Benghazi…wildfires…but, hey – a fundraiser is a FUNDRAI$ER

Washington Free Beacon headline“Newsom to Hold Hollywood Fundraiser With California Still Reeling From Wildfires” (Wildfires, we might add, still RAGING.)

But, so what?

Remember DURING the Benghazi attack, when Obama went to sleep even as four Americans were being killed, so he could be rested for his Vegas fundraiser next day?

Benghazi…wildfires…they burn out eventually – but a fundraiser? THAT’S a big deal.

Word to the wise – if Democrats have to choose between a crisis or fundraiser…

...NEVER get between them…and the fundraiser.

Darn right it’s politically motivated…

At Politico: “Brennan: Revoked security clearance is ‘politically motivated’”

We couldn’t agree more…

…Brennan’s extreme political motivation to accuse a sitting President of treason and being in the pocket of foreign leaders – without an IOTA of proofjustifies that act.

Put your PROOF where your security clearance was, John.

Otherwise, shut up.

Politically Motivated? You bet…

…on the GLOBAL political stage, de-fanging America-haters can only be a good thing.

Numbers don’t lie…

\ – the media’s approval ratings keep plummeting…

/ – the President’s approval ratings keep rising…

…and FakeNews thinks Trump has a problem?

For two years, the media has demonstrated the DEFINITION of insanity – you know, that thing where you ‘do it over and over again…but keep expecting different results’.

Keep it up, CNN – he’ll be up around 60% by the Nov. midterm elections.

(And, fyi – being called out for lying hasn’t interfered with your continuing to do so…we think it’s probably about time to stop whining about freedom-of-the-press interference.)

Deep-staters need ‘firewalls’ like Antifa needs masks

Antifa claims righteous cause to use violence…behind masks to hide identities.

Since when does righteousness need to hide?

Now we learn that British dossier-creator Steele texted Justice Dept official Ohr that he was “hoping that important firewalls will hold” at Comey’s congressional testimony.

‘Firewalls’ are defined as barriers 1) that prevent the spread of fire, or 2) as a “protection against something undesirable” from occurring.

Hmmm. Fires and undesirable events are universally considered a BAD thing…so we can assume that Steele’s ‘important firewalls’ are meant to protect important things…

…in this case – Steele, Ohr, Comey, et al…from BAD things.

But…what would they need protection from, if everything was on the up-&-up?

As with masked Antifa rioters, firewalled partisans are guilty of lies and subterfuge and need the obscurity a firewall/mask provides to keep their activities and identities secret.

You know – just in case our Attorney General ever WAKES UP.

Msg to John Brennan…you’ve got more than a lost security clearance to worry about

The ex-CIA director is angry about losing his security clearance, but considering some of the conjecture within the DC area, he has a lot more than that to worry about.

What’s really scary is someone with this level of access doesn’t know his security clearance wasn’t a ‘free speech’ issue…it’s a need-to-know job requirement

not a Constitutional right.

If it weren’t for his obvious partisan leanings, we’d ask how he ever got a gov’t job…

…let alone a CIA gig.

FakeNews papers protest ‘biased’ claims…in lockstep biased op-eds

The Washington Times headline“Trump: Newspapers are ‘in collusion’; fake news ‘an opposition party’ as 300 editorials protest

Conflating often unsubstantiated and in some cases downright falsehoods with the ‘free press’ status is a bridge too far…and complaining when the President pushes back on their innuendo and falsehoods is pathetic…but don’t tell that to the liberal media.

Pretty bizarre, that they can’t see coordinating biased editorials as collusion.

Yeah, yeah…no bias there.

Their actions aren’t naïve efforts of an uninformed nature. The first rule of journalism is to “…ensure the accuracy of the facts one is conveying to so many people.”

In our opinion, deliberately publishing unsubstantiated information, or outright lies, to hurt or diminish our Nation’s governing administration, justifies an ‘enemy’ designation.

Call that speaking TRUTH…to FakeNews.

Hey, New Mexico – can you say ‘recall’…?

Headline, on Zero Hedge…“New Mexico Judge Cries ‘Islamaphobia’ In Decision To Free Jihadi Compound Suspects”

Right – what reasoning person would see the discovery of a dead, decomposing 3-yr-old, in a compound full of malnourished kids, weapons, and live ammo – under the command of 5 suspects training the kids to shoot up schools – as ‘no threat’…?

Wait, wait…what?

The judge is an elected Democrat?

Question asked – question answered.

Never mind.

The Real Question – is California broken enough to realize they need a Gov. John Cox?

‘Everyone Knows’ — Why John Cox Can Win Governor of California

Will wildfires fueled by a mismanaged environment policy be enough? Will even higher gas-pump prices do the trick? Will misspent billions on an unneeded bullet-train suffice?

Will the now-pathetic plight of the Democrat candidate’s  hometown (San Francisco) be seen as representative of what failure Democrat policy has on California locales?

“…San Francisco — once a crown jewel of not just the state but the nation — continues to descend into slum-like conditions with streets crowded by drug addicts and the homeless which can be traced directly to his (Newsom’s) “leadership.” Property crimes have skyrocketed. Nearly a quarter million needles and syringes are picked up from the streets there every month. Human waste is piled up all over… Understandably, visitors are pledging to never return and conventions are being canceled because of the crime and filth.” (bold and underline emphasis added)

San Francisco is the poster-city for all that ails California when bad policy prevails.

Hopefully, John Cox and Republicans will get this message to voters effectively.

Think this is the reason for the media’s 24/7 ‘OMG Omarosa’ hysteria?

At the Gateway Pundit“HISTORIC! Donald Trump Approval Ratings with Blacks Hits 31%Up 13 Points in One Year” (underline, color emphasis added)

Seriously, folks…is this why the media’s gone OmarosaCRAZY the last few days?!?

Democrats can’t afford to lose black-American support, so FakeNews is in overdrive.

Yeah, but, it looks like it ain’t working…

“Black Americans aren’t buying Omarosa’s turn against Trump”

31% approval…ya think?

But, never worry, Ms. Manigault-Newman…you can always get hired at CNN.