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  1. All true and just image how mich better treatment will when Obamacare controls all medical care. U WIll support all Dem programs and spendingor else.

  2. I believe you logic on the rights regarding the 8 year old boy is flawed. That young man did nothing nor could he do anything to deserve what happened to him. Neither did his parents, the other members of his family or for that matter, none of the other victims, or their families, did anything to justify what happened to them in Boston, or what still waits for them in the aftermath of this act of terror.

    However, bad things happen to good people all the time. People are hurt and killed everyday. That 8 year old boy, as all the rest of us, have the same rights, freedoms, and protections set forth in the constitution and he had them in equal measure.
    Because one person, or several people, man, woman, or child may be hurt in an incident we do not tear up the constitution try to protect them.
    That is the logic the media and politicians have been using in recent years to justify their acts and actions in schools and society. “but it is for the children”, and then the low-information voter gives them anything they want.
    Bad people do bad things, that is why we catch them and punish them!!! We punish the severally so the next clown with evil intentions knows not to try the same thing or something like it because they will not survive the result.
    Do not misunderstand me, I have all the sympathy and empathy for that 8 year old boy, for the other victims, and their friends and families and as opportunities to contribute and offer assistance become avaiIable I will do what I can but I would not change or weaken the constitution to provide an unconstitutional safety net.
    By the way there a number of other security measures that could have taken, and perhaps were, but I have not heard them discussed generally in the media.
    Were explosive sensitive dogs being used at the event? Were trained profilers being used and circulating through the crowd? What were the police ROE’s if they saw something or someone suspicious? What was their latitude to act? Were crowd sweeps being used? Are political correctness tenets being put aside to insure Americans are properly protected? To what degree were the local, state and federal agencies sharing information before explosion took place?
    There any number of other safety concerns the could and should be addressed.
    The world is a dangerous place and we all have to be vigilant and careful to insure the safety of our families and ourselves from sources for possible danger.

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