Reparations? Is the DNC ready to write those checks?

Early candidates for the Democrat Party are talking reparations for black Americans ‘affected by slavery’, which brings up a question, since slavery ended in the 1860s.

At the risk of being falsely labelled ‘racist’, we wonder if there’s a black nation that has a greater economic standard, and freedom, for its black population than here in the USA?

If not, how can anyone define better living conditions in America as a bad thing?

That said, there are living black Americans who were hurt by overt racism.

Slavery was an abhorrent, cruel practice, and its victims suffered immensely…and in an ironic twist, it was the Democrat Party trying to extend that practice of keeping the black population down through use of the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and Bull Connor tactics.

It was the Republican Party that formed to END slavery, and fought for black Americans right up to the Civil Rights Act passage, predominantly backed by the GOP in the ’60s.

If anything, the Democrat Party owes reparations to those afflicted, and, typically, it’s now THAT Party – responsible for bad deeds – saying ALL should bear responsibility.

We’re thinking, if there’s honesty in the Left’s cadre of Social Justice Warriors, they’ll own up to their Party’s bad deeds – Tom Steyer, George Soros, start writing checks.

‘FauxFending’ – latest addition to the BlueCollar lexicon

It’s high time to name the act of faking being offended, which Leftists use to shutdown any dialogue or activity that could negate or be harmful to their relentless narrative…

…Fauxfending; BlueCollar defined as verb: falsely claiming offense, most often used with terms like ‘racist’, ‘misogynist’, or ‘homophobic’ to subdue inconvenient truths.

Fauxadjective, def: artificial or imitation; fake

Next time a Liberal friend labels Make America Great Again’ as racist…

…understand that they’re just fauxfended‘cuz it’ll shut you up.

Class dismissed

…meanwhile, ignoring the ‘possible Russian assets’ in plain sight…

Asked (on CNN) if it was possible Trump could be a Russian asset, former, disgraced acting FBI director McCabe stated “I think it’s possible. I think that’s why we started our investigation. And I’m really anxious to see where Director Mueller concludes that.”

Why is that, Andy?

Did he take $145 million from Russians and their agents?

No – wait – that was Hillary.

Did he okay and facilitate Russia acquiring critical American uranium assets?

No – wait – that was Hillary, too.

Mr. Trump doesn’t have a pay-to-play record of taking tens of millions of dollars from Russians, and as a private citizen had nothing to do with critical uranium asset sales.

So, Andy, what are we left to believe…

…that your FBI just got WHICH candidate to investigate wrong?

Otherwise, how is it the much-vaunted FBI chose to investigate a candidate who had no proven underhanded dealings with Russia and/or its agents…

…but didn’t investigate the candidate WHO DID?

Smollett’s hate-hoax wasn’t a ‘publicity stunt’…it was a hate crime

Headlines are already erupting about Smollett being arrested and charged with filing a false police report; you can expect the Left & media to write this off as a ‘publicity stunt’.

But this disgusting farce was directed, very specifically, against a segment of America, and folks, regardless what the Left says, targeting groups qualifies as a Hate Crime.



(They warned of Trump-supporter hate crimes…guess they got tired of waiting for it.)

How will the ‘Party of Human Trafficking & Drug Cartels’ win this fight?

As reported by the Washington Times this morning: “Pelosi vows quick action on resolution to counter Trump emergency declaration” (referring to ‘The Wall’).


They voted for a wall in the past; they know drugs are flooding into the country; they know human/sex trafficking is rampant; they know terrorists are trying to get in daily…

…and Nancy Pelosi thinks this message will resonate with Americans?

How is putting her Party in the same camp as drug cartels and sex traffickers a winning message for the Democrats? In what alternate Reality is that a good thing?

President Trump’s asking for less funding to build effective barriers than Congress authorized in the past to research the sexual habits of sea turtles and banana slugs.

Seriously. When was the last time anyone heard of a Democrat politician worry about spending too muchon anything? The hypocrisy of this anti-wall effort is astounding.

Elites, who enclose themselves in security enclaves, would leave the rest of America exposed. Let those without walls and locked doors in their homes cast the first stone.

A study several years ago estimated illegal immigration costs the United States $135bn annually (and you can bet that amount hasn’t gone down since the study came out).

Why would any American political party be unwilling to spend $5bn to build a wall that can help reduce drug/human/sex trafficking, and possibly save up to $135bn a year?!?

Is this really the hill they wish to die on?

Hmmm…curiouser, and curiouser…

A headline on the alleged hate-hoaxer Smollett caught the eye today “Does the Jussie Smollett case really end with the Nigerians?” suggesting political chicanery’s afoot.

The article alludes to a very curious fact:

A ‘hate-crime’ (involving a gay man who happens to be black and claims a lynch-noose was wrapped around his neck as well) is timed just as 2 black Democrat senators who are presidential contenders (Kamala Harris & Cory Booker) offer an anti-lynching bill…

…that had last-minute language specifying homophobia added to the bill…

…and would (coincidentally?) play well to their black-American and gay voter base.

Conspiracy theory…or Democrat chicanery?

Hopefully, time will tell.