Biological necessity dictates transgenders compete in a transgender category…against each other

Seriously, folks…who believes a man claiming to be a woman and competing in that category (wherever strength is a significant factor) isn’t biologically advantaged?

Transgenders want to compete…set up a transgender category. The resulting claims of why a transgender-turned male lost to a transgender-turned female will be…revealing.

What idiot believes Putin wants to help 45 get re-elected?

It’s all meant to cast doubt on our election process, and delegitimize Pres Trump.

But, facts speak volumes…

Meanwhile, think of what happened in the Obama/Hillary/Democrat era

We could go on, but the picture’s clear…based on the established FACTS noted above, who do you think Putin would like to see sitting across from him in future negotiations?

Yeah, there will be meddling…

…but you can bet Putin’s beneficiary will have a (D) after their name.

So much for the ‘he acts like a dictator’ narrative

“Roger Stone sentenced to over three years in prison”

Ssooo, let’s see…Pres Trump and former aides are hounded publicly, judicially; some of those aides are snared in perjury traps (‘cuz they never proved the collusion HOAX)…

…those attempting the coup have still yet to be charged WITH ANYTHING…

…but President Trump is ‘acting like a dictator’?

Hmmm – don’t dictators use legal systems to trample opponents?

Roger Stone’s prosecution is purely political…here’s why

What Roger Stone did was take (already public) statements from WikiLeaks as to what they did have on Democrats, and dire predictions on more information to come…

…and bluff Democrats about it, to yank their chain.

Then, when his punking and posturing against Democrats based on publicly known info drew attention to him from Congress, he lied to that body about if he texted or emailed.

Got that? Byron York laid that all out for us over a year ago, January 2019. Yep. The Mueller indictment against Stone was based purely on perjury traps, not collusion.

All charges were simply about claiming he hadn’t texted or emailed public knowledge, and clownish attempts to obscure or hide his lack of candor about his communications.

Nothing threatened nat’l security…like Hillary’s hackable (& hacked) classified emails.

Nothing involved colluding with foreigners…like the DNC and Hillary’s campaign.

Nothing constituted cover-up coup attempts…like Brennan, Clapper, and Comey.

Those actually threatened America, it’s election process, and was actual sedition.

They all lied about their actions…to Congress, to the FBI, to the President, and to us.

To this day, none of them have been indicted….let alone convicted or sentenced.

But, yeah, Roger Stone’s a bad guy. Roger Stone deserves an orange jumpsuit.

Politics? You bet. But hey, don’t like that glimpse of reality?

Here’s an idea that could neutralize that analysis…

…apply their same ‘Roger Stone’ standard to Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, etc.

You Democrats okay with that?

Harvard’s hometown passes law…violating the Constitution?

Remember our Constitution’s ‘equal protection under the law’ clause? (14th Am)

Cambridge doesn’t, according to the Washington Examiner: “Illegal immigrants in Massachusetts city won’t be arrested if they drive without a license”

So, unlicensed driving American citizens can still be arrested…but not illegals.

Amazing. Harvard purportedly is one of the most prestigious law schools in the United States, and relentlessly turns out ‘Constitutional’ scholars year after year…and yet…

…the city within which it resides just turned our Constitution upside down.





When ‘priorities’ tell you all you need to know…

As reported by the National Sentinel: “As Trump delivers on promise to provide California farmers with more water, Gov. Newsom vows to protect…fish”

“Calling California’s Democrat-established and Democrat-controlled water policies a “disgrace,” the president signed a memorandum directing the secretaries of the Interior and Commerce departments to implement new policies that make more water available for the state’s multi-billion dollar farming industry (that feeds the country).”

“Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state’s Democratic leaders have vowed to sue the government over the president’s directive because they’re more concerned with protecting endangered fish. Prior to Trump’s signing, he vowed to ‘file legal action in the coming days … to protect highly imperiled fish species close to extinction.'”

Got that?

Chinese ag products are now suspect, California’s ag products are essential to our livelihood now more than ever…and the Governor’s worried about endangered fish.

Is there a more teachable example of how Democrats feel about Americans?

…since when does taking a dollar out of a left pocket & putting it in a right pocket create more wealth?

As an add-on to our earlier post of Obama lying about his role in the Trump economy we pose the question…’cuz that’s the equivalent of his silly ‘Recovery Act’ claim.

We’re getting blowback for calling him a liar, but his snide comments when questioned that the ‘Recovery Act’ didn’t work clearly indicated he knew it didn’t work, then.

The reason why is simple.

As this Federalist article notes, for the government to ‘invest’ money into our economy, they must remove it from our economy (taxes)…nothing Obama says changes that.

The article equates it to removing a gallon of water from one end of the swimming pool (taxation/regulatory fees) and then dumping it BACK in at the other end (invest)…

…water levels don’t rise beyond where it was before it was taken out.

A 4th grader knows that: a college grad like Obama should. To imply otherwise is a LIE.

Yet here he is, claiming his ‘Recovery Act’ set the Trump economy table. It’s a LIE.

And, based on video evidence then…he knows it.

We call them the way we see them.

Class dismissed.