Here’s a sure sign playing the race card vs Prez T will continue…& WON’T WORK

*The sure sign their vicious race-baiting canard will continue?

Political data (depending on the state): blacks are 22-40% of Dem primary voters.

These pathetic excuses for candidates are playing to their base, each trying to outdo the other in ‘Trump is a racist/white-supremacist/white-nationalist’ to gain traction.

Which is a definite indication that the race-card play will not let up any time soon.

But while candidates are trying to energize the base against each other to move their numbers up, FakeNews is another story altogether…and a disgusting one at that.

For the disgraceful NY Times et al, it’s all about trying to pull down the President’s poll approval numbers among minorities before the 2020 national election takes place.

Which explains why the Times chief editor wants to push anti-GOP race stories, now that their Russia-collusion hoax has fallen on its face…truth and history be damned.

Enemy of the people? You bet.

*The reason why their race-baiting canard WON’T WORK?

Republicans can push back hard: racist history is Democrat-owned.

They’ll try to guilt us because slavery existed…

…even though the concept was a millenniums old world-wide institution, and even though we fought a Civil War where hundreds-of-thousands died to end it, which they intend (according to latest news) to gloss over or dismiss in its entirety as irrelevant…

even as Democrat efforts to EXTEND slavery/segregation/Jim-Crow laws continued.

(Which, of course, FakeNews will completely ignore.)

Can’t wait to see how the Tweet’er-in-Chief throws this back at them. President Trump is a master at messaging and brand-positioning; this nasty race-baiting won’t end well…

...for the Democrats.

If it weren’t for out-of-context deceit, they’d have no ‘racist’ examples at all

As the NY Times now shifts from the Trump-Russia hoax to the Trump-Racist hoax, and every Democrat presidential contender continues their slander, it’s time for a challenge:

Other than out-of-context quotes or actions…

…can they name any time the President verbalized or performed in a racist manner?

Crickets chirping…chirping…chirping…chirping…

That’s right, Nature-lovers…they CAN’T.

But they’re hoping if they out-of-context, flat-out LIE…it can swing minority 2020 voters.





Hell hath no fury, like a…mooch, scorned

At the Washington Examiner: “Anthony Scaramucci’s comment on Trump ‘mentally declining’ signals his own fading career in Washington”

Maybe this phase should be titled ‘The Mooch That Roared’?

So, a former Trump aide who lasted less than 12 days on the job comes out with both lips blasting, and CNN just can’t get enough of him…Scaramucci’s found a new gig.

Seems like every day for the past week, he’s been re-hashing all the memes that ‘news’ network has thrown at the President in the last several years – as if, this time, it’s true.

It’s tired, it’s trite, it’s cliché…angry ex-employee rages at cruel tyrannical boss.

But, hey…at least he’s mooching CNN out of some cash.

Is anyone listening? Judging by CNN’s ratings decline, it appears…NO.

Even a mooch needs validation…but toadying to failing CNN? Good luck with that.

Fly-Fishing…for Dummie-crats (but don’t tell media)

Reading journalist opinions over the President’s gun-control rhetoric, one would think the media’s learned nothing about his style of deal-making over the last several years.

Trouble is, they know…they just make more headlines projecting ‘he’s-going-down-this-time’ drama onto the American psyche; an attention grabber to keep their base frenzied.

Looks like many of mainstream Americans aren’t buying their act anymore, but in an ironic twist of fate, the Democrat politicians seeking his downfall sucker in every time.

President Trump’s lured Democrat politicians into exposing their raw, unpopular agenda over and over again, throwing out broad ‘what-if’ policy bait they forever snap onto…

…only to get reeled in as his primary goals shift the narrative to common sense policy.

It’s amazing to watch their ‘got-him-this-time’ feeding frenzy implode…EVERY TIME.

(He doesn’t even need to bait the hook – he lets media do it for him.)

Ironic – the media, caught up in a bring-him-down mindset, time and again serves as Trump’s ally…leaping into his policy ‘bait-box’, pulling out morsels, and bait his hook. 

And media doesn’t realize their ‘going-down-this-time’ mentality is unwittingly luring Democrats in for the President, as they’re duped into their ‘wishful report’ hook-baiting.

Democrats take the bait, he sets the hook, lands them flopping-&-gasping bad policy…

…and thus the President lays them open, for all to see.

The Angler-in-Chief just loads the bait-box…his ankle-biters do everything else.