Simple, deadly solution for possible cop-killer minority habitats

There is a simple, deadly solution for cop-killer minority habitats in the inner-cities…

…let same-minority cops patrol the minority home turf.

Why is this a ‘deadly solution’?

Because, what the liberal media doesn’t tell you is that statistics show minority cops (not white cops) are more likely to use deadly force against minority offenders.

Study: black cops are 3.3 times more likely to use a gun at a crime scene.

Simple solution to avoid charges of racism – black cops patrol black precincts.

And when body counts rise…hey, at least they aren’t racist, right?

(And, did you know…40% of cop-killers are black? What honest person thinks that important bit of data should be ignored by the cop out on a call?)

(And, oh yeah, a cop is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black, than a black is to be killed by a cop. Don’t you just love a media that keeps you in the dark?)

Shouldn’t they start with protecting the unborn child…if black lives mattered?

Maybe hundreds of blacks are killed annually in law enforcement operations, but hundreds of thousands of black lives are aborted in America every year.

If ‘black-lives-matter’…shouldn’t their first act be to disavow the Democrat Party that steadfastly supports an abortion industry cavalierly snuffing out those lives?

But they won’t, because it’s not about protecting black lives

…it’s about stoking grievances, stirring up unhappiness, creating a victim mentality…

…to stir up the minority votes in November.

Want the bare truth?

Based on these statistics, if the black community really wants to get worked up over black lives that ‘matter’, shouldn’t they re-evaluate their priorities?

(That is, of course, if their Democrat masters let them.)

U.S. intel knew Iran helped al-Qaeda’s WMD efforts, and Obama STILL made a deal?


“Top Intel Official: Al Qaeda Worked on WMD in Iran”

Obama’s known since 2011, but he still gave Iran their nuke deal?

Any other questions about whose side he’s really on?

Who knew aiding and abetting al-Qaeda would be rewarded by a US president?

Funny…we thought that treason (US Const., Art. II, section 4.) was a felony.

BlueCollar Confirmed: black-lives-matter is a Democrat get-out-the-vote machine

We’ve said it before – now Rush Limbaugh confirms it. Black-lives-matter is a vile effort to stimulate the Democrat electorate.

Now even Wolf Blitzer (CNN) has inadvertently exposed that truth.

In an interview with a Trump spokesperson, he tries to defend B-L-M, by saying it’s only the acts of a few…but she refused to let him duck down that rabbit-hole.

She said CNN (and Blitzer) tar theTea Party any chance they get, even if a perp has no links with that group…and it’s B-L-M leadership spewing anti-cop rhetoric.

Make no mistake…

…cops are being killed, but Democrats don’t care, if they can stir up the masses.

No honest Democrat should remain in a party willing to sacrifice police for votes.

Lives Matter

All lives matter (unless, for Democrats, you’re an unborn child).

This black-lives-matter imbroglio is merely a Democrat get-out-the-vote drive.

(No need to go ‘racist’ and claim a particular skin-colored life matters, unless, of course, your political party has a hidden agenda that benefits from such idiocy.)


Any of Hillary’s emails during Benghazi indicate the U.S. wouldn’t give military support?

Has anyone asked or checked to see if (then) Sec of State Clinton sent any emails during the Benghazi attack indicating no U.S. military support was on the way?

Because, if such an email were sent, then potential hackers would have known this critical information, and pressed on with their attack, killing Doherty and Woods.

Just wonderin’…

Impeaching Hillary nullifies her eligibility to hold public office

A previous post notes Hillary Clinton can be impeached for lying to Congress under oath, and no President can roll back an impeachment.

Our Constitution says, once impeached, she could no longer hold public office (Article I, section 3, 7th para.).

And, further, a President cannot pardon an impeachment (Art.II, section 2, para.1).

She lied to Congress, which means she lied to the American people, about serious lapses of judgement, and deliberate efforts to conceal her activities.

All that’s needed is a House with guts to initiate articles of impeachment…

…and an honest Senate willing to hold a (former) public official accountable.