Democrat plans, to give Big Insurance $2.5bn, stopped by GOP

Any doubt that the Democrat Party is in the pocket of big business?

Republican-backed anti-bailout legislation stopped $2.5bn tax$$ from being fed to Big Insurance corporations through Democrat-created Obamacare ‘risk corridors’.

If it weren’t for the media, Democrat ‘champion-of-Little-Guy’ lies would be exposed.

With a catastrophic Obamanomics in full display, Republicans should ask every day why Democrats pat ‘the Little Guy’ on the head in front of campaign-stop cameras…

…while – behind the scenes – shoveling billion$ to the Big Guys.

If ‘transparent’ means seeing right through someone, then sure, Hillary’s transparent

Hillary Clinton claims she’s ‘the most transparent person in American history’.

But talk about a play on words…she wants us to think she’s open and forthcoming?

Anyone notice, she fails to mention her ‘transparency’ is forcedby Federal court?

She’s transparent, alright…

…as sagging poll numbers reveal, most Americans see right through her.

This month, she testifies at a congressional hearing on Benghazi. She labels the hearing a slow-walked ‘political partisan committee’, to destroy her 2016 aspirations.

(Anyone notice, she fails to mention hundreds of suddenly found emails involving the Benghazi time period just last week? So any ‘slow-walking’ was caused by her!)

And she cites a comment made by House Majority Leader McCarthy, that she says is proof the Republicans are using Benghazi as a ‘political hit job’ on her.

But McCarthy was pointing out that Americans DO CARE about finding out the truth on Benghazi, and as more comes out, her dismal poll numbers prove they care.

Hillary can’t be trusted…that was the point…and her stonewalling proves it.

So, Clinton can claim the House Benghazi hearings are a political hit job, but if she had been TRANSPARENT in late 2012 , early 2013, it would all be behind her now.

Playing an evasion game caused the slow drip-drip-drip of discovered information.

The fact she’s taking the hits now is not a result of GOP machinations…

…it’s an awakening public condemnation…of her own making.

Transparent? You bet she’s transparent.

Ever wonder why it’s not the Middle East’s responsibility to cure Middle East ills?

Isn’t it the epitome of arrogance, to think we can cure what they themselves can’t?

As Andrew McCarthy says of the Middle East players: “There are not good guys and bad guys in this equation…there are bad guys, and other bad guys.”

If we can’t tell them apart, what makes us think we can solve their problems?

Just asking.

Anyone taking bets on Oregon comm. college killer ethnicity?

A media silence over any hint of the Oregon killer’s background speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, our hat’s off to the Army veteran who took 7 rounds trying to protect his fellow students during the rampage. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chris Mintz.

As for the killer? BCP bet’s that he’s linked with Middle East Islamist ideology.

For all the media’s first attempts to portray him as ‘anti-religion’, it just seems highly suspect that only those who identified as Christians were shot in the head.

The final word on his background will be interesting, indeed.

Ssooo…Reuters thinks we should stop a flow of terrorists from LEAVING the U.S.?

Headline: U.S. fails to stop flow of foreign fighters to Islamic State

Does ANYONE in their right mind want these terror supporters to stay here?

Let’s rephrase the question…

Do Americans prefer to kill ISIS supporters on a foreign battle field, or spend their tax dollars on incarcerating them in America…for release at a later date?

Stonewalling…then complaining of slow-walking?

Leftist Richard Cohen takes to the IBD pages to complain of Hillary treatment.

And, of course, uses the Washington Post to do the same.

The entire Obama team, including Hillary, stonewall Congress in its investigation of what happened before, during, and after Benghazi, and yet, delays caused by that stonewalling are seen as Republicans slow-walking a process…to hurt Hillary?

We assure Mr. Cohen that relatives of those killed in Benghazi want answers. He would too, if one of the Americans killed in that attack had been his son, or nephew.

Earth to Richard…how indifferent to their loss can you Liberals be?

You said it yourself, sir…“a terrorist attack in Libya is no laughing matter”

…and we would add ‘…especially when Americans in Hillary’s State Dept are killed, after repeated emails TO HER – begging for more security – are ignored‘.

Just days ago, more hidden Benghazi emails of Hillary’s have surfaced…yet Cohen has the gall to believe it’s ‘Hillary-hatred’ that drives this Benghazi investigation?

Would he believe that, if it had been ‘Tyrone Cohen’ dead on a Benghazi rooftop?

Message to Richard Cohen: you’re no Diogenes.

(And, if you want to see a real ‘laughing matter‘…we suggest using a mirror.)

Conservatives Continue Crucifying Carson

Now it’s Cooke, an NRO contributor, taking Carson to task…on a false premise.

Ben Carson’s first comment was on a matter of a president’s faith having to be, of necessity, consistent with American principles, values, and our Constitution.

BlueCollar detailed this several days ago, but if repetition is needed, fine.

Implying the question first asked was if Ben Carson would be okay with a Muslim president is a LIE. The first question asked was if a president’s FAITH matters.

And Carson’s first answer: If it’s inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter. But if it fits within the realm of America…and consistent with the Constitution, no problem.(emphasis added)

Then, asked if he thought Islam was consistent with our Constitution, he said no.

So, before Dr. Carson ever came out to say he would not advocate a Muslim for president, he qualified his answer within a context of constitutional consistency.

Only by falsely implying that his ‘no Muslim’ statement stood on its own could one make the giant conclusive leap that Ben Carson made a bigoted statement.

If our Constitution is ‘the law of the land’, then no faith can be above that law…in order to be consistent with American values and principles - will Islam submit?

Message to conservatives – use honest concepts, not contorted premise, to rebut GOP candidates. Please, leave the distorting and conniving to Democrats.

No amount of lies will deter the Left from smearing Republican candidates…

…we wonder why that principle has now been adopted by the Right?

Witnessing the perfect model of failed Democrat policy

Raise the minimum wage! Strengthen welfare safety nets! Increase health benefits!

These are the foundational arguments of Democrat vote-seeking politicians. These are policies, they claim, which help improve the plight of the lesser fortunate…yet…

Witness Puerto Rico…a withering example of those very policies.

The federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr is equal to $20/hr based on their economy, and the welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid benefits amount to even more…

…resulting in a destroyed private sector that can’t bear the financial costs.

No private sector, no jobs…unless you’re lucky enough to get a public-sector job.

It’s no surprise, then, to learn only 40% of Puerto Rico’s adults are working.

No jobs, no tax revenue. Puerto Rico can’t pay bondholder debt…it’s bankrupt…

…as are DEMOCRAT ‘solutions’.

No clearer example is needed to prove throwing more money at issues is stupid.

Any questions?