What really caught others ‘unprepared’ over White House actions?

Those claiming everyone was caught unprepared by President Trump’s action that requires a 90- or 120-day review of immigration/refugee vetting are blowing hot air.

They weren’t caught unprepared for his actions…

…they were caught unprepared that an elected leader would do as he promised.

We suggest they re-visit Mr. Trump’s campaign promises, or be forewarned…

…’cuz we’re pretty sure…

…there’s more ‘unexpectedness’ heading their way.

California’s elected leaders put themselves in ‘Recall’ headlights?

California Republicans, wandering in a minority wilderness, may soon rejoice…

news reports indicate California’s idiots in Democrat leadership are pushing for statewide ‘sanctuary’ status, violating their oath to support our Constitution.

Article VI (para. 3) reads: “…the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution…”

BlueCollar has noted previously (here, and here) of the requirement to swear that oath, and of a recent poll that 74% of Californians don’t support sanctuary cities.

‘Sanctuary’ status violates our constitutional immigration law, and one would think a Governor, Lt. Governor, state Attorney General, and legislators would know that.

Failing that, you’d think they’d be aware of recent polling…odds are they know full well, and are simply using ‘sanctuary trolling’ to suck in donations while they can.

But if they push ahead with this foolish plan, or use tax dollars in its support, they will risk citizen backlash against such measures (which already may be under way).

We wonder if the Recall petitions are even now being written up within the quiet hall of the California division of the superPAC Americans for Prosperity?

Is it possible ‘sanctuary’ foolishness could result in a Republican-led California?

Are Democrats this stupid? But then, look who they nominated to run for President.

Could be the Dumb really are blindly heading for Dumber…

Time will tell.

California ‘secession’ fight…serious, or just another donor-trolling scheme?

First the California Democrats threaten secession, now they talk about withholding tax funds paid to the federal government…but seriously, who’s kidding who?

When all is said and done, the federal government holds all the cards, and even if the outcome came to a draw…the feds can print more money – California cannot.

So what’s really going on?

We believe all this talk is just Democrat politicians trolling for cash donations.

Why including green-card holders in the executive action makes sense

For those who complain that green-card holders from now-restricted nations were already vetted and shouldn’t be burdened further, we submit this argument:

Who were those Muslim green-card holders vetted by, over the last 8 years

…and how thorough do you think that process was?

The Nov. election evidenced a certain distrust in the Executive Branch.

Isn’t it logical to believe that distrust should extend to this issue?

Conservative concern over this action is laudable, but in our opinion, doesn’t give due consideration to implacable lawless activities of the last 8 years in this regard.

(And before the Left get their panties all in a bunch, shouldn’t they divert some of their vitriol toward Muslim nations unwilling to help so-called Muslim ‘refugees’?)

(And why are the majority of these ‘refugees’ disproportionately military aged men?)

UPDATED – the White House chief of staff says the restriction doesn’t affect green card holders…we hope it doesn’t mean their review process was rubber-stamped.

When dealing with the Left, always ask if the whole story is being revealed

As the Left goes up in smoke over President Trump’s immigration bans (for selected Muslim nations deemed a threat to America), their deceptive nature is on display.

Claiming such a ban violates a 1965 Nationality Act, without admitting there are more recent legislative actions with relevance, is typical of the Left’s deceit.

Andrew McCarthy exposes that deceit concisely, and explains in no uncertain terms why the ban President Trump has put in place is irrefutably constitutional.

As with any work he does, this article is worth a read, if not for its conclusive detail of the issue, but as a perfect example of why dealing with the Left is so…slippery.