If Planned Parenthood is so proud of its services, they should insist videos be seen

Why does PPH remain silent as its customer StemExpress takes legal action with assistance from the National Abortion Federation to stop video releases?

If a company is proud of its services, doesn’t hiding imply guilt?

If everything being done is aboveboard, squashing videos begs the question.

Or could the legalities already be…shall we say…questionable?

Criminally stupid or criminally deceptive…she’s still a criminal

As the ‘classified’ emails pile higher, many argue if Hillary’s acts are criminal.

Seems you have to ‘knowingly’ mishandle/store such data to be indicted.

Some say all Ms. Clinton has to do is say she didn’t know…case closed.

But, is it?

The real question is: did she believe she was capable of discerning between those emails which held classified information…and those that did not?

If Clinton says ‘yes’, then any since-classified data in those emails must have been recognized as such…and she’s criminally responsible for their mishandling.

If she says ‘no’, she should’ve known better than to process any work-related data with a personal server…and she’s criminally responsible for their mishandling.

Either way…


That’s some presidential candidate the Democrats are saddled with.

Check the Constitution…can the Executive Branch be run from a jail cell?

Democrat ‘War-On-the-Unborn’ continues, apace

Secretary Burwell of Health & Human Services won’t watch the videos that have exposed the organs-harvesting illegalities that continue at Planned Parenthood.

And, she maintains fed-funding for PPH covers essentials “like mammograms“.

Which is a lie; but who can blame her, when her boss Obama tells the same lie?

As Michelle Malkin noted today, PPH doesn’t have mammogram machines.

Which means if ‘mammograms’ are taking place it must be manually, by the PPH operators…and surely even a welfare-mom-to-be must know she can do self-exams.

Ssooo…the $500+-million per year funding must be for…what…

…providing referrals?

‘Cecil the Lion’ Outrage? But, doesn’t the Left rejoice euthanasia for the aged?

BlueCollar doesn’t embrace the ‘trophy’ kill.

Hunting for survival is one thing…hunting to hang a head on a wall quite another.

That said, the Left’s boiling outrage over Cecil the lion takes on strange irony.

Lions in the wild have a lifespan of, at best, 10-14 years. Cecil was 13. And, we know the Liberal’s love of ‘all things euthanasia’ for those at the end of their years.

By nature’s standards, Cecil was dead-lion-walking…a lingering death over that final 14th year could have been exceedingly more traumatic than his last 40 hours were.

By Liberal standards, then…

…wasn’t Cecil’s end a mere extension of their end-of-life philosophy for humanity?

Shouldn’t the Left be lionizing (pun intended) Cecil’s nemesis?

R-I-P Cecil…take comfort in knowing you lived 13 years as King of the Jungle.

After all, if you had been human, with the Left’s philosophy…

…you probably wouldn’t have made it out of the womb.

Seriously…? “Abdicating responsibility” is what this Congress is all about

A Weekly Standard article makes the case that not demanding further detailed info on the Iran-al Qaeda linkage (found in Usama bin-Laden docs) is dangerous.

The punchline is the last 16 words: …would be an abdication of responsibility on the part of Congress that history would judge harshly.

But, for all appearances…

…since January Congress has settled into that ‘abdication’ role quite easily.

Way harsh? We think…not.

Adding fuel to a “No Way” fire

If bombing girls’ schools isn’t enough…

…Iran is supporting al-Qaeda – as noted earlier, this alone disqualifies any deal.

The Weekly Standard reports on detailed knowledge of that al-Qaeda linkage…

…but shouldn’t bombing girls’ schools be reason enough?

Why does Obama want to support an Iranian War-on-Women?


And please don’t tell me Congress chose vacation over debating this issue.

The making of an American king

Our Constitution is designed to encourage opposing political parties to work with bi-partisan approaches in order to get things done…Obama doesn’t want cooperation.

So, issue after issue, simply create solutions unacceptable to both political parties.

Gridlock achieved.

Congress is declared ‘broken’.

And a president claims executive privilege to sidestep the ‘broken’ process.

Those who scoff need only listen to Secretary of State John Kerry’s excuse for the Iran deal not being considered a treaty, then think back to other scenarios…




Welcome to the new normal.

Is there a difference between Nazi ovens, and nuclear ovens?

(Proving, once again, Liberals believe they own the license to outrage.)

As the Left gets it’s undies in a wad over a Republican comment that, with this Obama-Iran deal, Obama is marching Israelis to the oven, just understand…

…Iran continues to chant ‘Death to Israel’, and promises to annihilate them, so…

…to the Israelis, a nuclear oven is no different than a Nazi oven.

The only change is who delivers them to its burning maw.