Why should media-propaganda be defined as ‘freedom of the press’?

Conservative media hand-wringing (over the President’s tweets about licensing of the left-leaning media) continues, bringing up dark specters of government suppression.

As everyone is aware, ‘Freedom of the Press’ is a first amendment right…but if a ‘press’ becomes the propaganda tool for one political Party over another, is it still a ‘press’?

Shouldn’t conservatives so steeped in constitutional foreboding differentiate between an ‘independent, objective’ press, and one that’s become nothing more than such a tool?

We suggest a Nation that has a 50-50 divide in political outlook is a Nation that should have a press that reflects such a split in its reporting on Trump, but based on negative-v-positive news reporting of 95%-vs-5% (bad-to-good), it doesn’t appear very objective.

And, since public airwaves are – well – public…it would follow that a certain amount of objectivity should be required from a media taking advantage of those public airwaves.

Is a propagandized press any less a threat to public freedoms?

After all, we’re not asking for or expecting bias, just objectivity.

Perfect case in point…

…the Left-wing media reporting on the President’s elimination of insurer subsidies for Obamacare. EVERYONE knows Obama’s subsidy payments were illegal, under the Constitution…but Trump gets slammed, and bad Democrat lawmaking gets a pass.

Reporting that the law was written poorly would be accurate. And the Left-leaning media (after reporting that objectivity) could always try to make their point that it needs fixing, but instead, their bias makes them take up Democrat-Left talking points and run with it.

At that point, they’ve summarily relinquished any claim to being a ‘press’…

…and firmly established they’re merely a propaganda tool for the Left.

The eminent Jay Cost makes the point that “the mainstream media are biased, but I do not want the authority of the state used against media outlets. You shouldn’t, either. If we allow the government to pick and choose what is “fair” reporting and what is “biased,” it will not be long until the state comes after conservative media, too.”

Problem is, the Left has no reservations in that regard. Obama ‘went after’ (what little there is of) the conservative media with a vengeance. And, as Kevin Williamson pointed out during a recent anti-Trump diatribe on this same matter, Senate Democrats not long ago voted – unanimously – in favor of repealing the First Amendment.

Neither Mr. Cost nor Mr. Williamson make a distinction between an objective press, and a Left-wing media machine operating in a heavily-biased fashion against the Right.

But, when it comes to making public airwaves accessible to such bias, messaging such as theirs must certainly disqualify them from any claims to being a ‘free press’?

Maybe President Trump’s just making the point that freedom of speech doesn’t give a company free rein to making lies about one’s product on store shelves, so…

if the ‘media’ is so blatantly pushing a Left-wing narrative…

…they should be held to ‘TRUTH-in-advertising’ laws.

The media suffers another self-inflicted foot-shooting…

On this NFL ‘take-a-knee’ imbroglio, the media shot itself in the foot.

Before Kaepernick took a knee last year, the media never televised National Anthems during the NFL pregame activities, covering mostly pre-game analysis and ‘watch-fors’.

Once the public heard a player disrespected the Anthem and voiced outrage, that all changed…Left-wing media’s always ready to stick anti-American sentiment in our face.

But, lo and behold they lost ratings, earned further scorn from the public, and…guess what? When their ratings drop, their prices for advertising take a HUGE hit.

Talk about tone deaf.

Democrats hurt those they claim to champion, then blame Republicans…again

Democrats wrote bad law, Obama illegally subsidized it, now it’s Trump’s fault?

The deceit over Obamacare continues apace.

Democrats wrote the law knowing insurers would have to raise rates dramatically, and Obama illegally made billions of payments to insurers to artificially slow down hikes.

Now, Pres Trump has decided he will FOLLOW the law, and Democrats go insane.

Barack Obama had no lawful standing to make payments to insurers. The House, under our Constitution, is where all appropriations (funding) are originated, not the Executive, and the House of Representatives never made such an appropriation for insurers.

Long story short –

  • Democrats wrote bad law that they knew would result in outrageous price spikes,
  • Obama illegally funneled billions to insurers to keep price hikes to a minimum,
  • Pres Trump merely insists the law be obeyed…and he’s blamed for cost hikes.

Democrats hurt those they claim to champion, then blame Republicans.

Which, come to think of it, describes Democrats to a ‘t’.

Weinstein went to Europe? All he needed to do was go to Hillary for help

Rush Limbaugh’s at the top of his game – he said all Harvey Weinstein need do is go to the Queen of Bimbo Eruptions control…Hillary ‘drag-’em-thru-the-mud’ Clinton.

The money quote – “There is nobody that knows how to best destroy women who come forward with these allegations than Hillary Clinton. If you’re Harvey Weinstein and you want this to go away, you need to hire the woman who made it go away for the president of the United States, who made it go away for the entire Democrat Party. You need to hire the CEO of bimbo eruptions, and that is Hillary Clinton.”

Classic Limbaugh.

All the President’s done is follow the letter of the O’care law Democrats wrote

We’re not sure what is more deeply gratifying…that the Left is having a hissy fit over the latest move the President made on Obamacare, or the fact the way Democrats wrote it back in 2010 will cause it to implode – simply by FOLLOWING THEIR LAW faithfully.

When President Trump ended the illegal subsidies, he actually just set in place that the law should be obeyed, according to the way deceitful Democrats wrote it originally.

(Obama’s act of funneling money to fat-cat insurers was ruled illegal by federal court.)

Of course, the Democrat MEDIA ENABLERS won’t tell you that, but an excellent article  at NRO by the legal expert Andrew McCarthy lays it out in simple, brutal detail.

Democrats wrote Obamacare so it would fail

…Barack Obama unlawfully funneled billions to insurer cronies to prop it up…

…and now the Left is angered Pres. Trump forces the law to be followed…



A worthwhile charity we can endorse

Speaking from first-hand knowledge, being around horses can be as therapeutic as any visit to the psychiatrist, and a helluva lot more fun. Fox News reports on a horse-therapy charity for veterans in need of donations. We know first-hand it works.


As a veteran, we can affirm Panache is all the therapy we need to get us through life.

If you’re looking for a place to drop a few dollars for a good cause, check out the link.

Thank you.

CA – wildfires reveal unreadiness of Jerry Brown, and state’s Democrat gov’t

Watching the continuing tragedy unfold in Northern California, one can’t help but wonder why there isn’t more of an outcry on how the governor and his Democrat cohort have handled this emergency from the outset...is Left-wing incompetence a factor?

Because it seems Gov Brown is more inclined to blame climate change for wildfires, and ignore the very possible likelihood that crony utility companies caused the fire.

Read the Lifson-American Thinker column linked above, if you don’t mind getting angry.

If failing power line infrastructure was the cause, and Jerry Brown vetoed the bill to address the situation in 2016, there will be hell to pay for that decision…

…one hopes.