Millionaire black athletes…and the ‘racist’ Nation that got them there

Talk about ironic…how is this not seen as the height of hypocrisy?

How do millionaire black athletes disrespect a Nation that, through its individual liberties gave rise to their aspirations, yet ignore the devastation abortion has levied upon them?

How do they spew profanities at police officers, yet ignore Chicago’s violence legacy?

What gives them the right to condemn the use of violent force against black criminals, yet ignore the fact that black crime is 3 times more likely to be of a violent nature?

How can they get a pass for ignoring these REAL injustices…

…but be praised for posturing against BOGUS injustices?

FakeNews media and Democrats give them license…that’s how.

Why the surprise? John McCain’s been the Democrats’ POW for decades

While we respect the Senator’s military service and sacrifices made long ago, there should be no surprise that Arizona’s Senator John McCain sold out Republicans again, refusing to vote for a bill that would begin the Obamacare elimination process…

…he’s been a prisoner of the Democrats for decades. It’s Psychology 101. Inevitably, that’s what some prisoners tend to do…ingratiate themselves with their captors.

Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have had McCain’s number for a long time. Masters of Indecency themselves when it comes to political infighting, they hypocritically play on the decency of others to get their agenda in place…and keep that agenda in place.

McCain believes such impactful legislation should be handled in the ‘regular order’ within the Senate, and under normal circumstances that’s admirable…but Obamacare itself was pushed through by Democrats outside the ‘regular order’ of the Senate, negatively affects millions, adversely impacts our economy, and MUST be reversed.

Unfortunately, John McCain forgets that inconvenient truth, as Schumer pulls his string.

It’s a game that’s worked well for Democrats. John McCain’s just a POW to the process, and while he managed to deal with his POW status heroically in Vietnam, the manner with which he’s dealt with being the Democrats’ prisoner shows how times can change.

It’s Psych101, people…he doesn’t serve Arizona’s constituents…he serves his captors.

America’s intel-agencies pay the price for Obama’s illegal actions

8-yr deep-state activities of embed-Democrats have resulted in weaponized intelligence agencies that are now suffering from severe distrust by the American community, and with good reason. This Democrat-spawned legacy will not easily be remedied.

When you no longer trust a national security apparatus designed to protect your nation, because their once inwardly-benign tactics have been turned against American citizens, it’s past time for the house-cleaning that President Trump now wants to perform.

To start, it seems logical that the only way to do it is to terminate EVERY hire made within the intelligence agency upper levels over the last eight years. What other choice is there? Based on what we know, and learned recently, who can be trusted?

It’s a matter of public record Obama’s DNI Clapper lied on several occasions, as have Comey and John Brennan…it seems no member of the director’s guild can be trusted.

The CIA, FBI, and NSA have been revealed as acting against American citizens in a most despicable manner, all in the name of partisan politics. There are many inside who are loyal, trustworthy Americans but top level management is irredeemably corrupted.

Sucks to be a Democrat right now, but hey, they aren’t in charge of these agencies now, the man that is must make a stand, and do what’s right to clean house…quickly.

Bring on the pink slips.

16 unarmed blacks killed by police in 2016; 600 blacks killed in Chicago violence..& they riot against police?

Hey!! Black-Lives-Matter people! What’s wrong with this picture?

In 2016, nationwide, 16 unarmed blacks were killed by police, but in Chicago, appx 600 blacks were killed in civilian violent crime activities…and BLM is worried about…cops?

We’d ask if they’re stoned, or just stupid, but that’s a distinction without a difference…

…either way, apparently the answer’s…YES.

When was AP horrified that Hillary used her own email server…?

In a blistering Associated Press report, Pres Trump’s Education Secretary was rebuked for flying around in a private jet…which she owns and pays for out of her own pocket.

Eventually, the AP changed their headline to note De Vos owned and paid for the plane trips with her own money, but this begs a HUGE question for AP and other FakeNews…

Where were their blistering reports about Hillary’s private server!??!

If your calls were being intercepted, would you care WHO was being surveilled?

Would you honestly care about splitting hairs over whose phone calls and emails were being surveilled, if your calls and emails got scooped up as well in the process?

Of course not.

Bottom line – your communications were surveilled as well. So please, chattering class, stop trying to whitewash Obama and his weaponized intelligence agencies by trying to make a distinction where no difference exists. If he targeted everyone of importance to President Trump during and after his campaign, effectively…he targeted Mr. Trump.



Attorney General Sessions – DO…YOUR…JOB.

…and another Democrat personifies ‘stupid is as stupid does’

Just when you think congresswoman Maxine Waters can’t make herself out to look any more stupid, she proves us wrong, claiming “there’s no law on impeachment“…

“Impeachment is about whatever Congress says it is. There is no law that dictates impeachment” …except, Mad Maxine, there’s this pesky little Constitution document you may have heard of, and remember, if you took your oath before those (obviously powerful) meds of yours kicked in…

…you know…that document you swore to uphold and defend.

Article II, section 4: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

But maybe you mistakenly double-dosed that day?

Ssooo…DNI Clapper can’t deny…what he once denied?

March 5th, Meet the Press, Clapper denied a FISA warrant existed.

Fast forward, yesterday, Clapper talking to CNN: “I can’t comment on a specific FISA order. I can’t confirm or deny it…and actually, uh, commenting on FISAs are classified, and so, uh, even if I knew something about it I couldn’t, and I don’t. And, and I, again, I will just conclude by saying I stand on what, uh, I said on the 5th of March.”

So now he’s saying, because FISA warrants are classified, he’s not allowed to comment but yet on March 5th, he stated unequivocally 1) he would know a FISA warrant existed, and 2) categorically denied any FISA warrant existed. That, folks, is a ‘comment’.

He’ll twist and dodge alluding to the fact he meant ‘Trump only’, but in his March 5th remarks he specifically stated “there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the President-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign.”

Yup, yup…that sure seems to be a ‘comment’ (and a fairly all-inclusive one at that).

Manafort was chairman of the Trump campaign for times during which FISA warrants were used against him by Team Obama, and even when he no longer worked on the campaign directly, his conversations were being surveilled, so that means anybody he spoke to on the Trump campaign team during the FISA tap was surveilled as well.

Of course, proving Clapper a liar is old news.

Maybe AG Sessions doesn’t act because he’s bewildered by the wealth of targets?