The logical conclusion to destruction of rule-of-law…calling for law-&-order is now Unamerican

CMT (Country Music Television) has pulled a Jason Aldean music video for his new song ‘Try That In A Small Town’, and “…offered no comment regarding their decision…”

Basically, he’s calling out the far-Leftist rioters and thugs ruining (Democrat-run) cities across America – sucker-punching citizens, carjacking old ladies, armed robbery, etc.

Throughout the video, he shows clips of rioting & other thuggish behavior, and the usual  groups have called the song contemptible, and him a racist & pro-lyncher.

Aldean responded “There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it — and there isn’t a single clip that isn’t real news footage — and while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music — this one (referring to their interpretations) goes too far…” We couldn’t agree more.

And, hey, Lefties, throughout the song he recommends NOT trying that in a small town.

But, ya know, you should never throw those kind of threats at Lefties – they whine…

…LOUDLY, and with great passion.

And, unfortunately for law-abiding citizens, many institutions – public and private – fall over themselves trying to appease the very thugs that should be thrown in jail.

But – hey – that’s the logical conclusion when you destroy Rule-of-Law concepts.

Our take? Listen to the song, then form your own opinion…and we can affirm, if you don’t want to listen to the song, that race is NOT mentioned anywhere in the song.

Which, if you think about it, means the Left’s actually telling you who they see as the real criminals in this matter. Hilarious…but when has that ever stopped them?

So…should these thugs be appeased, or (finally) held to account?

Is law-and-order Unamerican to you?

It seems to be with the Democrats in power, unless of course you want to use it unlawfully as judicial warfare to grind your political opponents into the dust…

…or save a President and his son from being held to account.

THEN it’s okay…right, Joe?

But we’d like to know your take – you know…asking, for a friend.

Mr Trump didn’t shoot himself in the foot…the press always does it for him

You want context – here’s some context for you: as tons of audio & written evidence of Pres. Biden/family corruption piles up, the press focuses on – you guessed it…Trump.

And, in their haste to trash the former President (while NOT reporting on their own clay-footed corrupt hero – Biden), they act as if a recording of Mr. Trump is damning, butttt…

…sorry, Democrats & Trump-haters everywhere – it’s not.

What the (former) President took with him is automatically declassified when it was taken. That’s the plenary powers the Supreme Court confirmed he has…as President.

In the audio all his detractors are trying to use against him, he’s making the point that a General (Milley) was trying to smear him as war-mongering against Iran; but the documents he was indicating at the time of the audio prove it was Milley’s plan, not his.

Now, even though documents in his possession taken from the White House while he was President are considered declassified at that point, he still knows they would be seen as provocative by a foreign power, and won’t reveal them to just anyone.

That’s the point he was trying to make.

He wants to keep the information private, considering it confidential and secret, but that’s not the same thing as designating that information as still officially classified.

(He couldn’t do that anyway, ‘cuz he’s no longer President.)

CNN & the usual enemies of his are blowing the whole thing out of context, and trying to make the point that he knows they still bear classification status…but they don’t.

Andrea Widburg makes a great case for how this is going down in her latest article The irrelevancy of the CNN tape of Trump implying a document is classified” 

They’re slow-roasting this Trump-nothingburger, while deep-freezing actual evidence on the entire Biden crime family and their corrupt dealings with foreign entities.

Sadly, it’s a typical (and expected) media shell-game chicanery…feed the masses ever-roasting Trump-hatred…while keeping the masses oblivious to real Democrat crimes.

So, hey…even if Mr. Trump hadn’t provided some inflammatory audio that they could out-of-context hyperventilate over on air, they’d fabricate whatever was needed anyway.

One way or another, they want to serve him up fried and crispy. It’s a nothing burger as was the Russia Collusion election-meddling they misreported, in keeping with their unspoken creed…Tell A Lie Often Enough, And It Becomes Truth.

What else is new?

Hey – don’t worry – we’re sure they’ll tell you, when they think it’s time.

Their version, anyway…

Is there an HONEST lawyer in the house?!? Then again, would it matter?

Indicting someone for following the law is a curiously stupid use of the legal system.

And – whether his political enemies want to admit it or not – (former) Pres Trump did not violate any laws in handling classified information, because he has the plenary power to do whatever he sees fit with such information. Andrea Widburg lays it out succinctly:

“A president’s power whether or not to treat documents as essential to national security supersedes anything either Congress or his own employees in the administrative state can do…regarding national security, the president cannot be subject to Congress. He has plenary, or absolute, power in that area.”

Congress can hatch all types of laws, but a federal prosecutor can’t apply them in any situation where a President has been granted the plenary powers to do what he does.


…the open political act of filing a multicount federal indictment against President Trump is a violation of the federal “Color of Law” statute (TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242):

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned…

Got that?

He has the full power of the Constitution & Supreme Court decisions behind him.

The former president acted within his rights, privileges, and immunities, and any legal acts ‘under color-of-law’ to deprive those rights, privileges & immunities…is illegal.

And then, there’s the case of the Hatch Act, which, as Don Brown notes:

“(5 U.S. Code § 7323) provides – 

(a)Subject to the provisions of subsection (b), an employee may take an active part in political management or in political campaigns, except an employee may not — 

(1)use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election…”

(The DA filing the indictment in this case is one of those ’employees’ referenced.)

So, that’s at least two federal statute violations…there’s probably more, but, whatever.

And, of course, his political opponents don’t care about such fine points of law, so long as they can show he was indicted…however unlawfully it may have been done.

The question remains – is there an HONEST lawyer in the house?

Or, more importantly, an HONEST judge…to do what’s right?

Liberals are about to learn: Nothing gets you focused, like life-threatening reality

It started as an Exercise in Futility…arguing with haters determined to believe lies.

While the Nation struggles to deal with this administration’s string of failed policies, it became clear the answer is not to cite facts…or evidence proving facts…to Democrats.

No reasonable American believes open borders allowing an unchecked flood of drugs, illegal aliens (that includes criminals, terrorists), and child-trafficking is a good thing.

No reasonable American ignores the economic damage, and hardship to lower income families, brought on by policies that fuel sky-high inflation driving costs through the roof.

No reasonable American thinks it acceptable for partisan investigations to ignore, or exclude, FACTS – that a lawful DC protest was infested with false-flag rabble-rousers.

But the unreasonable – those determined to believe obvious lies – don’t see a problem.

WON’T see any problem.

That could all change in the next few months…when they come face-to-face with a cold hard reality. A reality that specifically threatens their lives, and lives of their loved ones.

Whether feloniously a) erasing emails, b) mishandling classified documents, or c) taking million$ from foreigners, being Democrat has meant not having to answer for crimes…

…and meant always being determined to believe (proven) lies against non-Democrats.

They’re determined to believe lies – why waste time trying to change their mind? Let the current Washington regime do it for you…hold on tight, ‘cuz it may be starting.

We’re about to learn an interesting lesson: how conspiracy theories become Conspiracy Realities in our Woke new world, where men are women and laws don’t apply (to d’s)…

…and, ironically, dangerous self involvement is key – because nothing will move them off their ‘refuse-to-accept-reality’ ball faster than ‘mystery’ injury and Sudden Death.

If there’s any good news from all this, it’s that the Dems deceit and corruption is so obvious now, what was once thought paranoid conspiracy theory is seen as possible

…even (dare we say it?) probable.

If you want to call it ‘good news’ there’s one ray of light in this frustration of arguing with those determined to believe lies: injurious, deadly Covid ‘vaccine’ cases are piling up…

…and those determined to believe lies are seeing it’s deadly results affect them.

They say a ‘Conservative’ is a Liberal who got mugged, then saw the light. Well, guess what reactions will be when it’s realized vaccinated are hurt worse than the unvaxxed.

One can only imagine the imminent upheaval, as Liberals realize they’ve been mugged by Big Pharma, and elitist federal agencies & officials bent on their hidden agenda.

Wake up and smell the emergency-authorized toxic vaccines, people.

Isn’t anyone curious why there’s never been a ‘new-&-improved’ version announced?

Cutting through the media’s Hunter Biden/China smokescreen, with 1 question

If it were Trump’s son – and, not Biden’s – would this smokescreen be in play?

The media still goes full-bore over a debunked Russia-collusion story, in their efforts to make Pres. Trump out to be the bad guy…but still cover for ‘Big Guy’ & his little boy.

Is there any honest Democrat who will answer the question in the first line of this post?



Do the Democrats even understand America’s national security is at stake?

When the TRUTH is the enemy, you should know you’re on the wrong side.

‘Vaccine’ headlines tell us all we need to know…& it isn’t pretty

Why write a post, when headlines tell the tragic story of deadly WuFlu vaccines?

“The COVID Shots Are Killing People?”

“Triple/Double Vaccinated account for 81% of record breaking number of Covid-19 Deaths in New Zealand over the past month”

BREAKING: Released Pfizer Documents Show 3.7% Death Rate From Vaccine, Many More Serious Injuries, Amount Of Vaccines Shipped Redacted

“Hundreds of Athletes Collapsing Can’t Be Ignored”

“21% of deaths reported to VAERS after COVID vaccine occurred within 48 hours”

What more do you need to know? Well, maybe this…

How is Big Pharma IMMUNE from liability?

“How many COVID booster shots will finally be enough?” When Republicans disappear

A recent American Thinker article notes that “The advent of the COVID pandemic has been a political windfall for the Democrats beyond any possible measure.”

‘Windfall’? There’s no better way to control an electorate than through the use of fear, and the 2016 election win by Trump convinced Democrats to go all out in 2020.

What else explains efforts to misconstrue WuFlu cases, deaths, and hospitalizations that have been clearly and irrefutably documented over the last year and a half?

We believe the pandemic (and accompanying hysteria) was deliberately fabricated to justify the ‘need’ for mail-in balloting…a mechanism that enables wholesale vote fraud.

So, when we see yesterday’s article asking “How many COVID booster shots will finally be enough?” it should be apparent to any political wonk that the answer is obvious…

…booster shots will no longer be needed when Democrats no longer have opposition.

Until then, expect their booster-mania to continue…to justify mail-in balloting.

It’s the only way Democrats can guarantee winning elections.

For them, winning elections is what it’s all about.

And for those who ask ‘Why Blame Democrats?’ we submit to you that no other Party would receive the whole-hearted support of main-stream (so-called) media.

It’s a Democrat-fabricated pandemic…and it will last til the last Republican’s gone.

Is that EUA protecting Big Pharma even legit a little bit?

So, the Emergency Use Authorization declaration for the WuFlu ‘vaccines’ was issued March 2020, and the CDC actually changed the definition of vaccine to accommodate its ineffectiveness to immunize sometime in September 2021…

…which begs the question: Is that EUA even legitimate?

After all, issuing an EUA for a ‘vaccine’ that 18 MONTHS LATER becomes redefined as not really a vaccine delegitimizes all protections afforded an immunity-capable product.

And this article at the American Thinker “What if the COVID-19 vaccines are not really vaccines?” brings that question full circle…if not a vaccine, is it even protected?

(The article makes the case they’re really “experimental gene therapies” and, according to the expert quoted, Moderna & Pfizer “classify their products as ‘gene therapy”.)

All this begs an even more interesting question: Are there any lawyers in the house?

Or, are they already too intimidated by the inevitable Gov’t/BigPharma legal juggernaut that awaits any who have the audacity to question what are very legitimate concerns?

Of course, this is all academic – we’re sure the elitists have already covered their tracks with amendments to original declarations…or they’ll find ’em, in a drawer somewhere.

Ineffective, Illegal, Immoral…& Deadly – why is there even a conversation on ‘vaccine’ mandates???

I mean, really…why are we having a vaccine-mandate discussion?

The vaccines being administered are NOT FDA approved; federal law states no one can be forced to take experimental treatments; and adverse events are out of control.

Pro-vaxers claim a vaccine mandate is for the common good.

Since when has reinstating segregation, violating civil rights, breaking federal law, and imposing serious medical conditions – up to and including death – on a segment of the population become the norm…for the ‘common good’?

Especially when medical experts refuse to be open about vaccine consequences?

Well, hey – in an America where elites tell us men competing against women is ‘fair’…& BLM rioting which destroyed tens of thousands of businesses was, you know, ‘mostly peaceful’…does common sense or logic in this WuFlu/Covid hysteria need apply?

In an America where the only FDA-approved WuFlu/Covid vaccines – have been – and continue to be unavailable, & “will be for the foreseeable future” ACCORDING TO THE FDA…why let cognitive reasoning about what’s happening cloud your perceptions?

But, sarcasm aside…facts speak for themselves.

Seriously…the real question is why do vaccine-mandate discussions continue?

Ever notice the big corporations Democrats demonize always seem to get…richer…when Dems are in power?

Remember how ‘Big Pharma’ were the bad guys way back when?

Surprise…they’re reaping BILLIONS in profits with all the WuFlu hysteria whipped up by (you guessed it) Democrats and their propagandist media network of heavies…over what has turned out to be (after the inflated numbers were exposed) a tough flu season.

(Wanna bet who invested heavily in Big Pharma before all this went down?)

And, then there were those ‘evil’ Big Bad oil companies they’ve demonized for decades.

Unh hunh..

Profits are rolling in, cuz, yeah, Democrats – under guise of ‘saving environment’ – are always passing legislation restricting oil extraction…which creates artificial shortages.

Which, of course, drives up prices of oil-per-barrel. (Think they invested in Big Bad oil?)

Oh yeah.

Democrats perfected the art of privately enriching the very corporations they so  publicly demonize  – and, of course, have enriched themselves as well, in the process…

…and, all the time – always – making those corporations out to be the bad guys.

Gas pump prices just in California are up 40-50% since Democrats got into the White House and their Party leadership have, again, created artificial-shortage legislation.

Knowing that, wouldn’t it be great if voting could be done at California gas pumps?

They caused it – they OWN it…and we need to get that word out. Get Californians gas-pump angry, and California Democrats would go from ‘in power’ to EXTINCT..

…in a heartbeat. But why stop there?

Americans are tied of useless mandates and business-killing shutdowns. Democrats went from ’15 days to flatten the curve’ to 730 days of flattening the economy…

…spreading doom-&-gloom over what turns out to be a bad flu season

For a nationwide thought, let’s talk vaccines that don’t immunize, and booster-shots that never end…not to mention arcane shutdowns and hostility-driven mask Nazis.

Messaged effectively, we’d go from ‘flatten-the-curve’ to flatten Democrats.