High time to put a stop to Liberal-style judicial theatrics…

A liberal judge who just ruled against the President’s executive order on withholding of federal funds from sanctuary cities is smoking more dope than normal.

All Pres. Trump’s e-o does is tell the Justice Dept to follow existing law.

(Existing law, by the way, that Democrat president Clinton signed in 1996.)

Congress has the power to constitute tribunals (courts) – it’s high time a Republican Congress did something about left-leaning courts unwilling to obey the Constitution.

Man up, boys & girls…otherwise, this will be a long 4 years.

The real reason a ‘non-politician’ was elected President?

How important is a sense of order, a sense of values, in your life?

While the dilettantes deliberate and the politicians pontificate over the November elections, BlueCollar has a grip on what we believe to be the essence of it all…

…people saw Mr. Trump as their only hope for order in the chaos.

We watched a lawless president, Obama, with his lawless cohort, Democrats, try to place a deathgrip on our Nation’s throat, in the name of their ideological perversion.

We watched a feckless GOP Congress fail to uphold their constitutional oath.

And we said ‘ENOUGH’.

Our Nation was built on integrity, to respect a document…the Constitution. From the halls of Congress to the streets of Baltimore, we saw that integrity disintegrating.

Consciously or subconsciously, we voted for a return to The Rule of Law. We saw our political system broken, and realized only someone like Mr. Trump could fix it.

His election was a manifestation of the desire to see order returned to our system, to hold government accountable. Without accountability, the Rule of Law can’t exist.

American Exceptionalism, that resides in a people granting the power of governing to a leader, resulted in a Trump election – ‘cuz the alternative was crime as usual.

Navel gaze if you will, but we believe it’s as simple as this…

…honorable people wanted a return to INTEGRITY…and values.

‘Government shutdown’ doubletalk

For all the doom-n-gloom predictions surrounding those moments when Congress ‘can’t’ get the legislative process done, one simple fact remains glaringly obvious…

…the Party in power can change the rules anytime they want, to get things done.

They just choose NOT to.

Which means the doom-n-gloom they warn of is actually WHAT THEY WANT.

Why do so many accept ‘crises creation’ leadership?

You’d think the reaction to bad leadership models would be to throw the bums out.

But from a man-caused financial crisis in 2008 to a man-caused drought crisis in California, it seems such leaders are rewarded by misdeeds more often than not.

The sub-prime meltdown that precipitated a financial crises was a product of poorly designed (Democrat-led) legislation which prompted bad housing loans; so, chaos.

And, yet, the Democrats were rewarded at the election booth.

Environmental loonies, aided by dollar-hungry politicians, stopped the building of all water-capture reservoirs/facilities in California in the ’70s as populations grew.

Surprise, surprise…they ran out of water.

But the Democrats who allowed that crises to materialize? Not only re-elected, but in fact INCREASED their party stranglehold on the state, one election after another.

Want gun control? Feed guns to violent Mexican drug cartels (Fast & Furious). Poor leadership results in dead Americans? Blame it on an anti-Islamic video (Benghazi).

And, even when the American electorate fights back (witness Nov, 2016 elections) the loonies that make up California overwhelmingly supported…Hillary Clinton.

California Democrats siphoned off infrastructure revenues from gas taxes, for use on every project BUT infrastructure…cue crisis – more money needed for highways.

So, the Democrats who misused funds now have decided the citizenry need to pay MORE gas and diesel taxes ($.19+ per gallon) starting in November.

They create a crisis, then use the crisis to justify more government…

…if ever we needed an objective media, it’s now.

But that’s one crisis that will never be addressed.

The growing body of evidence that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE

It should’ve dawned on the crazy Left by now that, with deepstate intel imbeds as welded to an anti-Trump philosophy as they are, their collusion theories are wacko.

With proof that Obama’s intelligence agencies were colluding against Republicans from the start, if there was any evidence of wrongdoing they would’ve produced it.

So, honest Democrats need to sit back and take a hard look at where their Party’s going. Do they believe in the Constitutional Republic ‘for which we stand’, or not?

Declaring a President illegitimate, absent evidence, has only endured through the constant fake-news bombardment of a feckless sham-stream media so intent on his destruction that they’ve abandoned all objectivity or proof, to push a narrative.

But, are there any honest Democrats left?

Who among them are willing to step up, and acknowledge NO EVIDENCE?

Do they honor Rule of Law…or the ‘societal collapse’ concept of Cloward-Piven?

Do honest Democrats still honor the Constitution, or some tyrannical manifesto?

They must make a choice.

The other way to destroy our U. S. Constitution

Rush Limbaugh has been pointing out that Democrats and Left-wing crazies who refuse to accept the authority of our Constitution personify sharia law concepts.

The Constitution was written to protect us FROM government; the Left hates that. They rail against any constitutional handcuffs that prevent their agenda spread.

But there’s another way to nullify our Constitution…by failing to apply the checks and balances that ensure the tyranny of government is effectively restrained.

And Republicans aren’t doing a very good job applying those checks and balances.

Democrats refuse to accept the Constitution’s authority…

…Republicans refuse to invoke the Constitution’s authority.

From out-of-control federal agencies to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, refusing to enforce laws and rein in rogue elements corrodes our constitutional Republic…

…just as a Democrat nemesis would like.

From crossing red-lines to hiding sanctioned weapons, Obama was dangerously inept…or deceitful

Is it any wonder Obama’s administration progressed from Kerry’s 2014 “…we got 100% of the chemical weapons out…” to “…of the declared chemical weapons”?

It’s how they manipulate your perceptions…making a definitive statement less so by adding the word ‘declared’ days later, thus giving them wiggle room down the road.

Bottom line…a 3rd-world Syria duped Obama…or Obama duped Americans.


The same guy who signed the Iran deal.

Hand-wringers over Syrian strike ignore American military presence in-country

Does it strike anyone as odd?

All the hand-wringing (and justifications) over President Trump’s strike against the Syrian base housing chemical weapons ignores one HUGELY important fact…

…American troops are in northern Syria, and have been since 2016.

So worrying about the ‘constitutional’ privilege of an American president to conduct military actions against a nation where our troops are there on the ground is moot.

Funny, though, that no Trump detractors – or supporters – mention this. What are they waiting for…an ‘errant’ Syrian chem-missile strike that hits American forces?

As posted previously, we’re certain those American troops in-country are glad that their Commander-in-Chief showed Syria, and the world, red-lines are red-lines.

Maybe those arguing fine-points would see it differently if their kids were in-country.

But sadly, even then, their rabid anti-Trump sentiment might still prevail.

(UPDATED) Sidney K argues the American troops are there to fight ISIS, and thus the act of addressing an objective outside that focus is unconstitutional.

What he fails to consider is that a Commander-in-Chief’s primary responsibility is to protect his troops in order that they can accomplish their mission; ignoring forbidden chemical weapon attacks when our troops are in-country is a fool’s game.