Simple FACTUAL reasoning supports the anti-Covid ‘vaccine’ crowd

So, here we are, subject to entrenched politicians and appointees (turned millionaires during their time in office), passing laws they exempt themselves from, while

  1. telling Americans we must take a vaccine
  2. from makers Congress exempted from vaccine-effect liability
  3. and (by the way) exempting themselves from vaccine mandates
  4. after changing the ‘vaccine’ definition from ‘immunizing’ to ‘lessens severity’

Red flags, anyone? Anyone?

And, then there’s the technical side of the issue, for those of us who actually trust the natural immune system we’ve been gifted with, all these many years on Earth…

…our immune system makes antibodies, that diminish over time – but also creates T & B killer-cells that retain memory of viral signatures, providing long-term protection.

Not so, with mRNA so-called vaccines…“A natural immune response occurs when the killer cells’ memory sees any one of the numerous viral protein “spikes.” Vaccination with mRNA gene therapy teaches the immune system to identify and respond to only ONE protein spike. Natural immunity is stronger and more protective than mRNA injection, even with boosters.” (bold, CAPS emphasis added)

But single-spike-protein vaccines are a gift that keeps on giving for Big Pharma, ‘cuz they require – yup – booster shots, as the virus mutates to its next spike-protein variant.

Hmmm…why would this Democrat administration ignore natural immunity for vaccines that DON’T IMMUNIZE…and only target 1 spike protein at a time…requiring boosters?

More red flags? You betcha…big FACTUAL red flags.

A vaccine that DOESN’T immunize, and doesn’t protect from future mutations, that won’t defend you from contagion – but GUARANTEES continual money in the bank  for Big Pharma, and the politicians & appointees forcing vaccines on the American public.

Oh, what…did you think their vaccines and boosters were free? Guess again: taxdollars pay for each and every jab…that’s BILLIONS for Big Pharma fatcats. Motive, anyone?

(Side Note: wasn’t it Obama and Democrats, in the Obamacare runup, declaring health-care as a ‘right’ for Americans? But now, all of a sudden, our tax-dollars are paying for that right. If it’s a ‘right’, shouldn’t Big Pharma dole out the jabs free of charge?)

(Especially since they DON’T WORK AS ‘VACCINES’?)

Red flags? Oh, well…what do red flags really mean, anyway?

We’ll leave you with this little gem: “NFL is 95% vaccinated, the NBA is 97% vaccinated, the NHL is nearly 100% vaccinated. All three leagues are still overwhelmed with Covid cases and hitting new Covid case highs. So how is Joe Biden arguing vaccines will end Covid? The pro sports leagues prove that’s 100% a lieThe sports leagues all have levels of covid vaccination that are nearly 100%. The players are far younger and healthier than the overall population. Yet they are all overrun with Covid. The pro sports leagues data definitively prove that vaccines won’t end Covid. Biden’s lying.”

Anti-Covid ‘vaccine’? Any honest American would concede that these facts make the case.

Case closed.

One thought on “Simple FACTUAL reasoning supports the anti-Covid ‘vaccine’ crowd

  1. Senile, little girl fondling Joe Biden and his slimy lying cheating crooked DemocRATs want to shut the country down again, putting businesses our of business, millions out of work over a covid variant that has killed not ONE person on the entire planet. The guy in the UK died with Omicron, not of Omicron. Omicron is no more dangerous that a light case of the flue or a bad cold. This is nothing more than power control of the people of this nation and time to stand up and tell Biden and his sleezy DemocRATs to go to hell. Ignore Biden’s edicts, throw away yoru useless masks, get on with your life.
    The two absolute dumbest most brain dead inept incompetent least self aware incapable and totally clueless persons on the entire planet are now president and vice president (senile Biden isn’t sure which is which)running this country, all due to a rigged election.

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