Is there another ‘outsider’ lurking in the 2016 shadows?

A primary draw for Trump is he’s an ‘outsider’, not a political establishment figure.

It’s a sham, of course. In the corporate world of movers and shakers, getting close to and working the political system is every bit as corrupting as the politicians they’re in bed with.

But Donald Trump and his team know how to play the crowd, milking an ‘outsider’ image.

And Hillary? All insults aside, the only thing she has going for her is she’s a Clinton…and a woman. Democrats, ever eager to play the image game, want their ‘first woman president’.

With her obvious honesty challenges, Hillary & Co. must hammer the ‘woman’ drum.

But the more they work it, the more traction an ‘outsider’ and/or ‘first woman president’ message gets, the more it sets the field for someone else to don that populist cloak…

…and if you think Hillary or Donald are scary…

Imagine just days before their Democrat convention (July 25-28), Obama’s Justice Dept indicts Hillary Clinton: if she’s eliminated, who’s left for Democrats – Bernie Sanders?

Yeah…that’ll fire up the black/minority vote.

By mid-July, with ‘outsider’ and ‘woman’ messages all the rage, the stage is set. Who better to fill that void for a desperate Democrat Party than Mrs. ‘Let’s Move’ herself…

…Michelle Obama.

Outsider? Check.

Woman? Check.

Minority, vote draw? Check. Check.

Buckle up and turn the a/c on  – it’s gonna be a bumpy, hot summer.