Is it ‘radical’…or the mainstream viewpoint?

While politicians rant over whether or not to call terrorist acts committed in the name of Islam ‘radical’, there is an argument that such Islamic beliefs are mainstream.

As noted, Andrew McCarthy has been pointing out that killing homosexuals and stoning adulterous women to death is an intrinsic part of Islam.

(At least 10 Muslim nations penalize homosexuality with death.)

Where are the Muslim leaders who deny this?

Until those ‘leaders’ come forward, it would appear such acts as that committed in Orlando are not motivated by radical beliefs…but by central tenets of the Koran.

(And if that’s the case, why is Obama making it easy for them to come here?)

For a U.S. leader, being a Muslim is less problematic than being an America-hater…

…if what’s in someone’s heart is important, whether an American president is a Muslim or not is less relevant than whether he’s an America-hater or not…

(UPDATED) By ‘America-hater’, it’s important to understand that these are not the well-intentioned, who want to make America better. They are the clique with a belief that the very foundational principles of America are rotten.

(E. g. – They are the ones who invoke ‘slavery’, as an example of how this Nation was evil to be founded while such a concept was in vogue. But a great majority of the world embraced that very evil at the time…it’s not as if America was any different. And they give no acknowledgment that a fledgling 70-year-old Nation managed to do away with slavery, at the cost of over 400,000 lives.)

Hating America because slavery was present during its conception…would be like hating your daughter, because cancer was present during her conception.

How will Democrats dodge this one – by calling it ‘fun-place violence’?

After this latest Orlando terror attack, how will Democrats avoid using the ‘T’ word?

Remembering the ‘Allahu Akbar’ terror attack at Ft. Hood, which to this day remains ‘work-place violence’ to Democrats, reason and common sense won’t apply.

It was terrorism, but don’t expect Democrat leaders to admit it.

For those apologists who ask why it matters, consider the basic fundamentals in any self-help program…recognizing the problem is the FIRST step.

For those apologists, quick – when have you heard of Amish folk, Hare Krishnas, Buddhist monks, or Presbyterians shooting up a military base…or gay nightclub?

And, we’re sorry, but dwelling on Christian-related violence that happened centuries ago ignores a very basic fact…we’re living in the 21st Century now.

Islam has a problemany politician who ignores that doesn’t deserve to hold office.

Terrorism must be identified, in order to target, isolate and eliminate it.

Pay no attention to judge’s affiliation to La Raza?

We are not huge Trump fans, after all…

…what’s the difference between corporate and politician power-grasping?

But to accuse Trump of being a racist, because he fears a federal judge with ties to La Raza and the attorney group attacking him in San Diego, is ridiculous.

If those ties are legitimate, given Trump’s openly anti-illegal-immigration stance he would be a damn fool if he doesn’t question that judge’s legitimacy.

Donald Trump is many things, but a fool is not one of them.

The fools among us are the Ryan’s and the Gingrich’s, rushing to condemn before knowing all the facts…one would hope for more astute reasoning by GOP types.

It’s not ‘ancestry’ that Trump fears could affect judicial impartiality…it’s ‘affiliation’.

(UPDATE: Breitbart and Daily Caller also reporting judge’s questionable ties)

(UPDATE II: Supreme Court Justice said race determines judges’ rulings)

TOTAL RECALL: California to allow illegals to buy Obamacare?

A Democrat-controlled California Senate passed the bill; it’s on the Gov’s desk.

Federal law says illegals can’t buy Obamacare plans, but that won’t stop Democrats from doing whatever they want, whenever they want…to whoever they want.

The burden of benefit-cashing illegals ALWAYS falls on the taxpayer.

Prop 187 may have been stopped by the courts, but there is a way to halt insanity…

…recall the politicians that create such madness.

Bleeding hearts moan illegals need healthcare too…

Okay, they can buy it from insurers now, so they don’t need to have O-care access.

And will the same bleeding hearts be so kind, when inherent medical issues illegals bring with them force up the prices of the O-care plans for everyone else?

Our suggestion…make the politicians who support this idea use their money for it.

(Memo to Health Access CA…‘Californians’ are legal citizens of the USA)

Capitalism strikes again…!

“It’s one of the great economic shifts in the history of humankind, all taking place in the space of about 20 years. And yet, it largely remains unremarked upon.

The article refers to a dramatic decline in global poverty.

Why isn’t it getting more press?

Because free-market capitalism is the Liberal’s enemy, and we all know who monopolizes the news media that suppresses this success story.