Cry not for the IRS – this ‘revelation’ INCREASES suppression and intimidation…

Some question whether our previous blog contradicts “innocent until proven guilty”.

Suspending an IRS manager’s pay isn’t Unconstitutional…suppressing and intimidating voters is seriously Unconstitutional, and is further enhanced by the scandal’s exposure.

First, we never suggested they be charged…just ‘encouraged’ to testify. How fast they provided that testimony would dictate how fast they get their pay (plus back-pay).

BlueCollar doesn’t suggest lower level IRS managers were guilty of building a structure of policy that was put in place to intimidate and suppress conservative groups…

…but they may have carried out the plan, even if unwillingly. And, giving them a chance to testify allows lower-level managers the opportunity to get immunity from that action.

Remember, the suggestion was not to cut their pay, simply suspend it until testifying. They would get all back-pay as soon as their cooperation was a matter of record.

(And really, how logical is it to worry about an IRS that doesn’t hesitate to freeze your assets without due process…but then believe it a problem when table’s are turned?)

Worse, the scandal’s revelation doesn’t change or stop the intimidation…it increases it!

If ‘money is the mother’s milk of politics’, then this IRS scandal and it’s exposure will further dry up political contributions to conservative groups across the nation.

Only an aggressive, effective, and quick purge of the guilty will change that.

If Congress deals with this scandal in their usual way, the threat of an ideological IRS breathing down the necks of potential donors will further suppress and intimidate many.

And you’ll see the consequences in 2014 and beyond.

Demand they act…now!


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