Ripostes for Liberals

Riposte: (verb) [rye-post]

In sword-fighting, a ‘riposte’ is the quick return thrust following an adversary’s attack. To be effective, a riposte should put the attacking adversary on the defensive. In the art of verbal discussion, it’s the quick retaliatory response to your adversary’s comment. Facts, logic, honesty, and brevity in a verbal riposte are essential.

These will be our guiding criteria for Ripostes for Liberals. (Those who comment would be well advised to follow that example as well…) Where possible, the issue in question will be bold type, to help you categorize responses. (Link highlights lead to more info)

RIPOSTES for Liberals/Democrats (also, see as a tool)

If you think the less fortunate deserve other people’s money, but not your money…you must be a Democrat.

If you know Republicans didn’t help write Obamacare, didn’t vote to pass it, didn’t issue exemptions and waivers to special groups, and played no role in its faulty implementation, but now blame Republicans for its failures…you must be a Democrat!

If gun-deaths of several dozen children in a classroom is evil and horrific, but needle-&-scissor deaths of millions of children in the womb is okay…you must be a Democrat!

If common sense dictates there wouldn’t be Debt if there were no Spending, but then try to claim that the Debt Ceiling isn’t about Spending…you must be a Democrat!

If you know the Democrat-controlled Senate is stalling 40 Republican pro-growth bills that would prevent the fiscal-cliff…but then insist on blaming Republicans for that looming fiscal crisis…you must be a Democrat!

If you believe Government is spending your money better than you can…you must be a Democrat!

If you insisted that 8 years of $4 trillion accumulated Bush debt was ‘unpatriotic’, yet yawn over 4 years of $5+ trillion Obama debt…you must be a Democrat.

If you buy Obama’s assertion that ‘the Bush-era tax cuts didn’t work’…despite a record-breaking 52-months consecutive job-growth after going into effect…well, you know…

If you’re convinced our Constitutional right to own a gun is a bad thing, yet somehow claim that Obama’s Justice Department allowing heavy assault weapons purchases by Mexican drug cartels was a good thing…you must be a Democrat.

If you see ‘drill-more’ Republicans (who want to drive down gas prices) as being in Big Oil’s pocket, but see ‘restrict-drilling’ Democrats – whose policies create artificial oil shortages, which drive up gas prices, increasing oil company profits – as not being in Big Oil’s pocket…yep…you’re a DEMOCRAT!

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