Trump won because the American electorate believed their eyes instead of the media…

Rarely do we take exception to an Andrew McCarthy article, but his comments on the recent Trump election win are, with all due respect…well…just plain wrong.

His premise is that Trump won narrowly…got outplayed…but won.

Then uses a football metaphor to illustrate how Trump was pushed all over the field, how his opponent gained more yards and dominated ball possession, but lost.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Using the same football metaphor, we suggest a different scenario: the game was fairly evenly played, but the opponent never got flagged when fouls were made, the announcer never mentioned any of Trump’s successful plays, never noted referees kept on overlooking uncalled penalties against the other team…

…and kept telling the fans the opponent was ahead on points even when the opposite was true.

With Michigan in his column, Trump won a majority of states (29) and a majority of the electoral votes (306) as a result. Whining about a ‘popular vote’ when the electoral process is – and has been – the law of the land is pathetic…

…especially with the chances for vote fraud that ‘sanctuary locales’ breed.

As much as anyone makes this about Trump, though, this election was more about rejecting the policies of a Democrat Party that trampled Rule of Law repeatedly.

The Republican Party won this election…more importantly, the Democrats LOST it.

The winning team didn’t get ‘outplayed’.

The losing team overplayed their hand.

And the fans know why the final score came out the way it did.

The brilliance of the electoral process design…states are people too

The Left’s caterwauling increases with a looming Electoral College vote mid-Dec.

They rant about the ‘popular vote’, which appears to have been won by Hillary Clinton, claiming that Trump is illegitimate since he didn’t get the majority of votes.

But, set aside the fact illegal immigration and sanctuary locales are a breeding ground for voter fraud; forget the fact that dead people have cast votes in the past.

Every state IS decided by popular vote, and Trump won a clear majority of those states…as an ‘invisible entity’, states need representation just as much as citizens.

Legislation favoring highly populated states could hurt lesser populated states…

…a ‘tyranny of the minority’ (of states) would be an inevitable result.

National elections can only have national consequences if every state is given an opportunity for skin in the game; the brilliance of the electoral process does that.

The Founders recognized each state as an entity that needed protection just as much as citizens did…the electoral process is a mechanism that makes it happen.

And, take note – corporations are given ‘special entity status’ in law.

You can bet the Sham-stream media would scream bloody murder if their corporate protections were removed…

…yet they fuel the ‘popular-vote’ rant that would strip states of protection?

The irony drips…

Recount futility is just the Left’s attempt to paint Trump as illegitimate

With Michigan favoring Trump, his electoral total is now 306. It takes 270 to win.

So, the Left fever-swamp screams for recounts in Michigan (16 electoral votes), Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), and Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes).

Even if recounts could negate 11,000 Michigan votes, or 27,000 Wisconsin votes (both highly unlikely), Trump would still win with 280 electoral votes.

In the Left’s recount madness, Pennsylvania (with 20 electoral votes) is key…but Trump won that state by 68,200 votes. 68,200 votes, people.

No way a recount negates 68,200 votes: Trump still has 280…Trump wins…

So, what’s the point?

Many doubt a recount can be done before the electoral vote…Trump wins…

So, what’s the point?

If a recount isn’t done in time, a Congress GOP chooses…Trump wins…

So, what’s the point?

Smearing Trump as illegitimate seems the only thing the Left gains with such tactics.


Trump can negate their effort, by demanding a recount of Minnesota (lost by 43.8k votes), Maine (lost by 20k votes), and New Hampshire (lost by 2.8k votes)…

…thus, Hillary’s electoral count is illegitimate.

Even if Democrats maintain such recounts aren’t feasible because those totals have been certified, Trump can dismiss their claims using another Democrat tactic…

… where they claim ‘seriousness of the charge offsets the nature of the evidence.’

Lest we forget, when it comes to acting, even in political theater…

…Trump is the Maestro.

Let the games begin.

Just when you thought racism was a bad thing…

An interesting article in The Weekly Standard provides a laundry list of elected office losses for Democrats during Obama’s reign…even as his popularity remains high.

But…does it? How is it Obama’s popular, but Democrats keep losing due to policy?

BCP suggests that the popularity polling is skewed by Obama’s race – continual rants and wails of ‘racism’ by the Left makes those polled less inclined to honesty.

As a result, terrible policy decisions continue, everyone smiles…then votes GOP.

Thanks to their relentless race-card rhetoric, Liberalism is being thwarted.

Irony drips.

Hopefully, a similar dynamic will result if Libs keep up their election-riot nonsense.