A modest proposal to expose foreign interference with our American process

Non-profit organizations should be required to disclose foreign special-interest donors.

Privacy rules allow 501c3 & c4 non-profit groups to keep donors anonymous.

But what if the non-profit is supporting an issue that undermines our American way, in a manner that benefits foreign interests? Several problematic examples are obvious:

a. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) fights against Christian influence in our day-to-day life (nativity scenes at Christmas, school prayer, etc). They can keep private their donor rolls – what if major funding is from anti-Christian foreign Muslim sources?

(Skeptical? Google the amount of ACLU acts against Christianity, but for Islam.)

b. Campaign contributions going to Super-PACs: America’s election process is no longer protected from foreign tampering, now that Internet contributions play a role.

c. As they move to regain lost territories, Russia has a stranglehold on European nations which buy 30% of natural gas energy from that nation. American environmental groups are stalling U.S. natural gas exports to Europe, which would break Russia’s grip.

How much foreign (Russian) money is funding this ‘American’ environmental effort?

An American’s Constitutional  right to privacy is one thing; a foreign interest’s is another.

Many of our American issues have global impact. That said, it’s obvious that foreign persons, and groups, will often take advantage of our privacy laws to serve their best interest…at the expense of America’s best interest. We should know when that occurs.

Isn’t it time to legislate that American non-profits must disclose foreign donors?

When it’s so bad they can’t lie their way out…it’s really bad!

Imagine starting your own Internet business after months of being jobless.

Your credibility, your livelihood, your family’s very existence is on the line. In that critical situation, would you not keep track of sales, or be unconcerned about getting paid?

This is what the Obama administration claims, re, Obamacare…they don’t know how much product they’ve sold, they don’t know how many enrollees have actually paid.

When his paid liars won’t even lie…you know the situation is dire.

Word has it (friend-of-a-relative-who’s-buddy’s-acquaintance…etc) that speculation is exactly opposite reality: actual paid Obamacare accounts are 20% of ‘enrolled’ signups.

Fuzzy numbers being what they are, the Obama team ‘claims’ 6 million enrolled, but refuse to back this claim with any hard-number fact, so their number is questionable.

But, accepting 6 million enrolled for the moment, that means only 1.2 million have paid.

Before the enrollment mandate, Obama et al projected 7 million would be signed up in the initial phase. For any normal American business startup, ‘signup’ would mean paid.

1.2 million paid…vs. 7 million signups projected. That’s only 17% of projection!

For any normal American business startup, hitting 17% of sales projections means that business is doomedespecially when the law says the product must be purchased!

If this were a Republican healthcare law being so incompetently mishandled, the media would be relentless in their pursuit of the real numbers, and screaming for heads to roll.

They lied about keeping the healthplan you liked; they lied about keeping your doctor; they lied about saving thousands of dollars a year…why not lie about paid signups?

Sure, this post is built on ‘friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s-buddy’s-friend’, but when paid liars in Washington DC will lie about such critically personal needs, why stop there?

When even the usual Obamacare liars are afraid to lie…you know it’s got to be bad.

A different kind of ‘Dirty’ Harry…


Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just got caught with his granddaughter’s hand in the Senator’s campaign cash ‘cookie jar’…to the tune of almost $17,000.

He claims he did no wrong, so why didn’t he list her last name (Reid) on paperwork?

Now comes news that even more campaign money was given. We’re up to $31,000+.

Harry Reid demeaned his Senate office, attacking private citizens on the Senate floor, and spent his years in office building a Nevada dynasty, enriching his family.

So, what goes around – comes around, and it looks like Harry is getting his now.

The original Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) made his name through his crime fighting techniques, which involved getting down and dirty with his criminal adversaries.

Now we have another type of Dirty Harry, with a well-documented long, dirty trail of abusing his office, exploiting political connections, and misusing campaign funds.

Wouldn’t it be great if the original Dirty Harry faced off with this Filthy Senator?

Att’y Gen’l Holder: gunrunning executive privilege for me, but not for Yee…

Democrat State Senator Yee was just caught in a ‘massive gunrunning scheme’.

If gun-running ‘schemes’ are indictable, wouldn’t actual gun-running be as well?

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder should be right next to Yee in a holding cell.

Or maybe Obama plans to cover for Yee, as he has for ‘Fast-&-Furious’ Holder?

At one with The Liars’ Club: If you trust…

…the State Dept., that fed you lies about betrayed Americans in Benghazi…

…the IRS, that lied about unlawful targeting of conservative groups…

…the Labor Dept., that continues lying about unemployment statistics…

…the Homeland Security Dept., lying about illegal-immigrant deportation numbers…

…the Commerce Dept., that lies about annual economic growth…

…the White House & congressional Democrats, continually lying about Obamacare…

…you must be a Democrat…

…AND a chump. (Minority groups and single women…record unemployment. Low income families…slammed with high food and energy costs. And on…and on…)

Read Victor Davis Hanson’s article on “Untruthful and Untrustworthy Government.”

What Mr. Hanson doesn’t mention is, if the American voter has the will to fight back, the trend towards an untrusting populace can be reversed, albeit slowly and painfully.

The real question is, which way is America headed?

Elections have consequences.

Ironically, those hit hardest by Democrat policies are that Party’s most loyal supporters. If they wake up, the music they’re forced to dance to can be changed. That’s a big IF.

America’s unfinished song can be a dirge…or a symphony.

In Obama-land, disparate comparisons come easy

Speaker Boehner called the latest Obamacare enrollment deadline delay ‘a joke’.

Responding to that withering criticism, Obama’s flack Carney compared the delay to Pres. Bush’s Medicare Part D grace period, or people in line to vote when polls close.

The problem with those two comparisons…in both cases, participation is voluntary.

As everyone knows, Obamacare is not – signing up for health coverage is mandatory..

A more apt comparison, then, would be the April 15 tax-filing deadline for taxpayers.

And, everyone knows when you miss that deadline, the IRS doesn’t give you a pass.

(The fines come swiftly, and you can probably expect future audits as well.)

Don’t expect the Obama media to point this out…they’re too busy carrying his water.

But hey, if you miss the tax filing deadline, you can always try using Carney’s dodge.

Call the White House, and ask if Obama will grant you a grace period.

(Good luck with that…let us know how it turns out.)

Democrats are deep in the ‘BIG Insurance’ pockets

A week ago, BlueCollar noted Democrats have enriched insurance companies at the expense of the average American consumer, through the passage of Obamacare.

On the heels of that post, comes another story that Big Insurance is cashing in.

In ’09, Obama and his Democrat henchmen hyped ‘anti-Big Insurers’ rhetoric to garner public support, stiffening Congressional Democrat spines to get Obamacare passed.

How much public support would they have received, had Americans known Obamacare would actually enrich the ‘big, bad, insurance companies’…as is happening now?


Americans are losing their plans, their doctors, and their prescription coverage. The cost of mandated health-plan coverage with Obamacare is skyrocketing.

And, Obama even gave Big Insurance a special deal, allowing insurers to raise co-pays and out-of-pocket deductibles way past the maximum limits set by the Obamacare law.

Now, Big Insurers are laughing all the way to the bank…as are Democrat lawmakers who are in their pocket (check out their investment disclosures if you like).

When Republicans push an agenda supporting free-market solutions, Americans win. Not one Republican supported or voted for the Obamacare law enriching insurers.

When Democrats push their crony-capitalist agenda, Americans lose. ONLY Democrats supported and voted for the Obamacare law enriching fat-cat insurance companies.

A vote for a Democrat…is a sucker vote.

Rush is wrong – mainstream media aren’t ignorant…they’re liars

Rush Limbaugh normally hands the drive-by media their heads, but not yesterday.

Drudge Report entrepreneur Matt Drudge tweaked Obama and cohort last week, when he ‘tweeted’ that he ‘just paid the Obamacare tax’ for not having mandated coverage.

Within 22 minutes, he was slammed by Obama’s White House propagandist and media as a liar, claiming the Obamacare tax was delayed another year, due April 2015.

Rush says this shows the ignorance of Obama’s team and the media – a self-employed person (by law) must pay their current-year taxes quarterly…in the same year.

Drudge even went so far as to remind Obama-ite critics of that fact, but it’s no use.

Obama, his administration, and the media that carries Obama’s water, all know they’ve lied on very important issues in the past…it’s no surprise they continue to lie now.

Rush Limbaugh is wrong – Obama, his team, and his media, aren’t ignorant…

…they’re LIARS.

So, which Party’s in the pocket of Big Business?

We’ve established that restricting oil supplies artificially raises oil prices.

Democrats refuse to allow drilling or building more refineries, and oil prices go up…

…so Big Oil profits (because cost of extraction didn’t rise, just oil prices)…

…while consumers end up with increased costs due to skyrocketing fuel prices.

Now, HHS is rewriting Obamacare rules, which will allow insurers to take more profit…

…while reducing the amount of care given to you consumers enrolled in their plans.

So, Democrats want to let insurers hike profits, and pay less for consumers’ care.

Please remind us…which Party is in the pockets of Big Business?

Just one more reason to eject Democrats from office…

Giving up internet control to a global entity is crazy.

The ‘global entity’ is made up of a wide variety of totalitarian nations.

Just as the UN has failed to protect the weak and vulnerable, so would a ‘global entity’ fail to protect against free-speech rights that our internet now provides.

This ‘global entity’ is already proposing regulations based on their interpretation of what they consider to be consistent with ‘peace’, ‘security’, and ‘stability’.

Anyone asking why this is bad should consider the UN track record of protecting from genocide, terrorism, and other acts of barbarism, shadow-controlled by nation states.

And, Sen. Scott said it best: “The ‘global internet community’…has no 1st Amendment.”

It’s a Democrat administration allowing this ill-advised act to occur next year.

Republican messaging, from now ’til election day, should include a promise that, once elected, they’ll enact immediate legislation negating efforts to give up internet control.

Just 1 more reason to eject Democrats from office, and retake Congress…

(Full disclosure: our BCP website relies on American concepts of free speech.)