Reading the – polling – on the wall…yeah, yeah, keep up the good work, Schiff

“Poll: Opposition to Trump impeachment jumps 10% among independents”

(Nov 19)

“Poll: Trump leads top 2020 Democrats in Wisconsin”

(Nov 20)

“Americans sour on impeachment, more now oppose ousting Trump: Poll”

(Nov 21)

Yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket. Keep that SHAMpeachment circus going.

At this rate, it’ll only take a couple more weeks to guarantee a ‘landslide’ 2020.

Hold locales supporting ‘sanctuary’ status financially liable when their policy helps to deny justice

What can an American citizen do, when politicians help lawbreakers escape?

“Illegal Alien Involved In Deadly Car Crash Flees To Mexico After Authorities Ignore ICE Detainer, Feds Say” The crash was in Washington County, Oregon.

The driver in the other car was severely injured, and his wife died in the crash.

“Authorities arrested Maldonado-Hernandez – who was allegedly responsible for the accident – the same day, July 12, and charged him with felony manslaughter in the second degree, assault in the third degree and misdemeanor reckless driving. He was ultimately booked into the Washington County jail.

ICE lodged an immigration detainer request with the Washington County jail on July 16. Such requests ask that local authorities hold onto an illegal alien in their custody until an ICE agent is able to arrive and arrest the individual, or to notify ICE if they are about to release the individual. Washington County authorities did not honor the request in Maldonado-Hernandez’s case and released him into the community on Aug. 8, according to ICE. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office discovered later in August that Maldonado-Hernandez, 20, fled to his home country of Mexico, allowing him to avoid prosecution. ICE reported that he remains at large.

Fine: hold Washington County financially and criminally liable for their loss.

Hmmm…gotta love the timing…

As reported by Pamela Geller: “TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Head of Burisma Holdings Arrested in Ukraine! Claims Hunter Biden and Partners Paid $16.5 MILLION”

“Burisma Indictment Reveals Ex-Pres Yanukovich Illegally Obtained $7.4 Billion Laundered Thru Fund “Close to US Democratic Party” –UPDATE WITH VIDEO”

Hmmm…wonder if those were American TAXPAYER dollars?

Let the corruption investigations begin.

Actually, there IS evidence of ‘Treason, high Crimes and Misdemeanors’…against his attackers

‘There’s no one LOWER than he who misuses power of government’  Louis L’Amour

They colluded with foreign agents; used Russia disinformation; weaponized intelligence and law enforcement agencies; lied on FISA warrant apps to unlawfully surveille; used human lures to entrap campaign aides; and, illegally unmasked American citizens…

…all under color of law and political office…

…to influence/tamper with an American national election, and to overturn Government.

THOSE are, very specifically, acts of ‘…Treason…high Crimes and Misdemeanors.’

Merriam-Webster: treason (noun) : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance…

For the last three years, Democrats, their agency lackeys, AND a seditious media have waged treasonous acts in a coup attempt against the duly-elected Executive branch.

The evidence is irrefutable.

In its most nefarious form, Treason has a penalty of death.

In lesser forms, it’s a minimum of five years in orange jumpsuits. It’s no wonder they’re going to such extraordinary lengths in their efforts to take President Trump down…

…it’s all about self-preservation.


Prediction: sooner or later, we’ll find these proceedings were produced by a guy named Weismann

Something smells pretty bad in this Schiff-show, and it hovers as a noxious cloud over the opening statements of the SHAMpeachment witnesses so far in public hearings.

The foul stench emanates most notably from first-hand witnesses, all of whose opening statements damning Pres Trump then contradict themselves during testimony. Now, we hear on the Limbaugh 3rd segment today that witness intimidation is involved also.

Ambassador Sondland read from a 23+page opening statement he (supposedly) wrote addressing the alleged ‘quid-pro-quo’ requirements Pres Trump was pushing on the Ukraine: in it, he made it appear that indeed the President did commit such an act…

…yet, then testified in the same public hearing that the President stated he wanted nothing from the Ukrainian president…specifically, he didn’t want a ‘quid-pro-quo’…

…all he wanted was for the Ukrainian president ‘to do the right thing.’

But, Sondland didn’t put that pivotal detail in his opening statement? Hmmm Why?

It seems the ambassador owns hotel interests, and it is being reported that those hotels were being boycotted since October by Democrats in advance of his testimony.

If that’s not witness intimidation, what is?

This smells like work Andrew Weismann is known for: we’ll not be surprised to learn that not only is he behind intimidations, but wrote lying opening statements for ‘witnesses.’

(And, wow…it’s reported Weismann’s tied in with Ukrainian dirty tricks.) Hmmm

Witness intimidation; non-existent crimes created; selectively withholding exculpatory information; it’s what this Democrat operative/lawyer does best, over and over again.

(As on full display during the Trump-Russia collusion HOAX.)

Stay tuned…

Media hiding a HUGE reason for Prez withholding Amb. Sondland’s docs

Even as the panties-in-a-bunch crowd go ballistic over Schiff’s declaration of President Trump ‘obstructing’ his SHAMpeachment circus, they know the claim suffers credibility.

Schiff thinks withholding Amb. Sondland’s documents from the hearing is actionable, but while he does his wide-eyed ‘we got him’ interviews, he ignores a HUGE legitimacy…

Sondland is the EU ambassador, and as such his documents don’t just involve Ukraine but also how Ukrainian politics are interweaved with other European Union interests.

Virtually every communication regarding Ukraine (that Sondland would be involved with) by definition would be tied in to implications for multiple European Union nations.

No American president would expose multiple European countries that way: if they did they know it would generate immediate withdrawal of trust between the U.S. and allies.

But, even so, there’s this: how could an investigation of corruption between Biden and Ukraine be ‘of great value in 2020 elections’ for Prez Trump…unless Biden’s guilty?

In which case…that’s a problem for Biden and Democrats.

Everyone is so wrapped up with what President Trump may have done, and why he may have been doing it, that they (conveniently) ignore one HUGE empirical truth…

…corrupt acts by U.S. public officials need to be thoroughly investigated and dealt with.

Joe Biden shouldn’t have acted corruptly…then BRAGGED ABOUT IT…

…and Democrats shouldn’t validate a corrupt politician’s candidacy for office.



So now Hillary says UK’s democratic vote to get out of EU was ‘fascist’?

Be very happy this Clinton did not get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “Hillary Clinton: Brexit is a ‘Problem’ of Democracy and UK is ‘On the Path to Fascism’”

Understand, the Brexit campaign to leave the European Union was voted on.

So, here we have a former presidential candidate who thinks voting is fascist

…which explains her angst over what happened in 2016.

The woman is truly a moron…America dodged a HUGE bullet.