GOP should remind Americans that Obama enabled the destruction of grandfathered policies…

Now would be a good time for Republicans to remind Americans that it was Obama who issued a 1-year waiver to insurance companies, so they could exceed cost caps.

Lest anyone forget, Obama-waived caps allowed insurers to hike co-pays, etc, beyond the accepted limits that would allow policies to remain grandfathered for Obamacare.

The June 17, 2010 Federal Register (page 11) outlines how an insurance policy can lose its ‘grandfathered’ status if out-of-pocket$, co-pay$, or deductible$ go up too high.

Obama issued a 1-yr delay for insurers, allowing them to exceed the law’s mandated caps on out-of-pocket costs forced on consumers. Insurers benefited…you lost…


Once when your out-of-pocket costs went up in your policy…and again now that the ‘grandfathered’ clause has been eliminated because those costs went up so high.

The next time a Democrat says Republicans are in the pocket of Big Business, they should be reminded that Obama and Democrats are enriching insurance companies…

…at the expense of MILLIONS of Americans now receiving an insurance policy cancellation notice, and FORCING THEM INTO EXCHANGES, as a result.

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