America’s real disgrace is not the lying politician, or low-info voter

The real disgrace of America is a mainstream media sacrificing objectivity for ideology.

Politicians will lie to get votes…it was ever thus.

Low information voters will not take the time to research candidates or party platforms…they just tune in to CNN, ABC, or Comedy Central for the low-down.

An honest media would tell black voters how Democrat policy has driven joblessness sky high; or tell single women they should worry more about the extra $100-$200 higher monthly prices of food and fuel…rather than the $7-$12 in monthly birth control pills.

So, blacks continue voting for a Party that keeps them jobless…

…and single women continue supporting the Party that bleeds their purses dry…

…all for want of an objective news media.

An honest media should serve the people…instead of the politicians.

That’s the real disgrace.

There’s a better solution than arming & training those who may one day do us harm

Fox News: “House approves arms, training for moderate Syrian rebels”

In an act of insanity, Congress ok’d $500 million to train and arm…’moderates’?

The important question is how one guarantees a ‘moderate’ will remain so? History is rife with lessons about arming moderates, who turn around and attack us later.

(Besides, remember last year? Syrian rebels pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda.)

Reports indicate the $500 million will train 5,000 ‘moderates’, and could take a year.

BCP has a better solution…

…drone-fired Hellfire missiles. (At $100k each, we doubt it would take 5,000 of them.)

For the same amount of money the U.S. military could be dealing with ISIS/ISIL directly, effectively…and not arm and train those who could one day end up fighting us.

If Congress can’t control a ‘citizen-terrorizing’ IRS right here in the USA…..

…they certainly won’t be able to control ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels in the Middle East!

The impact of ideas…thank the Founders for being visionaries

227 years ago today, the Founders signed into being our United States Constitution.

And today, America is the sole world superpower.

In economic terms, America is far and away globally supreme, with a GDP that amounts to 22% of total world GDP, and by some estimates responsible for 50% of world wealth.

And just one thing made that exceptionalism possible…our U.S. Constitution.

Happy Constitution Day

In an HONEST America, the Clintons & their aides would be jailed

First you’ve got Sandy ‘burglar’ Berger stealing files from the National Archives to cover up Bill Clinton’s pre-9/11 incompetence, prior to the ‘official’ 9/11 investigation.

Now you have Hillary’s aides pillaging Benghazi files, before that ‘official’ investigation.

If it had been a GOP president (or wife), the press and Democrats would be merciless.

In an honest America, the Clintons and their aides would be jailed.

Nov. midterms will test the limits of ‘stupid is as stupid does’

In 52 days, we’ll learn the limits of ‘stupid is as stupid does’.

The voter groups that helped Obama get re-elected are hurt worst by his policy.

Blacks, Hispanics, single women, and the youth voter have seen their annual incomes drop, and their unemployment climb, during the last 5-plus years of Obama’s rule.

Those voter groups were (percentage-wise) Obama’s biggest supporters.

That ‘middle class’ Obama and his cohort claim to champion? Crushed.

And the top income earners (whom Obama loves to hate) saw their incomes rise.

This isn’t a ’1-time glitch’, but a steady pattern caused by Democrat policy.

Blacks went 90% for Obama and Democrats in 2012, and have been hurt the worst by their policies. Hispanics voted 71%, single women 67%, and youth 60% for Democrats.

They’ve paid the price over the last several years as well. If those support percentages maintain in November, you can’t feel sorry for them…they’re getting what they ask for.

Just how stupid will they choose to be?

Are they focusing on the wrong factor in NFL woman-abusing?

Everyone is focusing on the abuse Ray Rice dealt out to his fiancée.

Then the collective turns to other wide-spread (?) abuse on women by NFL players.

But while sage heads can nod in agreement over the NFL mindset that nurtures such abuse, the real focus should be on what is probably the cause…steroid abuse.

Pro football is a violent, physical sport, but somebody with a little common sense should check into whether the NFL athletes who abused women in disproportionate numbers…

…also abused steroids in disproportionate numbers.

(Anybody familiar with the term…’roid rage’? When that erupts, gender doesn’t matter.)

Just askin’.

Message to those demanding strong-principled GOP campaigns…Show Me The Money

As midterm elections draw near, GOP hand-wringers agonize over what appears to be the prevailing Republican candidate wisdom of remaining quiet on a GOP agenda.

They speculate it’s because Republicans don’t want to give opponents ammo; since Democrats are imploding (IRS-VA scandals, Iraq, Obamacare), just stay quiet.

But there is another reason…

…when you alienate big-money private interest, you loose the dogs-of-war…big time.

Case in point: the Obamacare insurance company bailouts, using taxpayer money.

You would think it’s a slam-dunk for Republicans – the Democrat healthcare plan calls for a gov’t bailout of insurance companies losing money…what taxpayers support that?

But campaign on an anti-bailout message, and the insurers start pouring huge money into Democrat campaigns, to run ads blowing an unwary GOPer out of the water.

The only way to neutralize that type of cash-funded backlash is if Republican PACs will match dollar-for-dollar ad spending with a rapid-response effort as well.

There’s a reason ‘money is the mother’s milk of politics’…ads cost millions of dollars.

The dustbin of failed politicians is full of political aspirants who conducted strong and  principled campaigns, but were woefully short on cash…and lost in the ad wars.

Those urging candidates to run on principle should put their money on the table. (Or, even better, give the candidate some distance…by running the ads themselves.)

Otherwise, your candidate wins a principled battle (anti-insurer bailouts, for example)…

…but loses a war (the advertising war)…and, ultimately, loses the election.

Better to have a GOP candidate who promises effective, consumer-centric reforms in a generalized campaign against the Obamacare law, and let PACs pinpoint attacks…

…lost plans, unavailable doctors, higher costs, insurance company bailouts, etc.

BlueCollar yearns for hard-nosed, strongly principled campaigns run by Republicans, but only if the resulting anti-GOP backlash ads can be effectively neutralized as well.

It’s a sad reality: those having better ideas often lose to those having deeper pockets.

Hey…if the ‘best ideas’ were vote guarantees…Democrats would never get elected.

BlueCollar stays ahead of the curve…

On September 10, our blog on push-polling an anti-business agenda noted that the best solution for America, businesses, and investors, would be to lower corporate tax rates.

On September 11, our blog on the Justice Department providing cover for Democrats and the IRS laid out the case that Eric Holder’s office is orchestrating the effort.

Investors Business Daily makes the same case today, on tax policy and DOJ culpability.

We promise to continue efforts to stay ahead of the curve on contemporary issues.

George W. Bush predicted EXACTLY what an untimely Iraq withdrawal would create…7 years ago

It bears repeating (and thank you, Fox News, “The Kelly File”):

[July 12, 2007, as (then-President George W. Bush) argued against those who sought an immediate troop withdrawal:

“To begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for Iraq, for the region and for the United States,” Bush cautioned.

He then ticked off...predictions about what would happen if the U.S. left too early.

“It would mean surrendering the future of Iraq to Al Qaeda.

“It would mean that we’d be risking mass killings on a horrific scale.

“It would mean we allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan.  

“It would mean we’d be increasing the probability that American troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous.”]

How precise is that? The ‘dumb cowboy’ sure knew how to choose the right advisors.

Fast forward to the choices of today’s brilliant ‘smartest-guy-in-the-room’.

He surrendered Iraq to al-Qaeda; he enabled the mass killings; he gave terrorists safe haven…and American troops have to return, confronting a more dangerous enemy.

Who’s the ‘idiot’ now?

Proof: Eric Holder is orchestrating the Justice Dept shielding of the IRS

Here’s an idea…

…when you want to selectively leak a story to get it out ahead of your opponents…

…don’t tell your opponents.

AG Holder’s communication aide called the wrong number last Friday. He thought he was calling a House-ranking Democrat congressman… but he called Republican Issa!

Before he realized his mistake, he told Republican committee chair Issa’s aides he was going to leak politically damaging IRS scandal documents to Democrat Cummings and his aides, so they in turn could bring the stories out and let the DOJ comment publicly.

The misguided aide explained that “the Justice Dept.’s Office of Legislative Affairs had not permitted him to release the documents to the public” and he ‘wanted to get ahead of the story’ before the Republicans (led by Issa) could get them out to news agencies.

(All this, to coordinate damage-control with Democrats…judging by the anxious and strident behavior Congressman Cummings has exhibited, he may be implicated.)

First and foremost, this proves conclusively that the Justice Dept is shielding the IRS. And since it was AG Holder’s aide, it’s fair to say Holder’s orchestrating that effort.

Obama should demand Holder’s immediate resignation. Congressman Issa should demand the IRS documents, and Congressman Cummings should be brought before the committee to explain his involvement, then be removed from the committee.

Obama’s ‘not a smidgeon of corruption’ IRS scandal may yet blow up in his face.