Sorry Kelly, you can’t blame insurance companies for this one…

Kelly L. says that it’s those dastardly insurance companies who caused the problem…

…but ignores increased costs for insurers, that O’care-expanded services incurred.

Obamacare mandated caps on co-payments, deductibles, etc that would have kept the policies of many insured in line…thus qualified for the ‘grandfather’ requirements.

Obama waived that mandate, we maintain, knowing that expanded coverages, as required by Obamacare, would prompt insurers to offset costs any way possible.

The implied message from the White House was clear…it was okay to hike caps.

Hikes exceeded cap limits, negated ‘grandfather’ status, forcing many into exchanges.

That was their plan. After all, if Obama and Democrats were really for the little guy, why would they give insurance companies a green light to exceed mandated caps?

To believe otherwise puts one in the realm of the Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny.

BlueCollar chooses to reside in RealVille…alongside Rush Limbaugh.

GOP should remind Americans that Obama enabled the destruction of grandfathered policies…

Now would be a good time for Republicans to remind Americans that it was Obama who issued a 1-year waiver to insurance companies, so they could exceed cost caps.

Lest anyone forget, Obama-waived caps allowed insurers to hike co-pays, etc, beyond the accepted limits that would allow policies to remain grandfathered for Obamacare.

The June 17, 2010 Federal Register (page 11) outlines how an insurance policy can lose its ‘grandfathered’ status if out-of-pocket$, co-pay$, or deductible$ go up too high.

Obama issued a 1-yr delay for insurers, allowing them to exceed the law’s mandated caps on out-of-pocket costs forced on consumers. Insurers benefited…you lost…


Once when your out-of-pocket costs went up in your policy…and again now that the ‘grandfathered’ clause has been eliminated because those costs went up so high.

The next time a Democrat says Republicans are in the pocket of Big Business, they should be reminded that Obama and Democrats are enriching insurance companies…

…at the expense of MILLIONS of Americans now receiving an insurance policy cancellation notice, and FORCING THEM INTO EXCHANGES, as a result.

Another day, another Democrat-weighted poll…yet they’re still nervous

The latest news is Democrats are panicked over a WSJ-NBC poll just out.

Obama’s approval ratings (42%) are at a new low…and that’s not all.

A review of the 21-page poll reveals it’s overweighted Democrat (+9%), and in this instance also overweighted (+6%) Moderate-Liberal vs. Conservative leanings (compared to a 2012 Gallup ideological group survey of Americans).

Anxiety explained…43% polled are ‘lean-to-strong’ Democrats, 34% are ‘lean-to-strong’ Republicans. On a level playing field, Obama’s job-approval numbers would be 37.5%.

More revealing, despite the weighting, Nov 2014 election outcome preferences for what party should control Congress dropped 2 points for Democrats, rose 2% for the GOP, from the (even-heavier-weighted-Democrat) WSJ-NBC polling done 2 weeks ago.

What’s been in the news lately? Disastrous consequences of a Democrat health law.

Obamacare fallout:skyrocketing premiums & out-of-pocket expenses, canceled plans… all due to coverage requirements forced on Americans by a (100% Democrat) law.

Thus, as predicted…the Democrat panic that will no doubt play out in major anti-O’care posturing for the next 12 months, supported by the lapdog mainstream media.

It’s official…Obama’s blaming insurance providers for obeying HIS regulations…

Disgraceful. Never has a president blatantly lied this much…

In Boston today, Barack ‘It’s-not-me’ Obama blamed ‘bad-apple insurers’ for the canceled policies that are piling up, and exploding policy and deductible costs…

all a result of the regulations his policies have put in place.

For the less-informed in our midst, it goes like this…

Democrats passed Obamacare, which established minimum coverage guidelines for health insurance, which forces insurers to comply with coverage changes…

…then, his HHS Secretary wrote regulations that negated the ‘grandfathered’ status of health insurance policies when insurers changed/upgraded policies to comply with law.

Increased coverage? Prices have to go up…let’s blame insurance companies.

Plus, since insurers (following new Obama rules) are now forced to change coverages to comply with the new law and regulations, that means canceling existing polices.

Canceling policies? Obama’s solution…let’s blame it all on insurance companies.

This has been their ‘m-o’ for years…write laws, force companies to follow them, then when the outrage develops, blame the companies who are just obeying the laws.

And, no doubt, the Democrat media lapdogs will help push his deceitful narrative…


And sadly, Democrat sycophants and the low-information crowd will buy into his lie.

Ssooo…It’s functional, but not functioning…?

HHS Secretary Sebelius insists the website is ‘functional’.

But when pressed to give signup figures, she says she can’t provide enrollment numbers from, because “…it’s not functioning”.

Americans will be so glad she cleared that up.

Functional, but not functioning…

…sounds like the Obama administration, in a nutshell.

Since when does an unelected official have the power to rewrite Congressional law…?

As hundreds of thousands learn that their insurance companies will be cancelling the policies Obama said you could keep, we’re learning ‘grandfathered’ policies…aren’t.

Seems Health & Human Services wrote regulations that re-defined ‘grandfathered’.

If the Congressional law as written doesn’t open that door, what gives HHS the right?

Without Congressional legislation to authorize that redefining language, it would appear HHS Director Sebelius has overstepped.

Shouldn’t someone be asking how an unelected official has such authority?

Just asking…

‘Connecting the dots’ works best…when connecting the final dot

BlueCollar doesn’t presume to be politically expert in a league with NRO’s Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru, but feel they fell short of the real premise of conservatives.

Connecting the final dot is essential to complete the picture.

Paragraph 6 of their lengthy article states conservatives think they’ve lost elections because of “a lack of ideological commitment and will among Republican politicians.”

They argue that elections have been lost because “there aren’t enough conservative voters”…that it’s not  a matter of “redoubling of ideological commitment, but more success at persuasion and at winning elections.”

Our contention is that ‘there aren’t enough conservative voters’ because Republican politicians lack the ideological commitment needed to persuade the electorate.

Lacking that commitment, a ‘me too’ message fails to differentiate from the Left.

Rush Limbaugh always says it best: Moderation isn’t a principle, it’s a tactic.

The final dot in the picture…

Opening the locked door to Persuasion requires the right key…and conservatives believe the principle of Ideological Commitment is that key.

Sorry Rush, but history shows Democrats won’t ‘own’ failures like Obamacare for long…

Rush Limbaugh is beyond incredulous today, that GOP insiders didn’t see Obama for the Leftie he was when elected in 2008, and didn’t see liberal policies coming.

And, he makes a point, that no Republican voted for Obamacare so Democrats own it.

Sorry if we’re not consoled by that sad reality.

Problem is, when it comes to bad policy, Democrats never end up ‘owning’ anything.

Democrats are the Party of the KKK, segregation, Jim Crow, and Bull Connor. Yet, the black population supports this Party in HUGE numbers, every election cycle.

And Kevin Williamson drives the point home on National Review Online: “‎Everywhere it has been tried, the Democrats’ dependency agenda has been a social and economic catastrophe for black Americans.”

Everywhere Democrat policies prevail, the black population has suffered: 2x the jobless rate, 2x the dropout rate, 4x the abortions, 7x the prison sentences…and a net average household worth of $4,995…less than that of the average household in India!

And yet, black Americans support the Party that oppresses them by 90% at the polls.

So, when anyone – even Rush Limbaugh – say the Democrats own bad policy…

…does it matter?

History shows that the Democrat Party won’t be held accountable for that ownership.

Obamacare’s just a shell-game…

With Obamacare, what you see is NOT what you get.

This law never was meant to be a self-sufficient process.

Otherwise, why would the law be written in a way that allows penalty dodging? After all, the penalty for not buying healthcare insurance is a primary funding mechanism.

Experts say the only way IRS penalties are exacted is from the law-dodger’s annual tax refund. But all a dodger would have to do is under-withhold on his paychecks.

At the end of the year, if there’s no tax refund, no IRS penalty can be exacted.

Why would Democrats write a law that could be so easily thwarted?