Is there another ‘outsider’ lurking in the 2016 shadows?

A primary draw for Trump is he’s an ‘outsider’, not a political establishment figure.

It’s a sham, of course. In the corporate world of movers and shakers, getting close to and working the political system is every bit as corrupting as the politicians they’re in bed with.

But Donald Trump and his team know how to play the crowd, milking an ‘outsider’ image.

And Hillary? All insults aside, the only thing she has going for her is she’s a Clinton…and a woman. Democrats, ever eager to play the image game, want their ‘first woman president’.

With her obvious honesty challenges, Hillary & Co. must hammer the ‘woman’ drum.

But the more they work it, the more traction an ‘outsider’ and/or ‘first woman president’ message gets, the more it sets the field for someone else to don that populist cloak…

…and if you think Hillary or Donald are scary…

Imagine just days before their Democrat convention (July 25-28), Obama’s Justice Dept indicts Hillary Clinton: if she’s eliminated, who’s left for Democrats – Bernie Sanders?

Yeah…that’ll fire up the black/minority vote.

By mid-July, with ‘outsider’ and ‘woman’ messages all the rage, the stage is set. Who better to fill that void for a desperate Democrat Party than Mrs. ‘Let’s Move’ herself…

…Michelle Obama.

Outsider? Check.

Woman? Check.

Minority, vote draw? Check. Check.

Buckle up and turn the a/c on  – it’s gonna be a bumpy, hot summer.

#ObeyingLawsMatter (unless you’re a favored group, it seems)

When will someone show common sense and start an #ObeyingLawsMatter tag?

For all the attention #BlackLivesMatter gets, you’d never guess that, though blacks are 13% of the population, they comprise 52% of murder/manslaughter arrests!

(And 56% of all robbery arrests.)

Perusing the 2013 FBI report , a glaring factor and omissions stand out…

…though being 13% of the population, the only ‘arrest’ categories black Americans came close to in being proportionate were DUI’s, drunkenness, and liquor laws.

But violent crimes?

Blacks made up 31% of rape arrests; 34% of aggravated assault; 30% of burglary and motor vehicle thefts; 32% of ‘other’ assaults; 40% of weapons arrests.

(And don’t forget the 52% of murders/manslaughters, and 56% of robberies.)

Black Americans committed serious crimes at disproportionate rates…it’s no wonder they met stiff law enforcement tactics while being arrested for such crimes.

Talk about an ‘inconvenient truth’!

The only way the Liberal Media can handle that truth is to ignore relevant data.

And the glaring omissions?

It would appear that even the FBI is delivering ‘deceptive’ data. Did anyone who visited the 2013 FBI arrest link (above) notice the groups missing from statistics?

The ‘Total Arrests, Race’ categories left out 17% of the population – Hispanics. (Our guess is they were lumped in with Whites, which over-inflates ‘White’ numbers.)

Worse, illegal immigrants are a group you’d think should be of some interest…some estimate their numbers at 4-times the number of Asian- and Native-Americans…

…so why aren’t they shown as a separate category of concern? (Of course, ‘illegal immigrant’ isn’t a Race, but you’d certainly think there’d be some interest, right?)

At the moment, it’s your Justice Department, so…any thoughts…

…Mr. Obama?

Proof that Democrats spurn the needy, to feed the greedy

Anyone who doubts that Democrats will always neglect the poor and lower income need only consider this…

..hundreds of billions given to their Wall Street cronies (aka, ‘quantitative easing’) that enriched the top 1%…

..but yielded half the gdp growth and job growth that Reagan’s tax cuts spurred in the eighties.

Facing that reality of effective economics, Democrats chose instead to enrich fatcat cronies.

Irrefutable proof is available for those who will listen.

Period. Full Stop.

Data analysis reveals Black-Lives-Matter as nothing more than political agitation

The Washington Post study of deaths at the hands of police was meant to stir up outrage, claiming black deaths at the hands of white officers are out of control.

They point out black men make up 6% of the population, but 40% of those killed.

But such tactics are deceitful. Overwhelmingly, men commit more crime than women and black men are 4 times more likely to commit homicides/robberies.

Take women out of the demographic population and now 12% are black men. Take into consideration they commit 4 times more serious crime…now it’s under norm.

Read the NRO article; it explains how left-leaning media stirs up trouble.

The ‘black-lives-matter’ protests are meant to stir up votes for 2016.


Looks like ISIS jihadist clerics and Planned Parenthood are on the same organ-harvesting page

Move over organ-harvesters at Planned Parenthood!

ISIS clerics have ruled it’s okay to rip out organs of non-believers to save Islamists.

And, as with Planned Parenthood, it doesn’t matter if the non-believer’s still alive.

The only thing that separates these two groups is ISIS clerics say it’s okay to eat the flesh of non-believers – Planned Parenthood hasn’t gone that far yet…

we think.