Elitists should pull down their walls, show they’re ok relying on ‘technological walls’ first

Townhall: “Democrats Want ‘Technological Wall’ That Won’t Keep Anybody Out”

“Instead of building an actual physical barrier of steel, concrete or some other material, Pelosi, Clyburn and other Democrats advocate employing an array of high-tech devices — drones, infrared sensors, surveillance cameras and more — to keep track of activity at the border without physical impediments to discourage illegal crossings.”

Those advocates should tear down their walls, and use that idea for their own security.

But then, these mental midgets never practice what they preach.

Is downsizing gov’t an objective behind this borderwall-shutdown empasse?

American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson expands on the concept…

“Has President Trump suckered Democrats and the Deep State into a trap that will enable a radical downsizing of the federal bureaucracy?  In only five more days of the already “longest government shutdown in history” (25 days and counting, as of today), a heretofore obscure threshold will be reached, enabling permanent layoffs of bureaucrats furloughed 30 days or more.” (bold, color emphasis added)

Smaller government? Yeah, we’re down with that.

But…if “walls don’t work”…isn’t that what Democrats want?

First, where we come from, the ones NOT willing to negotiate are the problem.

If Democrats voted for physical barriers in the past, but then refused to fund the barriers at the border they voted for, that’s called false posturing and legislative malfeasance.

And, the Democrat leadership are all on tape and video saying barriers are needed.

So, when President Trump calls for funding to put up just a part of the barrier they’ve all indicated was necessary in the past, but now refuse funding and won’t negotiate, then…

…the shutdown is on them. Democrats own it.

If anyone needs further proof, their sudden epiphany that ‘walls don’t work’ is an empty logic…if that were true, it proves Pres. Trump wrong, and leaves borders accessible.

Politicians who spend tax-dollars studying the mating habits of transgender frogs would not hesitate to waste money on a wall that wouldn’t work…and make Trump look stupid.

Pelosi and Schumer, as Party leaders in the House and Senate, refuse to negotiate, while the President has indicated he wants to make a deal that gets a wall funded.

As noted earlier…those unwilling to negotiate any deal are the problem.

Pres. Trump identified a crisis, tried to negotiate…revealed Democrats as recalcitrant.

That said, the President should set a deadline…negotiate, or expect executive action.

After all, if it’s a crisis, it MUST be addressed.

Uhhhh…do they realize, by the Left’s standard that means Obama colluded with Iran?

All presidential foreign policies and actions have one thing in common…

…some foreign countries benefit from them, and some do not.

Which means (when it comes to FakeNews) Trump’s damned, no matter what he does.


While the NY Times tries to torpedo Pres. Trump as possibly ‘unwittingly’ working for Russia, by that same standard Obama ‘wittingly’ worked for Iran during his 8 years.

Anti-Trump’ers turned a blind eye to giving the world’s leading terror sponsor billions of dollars and nuclear capabilities, yet wail over a few words Trump said about Putin?

That’s all the Left has…words. NO EVIDENCE. Words.

Because of that multiple investigations were initiated?

Say it ain’t so.

Please say intelligent people don’t buy this puerile rationale.

Where was media outrage when Obama talked to Iran before his inauguration?

Talk about stirring a hypocritical stew, FakeNews is outdoing itself, re ‘Trump & Russia’.

Iran is the Number One sponsor of terrorism in the world, yet Obama-&-team met with the ‘high-level’ Iranian leadership prior to his inauguration…and FakeNews yawned.

This faux-angst over Russia is meant to deflect from what the Obama administration and Democrat Party were doing illegally against Republicans during an election cycle.

And, as well, meant to delegitimize/diminish President Trump to the extent a gullible electorate allows that to happen, either through their hatred or intellectual laziness.

(Aided by media, which is why they’re pushing the narrative hard. As duplicitous as they were in abetting the coordinated fraud, stirring up mud obscures the part they played.)

Enough is enough.

Talk’s cheap, whining gets us nowhere. Pres. Trump’s Justice Dept. needs to step up. It’s time to put some teeth into the investigation of this 2016 political wrongdoing.

Indict the ring-leaders, and their cohort.

Failure to do so makes a mockery of Rule-of-Law, and our Constitutional process…

…and GUARANTEES even more egregious Democrat behavior in future elections.

More supporting data that this is all a cover-up…

We said it as soon as Mueller was appointed…the objective was to hide evidence of the many wrongdoings of the Obama administration, including Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This American Thinker article “Hiding Evidence: The Continuing Cover-Up” makes clear the nefarious actors (including Mueller), past cover-ups, and present chicanery.

Well worth the time to read.

In the meantime, Democrats colluding w-Russians hide in plain sight…

FakeNews went nuts reporting that Manafort ‘colluded’ with Russians, but then…

…Breitbart.com headline: “News Outlets Correct ‘Bombshell’ Reports on Manafort: Wanted Info Sent to Ukrainians Not Russians” Oopsie daisy. (underline added)

Funny thing is, we all know during the 2016 presidential campaigning, there was a political Party colluding with Russian intelligence operatives, through FusionGPS.

But rather than caterwauling news outlets blaring that fact, we get…crickets…?

National emergency vs empty arguments, a flaccid Congress, & expedient constitutionalists

When a mule-team refuses to pull the load, whipping them bloody is useless.

Someone should explain that to the conservatives arguing against President Trump’s threat to declare the southern border crisis a national emergency so a wall gets funded.

Usually, folks at National Review Online (NRO) offer thoughtful, cogent views on the issues, but their stand against the President acting when Congress won’t is perplexing.

It’s painfully clear that Congress refuses to pull the load.

For too long, Congress politicians have used the illegal immigration issue as a partisan vote/fund-raising ploy, never willing to go the final distance to solve the problems.

All the political leaders against the building of a wall now voted for doing just that when the political expedient forced the issue…but then failed to fund what they voted for later.

Wringing their hands and wailing about what Congress should do is not an answer; nor is warning darkly against a ‘unilateral executive action’ in the face of such recalcitrance.

And dismissing such a presidential executive action as a “…a dispute involving a core congressional power, spending…” without acknowledging that a core executive power is to ensure our Nation’s national security is journalistic malfeasance.

No one can deny the huge cost America incurs because of the current border crisis.

No one can deny the huge national security threat posed by open borders.

No one can deny as long as the border remains porous, illegal immigration continues.

No one can deny Congress has failed to do it’s job.

No one can deny the President has tried to get them to do their job for two years.

You can only whip that mule for so long.

Sorry NRO – you’re wrong…a country without border defenses isn’t a country.

And, without national security, ‘congressional spending power’ is a moot point.

Mr. President, give Congress a deadline…if they fail, take unilateral executive action.

Manufacturers of the manufactured crisis

Democrats heap scorn on the border crisis President Trump addressed, which is richly bizarre when one considers the fact they manufactured the crisis in the first place.

By obstructing reasonable border security, calling for open borders, and endorsing sanctuary policies, they’ve encouraged the illegal immigrants to continue their efforts.

When it comes to a manufactured crisis…no one holds a candle to Democrats.