Liar’s Game…smokescreening the REAL failure in Benghazi

Quick, what’s easier to answer for: being a liar…or being derelict of duty?

You would think a smart Republican would wonder why Hillary and the Obama goon squad are so blase over being caught with their ‘it was a video’ Benghazi lies.

When you think about it though, it’s a no-brainer.

For a Democrat, being categorized a liar is (usually) a badge of honor.

It’s much more difficult to defend dereliction of duty…especially when that failure causes American deaths…and could be a career-ender, even for a Democrat.

The real failure of Benghazi was not activating 6th Fleet extraction teams which could have rescued Americans earlier, saving at least Glen Doherty and Ty Woods.

Because it was a full 6 hours and 20 minutes after the initial attack began, when both Doherty and Woods were killed.

The U.S. Navy 6th Fleet is stationed in Naples Italy, with several units specifically tasked to provide evacuation for threatened Americans in its theater of operations.

The distance from Naples Italy to Benghazi Libya is 668.3 miles. The teams are on standby 24/7, and could have been there within 2 hours…but no order was given.

The Benghazi timeline lasted almost 7 hours, from initial assault to final cessation. (And reports are that several hours before, attackers began sealing off streets.)

Almost 40 Americans could have died, yet the State Dept and Commander-in-Chief failed to activate highly trained U.S. Spec-Ops evacuation teams. (Only Obama and the State Dept could authorize the military force necessary to implement a rescue.)

The most important job of our elected leaders, is protecting Americans.

So it’s no wonder Obama and Hillary are so willing to let the ‘it-was-a-video’ lies and accusations run their course – it obscures an impeachable failure…

…they both violated their oath of office by failing to ‘well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office’ they had been elected and/or appointed to fulfill.

When the assault began, they had no idea how long it would last, or how many Americans could be killed. Their failure could have sealed the fate of 40 Americans.

4 died.

More could have.

That’s why they hope all we dwell on is the ‘video’ lie.

Overwhelming U.S. military forces were in the area, ready to go, yet not deployed.

Americans would be better served if Republicans would ‘man-up’ and point this out.



Liberal media stumbles over the ‘accountability’ concept…GOP yawns

House Republicans had a great opportunity to re-introduce accountability to Liberal media today, and of course, blew it completely.

Asked if their Committee Benghazi report was just an attack on Hillary Clinton, they could have said ‘Absolutely, she and Obama were in charge, and accountable.’

They could have noted targeting people is a Democrat tactic, as Democrats did that very thing the day before – mentioning Trump 23 times in their Benghazi report

…when, to the best of our knowledge, Trump was never in Obama’s State Dept.

But once again, they take the ‘high road’… to nowhere.

Desperately seeking spine in the House GOP…

Maybe Chelsea Clinton should be the next Libyan ambassador?

Redefining ‘a split second’…

That amount of time elapsed between the House Select Committee releasing a damning Benghazi report…and the Liberal media claiming it exonerates Hillary

(which is a LIE).

Well, if the media wants to laud Hillary Clinton and Obama on their Libyan foreign policy triumph, there’s only one thing for America’s next president to do…

…send Chelsea Clinton to Libya as ambassador.

Who better to reap the whirlwind of Democrat foreign policy?

Sorry, Rush, but you’re wrong on this one…

Slamming the policy position of Hillary and Elizabeth Warren today, Rush noted that, while they’ve taken other people’s money to get where they are…

…Trump has not.

Sorry Rush -Trump has taken others for money…through Bankruptcy Law.

3 or 4 times, if memory serves (and if the above linked article is factual).

We revere Rush Limbaugh…but have to call a spade a spade.

Donald Trump DID get to where he is, by taking from others.

He just hid behind corporate law (rather than political tricks) to do it.

If you want to make a distinction, however, when Trump was working his deals he was creating jobs and putting the money back into the economy.

That may be a better angle for Mr. Limbaugh, when he defends The Donald.

Understanding constitutional intent…

If you think ‘gridlock’ in Congress is at odds with its Constitutional intent…

..if you think government control over its citizens is what the Constitution is supposed to achieve…

…you don’t know your history.

Saving your constitutional rights starts with understanding that document’s core function.

The Constitution was designed to PROTECT people from government…

…not  to enable more government control.

Founding fathers were sick and tired of thuggish governing, desperate to get out from under its brutal thumb; the Constitution was written with that objective.

No amount of Liberal spin can obscure that fact.

To claim otherwise, to imply the Constitution was authored to exert more control over people, flies in the face of logic, reason…and commonsense.

Is it ‘radical’…or the mainstream viewpoint?

While politicians rant over whether or not to call terrorist acts committed in the name of Islam ‘radical’, there is an argument that such Islamic beliefs are mainstream.

As noted, Andrew McCarthy has been pointing out that killing homosexuals and stoning adulterous women to death is an intrinsic part of Islam.

(At least 10 Muslim nations penalize homosexuality with death.)

Where are the Muslim leaders who deny this?

Until those ‘leaders’ come forward, it would appear such acts as that committed in Orlando are not motivated by radical beliefs…but by central tenets of the Koran.

(And if that’s the case, why is Obama making it easy for them to come here?)

For a U.S. leader, being a Muslim is less problematic than being an America-hater…

…if what’s in someone’s heart is important, whether an American president is a Muslim or not is less relevant than whether he’s an America-hater or not…

(UPDATED) By ‘America-hater’, it’s important to understand that these are not the well-intentioned, who want to make America better. They are the clique with a belief that the very foundational principles of America are rotten.

(E. g. – They are the ones who invoke ‘slavery’, as an example of how this Nation was evil to be founded while such a concept was in vogue. But a great majority of the world embraced that very evil at the time…it’s not as if America was any different. And they give no acknowledgment that a fledgling 70-year-old Nation managed to do away with slavery, at the cost of over 400,000 lives.)

Hating America because slavery was present during its conception…would be like hating your daughter, because cancer was present during her conception.