When will the House OVERSIGHT Committee investigate REAL crimes?

First, the Democrats bring in a former Trump lawyer to smear the President…

…now they want to ‘interview’ his kids, with pretty much the same objective.

But, unwittingly, Democrat committee chairman Cummings – when he mentioned that plan to interview Ivanka and Trump Jr. – let the cat out of the bag on why he was so restrictive about what Republicans weren’t allowed to bring up in the Cohen hearing.

All you have to do is follow the transcript. If there are names that were mentioned or records that were mentioned during the hearing, we want to take a look at all of that.

Got that? That’s what Cummings told reporters, regarding follow-on interviews.

By restricting Republicans asking about the Mueller investigation, or partisan Justice Dept and FBI deep-stater activities, embarrassing follow-on interviews were avoided.

Or, were they?

In Cummings own words…If there are names that were mentioned or records that were mentioned during the hearing, we want to take a look at all of that.”

So, did the name Steele, Strzok, Page, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, DNC, Hillary, Simpson, or FusionGPS get mentioned? Emails, texts, dossier, leakers, etc?

We encourage Republicans to review every word during the Cohen hearing, because if any mention was made as an aside or reference, then let the real games begin.

Our guess is, if any were mentioned, Democrats will fight very hard not to include them.

Because their definition of ‘oversight’ doesn’t include Democrat chicanery.

The 1000-lb gorilla in the Green New Deal’s closet…

All the talk of ‘it will cost $93 trillion’ aside, there’s an easier argument against the GND: it’s based on a lie – produced by computer models…and tweaked with ‘adjusted’ data.

And, surprise…the Earth is still here – as are we.

Animal/plant life flourished during the eras we note above. The sky isn’t falling. (We’d include human life, but Democrats’ infanticide inclinations show that’s not an issue.)

So, why talk ‘costs’? Arguing over mundane details gives credibility to their premise.

The Green New Deal is based on a lie that there’s an earth-ending threat otherwise. It takes just a moment to state, unequivocally, that Science refutes that FALSE threat.

Class dismissed.

Ominous polling data means polling dishonesty will only get worse

“Response rates in telephone surveys have resumed their decline”

Pew Research is reporting that fewer people are willing to participate in polling, and in large part that may be due to the deceptive polling techniques that skew real attitudes.

Oddly enough, their report doesn’t give DISTRUST any thought at all. But the presence of push-polling has become a very real, constant issue, eroding confidence in polling.

This can only work in favor of those who are okay with skewed polling to continue, because they will be the only ones willing to participate in deceptive polling.

Deliberately swallowing their own poisonous pills…

Democrats rushing to mics to laud Cohen’s testimony against President Trump bask in a self-righteous glow of ‘I told you so’…even as they ignore one very important fact…

…there wasn’t ONE IOTA of evidence to back up Cohen’s claims.

It shows how desperate they are, to rely on unfounded allegations from a proven liar.

It must be tiring for Democrat supporters, to rally ’round their politicians in the face of so much unfounded lying…even while their own PROVEN wrongdoing is exposed daily.

This Democrat circus couldn’t even produce an endearing clown or performing bear…

…relying instead on a dancing goat.

Damning the tax-cuts…for doing what THEY want?

Democrats play fast-&-loose with tax-the-rich rhetoric, but scream when it happens…

…yet, then, spin it to appear as a GOP tax-cut failure. Reported in the Hill: “Watchdog: Nearly 11 million taxpayers may be subject to limit on key deduction”

Sounds bad, right? O-M-G, 11 million taxpayers are getting screwed by GOP tax cuts!

It takes 8 paragraphs before you learn those 11 million taxpayers are…wait for it…

…the Highest Earners (in primarily high-tax, blue state areas).

That’s right – the Republican tax-cuts capped state and local tax deductions that could be applied against federal taxes; that means high earners, who by definition pay more of state-and-local taxes (SALT), can’t deduct as much as they once could. Cue violins!

Wonder why it took the author to the end of the 8th paragraph to mention that?

(Did we mention The Hill was a left-of-center outlet?)

Could it be Democrats really DON’T WANT TO TAX THE RICH MORE?

Wait – could it be more disingenuous Democrat rhetoric? Say it ain’t so.

Cohen testimony – 2nd prediction: FakeNews will blare out Democrat questions…but mute Cohen’s answers

As noted in our previous blog, House Democrats are “…using an indicted felon and disbarred lawyer, who lied to Congress, cheated on the IRS, and abused campaign-finance compliance, to question the integrity of a sitting President of the United States.”

Problem is, most of the questions Democrats asked revolve around already debunked theory and conjecture with no basis, no foundation…and Cohen refuted them as well.

Got that? He refuted those allegations today. So, why would Democrats do that?

Because, it gives FakeNews an opportunity to report allegations as if they’re real.

And, you can bet they’ll bury the denials that Cohen gave on those allegations. But, for the ready-to-smear anti-Trump’ers, blaring the questions gives them what they need.

They’ll trumpet the allegations, mute the denials, and then if/when challenged on those denials by Cohen, point out he’s a liar…without noting he was THEIR witness.

That’s how FakeNews works, folks.

Cohen? C’mon, Congress, bring in Stormy…at least she’s easier to look at

Another day, another House committee trolling…errr…hearing, in an attempt to smear the President, but the best the Democrats can do is an indicted liar and felon?

Prediction – Expect lots of noise and fury…and ZERO evidence to back up any claim the just-disbarred (former Trump lawyer) Cohen presents. Oh, and Democrat bloviating.

Seriously – it would’ve been more entertaining to bring in Stormy.

UPDATE: here’s a real shocker…

Democrats limited members to what they could ask of Cohen, but as a House GOP member noted (paraphrasing) ‘…we’re allowed to ask about President’s debts, but Cohen’s lied about his own debts; we’re allowed to ask about the President’s complying with campaign finance laws, but Cohen’s lied about his own compliance; we’re allowed to ask about IRS dealings, but Cohen’s indicted for his own lying IRS malfeasance

…Mr. Chairman, this is the best witness you Democrats have?’


Seriously: they’re using an indicted felon and disbarred lawyer, who lied to Congress, cheated on the IRS, and abused campaign-finance compliance, to question the integrity of a sitting President of the United States? Honest Americans won’t stand for this.