On administration shakeups: Chaotic…or Adaptive?

Nothing gets FakeNews attention like a firing in the Trump administration.

He’s ‘chaotic’ and ‘unstable’, you see. He’s several porkchops short of a mixed grille.

Has nothing to do with adapting to external changes in the situation with which the aide or Cabinet level official is involved – nothing ever changes that dramatically, right?

Well…we have an alternate theory.

Call us crazy, but we think it’s just possible that, in any given situation, those opposed to what this President wants to accomplish may be influenced by who’s advising him.

And, being the savvy businessman he is…the President uses that to good advantage.

Take his latest shake-up: John Bolton, his National Security Adviser. The man’s a hard-nosed, no-nonsense conservative, famous for his take-no-prisoners negotiating.

Is it just possible the President wanted to use a bruiser to soften up a foreign opponent before employing a velvet-hammer approach once that tenderizing was completed?

Not if you’re FakeNews…nope, he’s chaotic and unstable. Trust them on this.

(‘Cuz, after all…they’re the professionals…)

Surprise, surprise – all the same liars, in the same room…for the same reason: Cover-up

“…same personalities involved in the Benghazi talking points scandal would later play central roles in the Obama-era intelligence community’s controversial investigation into collusion claims between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 campaign.”

Which further strengthens a prediction that the Benghazi assault that occurred on Sep 11, 2012, was a result of hacked high-level U.S. emails exposing arms transfers which then prompted the perpetrators to get in on the deal and hijack the weapons stash…

…which resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans: Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods.

We know Hillary and Obama used exposed private email accounts that were hacked.

We know the Benghazi operation involved weapons transfers to Syrian rebels.

We believe Hillary’s email scandal is at the heart of both Benghazi and ‘collusion’.

We believe our federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies know the truth.

We believe they’ve concealed that truth, because the resulting scandal goes right to the top of the Democrat Party and its leaders at the time: Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton.

We believe it’s past time for all the liars in the room to be held accountable.

Politically, it’s an explosive issue that could destroy the Democrat Party. After all, if their hacked email use resulted in American deaths – and they lied about it – they’re toast.

But Americans, especially those killed in Benghazi, deserve the truth…finally.

Question is: will Pres Trump do what’s right for politicians…or what’s right for America?

Coastal drilling ban legislation invites ‘follow-the-money’ questions

Democrat-led efforts to stop coastal oil drilling begs the question.

Since any ban of such a nature restricts available oil supply, such legislation would then artificially create shortages, thus raising the price of oil…enriching those invested in it.

Wouldn’t it be wise to look into whether legislators are part of that investment group?

After all, those investors benefit, but at the pump…the rest of America gets hit hard. 

Any product relying on oil-derived energy…from creation to distribution…gets hit also.

Which means consumer prices go up on those products, and Americans get hit again.

Democrats cite safety and environmental concerns to justify legislation, but when was the last time such catastrophic events, such as they suggest can happen, occurred?

We suggest those most greatly ‘inspired’ to move this legislation forward…

…are heavily benefiting from its resulting oil PRICE HIKES.

Hate the Prez…but LOVE climbing investment & pension-fund values? Vote (R)…then LIE

Love him or hate him, the Trump economy has resulted in a booming Wall St. and a lot of people have a vested interest in seeing the boom continue, be it stocks or pensions.

At the American Thinker: “It’s already common wisdom on the business networks, Fox and CNBC…a Trump loss to someone like Warren or Sanders would sink the market.”

It’s an easy choice for Trump-lovers to pull the Republican lever come election day. For his detractors…not so much. The good news? Voting’s always a secret process…

…if they want continued high-investment valuations, anti-Trump’ers can vote their wallet (R)…then, lie to their (D) friends. The alternative could prove financially painful.

Choose wisely.

On this 9/11, we suggest bringing back a ‘peaceful transfer of power’…instead of political subversion

9/11 brings home the once-revered concept of ‘peaceful transfer of power’ elections.

The contentious election of Geo. W. Bush in 2000, and a rancorous Democrat Congress that stalled many key cabinet appointments for months arguably set us up for that day.

(Many scoff, but facts can’t be ignored; attention was diverted, our guard was down… because many key cabinet appointments took until June or July to get in position, and of course had little time to bring in their own support staff and analysts before Sept 11. Not to mention where the attention was concentrated by those opposed to ‘W’.)

Fast forward to the present day: with Nov 2016 behind us, have we learned anything?


Rancor has been DIALED UP. Subverting the election process itself was attempted. We continue to see efforts to delegitimize, hamstring, & eliminate a duly elected President.

FACT – Democrats weaponized our intelligence and law enforcement agencies and colluded with foreign agents to affect an election…then discredit the election results.

FACT – Democrats weaponized #Resist civilian forces with the vile tactics of groups like Antifa, and the anti-law enforcement deceit of BlackLivesMatter, to create public chaos.

FACT – Democrats without legitimate cause continue an impeach-at-all-cost psychosis.

FACT – Democrats at every legislative-judicial turn have weakened border defenses.

What have we learned from Sept 11, 2001?

Evidently, just one thing…that it takes less than 16 years to FORGET Sept 11, 2001.

Shame on you, Democrats…and EVERY supporter who continues voting for you.

Until you focus on putting America first

…your endless grasping for power-at-all-cost should ensure you finish LAST.

Hunhh – why isn’t it ever a ‘referendum’ when a Republican wins…?

Leading up to North Carolina special elections, FakeNews was abuzz with doom-&-gloom predictions for Republicans, and a ‘Democrat referendum’ that was dawning.

Today? Not so much.

AP: “GOP holds N Carolina House seat but shows frailty in suburbs”

See – a Republican won, so it’s not a referendum, no, no…it’s a sign of ‘frailty’. But you can bet your sweet buttocks if a Democrat won by that margin, it’d be…a referendum.

Class dismissed.

To those supporters who want the Tweets to ‘tone-down’…

…we have just one thing to say: ‘W’ wouldn’t punch back, & his poll numbers tanked.

Sorry folks…the President’s tweets are (many of them) defensive in nature, and if he lets the FakeNews and lying Democrats control the narrative, his numbers tank too.

Don’t take the FakeNews bait – his tweets are counter-punches, not offensive in nature.

FakeNews would have you believe otherwise, but their intention is to shut him down and the only way to do that in the era of Social Media is to take it away from him.






Final note: most who say ‘stop’ have never read one of his tweets, & just go along with the complainers…but with 92% negative coverage, his tweets get the real message out.

(BCP ed. note: We read his EVERY tweet, and state categorically they are NOT what FakeNews and political opponents claim them to be. Read them…see for yourself.)

Gun-ownership does not support the Left’s ‘subsidize victim-hood’ mentality

Drug addict? No worries – Democrats will give out free syringes. Poor? Democrats will give out unemployment and welfare. Terrorized? Democrats will give you gun-control.

Nothing that solves the problem…but everything to perpetuate the problem.

  • Ask San Francisco – Syringes don’t solve addiction…it ENSURES it remains;
  • Ask California – Welfare doesn’t solve poverty…it ENSURES it remains;
  • Ask Chicago – Gun control doesn’t solve violent crime…it ENSURES it remains.

Common denominator? All are, and have been, Democrat strongholds for decades, and their recurring theme has been government as the answer to any victim’s problems.

But their solutions solve only the Democrat problem – by keeping victims…victims.