FISA Chief Judge: FBI private contractors illegally spied on Americans, for 4 years BEFORE Trump’s election

There’s a reason the snakes in the woodpile continue to attack…it’s their only defense considering what promises to be the rain of hell-fire that will be falling on them soon.

According to Joe diGenova (former DC att’y gen’l and FISC legal counsel):

“The problem for Brennan and [former Director of National Intelligence]Clapper and [former FBI Director] Comey and [former FBI General Counsel] Baker and all of them now is, is that the FISA Court has already communicated with the Justice Department about its findings. And their findings are that from more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI [private] contractors — four of them — to steal personal information, electronic information about Americans and to use it against the Republican Party.”

“There are going to be indictments. There’s going to be grand juries. John Brennan isn’t going to need one lawyer. He’s going to need five!”

Liberals scream in fake outrage, falsely claiming all manner of dictatorial abuses by President Trump…but the real truth of Democrat chicanery is soon to be exposed.

Once again, their false accusations are merely projections of what they themselves are guilty of committing, and no amount of FakeNews media cover will obscure that reality.

Judgment cometh…speedily.

And, post-judgment, when the excuses rain down, we’re forced to ask…

…would Democrats be okay with a Republican administration perpetrating such acts?

Oops…looks like O’s ‘civilian security force’ just got caught in an insurrection plot…

In 2008, Obama called for the development of a civilian security force. Many speculate that the masked Antifa thugs rioting in the streets make up a part of that strategic force.

Not outside the realm of possibility.

And, now, we learn (as reported by the Daily Caller) “The FBI is investigating anti-fascist activists for an alleged plot to buy guns from a Mexican cartel in order to “stage an armed rebellion” at the southern border…” (By ‘anti-fascist activists’, read ‘Antifa’)

Antifa is the modern-day Democrat equivalent of the KKK. That group in eras past acted as the militant arm for that Party. Don’t believe Antifa is the second coming? Just like their KKK predecessor, present-day Antifa thugs go masked…and commit violence…

…to push the Democrat agenda.

One thing you can count on…this was NOT a Fast-&-Furious buyback program. These thugs play for keeps, and the game is on: they plan to win the 2020 national elections.

Armed rebellion? Unfortunately, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“Brennan…Clapper…living proof that the U. S. has a dual system of justice”

Whether one is a Democrat, Independent, or Republican, equal application of our laws should be of paramount importance…rule-of-law is fundamental to the Constitution.

Angelo Codevilla’s op-ed “Why Are Clapper and Brennan Not in Jail?” is a damning indictment of the legal system…unless there’s something coming we aren’t aware of.

As with Hillary and her infamous email scandal, laws were PROVABLY broken; the lack of indictments is yet another scary example of Justice Department double standards…

…and a national disgrace. Here are the money quotes…

(Bold, underline emphasis added in all excerpts)

“The clearest of all the laws concerning U.S. intelligence is Section 798, 18 U.S. Code—widely known in the Intelligence Community as “the Comint Statute,” or “the 10 and 10.” Unlike other laws, this is a “simple liability” law. Motivation, context, identity, matter not at all. You violate it, you are guilty and are punished accordingly.

“…in January 2017, Brennan and Clapper made…statements on national television. The only possible excuse—that their allegations were lies—is irrelevant because the essence of the violation is the revelation that U.S intelligence was monitoring the communications of the Russians in America, and those of the Trump campaign as well. This is true…that revelation is a textbook violation of the Comint Statute.”

The question remains: why aren’t Brennan and Clapper in jail, or at least indicted?

Loyalty to a political Party shouldn’t be more important than equal application of law.



…ssooo…if they beat the drum long enough, people will believe it…?

To our Liberal readers harping on obstruction, we REPEAT for clarity:

Where ‘obstruction of justice’ occurs, first, JUSTICE must be the requisite process.

And, given that the ENTIRE investigation was based on a HOAX…and the perpetrators knew it was based on a HOAX…their actions on display by no means defines ‘justice’.

So, all the storm-&-fury over obstruction is meant to obscure one simple, inconvenient fact all these anti-Trump’ers are desperate to hide: ‘justice’ was not being served.

Forget about ‘there-was-no-crime, so there can’t be obstruction’ arguments…

…there was NO JUSTICE BEING SERVED. What part of that is incomprehensible?

Parsing what this person said, or that person claimed, has no bearing in the matter.

Being found ‘not guilty of collusion’ by Mueller-&-co. doesn’t matter.

Conservatives standing firmly on such ground legitimizes an investigation process that doesn’t deserve credence…a phony probe can’t be defined as a ‘justice’ process.

It was a HOAX…and a partisan hit-job veiled as a legitimate investigation cannot be defined as justice being carried out – no matter how loudly that drum is beaten.

Now, if they want to find President Trump guilty of ‘obstruction-of-hoax’…that’s different.

(Although, in our opinion, obstructing hoaxes is worthy of merit…not malice.)

Until they start listening, we’ll continue to beat the one, true drum…

…you can’t have obstruction-of-justice, when justice ISN’T being done.

If House Judiciary Democrats don’t adhere to ‘law’ Barr should walk out of hearing “AG Barr Threatens to Skip House Judiciary Hearing”

Attorney General Barr doesn’t need to threaten Democrats…

…just remind them they’re LAW-makers, and any partisan screed trampling sound law will be dealt with by his demand for a parting statement…followed by his departure.

House Judiciary members, by definition, should know the law. Any Democrat who tries grandstanding with partisan rhetoric ignoring basic legal principle should be shut down.

Tell them they have a choice – HONEST dialogue…or a quick, deserving rebuke.

Where there’s no justice, there can’t be obstruction

Merriam Webster defines ‘justice’ as “…the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments”

That said, an ‘investigation’ predicated on a hoax cannot claim to be an ‘administration of what is just’ and, thus, cannot form a foundation for ‘obstruction of justice’ claims.

The entire case for so-called ‘Russia collusion’ was based on a Democrat-funded dirt dossier opposition research smear with NO EVIDENCE…just disinformation.

This was known, by the very DOJ prosecutorial team Mueller assembled and his FBI investigative squad…BEFORE the special counsel was formed.

You’d think a hall filled with lawyers (a.k.a., Democrats) would know such a partisan investigative fraud is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what true justice stands for.

Where there’s no justice, there can’t be ‘obstruction’.


Wall St Journal, FoxNews channel BlueCollar, on what Mueller’s report left out…

We noted right after Mueller’s report came out that it ignored the fake dirt-dossier, which more and more is looking like a Russian disinformation campaign funded by Democrats.

FoxNews op-ed headline: “Kimberley Strassel: One of the Mueller probe’s biggest failures — All but ignoring the infamous ‘dossier'” covers a Wall St. Journal op-ed entitled “The Russians and the Dossier” (unfortunately, behind a paywall).

Enough of the FoxNews excerpt tells readers what we at BlueCollar noted immediately, that Mueller seems to completely ignore the REAL foreign interference.

Bottom line: the real Russian interference was ignored, because of who funded it.

The fly in the ‘Russians-favored-Trump’ stew everyone seems to be ignoring

Even as the Mueller report exonerates the President and his campaign team from conspiracy to collude with Russians, Mueller asserts foreign efforts favored Trump.

But, there’s a HUGE problem with this assertion…it happened during Obama’s reign.

Does anyone in their right mind believe a Democrat administration would allow such an effort to occur if they saw Russian efforts were meant to undermine their candidate?

Or, is everyone in that Party so stupid as to not ascertain such damaging activities?

Those are the choices – Mueller is lying…or Obama-&-co were IDIOTS.

Sorry, anti/never-Trump’ers…

…this ‘Russkies-favored-Trump-but-WE-LET-IT-HAPPEN’ doesn’t meet the smell-test.

Who would be happy with mail service provided only for certain political ideologies?


Sorry, but tech giants who use federally-provided platforms for social media content do not have the right to censor use of that content based on political ideology. THINK…

In the context of operating within a federally-provided medium (the Internet), censoring  access/use would be comparable to the U.S. Postal System delivering only certain mail.

How would Liberals feel if mail service was restricted to Conservative ideology?

Sure, the tech giants are businesses…but they use a federally-provided platform.

In that context, they’re obligated to open public use.

Otherwise, they need to develop their own Internet.

Sorry Rush, you miss the boat on why they keep attacking Trump…

In his opening segment Wednesday, Rush said the Democrats and media attacking the President are doing so because they can’t believe he won, and want to drive him out.

It goes much deeper than that, Rush.

They’re attacking because it’s the only defense they have against the firestorm headed their way, for their unethical, illegal, and treasonous attempt to subvert our elections.

Democrat politicians, and media pushing them from behind the curtains, are desperate to hide their illegal activities over the last several years…attack is their only option.

IMPEACHMENT is their only hope.

Seeing how this President deals with attacks, in our opinion their efforts will backfire…