Why is a ‘civil rights icon’ part of the Democrat Party that beat him & Dr King?

Ever ask yourself why Democrat congressman John Lewis is in the same Party that enforced Jim Crow laws, formed the KKK as their enforcement arm, and beat on him and Dr Martin Luther King in the ’60s?

You’d think he’d be a proud member of the anti-slavery Party that got Lincoln elected, and then by Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves…

…you know…the Republican Party.

Big Daddy James Harrison shows how to step up in Steelers post-season game win

38-year old James Harrison stepped up big time against the Chiefs Sunday.

Lined up all day against a 315-lb, 6-foot 7-inch 26-year old offensive lineman, the elderly James Harrison, at 6-foot, 242-lb, gave away 7 inch height, 70-lbs weight…

…and 12 years…but with persistent, raw determination, sealed the Chiefs’ fate.

For 58 minutes, he fought tooth and nail, severely disadvantaged with a matchup that seemed to neutralize Harrison in the first half, but he just kept grinding away.

His late 4th-quarter effort caused that younger, taller, heavier Chiefs lineman to suffer a holding penalty, annulling the 2-point attempt after a Chiefs touchdown.

Final score: 18-16.

Game – Steelers.

Thank you, James Harrison.

How the Pres-elect should respond to Congressman Lewis’s refusal to attend inauguration

The Left is aghast: Mr. Trump reacted to comments made by a Congressman who said on national TV he wouldn’t attend the inauguration of an ‘illegitimate’ Trump…

…and as a civil rights icon, just before MLK day, John Lewis expected a free pass.

But the Pres-elect responded that the Congressman would be better served fixing the most broken (and crime-ridden) district in Georgia that he (Lewis) represents.

Cue the faux outrage.

Now, of course, the seventh word of our post, ‘reacted’, means Lewis attacked first but that has no sway with Democrats and their Sham-stream media cohort.

After all…

…good Republicans are supposed to keep turning the other cheek, and shut up.

If we were advising Pres-elect Trump, today being Martin Luther King day, we would suggest he use Twitter for a not-so subtle dig at Congressman Lewis by tweeting…

“that’s okay John, Dr. King’s niece will be given your place at my table Friday.”

Final word on Hillary’s ‘popular vote’ meme…

Enough with the ‘Hillary won the popular vote’ meme.

California has a population of 39.3 million people. That makes one state equivalent in population to over half the rest of the states…combined.

Trump won an overwhelming majority of states, of counties, and electoral votes.

(And if that ‘final word’ isn’t enough, consider this…since 2010, Democrats have lost a record number of seats locally, statewide, and nationally.)

That’s the definition of ‘mandate’, folks.

Shouldn’t the DoJ’s IG review focus on the criminal…not the investigator?

Incredibly, the Dept of Justice has announced a review of how an FBI investigation of a corrupt politician was handled, instead of why an investigation was needed…

…or how it was obstructed…BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE!

How does the Republican Party not hit this one out of the park?

Talk about audacity…the Dept of Justice, by refusing to convene a grand jury (thus denying FBI subpoena/investigative power), hamstrung the agency from the start.

Yet, now, Obama’s DoJ wants to investigate the investigator?

Why isn’t the focus on why the DoJ wouldn’t let the FBI do its job properly? And, what about the corrupt, lawless politician that jeopardized our national security?

Democrats, by initiating this review, are concerned about their candidate, but show no concern for their country…that their candidate put in harm’s way.

How does the Republican Party not hit this one out of the park?

Chapter and verse can be cited of the federal laws Clinton and her aides broke. As secretary of state, she mishandled information vital to our national security.

She’s been exposed as corrupt, dishonest, influence-peddling, double dealing with cronyism, and disgustingly deceitful in her handling of Benghazi…before and after.

The Democrat Party was lunatic to present her as a presidential candidate. The FBI, rendered powerless, did little more than any responsible journalists would do.

Predictably, Andrew McCarthy has the illuminating insight into what this IG ‘review’ is all about. Devastatingly, his incisive summary reveals the Democrat endgame…

…and the incompetence of a Republican Party…not knowing how to handle it?

How easy would it be to point out that America needed to know the FULL story of a presidential candidate, and the obstructive agency veiling it from the public, so the GOP calls for expanding the IG review to include those aspects of DoJ chicanery?

How does the Republican Party not hit this one out of the park?

Double down, you fools.

Who knew a Democrat-hired private company, not the FBI, concluded Russia hacking efforts?

For all the ceaseless ranting that Russia ‘hacked’ the election, how many are aware that the DoJ blocked the FBI from looking at DNC and Clinton aides, or evidence?

Yep: the impossibility of a hacked election was ‘proven’ by a private company contracted by Obama’s Dept of ‘Justice’…and the FBI just has to take their word.

The FBI ‘made repeated requests’ for access to evidence, but were rebuffed.

Without a DoJ go-ahead, the federal agency…responsible for investigating activities on American soil…was denied the right to properly investigate criminal acts.

As Andrew McCarthy points out, cyber-espionage is “…an extremely serious offense with obvious national security implications…” yet the FBI is denied investigating?

Why? So Obama-crats could push the false ‘Russia-hacked-election’ narrative.

Once again, Democrats use America’s national security as a political beanbag.

Scandal free…

…yeah, right.

…and if you Millennials felt a little pinched over the last 8 years…

The 25-34 aged group who brought O’ to office has to feel snake bit right now.

As IBD reports, comparing the median income for that age group as of 2013 to the Baby Boomers in that same age group in 1989, they’re earning $10,000 LESS.

2013’s the last year in which data was available (feds sorta shy since, we assume).

For all he did to get their votes in ’08 and ’12, Obama sure hasn’t met their ‘hopes’.