Witnessing the perfect model of failed Democrat policy

Raise the minimum wage!Ā Strengthen welfare safety nets! Increase health benefits!

These are the foundational arguments of Democrat vote-seeking politicians. These are policies, they claim, which help improve the plight of the lesser fortunate…yet…

Witness Puerto Rico…a withering example of those very policies.

The federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr is equal to $20/hr based on their economy, and the welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid benefits amount to even more…

…resulting in a destroyed private sector that can’t bear the financial costs.

No private sector, no jobs…unless you’re lucky enough to get a public-sector job.

It’s no surprise, then, to learn only 40% of Puerto Rico’s adults are working.

No jobs, no tax revenue. Puerto Rico can’t pay bondholderĀ debt…it’s bankrupt…

…as are DEMOCRAT ‘solutions’.

No clearer example is needed to prove throwing more money at issues is stupid.

Any questions?

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