Multi-millionaire hoopster proves his stupidity – Liberals applaud

Millionaire NBA hoopster LeBron James demonstrates how ignorant you can be and still earn millions, if you can jump higher and run faster than others with lesser skills.

“LeBron James: Donald Trump doesn’t ‘give a f– about the people’”

Maybe someone should tell LeBron about Black and Hispanic unemployment rates, at their lowest point in 45+ years…or about how workers monthly paychecks are up $130?

Trump keeps his promise: Blacks and Hispanics do better with him than Obama

“Average Monthly Paycheck Rises $131 After Trump Tax Cut”

LeBron…maybe you should stick to dribbling basketballs, not Left-wing bile?

The Russians are guilty, the Russians are guilty…but (sigh) they still can’t find a Republican to charge

Feds charge 13 Russians with meddling in 2016 election

Clarifying that no Americans were knowingly involved, Mueller’s grand jury has found some Russians to indict for acts back to 2014…way before Trump was a candidate.

They say these Russkies stole identities, and meddled with both campaigns…which is a long way from their original premise of investigating campaign collusion by Trump.

Funny thing is, there is evidence of willing collusion with Russians…by Democrats.

There is evidence of election meddling and tampering…by Democrats.

But we’ve yet to see any of those indictable offenses being announced. And in a classic case of deliberately tone-deaf verbiage, they described Democrat activities to a ‘T’.

“Defendants knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other (and persons known or unknown to the Grand Jury) to defraud the United States by impairing, obstructing and defeating the lawful functions of the government through fraud and deceit for the purpose of interfering with the U.S. political and electoral process, including the presidential election of 2016,” the Justice Department alleged in the indictment” (underline and bold emphases added)

Yep – that lays out Democrat activities all right.

Message to Mueller…

…Save that verbiage, you can use it again, if you have any integrity.

What idiot will vote against a $1570-per-year pay raise?

“Average Monthly Paycheck Rises $131 After Trump Tax Cut”

Tax-cuts that NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT supported are starting to impact the working class all over America, and while Nancy Pelosi insultingly dismisses them as ‘crumbs’…

…wouldn’t it be ironic if those crumbs result in more Republicans elected in November?

Not one Democrat voted for the tax-cuts workers are receiving…so, conversely…

…not one American worker, who likes getting a pay raise, should vote for Democrats.

We can visualize the resulting Democrat-demise documentary this December:

‘Gone With The…Crumbs’

(That is, if message-challenged Republicans can get their act straight.)

Finally, news outlets channel BlueCollar on the media’s Russia-fraud culpability

BlueCollar has posted several times about the need to invoke the RICO Act on corrupt practices of those people and groups perpetuating this Russia-collusion fraud on us, because it’s obvious to anyone that this is an organized effort to bring down a president.

We said it months ago – FakeNews is complicit with this Russia-collusion fraud in our Oct 2017 blog titled “…and don’t forget to add media to that RICO action…”

And the media isn’t some unwitting dupe – they’re the creators and driver of the hoax.

It’s obvious by now that the Democrat Party is actually the political arm of the Left-wing media, and even though this Federalist article points to the media as complicit with the fraudulent story, it doesn’t go far enough in making a broader case of their chicanery.

FusionGPS contracted with Steele to create the dirt-dossier…and, guess what – all the major principles at FusionbGPS are JOURNALISTS formerly with other news groups.

If any are in doubt about the power structure as outlined above (with news media in the leadership role), remember this – politicians don’t make-or-break news groups…

…news groups make-&-break politicians. 

(Until, of course, they ran up against Trump)

The RICO Act is exactly the legal mechanism required to deal with this fraud.

Those comfortable with how the media used Democrats to weaponize federal agencies might want to read today’s IBD police-state op-ed, think about how it would feel if their political Party were targeted by Republicans, then say if they’re okay with reciprocation.

‘Experts’ need to spend less energy on ‘what was’, and more energy on (finally) lawfully dealing with ‘what is’

Enough with speculation on motivations behind what has been identified and proven to be illegal activities of the Party that was in power…spying on the Party coming to power.

Motives are either altruistic or selfish – in cases of unlawful activities, courts are there to decide which is which, when it’s evident that laws were broken…and who broke them.

Crimes aren’t based on what we think, they’re based on what can be proven.

So, let’s end the ‘what-if-&-why’ games, and move on with the legal process.

Attorney General Sessions – DO.YOUR.JOB.



Douglas MacKinnon lays it out for us in an IBD op-ed today…“This Is What A Police State And ‘High Crimes And Misdemeanors’ Really Look Like”

Summary pull quote: “When you collude with foreign espionage agents to manufacture evidence to obtain a warrant to spy on citizens of the United States for purely political and ideological reasons, you are not only breaking the laws of the United States, but are introducing those very questions of treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors into the conversation.” (bold emphasis added)

What the hell are they waiting for?

Trying to snare Comey over lies about meeting w-Obama serves no purpose

As the conservative news organizations go viral trying to paint former FBI Dir Comey a liar over the recent discovery that Comey met with Obama Jan 05, 2017, it would be wise to read very carefully his June 08, 2017 testimony (in question) to the Senate…

…because what he said in specific is very important to the question of perjury.

“I spoke alone with President Obama twice in person (and never on the phone) – once in 2015 to discuss law enforcement policy issues and a second time, briefly, for him to say goodbye in late 2016…” (bold emphasis added, to identify a qualifier)

The just-discovered meeting Comey had w-Obama on Jan 05 included other attendees.

Call him sneaky and misleading, but that Senate testimony doesn’t qualify him a liar.

There’s enough hypocrisy, lying, and double-dealing going on without having to try to paint this partisan hack Comey into an ever-shrinking corner – we don’t need this.

Too big to JAIL…?

With the ongoing discovery of one illegality after another, the question needs asking…

…will Justice be served, or are these criminal Democrats too big to jail?

Victor Davis Hanson, ever the optimist, thinks Justice will be done.

He thinks the tipping point will be if Trump nears the magic 50% popularity rating, and in that eventuality, the Democrats will back off the Trump-Russia thing and try to recoup before this years midterm elections; if so, the Democrats may have waited too long.

If Mr. Hanson’s speculation is on target, they have a big problem, because the usual polling Democrats key off are massaged numbers, used to drive opinion.

So, we would submit to you that given the President’s REAL poll numbers which would normally be 10-15 points higher without the FakeNews media influence, Trump is over that magic point…has been for a while now…and will only get better by November.

And, if Democrats stall or lose ground in the midterm elections, the message is clear…

Americans are tired of deceitJustice MUST be done.

Victor Davis Hanson lists the various Democrat chicanery: “The wrongdoing probably includes attempting to warp a U.S. election, Russian collusion, repeatedly misleading and lying before the FISA courts, improperly surveilling American citizens, unmasking the names of citizens swept up in unlawful surveillance and then illegally leaking them to the press, disseminating and authenticating opposition smears during a political campaign, lying under oath to Congress, obstructing ongoing investigations, using federal funds to purchase ad hominem gossip against a presidential candidate, blatant conflicts of interests, weaponizing federal investigations, trafficking in and leaking classified information… The list goes on…”

(bold emphases added)

Yeah – Justice MUST be done.