media doesn’t.

Besides, this was all media-driven high drama. Congressional Democrats know such a law was useless, they were just using it for what’s become a SUCKER fund-drive.

(Besides, the President has power to fire any appointee in agencies he oversees…but  knows there’d be fierce midterm blow-back…so he won’t fire Mueller without cause.)

If the Congress wants to check Executive powers, they must use impeachment.



Seriously? When did ‘we will RAISE your taxes’ become a vote-getter?

Hoyer: Democrats Will Look to Raise Taxes Once Back In Power

After eight years of proving their policies hurt the economy and stall growth, Democrats think this kind of promise will somehow ingratiate themselves with their voter base?

Minority unemployment’s at an all-time low; jobs are booming; bonuses are flowing; and worker paychecks are fatter…because of Trump’s actions and Republican tax-cuts.

Raising taxes on the businesses making this happen is economic lunacy.

If Republicans can’t get elected/re-elected on that, they don’t deserve public office.

As reported in a Fox News article “To date, 507 companies have made decisions to hand out bonuses, raises, add more money into their employees’ 401K accounts, as well as plans to grow their businesses or slash costs for consumers…”

“The Department of the Treasury estimates 90 percent of the workforce is seeing more money in their paychecks, thanks to the tax cuts.  The new law also doubles the amount of the child tax credit to $2,000 per child based on eligible kids.”

There’s only one part of this Fox article we don’t agree with: GOP lawmakers shouldn’t choose to make tax-cuts permanent before midterms, but, instead make it part of their midterm campaign pitch to make it permanent AFTER the midterms.

This precludes opportunistic Democrats from taking over the Trump agenda to draw votes…but then, as usual, reneg on those promises after getting elected.

Stop falling for the reach-across-the-aisle gambit, GOP…you’ll only lose fingers…

…or, in this case…congressional seats.

How is this acceptable? “Only one IT aide currently working directly for members of Congress has ever completed a background check”

Only one IT aide currently working directly for members of Congress has ever completed a background check” (bold emphasis added)

IT aides, by definition, handle information technology…which means they have access to the computer files of the most classified data being handled by Congress…including the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Armed Forces committees.

“Only one IT aide currently working directly for members of Congress has ever completed a background check.” How is this acceptable?