California – the posterchild for Insanity, Defined…but is there a L-O-A-D limit in the making?

Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Regardless of who it was that coined the phrase, California is its poster-child. Doing the same thing over & over (voting ‘d’) and expecting different results (good governance).

From lousy energy policies that lead to electric brown-outs, to high-tax black-holes that lead to failed schools and terrible roads, decades of bad judgment go unpunished.

But behind every failed politician, you can bet there’s a swollen bank account…because those lousy energy policies and high-tax failures greased somebody’s palm – or wallet.

These politicians aren’t dumb…they know very well what the effect of such policies will be, but why care? They’ll get rich in the process, even if their citizens must suffer.

They’ll package the bad policy in flowery phrase, make promises that will never be kept, and then, when inevitable failures occur, they just blame it on not spending enough

…and use that claim to justify increased taxes/fees, enriching themselves even more.

But, a question occurs…at what point does the L-O-A-D Factor kick in?

We coined the term decades ago, working within top management in the manufacturing sector, and it stands for a phenomenon seen as a Limit Of Acceptable Dissatisfaction.

Human Nature is a wondrous thing: time and again, we’ve seen breakthroughs (both good and bad) occur as those living dissatisfied lives finally react for a dynamic change.

They had exceeded their LOAD Factor.

Are we about to see such a change dynamic in California?

Who needs Venezuela as an example?

Look no further than California for an example of Socialism Failure, defined.

Severe (and unconstitutional) restrictions of Liberty…senseless Lockdowns…defunding law enforcement…encouraging riots and chaos…fueling hysteria, panic, fear…shutting down businesses…creating joblessness…increasing poverty levels & homelessness…

…will decades of bad Democrat leadership finally result in exceeding the LOAD Factor?

Or, will Californians continue to define Insanity?

That answer is 7 days away…

Want to remain a victim? By all means, vote (d)…they’ll be glad to help…

Democrat politicians have built careers creating & maintaining victimhood. For those who wish to remain a victim, with no solutions ever available, keep voting (d)…

…but, just out of curiosity, what part of

  • record low unemployment among minorities and women…
  • historic Middle East peace deals…
  • record high stock market gains to pension funds & 401k’s…
  • respect for law-&-order, and the rule-of-law…
  • destroying ISIS, and the terrorist leaders targeting Americans…
  • bringing back good, high-paying manufacturing jobs from overseas…
  • reverence of our American ideals of constitutional freedoms…
  • elimination of economy-strangling regulations…
  • seating judges who will interpret laws constitutionally..
  • creating strong, secure borders…
  • energy independence that keeps America strong and self-reliant…
  • free-market competition that increases quality and reduces price…
  • phenomenal year-to-year gains in household income levels…
  • unrestrained freedom to pursue a better way of life…

…don’t they like?

For the record, every one of those bullet points noted were achieved during the 3plus years of this Trump administration, despite everything thrown against the President.

Can someone from the other side explain what’s so attractive about a sub-par economy, high joblessness, record illegal migration, endless Mideast turmoil, and unending war?

Democrat states are riddled with debt, lawless chaotic rioting, and corrupt leadership who promise everything, give constituents nothing…but always enrich themselves.

What is so attractive about remaining a victim under such circumstances?



America has been a positive force in the world, and the free-market capitalist system has been the engine that drives the global economy, bringing millions out of poverty.

Maintaining the USA as that global guiding light is valorous in the extreme, raising our own minority communities out of poverty even as we make the world a better place.

Two choices face Americans in November – Valor…or Victimhood.

Any decent, honest Democrat voter has just TWO options in Nov elections…

Given the radical tilt of far-Left elitists in their Party, honest Democrats are faced with rather stark choices…embrace the ‘defund police’ loot-&-riot extortion-by-force elements who threaten endless lawlessness in American streets unless they get their way…

…or face a 2-choice reality: 1) vote FOR law-&-order sanity, or 2) sit this election out.

Face it: the full-spectrum Democrat agenda supports allowing newborns to die, sending jobs and our tax dollars overseas, raising our taxes, accusing Americans of systemic racism…and encouraging wanton riots, looting – even murder – against the populace.

Don’t even get us started about their S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-T agenda.

(Individual Democrat candidates may deny the policies, but once in office, are required to vote their Party’s line…even while deviously mouthing empty morality to the gullible.)

Still, for many Democrats, voting Republican may be a bridge too far…yet endorsing the lawless radical positions can’t be an acceptable alternative for decent Americans.

Voter revolt (by voting ‘R’), or voter refusal (not voting at all) sends a message…a message that they WILL NOT accept the current path Democrat leadership has taken.

Choose wisely, Democrat voters…your Party’s out of control, and you have few options available to wrestle it away from the radicals within, pushing anti-American agenda.

There is, of course, a 3rd option for the dishonest, ‘anything-goes’ Democrat crowd…

…vote your Party…

…after all, Portland and Chicago seem ok with their leaders.

That’s what it’s down to, for Democrats…decency, honesty – or anything goes.

Remember, it’s not your fault they’re out of control, unless you keep voting for them.

By CDC standards, Obama-era 2010 H1N1 total death count was 480,339 Americans…remember the HYSTERIA?

Remember the outrage? Yeah, neither do we. 480,339 American H1N1 dead.

You read that correctly. By today’s CDC standards, counting all deaths where WuFlu virus is present, they’ve come up with a total of about 219,800k American deaths.

(Note: Worldometer changes totals on a regular basis, above is as of Oct 12)

But, that’s counting ANY death where WuFlu was detected, or even presumed…

…including automobile deaths, suicides, and homicides.

Rewind to 2010. CDC reported 2,441,200 deaths in 2010. They also reported that an estimated 60.8 million Americans were infected with the H1N1 virus in that time frame.

Applying logic, if 60.8 million Americans out of a 2010 population count of 309 million were infected, standard computations applied to 2010 deaths show 480.3k had H1N1.

(I.E., if 19.7% of Americans were infected, that same rate can be applied to deaths.)

Let that sink in – in all probability, about 480,000 Americans died WITH H1N1.

Remember the media drumbeat of hysteria? Remember the draconian government lockdowns? Remember the daily vilification of Obama and Biden’s incompetence?

Neither do we.

But numbers don’t lie, people. Applying the current CDC standards to that 2010-era incidence of H1N1 virus, it’s logical to state that American deaths were 480,339 then.

And, lest we forget…despite those American deaths…Obama was re-elected.

The only difference between then, and now, is…we have a Republican President now.

And the LIBedia that protected Obama and Democrats then, are doing everything they can to destroy President Trump and Republicans now. PERIOD. F-U-L-L S-T-O-P.

If we have to accept CDC standards now, then it’s fair to apply them to past eras also.

NUMBERS DON’T LIE…but the LIBedia and Democrats DO.

Extrapolated (accepting dumb CDC standards) 2020 deaths will be about 277.6k, if we accept the idiocy of counting homicides, traffic fatalities, and suicides in the mix.

Applying a Democrat standard, President Trump’s policies are heroic by comparison.

(Unless, of course, you’re one of the Trump-Derangement crowd.)

‘Tolerate political differences’? How? You can’t separate a politician from their Party…PERIOD

Those who vote for ‘the man, not the Party’ are only fooling themselves.

The entire Party writes and enacts legislation, not any one politician. Regardless how high-minded that politician may be, when it comes to issues, they TOE THE LINE.

That’s why it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain respectful relationships with the many Democrats who ‘don’t support radical abortion’ policy…but still vote Democrat…

…just because their candidate mouths sanctimonious platitudes.

Who cares what they say, if they’re going to fulfill radical agendas when in the majority?

A candidate is more than just a person, when by getting elected their greater numbers give them control of state legislatures and Congress…that’s how laws get passed.

And so, now Democrat-controlled legislatures like in NY – because they have numbers to leverage that control – pass laws which make it LEGAL to allow newborns to die.

Virginia tried it as well (it hasn’t succeeded…YET.)

But, don’t kid yourselves, people.

A vote for any politician from a Party with that scary mind-set…regardless how moral their own pre-election position may sound…empowers the Party to act, if in power.

Moral? Not.Even.Close.

A political Party which accepts allowing newborn babies to die through lack of care can no longer lay claim to a moral high ground…or for that matter, ANY morality at all…

…and any voter who believes otherwise is lying to themselves.

It used to be simply Big-v-Small government issues separating the Parties; there was cause for tolerance of one mindset for the other…but now it’s Life-&-Death issues.

And don’t get us started on respect for police, private property, and civil obedience.

Flashing stick-figure couples tolerating each other’s political beliefs may be cute and folksy, but it ignores a basic underlying fact…one of them is okay killing newborns.

Debate if you must the rights of a fetus, but a newborn is a Human Being, with all the rights to Life that status entails Constitutionally…unless you have a Democrat mindset.

Now, let’s go down the ‘America is racist’ road, so it’s okay to riot, loot, burn businesses and physically assault innocent civilians and law enforcement. Are you a racist?

What part of that mindset isn’t Evil? And, how does a political Party legitimize such behavior, and actually encourage it to continue…until they get their power back?

(Courts settle differences…riots settle scores, unjustified though they may be. There’s only one reason why they’re rioting in American cities…their cause is unjustifiable.)

And, there, my friends, lies another answer to why tolerance is a bridge too far.

Politicians get elected – but political Parties push agenda…and one agenda is Evil.

If wishing violence, mayhem, and even death on others isn’t Evil, what is?

And THAT’S a fact.

‘Tolerance of political differences’?

How is that achievable, under these circumstances?

Guaranteed effective ways to win the next debates…

On every debate issue, there will be two inevitable facts: Joe Biden will lie because it’s in his DNA. and his 4+ decades in office as Senator & Vice President yielded no results.

First, the dishonesty: He lied or misconstrued over 33 times in the first debate.

For the next debates, if Joe Biden responds first, and tries to add in his lies or other means of misconstruing facts or events, Pres Trump should start off with a statement…

‘…Joe, if you & Democrats must LIE to make a point, you have NO point…’ then go on to make his case with clear, irrefutable facts that demonstrate his qualifications to lead.

If the President goes first with a response to a debate issue, he should make his case with clear, irrefutable facts that demonstrate his qualifications to lead, then finish with

‘…and, Joe if you & Democrats must LIE to make your point, you have NO point.’

(And if Joe persists with lies, take a line from Pres Reagan – ‘there you go again.’)

Responding in this fashion establishes Biden lied, or is about to lie, as he’s done before.

Friendly, and effective.

Second, on Biden’s 47 years of failure: whether it involves domestic or foreign affairs he’s been on the wrong side every time…History is a cruel-but-objective judge of facts.

President Trump has ‘Slow’ Joe cornered in 3 words: Kept (vs) Empty Promises.

Whether it’s the economy, law-&-order, minority assistance, outright racism or foreign policy, Joe Biden has a 47-year track record of empty promises and abject failures.

The most effective sentence Pres Trump has used against Joe Biden in this election cycle is ‘I’ve accomplished more in 47 months than you, Joe, have in 47 years.’

‘This is what my administration’s done to make things better, sir. Even when you woke up long enough to do something, Joe, it’s ALWAYS made things worse.’ 

Segregationist alliances? Unfair crime bills? Disastrously wrong foreign policy? ‘New Normal’ stagnant economy? Open borders immigration? Aborting new-borns?

Yeah, Joe Biden and Democrats own all that.

Factual, and effective. Responding first, Pres Trump should end his every statement on that note; responding last, the President should start his every statement on that note.

Factually devastating, and effective. Just a couple of suggestions, mind you, because if this President knows anything, he knows who the audience is he wants to reach.

Being the master strategist in dealing with opponents while effectively making the right impact with supporters or fence-riders, we’re sure he’ll apply the most effective tactics

Have at it, Mr. President.

Easiest way to judge a debate…identify GLARING LIES – & Hidin’ Biden OWNED that category

What issues Joe Biden didn’t lie about during last night’s debate, he flat refused to discuss at all – from banning fracking, to law and order, to Supreme Court packing.

Refused to answer. And, then, of course, there’s the lying…

…from taxes to the economy to the Charlottesville lie, Joe Biden demonstrated he is well established as the titular head of a political Party steeped in deceit and dishonesty.

“Antifa is not an organization, it’s an idea”? Hey, Joe, when was the last time you saw an ‘idea’ set fires to businesses, destroy communities, or burn police vehicles?

He knows that Trump’s ‘$750 tax’ lie was really a filing fee paid to the IRS. He knows Donald Trump disavowed white supremacists before stating that, on the issue of tearing down statues during Charlottesville unrest, there were very fine people on both sides.

Joe Biden knows about the millions his son took from Russia, China, and Ukraine. He knows Obama (and he) often said offshored jobs weren’t coming back, and that Obama stated Trump would need a magic wand; their Democrat economy was a new normal.

He knows the Trump economic gains ARE the result of TRUMP policies. But none of it matters if he won’t be held to account for the lies, when a ‘moderator’ won’t allow those lies be forcefully, irrefutably debunked immediately…thus allowing such lies to stand.

Paraphrasing one of his senatorial colleagues: Joe, DECEIT lives loudly within you.

Protesting…’cuz they have NO GROUNDS to protest…? No worries…lying media has their back

Ask yourself why they’re willing to fall for the hysteria…EVERYTIME?

Witnesses to the March Breonna Taylor shooting event corroborate police testimony.

It wasn’t a no-knock police action; they knocked and identified themselves at the door; they breached the door when no response; they were fired upon by a resident…

…they returned fire – unfortunately killing Breonna Taylor.

A police officer was wounded before they returned fire.

But no doubt MEDIA-driven lies and misreporting will continue.

Begs the question, though: why isn’t the shooter being held to account by the mobs who are so ready to blame cops, yet ignore the fact that the shooter escalated the situation?

Never fails: seems like every police action is considered ‘brutality’ when a black person is on the receiving end…but inevitably it turns out 99.99% of the actions were justified.

Can’t let that stop a useful riot and black outrage, though…especially just before there’s a presidential election where the Democrats seem to be hemorrhaging black support.

Cue the unjustified protests and rioting…anything to stoke anti-Trump sentiment.

Bottom-line: annually, you can count unjustified police killings of black victims on fingers of ONE hand…but THOUSANDS are killed annually in Big City black-on-black violence.

But, yeah…yeah…police brutality – that’s the ticket. 

So, we’ve got dishonest media and useful idiots…both deserving a prize for loathsome, but considering that an honest media reporting FACTS up-front could calm the waters…

…the Grand Prize for VILE simply must be awarded to…LIBedia.

Hands Down – the very real, dangerous ENEMY of the American people.

Post-Kavanaugh smearing…SCOTUS nominees go thru private 1-on-1 meetings, why hold public hearings?

First, let’s dispense with the ‘Merrick Garland hypocrisy’ meme against the GOP. He was nominated by Obama…the Republican-held Senate refused to consider him.

The Constitution doesn’t guarantee a Senate vote, just that they will provide advice and consent on a President’s nominations: They ‘advised’…but withheld ‘consent’

…where’s the hypocrisy?

It’s almost as if Democrats would’ve preferred that Garland suffer the humiliation that they have so often provided against Republican-nominated SCOTUS candidates.

For all their ‘hypocrisy’ wailing now, it’s only given credence by their lapdog LIBedia.

That being stated, there’s other considerations here as well.

A disgraceful attempt by Democrats to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life during the public hearing process in the Senate begs the question: why reward disgusting behavior?

Unfounded allegations and scurrilous ad hominem attacks were the order of the day for a Democrat Party presenting for all to see how low they would go to score points at the expense of a sterling representative of the judicial system…why encourage such acts?

Supreme Court nominees go through a one-on-one interview process with senators to discuss their qualifications prior to any confirmation vote: no public spectacle is needed.

Besides, top candidates (Barrett, Lagoa) went through Senate hearings already, as they were subjected to confirmation process for Circuit Court nominations in 2017 & 2019.

Hearings are unnecessary…except that Democrats want the smear opportunity.

Announce the nominee, provide 3 weeks for interviews with senators, giving Democrats the first chance to schedule meeting the nominee, thus eliminating more bad behavior in a public setting that gives opponent Party members another chance to grand-stand.

The clock starts Saturday – the day the President promised an announced nominee.

Stiffen the spine, Republicans. Our Constitution is on your side.

As Obama once said…’elections have consequences’…& their unbridled, viciously unfair attack on Kavanaugh justifies going straight to a vote

Elections DO have consequences, and Donald Trump being elected was an indication that normal Americans had tired of an elite Swamp playing their unaccountable games.

Forget the Democrat hand-wringing over nominating someone for the Supreme Court vacancy with less than 50 days to an election…gov’t doesn’t shutdown on that basis.

Who honestly thinks Presidents shouldn’t do their job THROUGHOUT their term? And if Democrats controlled the Senate and White House, would they hesitate to act?

Of course not. And we have leading Democrat politicians who made that point.

Remember? In 2016, when pushing to fill Antonin Scalia’s recently vacated seat, VP Biden AND President Obama AND candidate Hillary Clinton AND Ruth Bader Ginsburg reminded Congress & the American people that it was the Senate’s duty to follow the Constitution and NOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION TO DO IT.

As for hearings on the nominee, the scandalous mistreatment of Kavanaugh makes that suggestion a NON-STARTER. Democrats paid a price for the way they attacked him, and set the standard for insisting on a straight-away call to vote…without a hearing.

Democrats brought all this on themselves.

They viciously attacked the last nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, without any evidence of wrongdoings they accused him of perpetrating, demonstrating they are not willing to conduct hearings in a responsible and honest fashion. Democrat Harry Reid invoked the ‘nuclear option’ which eliminated the need for a 60-vote confirmation process.

And now, Democrat Chuck Schumer is threatening violence on the streets, and vowing to ‘pack the Supreme Court’ with more justices if they ever regain the Senate.

What does the President (and Republican Senate) have to lose?

Our U.S. Constitution lays out responsibilities for Executive and Legislative branches to perform, without any qualifications regarding how close to an election they may be.

A 9-seat Supreme Court guarantees there will not be a Constitutional crisis with a dead-locked (4-4) result, if there are any SCOTUS hearings on election issues to be heard.

Put forth the nominee, and let the process be carried out…PROPERLY.