2020 ELECTION messaging

“Promises Made, Promises KEPT” – a msg from President Donald Trump

  • Dismantled the disastrous Iran deal
  • Renegotiated the horrible, wrong-sided NAFTA deal
  • Added millions of New Jobs and trillions of New Wealth
  • Rebuild our great U.S. Military
  • Renegotiating extremely one-sided & horrible China trade deals
  • Moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capitol of Israel
  • Cancelled the worthless Paris Climate Agreement
  • Building a SERIOUS southern border wall to fight human/drug trafficking
  • Appointed justices to Supreme Court who are loyal to our Constitution
  • (not yet in video) Eradication (ongoing) of Islamist terror leaders & evildoers
  • Added May 25: “Death Rates For Coronavirus Higher in Democrat States”
  • (developing)

FOCUSING: a GOP message for future elections

In keeping with the philosophy that The Best Defense Is A Good Offense, BCP is convinced that the Democrat/Liberal Party must be held to account for their failed policies at every juncture during this – and every future – political cycle.

2020 Elections – Vote Republican…

On the other hand, vote Democrat if

  • You embrace sanctuary states and cities, and open borders;
  • You’re OK with no-growth/slow-growth economic stagnation;
  • You like high gas-pump prices, and bloated elec-utility bills;
  • You’re a firm believer in ‘Guilty-Until-Proven-Innocent’ rule-of-law;
  • You have no problem with crony capitalism, and fat-cat contracts;
  • You’re okay with allowing new-born babies to die of neglect & call it ‘abortion’;
  • (Developing)

2016 Elections

One thought on “2020 ELECTION messaging

  1. After I find or create one, I’ll post a GOP platform checklist here so we can all see that most Republican candidates are RINOs and can hold them to THEIR promises.

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