Faux angst about bin-Laden remarks ignore the truth

The ‘panties-in-a-bunch’ crowd wailing over Pres Trump’s comments about how long it took to nail Osama bin Laden ignore the real problem with the entire final scenario…

…Obama should never have revealed the mission, or it’s results.

Anyone with a room-temp IQ knew the al-Qaeda leader was being hidden in Pakistan.

We’re betting our intelligence agencies knew, and were exploiting that knowledge to wrap up those in contact with him, while foiling al-Qaeda’s global terror attempts.

Taking bin-Laden down wasn’t a problem…letting the world know of his death was.

Narcissist-in-chief Obama couldn’t wait to get out the news, but doing so enabled a world-wide terror scramble to fill the bin-Laden void…and ruined exploitable ops.

Think about it…is it more preferable to have one bin-Laden to deal with, or a global glut of mini-bin-Ladens all vying to create extreme terror acts in a bid to replace him?

In the interest of America’s national security, his death should’ve remained secret.

Yes, bin Laden should’ve been taken out sooner. Yes, we knew Pakistan was probably protecting him. Yes, we gave billions to Pakistan while they hid him. That’s all fact.

And it’s also fact Obama’s quest for glory jeopardized America’s national security.

That’s the sad truth FakeNews will never report.

Judges don’t have the authority to control our national security

The Washington Times reports… Judge blocks Trump asylum changes: Caravan can demand protections even after illegal entry

The executive branch (President) is responsible for national security, not the judiciary…

…when you consider that uncontrolled access to borders can be exploited by anyone, including drug cartels, terrorists, and other criminal types, that fact is immutable.

Not sure how this judge thinks differently.

Ssooo…porn-star who outed herself blames Trump/politics…for outing herself?

You can’t make this stuff up – Newsweek.com story last Thursday: “Stormy Daniels: Politics and Donald Trump Have ‘Completely Destroyed’ My Career”

So a woman who signed a non-disclosure agreement that she then violated is now casting blame on the President and politics for completely destroying her career?

We can’t wait to hear how that logic explains itself.

Washington Times validates BlueCollar post on expanding Mueller probe to include Democrats

Our Friday blog said it all…“Double down on Russia-collusion probe, order it EXPANDED…to include proven Democrat malfeasance”

As noted, it’s within parameters of Deputy Att’y Gen’l Rosenstein’s instructions to probe “…any matters that arose or may arise…from the investigation.” (emphasis added)

According to the Washington Times “Conservatives and the president ask why…the Clinton campaign has been excluded. It paid money to a foreign agent, Mr. Steele, who had numerous links to Russian government officials and used their information to influence the election and the U.S. political process.” (bold/underline emphasis added)

Pres Trump runs the Justice Dep’t, and can order such an expansion in the probe, even if it means he has to ask his Attorney General to add a second special counsel.

It’s WAY past due.

Enemies within are far more insidious than foreign enemies

By definition, foreign actions on our Nation are held at arm’s length suspicion to verify intent…subversive actions made by our citizens in leadership roles are more insidious.

American political leadership is a position of trust – abusing that trust is unconscionable.

Democrats made a serious play at affecting the 2016 elections, using Steele (a British operative), to create and inflict a dossier, sourced through Russians, on Americans.

The special counsel team, Mueller’s Democrat cohort, claim the dossier doesn’t meet the same level of chicanery that Russian troll farms did, as an excuse not to indict.

BlueCollar disagrees.

Foreign activities must always be viewed with suspicion, but American activities such as this…one Party colluding w-foreign agents against another Party…abuses a trust.

Pedophile priests abuse their trust, as do dirty cops…

…how is what the Democrats pulled in 2016 any different?

Indict the REAL colluders.

Don’t believe the FakeNews…CNN’s Acosta got press pass back based on due process, not free press argument

FakeNews may crow about ‘restoration of a free press’ with this ruling that gave Acosta his press pass back temporarily, but it was the due-process Fifth amendment, not the free-speech First amendment, that resulted in the favorable ruling…regardless of hype.

The Washington Times: “A federal judge ordered the White House to restore CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass, ruling Friday that President Trump and his aides didn’t give Mr. Acosta enough of a chance to explain himself or contest the revocation.”

According to the Times “Judge Kelly did not rule on the big First Amendment questions CNN raised, instead limiting his decision to whether the White House had acted arbitrarily in denying Mr. Acosta a thing of value — in this case, the press pass that CNN says is crucial to him doing his job.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

While many try to portray this as the President overstepping his bounds, it was clearly a correct move on his part to condemn Acosta, and highlight such uncouth behavior.

(Acosta did physically resist a female intern’s attempt to take the mic, acting in a rude and boorish manner, using the edge of his wrist and forearm to push her arm down.)

Anyway, it’s an opportunity to lay out clear rules on press decorum moving forward.

We’re not sure how Acosta could ‘explain himself’ in a way to justify his actions before getting his press pass revoked, but we have a hint for the President, going forward:

A restored press pass doesn’t mean Acosta should get his front-row seating back…

…and doesn’t mean he gets an opportunity for questions during press briefings.

The punk’s an actor, not a journalist – why give him camera time?

For that matter, why televise WH press briefings at all? It just feeds narcissism.

Double down on Russia-collusion probe, order it EXPANDED…to include proven Democrat malfeasance

For 2 years, Democrats have used a ‘stop Trump from firing Mueller’ meme to fire up the Left, rake in cash from suckers, and falsely claim obstruction where there’s none.

It’s time to shut down the Left’s faux angst over Mueller’s employment concerns, and time to expose the collusion hoax for what it is…an attempt to delegitimize Pres. Trump.

Effective immediately, President Trump should call for an extended Russia-collusion probe, directing acting Attorney General Whitaker to add Democrat malfeasance to the investigation, reviewing data that Mueller has gathered to date on that side issue.

If Mueller’s probe has ignored the Democrat chicanery, that’s a HUGE indication there’s a partisan agenda in play…and the failure should be denounced in no uncertain terms.

Rosenstein’s instructions to Mueller were to “…conduct the investigation…including…(ii)  any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and (iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).” (emphasis added)

Certainly, the discovery that a Democrat hoax-dossier was used for FISA warrants, and the revelation that Clinton’s campaign and DNC paid cut-out lawyers to fund the dossier which was created by a Brit (Steele) using unsubstantiated foreign sources qualifies.

There’s no evidence Pres. Trump colluded…but PROVEN evidence Democrats did.

End the charade…bring the REAL malefactors on stage.

Then we’ll see how long Democrats and their media masters want this probe prolonged.