America’s Promise: Drive it like you OWN it

An article by Kevin Williamson at NRO nails it on essentials of a decent society.

“The irreplaceable basis for a prosperous and decent society is property.”

When we truly own something, we cherish it, care for it, and maintain it.

But, when it comes to America’s Promise…Democrats drive it like they stole it.

We no longer own anything – the government owns us…

…and that’s when groups like the Tea Party say NO MORE.

Even more lost emails at the IRS? Jail the spoliators until emails are produced

Seems uncommon crashes are a common occurrence…when Lois Lerner’s involved.

Surprise, surprise…more computer crashes and emails lost…all tied to Lerner. It’s obvious that the IRS executive and her IRS cronies are obstructing justice.

Time to start playing hard ball.

In such instances as this, courts will rule ‘spoliation of evidence’, which “…occurs when an individual or entity violates its duty to preserve relevant evidence.”

(Besides, the ‘hard-drive crashed, lost my emails’ screed isn’t enough: IRS workers are also required, by law, to keep printed backup copies of all IRS-related emails.)

A court will assume that the ‘lost evidence’ would have been unfavorable to offending parties, and, therefor, justifiably presume guilt based on spoliation of evidence.

The law is clear, the acts were undeniably obstructive.

For their actions, every IRS employee involved should be held behind bars until the emails are presented to the court (or Congress).

If they can jail reporters who are merely protecting their sources…

…they can sure as hell jail IRS officials who are trying to hide their misdeeds.

As noted (here, and here), lower-level conspirators would have surely kept records to protect themselves, in case their boss tried throwing them under a (Congressional) bus.

A taste of prison food could be just the right motivator for producing ‘lost’ emails.

Invariably, one of the worms will turn.

(UPDATED – added link to IRS manual section requiring emails be printed)

Shouldn’t that be a ‘homicide’ donkey…?

Brits have strange ideas about donkeys, if they think suicide is a concept embraced by that four-legged species. ‘Suicide’ implies intentionally taking one’s own life.

So when you see “Donkey suicide bomb stopped by Israeli troops in Gaza”

…you have to ask (1) does a donkey understand the concept of taking its own life?, if so, (2) how did it strap the suicide vest on, with hooves and no opposable thumbs?

If the terror group Hamas loaded a donkey with explosives and sent it towards Israelis it would have to be considered a homicide donkey…and a victimized one, at that.

…as if you needed further proof Obama orchestrated this border chaos…

Hiding details of border-crashing illegals is a further indication of Obama machinations.

Friday’s document dump revealed the White House has been hiding a huge increase of illegals crossing in family groups (‘family units’)…5x the numbers that had tried in 2013.

Why would the White House hide that information, if they’re so proud of their policy?

Could it have something to do with polling that shows Americans blame Obama for the border chaos, and that a majority demand the illegals be deported…immediately?

November-vulnerable Democrats are backing away from this exploitation quickly, and Obama’s trying to cast himself as overwhelmed with an ‘unexpected’ illegal invasion.

But, how can Obama claim it was unexpected, when his DHS posted a bid request in January for escort services of an expected 65,000 unaccompanied alien children?

Or that his HHS had budgeted for an expected surge…over the last several years?

Now, combine those facts with a White House hiding a five-fold increase of family units illegally entering the United States, and the obvious answer is…it’s being orchestrated.

The disingenuous cite an ’08 trafficking law, conflating ‘smuggled’ and ‘trafficked’; illegal ‘family units’ and smuggled unaccompanied children have no right to stay in the U.S.A.

Obama and Democrat leadership planned this chaos just before November elections, to manipulate public opinion, tug heartstrings, and energize the Hispanic voter turnout.

Polls blaming Obama and Democrats for the problem indicate they miscalculated; by not sending illegals to states with election-vulnerable Democrats, they expose that fear.

And now, corpses of illegal kids who died trying to get into America, reveal the true nature of Democrats…who ignore the humanitarian nightmare they’ve created…

…fearful only of a political nightmare they might face in November.

Where’s the outrage, America?

Too big to succeed – privatize the VA…veterans lives DEPEND on it

The acting VA Secretary just admitted in a Senate hearing that the numbers it uses to monitor delivering health care and processing disability claims for vets can’t be trusted.

He “repeatedly acknowledged…serious problems with data integrity…”

…then asked the Senate committee for $17.6 billion moreto make the VA bigger.

To solve the immediacy of ‘long wait-time’ and scheduling problems, over the last two months the VA has sent 543,000 veterans to private medical providers…

…that’s the only REAL solution to solve the VA’s problems long-term, as well.

Remember this – the ‘problems with data integrity’ are a result of deceptive practices by senior management throughout the VA…they’re the ones who lied to get bonuses.

Those who reported problems, or tried to help solve them, suffer retaliation by senior management – who want to hide their own involvement and maintain the status quo.

The situation won’t go away by throwing $billions more at it…it’s too deeply entrenched.

Senior managers needed assistance of lower level workers to corrupt data. You can bet the scramble is on to hide or destroy evidence, to avoid prosecution and keep their jobs.

Any effort to get to the root cause of the problems at the VA will not succeed. You can’t save a diseased tree if the trunk is rotten…the VA’s management structure is rotten.

Our veterans’ well-being and lives hang in the balance…they can’t wait the years it will take to cut away at the corruption and deceit in this current, rotten system.

Don’t continue to make veterans pay for government’s failure to honor its sacred trust.

Close down the VA Medical system. Let private medical providers take over their health care needs…it’s the ONLY system capable of offering an effective solution for vets.

THAT’S the sacred trust America owes its veterans.

California’s continuous water-wasters get a pass…but the occasional waster is fined $500?

AP reports the CA Water Resources Control Board just voted to fine consumers $500 for wasting water by leaving nozzles off hoses when they wash their car…

…but don’t do anything against the water districts that waste 10% of total water usage?

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, gov’t water lines are leaking…

…but if you wash your car once a month and don’t use a nozzle, you get the fine.

Government solutions…you just gotta love ‘em…

…an iota of consumer waste gets a fine…

…while massive, sytemic government waste gets a pass.

Every illegal’s death is on the heads of those whose policies entice them

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Think about it.

It’s the Democrat policies of ‘open border’ and ‘amnesty’ temptation that encourage.

Conversely, how many would be tempted if they knew our borders were impenetrable, and swift deportation back to their country would leave them the poorer for their efforts?

The lure of open borders and amnesty proves the death of many illegal aliens.

Those deaths are on the heads of Democrat politicians who mouth the promise.




The presidency is just too big now, you see.

In what’s grown to be typical Liberal fashion, when a Democrat fails, the job is always seen to be just too big for one man…as opposed to when Bush or Reagan was in office.

Brownstein’s article letting Obama off the hook for his epic failures, begs a question or two: (1) when has Obama ever tried to find ‘common ground’ with Republicans? and (2) when has Obama ever tried to build productive partnerships with Republicans?

The answer is…NEVER.

Obama’s theme song has been ‘My Way, Or The Highway’…from Day 1.

The presidency isn’t too big, Mr. Brownstein…

…your man is just too small.

Told you…Democrats paying price for ‘income inequality’ growing over 6 years of THEIR policies

A conservative think-tank article channels what BlueCollar has been posting all along…

…it’s Democrat policy that has widened the ‘income inequality’ gap for Americans…

…and many are finally waking up to that realization – just before November elections.

Tie that reality in with a new Gallup poll - household essential costs (food, fuel, electric bills) relentlessly growing for millions day-after-day during 5+ years of Obama’s non-recovery - and Democrat election prospects grow even dimmer.

And, now, add in the hundreds of House bills being stalled in the Democrat Senate…

…many of them designed to improve the economy, and lower prices for millions.

That’s a REALITY being felt by Americans every day!

Time and time again, on election day, the electorate vote with their wallets.

If the GOP hammers this Reality home until November, they’ll take the Senate.