Who would be happy with mail service provided only for certain political ideologies?


Sorry, but tech giants who use federally-provided platforms for social media content do not have the right to censor use of that content based on political ideology. THINK…

In the context of operating within a federally-provided medium (the Internet), censoring  access/use would be comparable to the U.S. Postal System delivering only certain mail.

How would Liberals feel if mail service was restricted to Conservative ideology?

Sure, the tech giants are businesses…but they use a federally-provided platform.

In that context, they’re obligated to open public use.

Otherwise, they need to develop their own Internet.

Sorry Rush, you miss the boat on why they keep attacking Trump…

In his opening segment Wednesday, Rush said the Democrats and media attacking the President are doing so because they can’t believe he won, and want to drive him out.

It goes much deeper than that, Rush.

They’re attacking because it’s the only defense they have against the firestorm headed their way, for their unethical, illegal, and treasonous attempt to subvert our elections.

Democrat politicians, and media pushing them from behind the curtains, are desperate to hide their illegal activities over the last several years…attack is their only option.

IMPEACHMENT is their only hope.

Seeing how this President deals with attacks, in our opinion their efforts will backfire…


How is Trump’s defense against a hoax more outrageous than Obama’s creation of the hoax?

Begs the question…

…RINO Republicans ride a not-in-my-Party bandwagon against President Trump, who has tirelessly defended himself against the FBI/CIA/DOJ/media hoax-perpetuating machine arrayed against him…and Party wimps are outraged at HIS conduct?

Politically gauche? Boorish? Uncouth? Lacking ‘gravitas’? Get serious, posers.

Why not more concern about Obama-weaponized federal agencies put into play against Trump, even using foreign intel agencies and disinformation to hamstring/unseat him?

We repeat: How is President Trump’s defense against the hoax more outrageous than Obama’s CREATION of the hoax? 

Many Americans are tired of the political elitism; that’s why he got elected. Acting in a fashion that deepens elitism will not play well with an electorate tired of such guile.

Honest Democrats and Independents should realize the activities of these deep-state elitists and their toadies is not the road either political party should take going forward.

Deep-cleaning is required, and that doesn’t mean just near-term indictments…

…a political cleansing at the polling place is necessary as well, unless everyone is okay with BOTH parties pulling the levers of weaponized federal agencies from now on…

…and everyone is okay with using political office to undermine opponents, ad nauseam.

2020 elections should provide insight over our Nation’s political future.

FINALLY!! Rush Limbaugh channels BlueCollar, noting dossier misinfo was ACTUAL Dem-Russian collusion

For two years, we’ve discussed the glaring fact that the Democrat-funded Steele dirt-dossier was based on totally unsubstantiated 3rd-hand Russian disinformation…

…which amounts to collusion writ large.

AND…just as damning…aided and abetted by FakeNews media.

Tuesday, Rush confirmed what we’ve been posting, at the start of his 2nd segment.

More importantly, since Obama-&-co. knew what was going on, Obama’s knee-deep in this collusion effort as well. Honest Democrats need to do some serious soul-searching.

And – some serious impeaching…of the traitors in their midst.

As noted in an American Thinker article “Mark Levin, in a must-see take-down of Mueller on Fox and Friends, asks “How can you talk about Russia interfering in our election and ignore the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the DNC, and the senior level FBI that’s been wiped out by their own conduct? How in the world can you do that and not interview Barack Obama and Susan Rice and all the rest of them?”

Levin’s question, of course, answers itself:  the entire Resistance and Mueller investigation has been a cover-up for Barack Obama’s role in the under-handed campaign to take down President Trump with dirty tricks. Any person of ordinary intelligence could see that spying on Trump and pretending he was a traitor was a multi-faceted project of the Obama administration.  The leaks purporting to tag Trump as a traitor are a very crude, very wide trail leading straight to Obama’s highest appointees.”

Serious power abuse demands serious prosecution of the abusers.



Hmmm…when did defending oneself from injustice become obstruction of JUSTICE…?

It begs the question.

Democrats are hell-bent on damaging/delegitimizing/impeaching/whatever President Trump; since Mueller et al couldn’t find evidence of collusion, fallback is ‘obstruction’.

Problem is, as pointed out in our previous post – the entire 2+year harassment of the President has been ENTIRELY predicated on Democrat-funded activities

  1. Russian ‘hacking’ was never independently verified by federal agencies, who were denied computer server access…relying on Democrat-funded CrowdStrike data;
  2. Russian ‘collusion’ was primarily founded on the Democrat-funded dirt dossier.

So the INJUSTICE known as the Mueller probe commenced, hounding GOP aides and the President, diminishing his election victory, hamstringing his efforts in office, and as he fought back against what he knew to be a hoax…he’s accused of ‘obstruction’…

…by the very Party ORCHESTRATING the Injustice.

We ask again…

…when did defending oneself from injustice become obstruction of JUSTICE…?

What Mueller’s report WON’T admit: the probe was ENTIRELY based on Democrat-contracted findings

The ‘hacked’ Democrat servers (used as the foundation of Russian ‘collusion’ activities) were NEVER forensically investigated by federal agencies and NEVER turned over to those agencies…instead, all was based on a Democrat-contracted private firm finding.

In addition, the Steele dirt-dossier was funded by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, and then COMBINED with the Democrat-contracted private firm finding to claim collusion.

Got that?

The entire hoax was predicated on Democrat-funded chicanery, start to finish.

And you can bet this will not be anything other than a footnote in Mueller’s report.

(UPDATED – based on BlueCollar’s report review)


The unredacted sections of the Mueller report fail to note federal agencies were not allowed access to the ‘hacked’ data that got this investigation started. There would be no plausible reason to redact such a fundamental issue to this probe.

Re, Volume I, item III ‘Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations’ pages 36 through 63; as suspected, NOWHERE in the unredacted sections does the report note that findings of hacking were a result of a Democrat-contracted private firm’s investigative analysis.

Similarly, Vol. I, item V, sect. B ‘Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations’ pages 175 through 179 make NO mention findings were based on Democrat-funded CrowdStrike.

And nowhere does it mention Democrats refused to turn over servers to fed agencies.

(We found only one vague footnote, attributed to a ‘CrowdStrike blog’ at page 42, footnote #145, but nowhere else was the firm CrowdStrike even mentioned.)

How a federally-conducted investigation into the computer-intrusive mechanisms fail to note this CRUCIAL information that no federal agency examined servers is a mystery.

And, please, no ‘Papadopoulos-Russia-meet preceded any hacking, thus causing the probe’ claims: remember, even the DNC states in a lawsuit that the ‘hacking’ started in 2015. Papadopoulos interviewed for a Trump campaign spot in March, 2016.

The DNC-lawsuit claims are, no doubt, based on private-contractor analysis; we can assume with a high degree of confidence no federal agency saw their servers…at all.

The partisan FBI-CIA lures were put in place to entrap Trump aides after supposed hacking had begun, but no federal agency has forensically verified Democrat claims.

Those human lures conspired to engage Trump aides in seeking ‘hacked’ data, then when useful idiots like Papadopoulos referred to such data, the game was on.

NOWHERE are these facts mentioned in Mueller’s redacted report.

30 million taxpayer dollars and 2-yrs of Trump ankle-biting, ‘cuz of a Democrat hoax.

Hillary and Obama must be smiling.

…’cuz, you know…timing is everything when it’s not going THEIR way…

What was the Attorney General thinking? Daily Caller headline: “Dems Furious Barr Will Hold Press Conference Before Report Is Sent To Congress” (underline added)

Doesn’t he know distortions are more difficult if attempted after his press conference?

There’s a traditional pattern at stake here: give Congress the report FIRST; distorting leaks get out to the media SECOND; resulting denials are downplayed THIRD

…and Republicans bow to the Democrats FOURTH.

O-M-G…shouldn’t the Attorney General have known this by now?

What did Socialists use for lighting before candles? Answer: Electricity

The joke that ‘socialists used electricity for lighting before candles’ is used to highlight fact: that Socialism, despite promises, fails to deliver…plunging nations into darkness.

History is replete with failure when it comes to regimes that embrace/d socialism.

The latest is Venezuela.

With photos of Venezuelans plundering garbage for food, another tragic joke emerges.

Where did Venezuelan Socialists eat before garbage cans? Answer: restaurants.

Next time you hear American Millennials enthralled with a Socialist utopia concept, you could point these jokes out and ask if they want to be a cause of the next socialist joke:

How did Millennials communicate, before smoke signals? Answer: cellphones.

Maybe that will snap them out of it.