Suspend IRS managers – without pay – until investigation is complete

Tired of bureaucratic cover-ups in government? Do something about it.

Contact your Congressional representative; demand that all IRS management connected to the various locations under investigation be suspended without pay.

(The link will take you to the House of Representative site; search assistance to find your representative is halfway down the page on the left under House Overview.)

No pay until they testify…and let them know the consequences of dodging questions.

For each ‘I don’t recall’-type dodge, add a 3 month no-pay suspension at the end.

Flushing rats from holes is easier with the right motivation; hitting them in their wallets will guarantee a more cooperative mindset…from lower level managers, especially.

And once that first cooperation ‘domino’ is tipped, many will rush to avoid blame.

Without leverage, no investigation can expose the corrupting rot in the IRS.

Skeptical? Don’t think real financial consequences will work as a motivator?

Try using ‘I don’t recall’ on your tax returns…or in a tax audit.

This unlawful IRS activity did not ‘just happen’ at mid-level positions. Orders came down from above…flushed out rats will defend themselves, exposing higher-up duplicity.

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