A different kind of ‘Dirty’ Harry…


Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just got caught with his granddaughter’s hand in the Senator’s campaign cash ‘cookie jar’…to the tune of almost $17,000.

He claims he did no wrong, so why didn’t he list her last name (Reid) on paperwork?

Now comes news that even more campaign money was given. We’re up to $31,000+.

Harry Reid demeaned his Senate office, attacking private citizens on the Senate floor, and spent his years in office building a Nevada dynasty, enriching his family.

So, what goes around – comes around, and it looks like Harry is getting his now.

The original Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) made his name through his crime fighting techniques, which involved getting down and dirty with his criminal adversaries.

Now we have another type of Dirty Harry, with a well-documented long, dirty trail of abusing his office, exploiting political connections, and misusing campaign funds.

Wouldn’t it be great if the original Dirty Harry faced off with this Filthy Senator?

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