Sorry Kelly, you can’t blame insurance companies for this one…

Kelly L. says that it’s those dastardly insurance companies who caused the problem…

…but ignores increased costs for insurers, that O’care-expanded services incurred.

Obamacare mandated caps on co-payments, deductibles, etc that would have kept the policies of many insured in line…thus qualified for the ‘grandfather’ requirements.

Obama waived that mandate, we maintain, knowing that expanded coverages, as required by Obamacare, would prompt insurers to offset costs any way possible.

The implied message from the White House was clear…it was okay to hike caps.

Hikes exceeded cap limits, negated ‘grandfather’ status, forcing many into exchanges.

That was their plan. After all, if Obama and Democrats were really for the little guy, why would they give insurance companies a green light to exceed mandated caps?

To believe otherwise puts one in the realm of the Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny.

BlueCollar chooses to reside in RealVille…alongside Rush Limbaugh.

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