Democrats need to study up on cause of black children percentages living in poverty

Reparation hearings in Congress were barely underway before Democrat crazies spoke of black children poverty percentages as a result driven by slavery issues of long ago.

Comparing white children living in poverty versus 3-times as many black children living in poverty, without considering the single-parent percentages of each demographic, is a convenient dodge for Democrats…because it doesn’t fit their reparations narrative.

Truth is, black American single-parent families are almost 3-times the number of whites.

Hmmm…3-times as many black kids live in poverty, AND in single-parent homes.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence realizes 2-parent incomes solve poverty issues.

Or, are Democrats blaming black single-family percentages on slavery?

How does that work?

Democrats’ do-over effort vs Trump sets stage for do-over vs Hillary’s felony email deceits

House Democrats issuing subpoenas and demanding hearings, after 3 investigations have found no evidence of collusion, is in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s issues.

Democrats want Pres Trump’s hide because – even if he isn’t guilty of a crime, he is guilty of trying to stop being drawn-&-quartered for it – which makes no sense at all.

But, if they want to insist on do-over rights…Hillary’s felonious conduct is fair game.

Hillary lied to FBI investigators, mishandled classified information, erased thousands of emails (after subpoenas were issued demanding they be yielded)…yet was unindicted.

Felonious? You bet.

Why no indictment? They cited ‘intent’ – which wasn’t the standard but even more importantly, was actually presentby the very act of setting up her private server.

Do-over? Okay…here’s a do-over just BEGGING to be initiated.

The MASTER at work…aided by a master of misdirection?

Those who second-guess Pres Trump’s affinity to boldly allow a hostile press interview (latest w-Clintonista George Stephanopoulos) fail to understand Donald Trump…

…even (supposedly) the inestimable Rush Limbaugh.

Mr. Trump knows how to get people talking about issues, becuase he understands the extent his opposition is willing to go to bring him down…and uses that brilliantly.

Getting the conversation on his policies started without mainstream media is extremely difficult, but tweaking them by setting verbal landmines which, at first blush, appears to be a faux pas serves the purpose – and nobody does this better than Donald Trump.

Thus, the derisive (and strident) condemnation of comments on ‘maybe listening’ to foreign dirt against opponents opens the door to Trump-salvos and Tweets that turn the issues back on FakeNews and the historic purveyors of foreign collusion…Democrats.

This man is a master at strategic field-preparation, and they fall for it every time…

…even Rush Limbaugh. (???)

(Or, is this subterfuge by Rush, using the media hate against him to help FakeNews beclown themselves, boosting the rush to deride Trump by feigning consternation?)

How many of Harvard’s elite would survive review of THEIR comments/acts when 16 years old?

Kyle Kashuv was accepted at Harvard…before he was rejected by Harvard.

See, the Left will do anything to undermine a pro-gun advocate, even mine through idiotic texts sent AS A KID in order to exact their retribution, and Harvard bit on it.

Whether Kyle still feels the same as he did when he was 16 is debatable, but the larger issue is as headlined: could the Harvard powers-that-be withstand similar scrutiny?

Somehow, we doubt it.

But, unlike the Left, we don’t have a driving hate that makes us go back that far.

Even if…no worries. (See, they’re not held to the same standard as the Right.)

Why stop at birthday recognitions? Let’s end the Party-of-Slavery also…

An article from June 14th at The Federalist: “Mayor In His Hometown Proposes Grinding Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday Into The Dust” (He was a ‘slaver’ you see.)

But, as our headline suggests…why stop at Jefferson?

End the Party that perpetuated slavery, started the KKK, and created Jim Crow laws.

Yeah, you know, the ones hiding in plain sight…the Democrat Party.

Why tear down statues of the long-dead, when there are live remnants of evil available?

What more fitting way to end that sad chapter of American history?

(And, if that’s too harsh…why not at least bill THEM for the so-called ‘reparations’?)

Forcing religion preferences, bad…forcing sexuality preferences, good?

As reported at the Gateway Pundit: “Supreme Court Tosses Ruling Against Oregon Christian Bakers Who Refused Cake For Gay Couple”…and the Left is enraged?

The Supreme Court sent the case back to the lower court, referring to a decision they entered last year in favor of a Colorado baker, suggesting the same thing applies now.

Cue the ‘homophobic outrage’. But, the hypocrisy of such outrage is on clear display.

How is it the people can resent having some baker’s religious preference pushed on them, yet feel it’s perfectly okay to push their sexuality preference onto the baker? 

If they’re angry about the new investigations, it’s because they know unethical conduct occurred

As noted in an article at NRO “Barr’s attempt to determine whether the unprecedented probe of a presidential campaign was an abuse of power seems reasonable. But Barr’s decision is a huge problem for Democrats who are hoping to pursue the impeachment of Trump by picking up the case that Mueller failed to make after two years of effort.”

Abuses of power must be exposed, and prosecuted. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

Seriously, any reasonable political party would demand strict adherence to the law if an incumbent opposition party resorted to surveillance of them during election campaigns.

This anger over Attorney General Barr looking into such a matter is telling.

Legalities dictate ‘probable cause’ to justify surveillance. The fact that it was against an opposition political campaign demands even STRICTER adherence to such principles.

Probable cause can’t be built on hearsay…especially with tons of exculpatory info.

That’s why the Democrats are angry…and scared. They’re being exposed.

Obama and his thugs weaponized the CIA, NSA, & FBI in 2015; sent in lures; attempted entrapment scenarios; and finally, used hearsay to justify surveillance (by veiling the fact it was hearsay, and hiding loads of exculpatory information from the FISA court).

Party loyalty aside…honest Americans should insist, should DEMAND, that any party guilty of such illegal acts should be prosecuted whenever such abuses occur.

If Democrats can’t do that now, they must understand that back-room discussions with Iran and China, held by their out-of-office politicians over the last year…by standards they established…justify CIA/FBI/NSA surveillance of the next Democrat campaign.

Bottom-line: elite Republicans would never stoop to Democrat levels…

but President Trump doesn’t live in that elite Republican world – he’ll hammer them.

No amount of disingenuous ‘anger’ can withstand his disgust over politics-as-usual.

Jonathan Tobin notes “Sensible people of either party will always seek to mix deference to the intelligence community’s mission, which often requires a fair degree of secrecy, with an understanding that all government officials and agencies must be kept on a tight leash lest they abuse the awesome power vested in them.”

Mr. Tobin – have any sensible Democrats been spotted on the horizon?