T’were best done quickly…

Sandy L. asks if our last blog post suggests the GOP let the scandals go.


BlueCollar’s point was that they can’t be slow-walked, in the mistaken belief that Dem voters will somehow be horrified and revolt against their leadership in 2014.

Following the money is a good leading indicator. If conservative groups report lower-than-normal fund-raising, a huge reason is threatened intimidation by gov’t. agencies.

And slow-walked investigations keep fear of audits and wiretaps front and center.

So the GOP must be aggressive, effective…and quick.

It’s the best formula for spending our tax dollars wisely, and re-energizing donor dollars.

Make no mistake…we’ve got Obama right where HE wants us…

Don’t kid yourself about a ‘2nd term scandals’ myth: this bunch know what they’re doing, and it’s all being staged with November 2014 elections in mind.

Whether it’s a heavy-handed IRS or overstepping Dept of Justice story, results matter…

…and both result in a Culture of Intimidation… exactly what the Obama team wants.

These people timed the scandals to break when they did, and no doubt have a planned leak cycle which ensures the stories will stay front and center until…oh, say…Nov 2014.

Why? This is the ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ crowd. And make no mistake, these so-called ‘scandals’ are really no more than another thug-created reminder…

…Big brother is watching…and listening.

Really, what better way is there to intimidate a populace about coercive government agencies, than by constantly running stories to remind all… they could be next?

The only thing more suppressive than a few wiretaps, is a nervous government-source collective looking over their shoulders, thinking they’re all being wiretapped.

And the only thing more oppressive than an IRS division running amuck on a local level, is a nation-wide media drumbeat about an IRS division running amuck…at any level.

With a constant IRS intimidation narrative, it’s a safe bet conservative groups have seen their incoming revenues dwindle to a trickle…not a good sign for 2014 campaigns.

And then…hey, Presto…a story of the DoJ wiretapping the AP, and intercepting Fox News emails. What effect will that have on potential internal IRS-DoJ whistle-blowers?

Anyone think it’s just a coincidence? Really? That’s multi-tasking, Chicago style! The GOP has Obama…right where HE wants us. It worked for him in 2012, it’ll work in ’14.

If ‘money is the mother’s milk of Politics’, that plaintive bleating sound you hear are hungry calves…chasing desperately after dried-up cash cows.

And, to make matters even worse…

No doubt some lame GOP braintrust thinks it will hurt the Democrat cause in 2014 to slow-walk these scandal hearings, and we’re guessing Obama’s team hopes they do…

…because, to Democrats, that’s 18 months of evaporating GOP ‘mother’s milk’!

That’s their real end-game…18 months of suppressed, coerced, and oppressed conservative efforts… culminating in a big win for the Democrats in 2014.

All it will take is a few sacrificial IRS-DoJ worker ‘lambs’ led to the slaughter.

And anyone who doesn’t think Obama would stoop so low need only remember…

…this is the same ‘commander-in-chief’ who went to bed and slept soundly… while abandoned Americans in Benghazi were dying on bloody rooftops…

Forgot about that?

We haven’t.

Leakers…damn leakers…and the government that leads them…

The Justice Dept. is under fire for targeting a Fox News reporter who was doing his job.

Reporting the news.

And, since it involves Fox News, of course some in the Liberal media would rather encourage suppression (of the media) than defend the freedom of the press.

But, before this touching concern for national security by the Liberals at the Washington Post, et al, becomes too enflamed, maybe a few pertinent questions are in order.

The Obama team is famous for leaking items they want the press to have…how would any journalist know that particular item on North Korea was any different?

Is it possible the leaker was pointed toward Fox News in order to discredit them?

And, if this is a cut-and-dried case of the Fox reporter being a co-conspirator in the info leak, why would no less than Attorney General Holder lie about his involvement?

Or try to hide that involvement…?

We find it hysterically tragic when Liberals bend themselves into pretzels…

…defending their self-styled heroes for doing in actuality what Republicans are always being accused of, but in reality never did…

…or for attacking Fox, when Libs defended the New York Times…infamous for their leaked stories of anti-Terror activities that the Bush administration wanted to keep quiet.

Maybe Obama’s administration stooges should wear ‘Official Leaker’ badges so our suddenly national-security-conscious journalists can tell them apart?

Just asking…

Why the sound & fury…?

Some wonder why so much BlueCollar focus on the IRS intimidation issue…?

Because the very foundation of our American Exceptionalism is at risk.

What separates America from the rest of the world is that our U. S. Constitution tells our government what they CAN’T do to us as private citizens.

So, when a powerful government agency like the IRS uses intimidation and coercion tactics to suppress freedom of speech and assembly (not to mention the concept of ‘equal protection under the law’), it becomes a huge issue.

Just mentioning the IRS invokes feelings of trepidation and unease because of their power to affect our private lives…and, just as importantly…our election process.

Considering that, isn’t urgent oversight expected? Ask yourself…

Why did the IRS head visit the White House 118 times in 2010 & 2011, when, under the previous administration of President Bush, he only visited ONCE from 2003 to 2007?

Why did the IRS chief of the Tax Exempt unit insist on sitting in on interviews with IRS employees, as the Inspector General was investigating wrongdoing within that unit?

Even by the IRS’s own union standards, that’s not allowed!

Page 75 of their NTEU manual “Plain Talk about Employee Conduct and Ethical Behavior” says that IRS managers must…

“Ensure that individuals who are the subject of complaints, including those in the chain of command who have been substantively involved, do not participate in the information gathering or decision making.” (emphasis added) Ms. Paz, you better call your lawyer…

The first paragraph in this manual (page 3, Reporting Misconduct, Introduction) lays out the need for IRS employees to report misconduct and abuses. In addition, page 4 says:

“As a Supervisor, your responsibility goes beyond merely reporting the misconduct – you must take steps, where possible, to stop the misconduct or to prevent the misconduct in the future and ensure that the employee(s) involved understand that the behavior is unacceptable.” Not one iota of responsibility in this clause was followed!

Hundreds of conservative groups were targeted by this Tax Exempt unit. The IRS methodology was unconstitutional, illegal, and should have been reported…but wasn’t.

It shouldn’t take a Congressional hearing to realize stonewalling IRS managers – en masse – failed to do their job, as clearly laid out in their own NTEU internal directives, and even as noted by the IRS Inspector General.

There’s no possibility any manager within that Tax Exempt unit didn’t know.

Every manager in that unit’s chain of command should be dismissed summarily for willful incompetence and insubordination, but that’s only the beginning…

Section 1203 of the IRS RRA (1998) further justifies dismissal based on violations.

And such a massive violation of the public trust should justify a lifetime ban on them from holding ANY position of government service…including hometown dogcatcher.

Thomas Sowell says it best:

“The real danger to us all is when government not only exercises the powers that we have voted to give it, but also exercises additional powers…we never voted to give it.”

“That is when “public servants” become public masters.”

If we as a nation can’t protect ourselves from the lungeing excesses of a government we create, we’re no longer America.

(And we haven’t even started talking about the CRIMINAL aspects of this issue…)

The ‘fix’ was in…

For anyone who claims the game isn’t rigged…

Breitbart.com reports that the IRS Director of the division being investigated by the IRS Inspector General was allowed to sit in on the ‘interviews’ with IRS employees!

When the IRS IG was asked why…he tried to claim he was ‘unaware’ of it.

So if you worked for the IRS, and you were being ‘interviewed’ about wrongdoing by a supervisor, how outgoing would you be…with that supervisor sitting across from you?


If innocent as claimed…invoking the 5th protects someone else

During a brief opening statement before Congress, Lois Lerner (IRS Director of Exempt Organizations) stated she ‘did nothing wrong, broke no laws, didn’t violate IRS rules’…

…then invoked the 5th Amendment…and refused to answer ANY questions.

The 5th Amendment says “No person…shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…” (emphasis added).

But, if she did nothing wrong, broke no laws, violated no IRS rules, why invoke the 5th?

She can’t be a witness ‘against herself’ if she’s telling the truth…because under those circumstances her answers would only support her ‘did nothing wrong’ contention.

So, by invoking the 5th to use as a shield she’s either lying about her own innocence (while under oath, it would appear), or she’s protecting someone else.

She’s broken the law, either by lying about her innocence, or by using the 5th under false pretenses…i.e., NOT to protect her own rights, but to protect someone else.

Cry not for the IRS – this ‘revelation’ INCREASES suppression and intimidation…

Some question whether our previous blog contradicts “innocent until proven guilty”.

Suspending an IRS manager’s pay isn’t Unconstitutional…suppressing and intimidating voters is seriously Unconstitutional, and is further enhanced by the scandal’s exposure.

First, we never suggested they be charged…just ‘encouraged’ to testify. How fast they provided that testimony would dictate how fast they get their pay (plus back-pay).

BlueCollar doesn’t suggest lower level IRS managers were guilty of building a structure of policy that was put in place to intimidate and suppress conservative groups…

…but they may have carried out the plan, even if unwillingly. And, giving them a chance to testify allows lower-level managers the opportunity to get immunity from that action.

Remember, the suggestion was not to cut their pay, simply suspend it until testifying. They would get all back-pay as soon as their cooperation was a matter of record.

(And really, how logical is it to worry about an IRS that doesn’t hesitate to freeze your assets without due process…but then believe it a problem when table’s are turned?)

Worse, the scandal’s revelation doesn’t change or stop the intimidation…it increases it!

If ‘money is the mother’s milk of politics’, then this IRS scandal and it’s exposure will further dry up political contributions to conservative groups across the nation.

Only an aggressive, effective, and quick purge of the guilty will change that.

If Congress deals with this scandal in their usual way, the threat of an ideological IRS breathing down the necks of potential donors will further suppress and intimidate many.

And you’ll see the consequences in 2014 and beyond.

Demand they act…now!


Suspend IRS managers – without pay – until investigation is complete

Tired of bureaucratic cover-ups in government? Do something about it.

Contact your Congressional representative; demand that all IRS management connected to the various locations under investigation be suspended without pay.

(The link will take you to the House of Representative site; search assistance to find your representative is halfway down the page on the left under House Overview.)

No pay until they testify…and let them know the consequences of dodging questions.

For each ‘I don’t recall’-type dodge, add a 3 month no-pay suspension at the end.

Flushing rats from holes is easier with the right motivation; hitting them in their wallets will guarantee a more cooperative mindset…from lower level managers, especially.

And once that first cooperation ‘domino’ is tipped, many will rush to avoid blame.

Without leverage, no investigation can expose the corrupting rot in the IRS.

Skeptical? Don’t think real financial consequences will work as a motivator?

Try using ‘I don’t recall’ on your tax returns…or in a tax audit.

This unlawful IRS activity did not ‘just happen’ at mid-level positions. Orders came down from above…flushed out rats will defend themselves, exposing higher-up duplicity.

What does violating a sacred trust mean to you…?

“…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

If refusing to protect Americans in foreign service doesn’t justify impeachment…

…those last 10 words of the presidential oath of office give clear and compelling reasons for removing a failed leadership from positions of elected office.

Teasury Dept intimidation, Justice Dept intrusions, State Dept coverups, Defense Dept cowardice…these acts – all BEFORE the Nov ’12 elections – didn’t occur in a vacuum…

…their leaders answer to 1 man…

…and their pre-election crimes benefited that man…and his political party.

For cowardice, desertion, and dereliction of duty, he should be stripped of office for his abject failure to protect Americans in Benghazi…

…and on the domestic scene…he still has much more to answer for.