Another day, another Democrat-weighted poll…yet they’re still nervous

The latest news is Democrats are panicked over a WSJ-NBC poll just out.

Obama’s approval ratings (42%) are at a new low…and that’s not all.

A review of the 21-page poll reveals it’s overweighted Democrat (+9%), and in this instance also overweighted (+6%) Moderate-Liberal vs. Conservative leanings (compared to a 2012 Gallup ideological group survey of Americans).

Anxiety explained…43% polled are ‘lean-to-strong’ Democrats, 34% are ‘lean-to-strong’ Republicans. On a level playing field, Obama’s job-approval numbers would be 37.5%.

More revealing, despite the weighting, Nov 2014 election outcome preferences for what party should control Congress dropped 2 points for Democrats, rose 2% for the GOP, from the (even-heavier-weighted-Democrat) WSJ-NBC polling done 2 weeks ago.

What’s been in the news lately? Disastrous consequences of a Democrat health law.

Obamacare fallout:skyrocketing premiums & out-of-pocket expenses, canceled plans… all due to coverage requirements forced on Americans by a (100% Democrat) law.

Thus, as predicted…the Democrat panic that will no doubt play out in major anti-O’care posturing for the next 12 months, supported by the lapdog mainstream media.

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