2020 ELECTION, messaging

2020 California-SPECIFIC: How To Vote California Propositions, Initiatives                    (links to GOP recommendations on California ballot initiatives and propositions)

Here’s some helpful Info links for discussions with friends, neighbors:

Why On Earth Would You Vote Democrat?!?(published Oct 20)

GREATEST PRESIDENCY EVER! Far left Debate Commission Ignores  President Trump’s Numerous Accomplishments in Final Debate — Here’s the List (published Oct 22)

11 Shining Successes of Pres Donald Trump’s First Term                                          “…one of the most consequential first terms of any president in American history”            Fastest-growing economy in history                                                                        Lowest unemployment in 50 years                                                                          Victory over ISIS and radical Islamic terror                                                                A border wall and immigration enforcement                                                          Diplomatic opening with North Korea                                                                    Peace in the Middle East                                                                                          Three Supreme Court justices and record appointments                                    Historic achievements for black Americans                                                          Creating USMCA to replace NAFTA                                                                      Standing up to China                                                                                                        A stronger military, and Space Force                                                                   There is one overarching achievement: Trump stood up for the idea of America, its       history, its heroes, its law enforcement, and its Constitution, against radical forces   sowing destruction in the streets of our nation. Only Trump could have done it.”

“Promises Made, Promises KEPT” – a Jan 2020 msg from President Donald Trump

  • Dismantled the disastrous Iran deal
  • Renegotiated the horrible, wrong-sided NAFTA deal
  • Added millions of New Jobs and trillions of New Wealth
  • Rebuilt our great U.S. Military
  • Renegotiating extremely one-sided & horrible China trade deals
  • Moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capitol of Israel
  • Cancelled the worthless Paris Climate Agreement
  • Building a SERIOUS southern border wall to fight human/drug trafficking
  • Appointed justices to Supreme Court who are loyal to our Constitution
  • (not yet in video) Eradication (ongoing) of Islamist terror leaders & evildoers
  • Added May 25: “Death Rates For Coronavirus Higher in Democrat States”
  • Historic Middle East peace deals
  • (developing)

FOCUSING: a GOP message for future elections

In keeping with the philosophy that The Best Defense Is A Good Offense, BCP is convinced that the Democrat/Liberal Party must be held to account for their failed policies at every juncture during this – and every future – political cycle.

2020 Elections – Vote Republican…

On the other hand, vote Democrat if

  • You embrace sanctuary states and cities, and open borders;
  • You’re OK with no-growth/slow-growth economic stagnation;
  • You like high gas-pump prices, and bloated elec-utility bills;
  • You’re a firm believer in ‘Guilty-Until-Proven-Innocent’ rule-of-law;
  • You have no problem with crony capitalism, and fat-cat contracts;
  • You’re okay with allowing new-born babies to die of neglect & call it ‘abortion’;
  • You see Rioting & Looting as necessary expressions of societal dissatisfaction
  • (Developing)

2016 Elections

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  1. After I find or create one, I’ll post a GOP platform checklist here so we can all see that most Republican candidates are RINOs and can hold them to THEIR promises.

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