Funny, isn’t it, how ‘bad’ thoughts are seeable…but ‘good’ thoughts aren’t?

Reading an article at Human Events (“Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Report Exonerates President Trump”) an interesting contradiction is suddenly apparent…

…the President’s being harassed for what Democrats say he was thinking…yet seem oblivious to the fact that, absent any proof, an opposite interpretation is just as valid. 

Last we knew, Democrats hadn’t cornered the ESP/mind-reading market.

Any baseless Democrat argument that assigns bad intent to the President’s thoughts is no more valid than an alternate Republican argument that good intent was involved.

The only factor that changes this equation is PROOF…lacking in their effort so far.

There will be many opinions written about the Democrat SHAMpeach effort, with all the little ‘gotchas’ proving this or disproving that, but the HUGE gotcha remains ‘proof’…

…or the lack thereof.

And – absent proof – any claim of what the President thought is irrelevant.

What Hath Republicans Wrought?

“Dec 6 – On this day back in 1865 the 13th Amendment ending slavery is ratified”

The Republican Party was founded in 1854, with an anti-slavery platform. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, championed Emancipation Proclamation.

“The Emancipation Proclamation, or Proclamation 95, was a presidential proclamation and executive order issued by United States President Abraham Lincoln effective January 1, 1863.” One of the most impactful executive orders ever written.

Today’s Republican Party, with President Trump as its leader, has reduced black unemployment to record low numbers; increased net income; and push for programs that will guarantee the future of the black American community, such as school choice.

It’s high time black Americans recognized which Party truly is worthy of their support.

Seriously, libtards…if Ukraine corruption & election meddling is an issue, your guys will go down

Screams from the Liberals emanate seconds after our previous post, challenging the concept that – if anyone is at risk – Democrats with serious background problems are.

Think about it: at issue is the call President Trump made with the Ukrainian president, asking him to investigate corruption and 2016 election meddling. If Liberals believe that somehow, Democrats are immune from those issues, we have a bridge we’ll sell them.

Democrats allege the request for investigations were meant for Trump’s political gain; it doesn’t take a legal expert to know that opens the door to ‘what occurred, and when’?

Does anyone believe Obama, Biden, or Clinton want this to go to the Senate?

Was there corruption, extortion, quid-pro-quo? Even Biden admits there was…on video.

Was there 2016 election meddling? Even our media and the Ukraine admits there was.

Can the President justify asking Ukraine to investigate this? YOU BET.

Corruption and election meddling is troubling: it needs to be…it must be…investigated.

But, think about this for a minute…such an investigation can only be ‘politically beneficial’ for a Republican president or Party if Democrats are GUILTY.

Democrat-fawning media can only obscure so much – being under investigation will be inevitably downplayed or ignored…but PROVEN GUILT can’t be swept under a rug.

It’s too late to be careful what you ask for, libtards…looks like you’re gonna get it.

Defined: Arrogance & Elitism…before the fall

In a baffling display of detached, clueless behavior, elitist and arrogant Democrats bring 3 elitist and arrogant Left-wing lawyers to the SHAMpeachment hearing for all to see.

It was soon established that not one of these so-called legal ‘experts’ had personal knowledge of a single material fact that makes up all the Democrats’ ‘charges’…

…yet, all three of them said…based on NO EVIDENCE OR PROOF...’yes, impeach’.

One went so far as to claim ESP, implying that, when the President asked the Ukraine leader to help ‘us’, that meant ‘the Royal We’ (Trump)…rather than America as a whole.

This is what they’re reduced to…ESP and opinion…as opposed to material facts.

There’s not one material fact in Democrat charges…3 Left-wing proven Trump-hating lawyers just confirmed that fact on LIVE TV…but that won’t convince the rabid mob.

(And, we sure as hell won’t hear about it on CNN.)

The single GOP ‘witness’ – himself, a Left-wing lawyer – said it best: (paraphrasing) ‘…if this is the best you Democrats have, YOU yourselves are guilty of abuse of power…’

We agree with the President – let’s wrap this SHAM up, impeach, then open the bag of real corruption, abuse-of-power, bribery, and extortion for all to see…in the Senate trial.

On all those charges they have opinion; but Republicans have material facts PROVING the previous Obama administration, and many current Democrats, guilty as charged.

Ironically, the arrogance and elitism Democrats are trying to use to obscure those facts are the SAME characteristics that energized American citizens…to vote ‘Trump’ in 2016.

By all means…let this SHAMpeachment play out.

Pelosi and Democrats think their media can carry the water for them in this process, but if current public opinion is any factor, they’ll soon discover that thought is a forlorn hope.

Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Obama – all are wrapped up in past Ukraine shenanigans, and in the Senate…where the President will be allowed to make HIS case…it will come out.

And, then…please God…the American WE can get on with our lives.

Faster, please.

The one HUGE item missing from Dem hearing ‘witnesses’ certitude

Surprise, surprise…3 of Nadler’s legal ‘experts’ proclaim Trump impeachable.

Bbuttttt…there’s one little problem: their opinions are built on hearsay and opinion.

Shouldn’t legal ‘experts’ understand the need for factual proof, and evidence?

Which is the HUGE missing item in the Democrat SHAMpeachment process.

Thus, we’re left with the final legal expert (Jonathan Turley) to explain the problem, telling the Democrats “If you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power.” (all emphasis added)


I know you are, but what am I…?

In a classic example of projection…

“Dem Impeachment Report Accuses Trump of Abusing Power, Obstruction, Intimidating, Threatening and Tampering with Witnesses”

House Democrats…

  • abuse their power, with an unfounded SHAMpeachment process;
  • obstruct corruption investigations, by claiming political privilege/immunity;
  • intimidate and threaten, with subpoenas and media harassment;
  • and tamper with their own witnesses, in secret grooming sessions…

…then accuse President Trump of those deeds?

Hmmm…shouldn’t constitutionality of impeachment have been considered first…?

First ‘witnesses’ Democrats call…constitutional lawyers to determine just cause?

So, after months of SHAMpeachment angst and subterfuge in Democrat-controlled House Select Intelligence Committee secret meetings and subsequent ‘hearings’…

…they’ve decided NOW is the time to consider what, exactly, constitutionally justifies an impeachment proceeding? Shouldn’t that have been done FIRST?

They think this tactic will send the public-opinion ball over the impeachment goalpost?

And they’ve got the gall to use blatantly Left-leaning Trump-hating lawyers to do it?

The only thing they’ve done is expose their contempt for American voters.

How hard is it to admire a guy who stands up against a rabid Party, vile Media, & seditious intel agencies?


They’ve thrown everything at him: lies, lures, distortion, disinformation, and FakeNews.

He’s still standing tall, as those attacking him watch their support and approval crumble.

Question for GOP never-Trump’ers: who of your choosing could do this?


And he’s right about this: his attackers are really after US…he’s just in their way.


Hail to the Trump.