WuFlu panic-bubble pops. Down go the Fear-mongers (’til the next HOAX, anyway)

CDC has just posted updates that show only 6% of the total reported WuFlu deaths were actually caused by that flu, and they compare that against 150k+ deaths total.

They come up with 9,210 deaths, out of the over-153k reported – the rest of the deaths were linked to “…2.6 additional (underlying) conditions or causes per death”.

On the heels of that report, of all places the New York Times ran an article claiming 90% of WuFlu-postive tests are really showing “relatively insignificant amounts of the virus.”

Their HOAX is bleeding from every orifice: death counts have been dramatically over-stated, and the ‘alarming’ rise of positive tests are considered as insignificant.

Democrats continue fear-mongering, ‘cuz they don’t have much else going for them, but Wu-Fear seems a desperate ploy, when even the NY Times admits the obvious.

The highly respected Angelo Codevilla reflects exactly what we’ve been saying for months: the fear-mongering has been and continues to be a politically-motivated HOAX.

“What history will record as the great COVID coup of 2020 is based on lies and fear manufactured by America’s ruling class—led by the Democratic Party…the lockdowns have been inflicted and perpetuated by people who care more about your subjugation than your health. They want to wreck the U.S. economy and increase the Democratic Party’s chances in the 2020 election.” (bold, underline & color emphasis added)

An economy was wrecked, businesses closed, and jobs lost for a HOAX, perpetrated by a political Party desperate to claw back the power they lust for…at America’s expense.

Now, as the CDC admits overstated deaths and even left-wing news sites admit cases tested positive aren’t what they seem to be, their deceit can’t survive without backlash.

They’re risking too much by continuing the fear-mongering of a normal flu cycle. They’ll have to rely on the ‘low-information’ and irredeemably indoctrinated crowd to push that.

And, then, of course, the Democrats are gonna need another hoax…

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The fact they need POLLING to determine how to handle law-&-order issues is defining

“Biden, Dems rethink riots response as law-and-order message lifts Trump”

“Top Democrats scrambled to adopt a tougher approach this week to riots that have broken out in cities…casting a worried eye at President Trump’s rising poll numbers, which experts said were driven at least partly by his law-and-order message.”

Let that sink in: ‘Top Democrats Scrambled’ on how to deal with rioting & looting?

What does it tell us, that Democrats need polling to tell them law-&-order is important?

Does America really want that kind of mentality providing ‘leadership’ any more?


They claim he’s a dictator, then complain when he doesn’t act like one…?

Democrats have spent four years trying to paint President Trump as a dictator, yet now claim the violence and rioting occurring in THEIR cities are because he won’t act like it.

Dictators wouldn’t wait for a mayor or governor of a province to ask for help during such volatile situations…they would send in their military stormtroopers to quell unrest.

Presidents, in a free Republic, on the other hand, must wait for mayors and governors to request help before sending in federal forces…which is exactly what he’s doing now.

He reminded Americans of that last night, in his convention acceptance speech.

The Left encourages insurrection and rioting, claim President Trump is the cause of the unrest, then blame him when he won’t act like the dictator they make him out to be.

Media & Democrats are tying themselves in knots trying to demonize him…

…while he laughs at them for BECLOWNING themselves.

We can only hope America’s citizenry remembers the Left’s deceit in November.

Reasons to vote (d)…(we didn’t say they were good reasons…)

If you’re okay with sex predators, so long as they’re in your Party…

If you like 401k/pension fund stagnation, and low returns…

If you’re good with forcing minority kids to stay in low-achievement schools…

If you think LESS law enforcement is a good thing…

If you would rather see minority unemployment remain high…

If you really don’t see a problem with lower working wages and high cost-of-living…

If you believe rioting and looting are peaceful, acceptable ways of settling differences…

If you’ve got no problem with a nuclear Iran, or politicians pocketing Chinese billions…

If you see U.S. jobs going overseas and American businesses closing down as ok…

If you feel gov’t should have more control over us, and Americans should not place so much faith and loyalty in the Constitution, and should accept fewer personal liberties…

…then vote Democrat.

Simple, no?

America, the dutiful – Land of the meek, Home of the HOAXED

The most successful hoaxes are those that result in a public’s focus on the issue being hoaxed, rather than the fact it was a hoax in the first place. Witness the WuFlu hysteria.

Fact: infection-v-mortality rates of WuFlu prove it’s little more than a bad seasonal flu.

Fact: deaths attributed to WuFlu resulted in sudden drops in all other causes of deaths.

Fact: the HOAXED are focusing on lockdown & mask arguments, instead of the hoax.

Fact: even as over 53 reports show Hydroxychloroquine is effective against the WuFlu, the media and power-crazed Left push the loony 14 reports that deny it’s effectiveness.

Wake up people…these facts are hiding in plain sight.

We’re not experiencing higher than normal death rates this year…we’re actually lower on average than the last five years, when comparing y-t-d deaths over like periods.

(A previous BlueCollar post laid out the case, according to CDC reports.)

There is no deadlier-than-normal pandemic occurring in America.

You wouldn’t know that watching the daily news cycle.

Everyone is fretting over lockdowns, mask-wearing, and mail-in balloting, instead of the very real fear-mongering HOAX behind the need for all of these arguments.

When did Americans become so craven, so malleable? We’ve gone from America, the Beautiful – to America, the gullible. We’re no longer the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave – we’re now the Land of the Ruled, and the Home of the Meek…

…all because of a Hoax built on fear – a primary tool used by rulers to control a people.

They turn daily events into fearsome possibilities…from seasonal flu, to dysfunctional postal services…in order to keep the American public in a constant state of FEAR.

It’s beyond time for the President to call out the hoax for what it is.

Facts already available prove the hoax…and it’s time to make the hoaxsters pay.

Otherwise, from now til Nov elections, they’ll use every-day occurrences to feed the panic and create the anxiety and uncertainty they need to pull off an election fraud.

Facts prove you’re being HOAXED. Wake up, do the research…

…it’s time to resurrect the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave.

This isn’t the first time they sabotaged our economy: you can bet the 2008 mortgage meltdown was intentional

Witnessing how far the Left has been willing to go to regain power in November, with the actual sabotage of our booming economy, we’re convinced now the 2008 meltdown was an intentional, orchestrated event…with radical mortgages providing the explosive.

Today, they’re pushing the Panic button on what’s now revealed as a seasonal flu event that, while serious, is no more deadly than the standard variety we go through yearly.

Even as we discover that total deaths in America are actually BEHIND the total average (year-to-date) for the last 5 years, media and Democrats keep stoking a fear narrative.

They’ll do whatever it takes to derail Pres Trump’s re-election.

Here’s what we think was another example of deliberate economic sabotage…

Rewind to 2008: John McCain’s running against a neophyte community organizer, put up as the Democrat nominee for president, and what happens? Mortgage meltdown.

America’s economy tanked, with a Republican in the White House. Obama is elected.

Democrats created that ‘improvised explosive device’ in the late ’90’s, by forcing banks to offer home-loan mortgages to unqualified borrowers, and waited for the moment.

Banks, knowing those mortgage packages were potentially damaging to their bottom line, did what banks do…packaged them with other financial vehicles to lessen liability.

Those financial packages were time bombs, just waiting to be triggered if necessary.

That trigger was pulled in 2008, several months before the presidential election. Our economy tanked; Obama was elected; Democrats won total control of Congress.

Mission Accomplished.

Today’s events, revealing that a new flu virus (no more deadly than the seasonal flu we deal with every year) can be used to push Fear-mongering to destroy an economy, is just one more example of what Democrats and the Left will do to regain power…

…at the expense of the American public.

No honest person believes career politicians with extensive banking/legal backgrounds would not know forcing bad mortgages would create a financial nightmare…

…tanking our American economy.

No honest person believes creating Panic, with lies and bogus context hospitalizations and cause-of-death scenarios because of a bad flu, would be anything but deliberate…

…tanking our American economy.

They did it before…they’re doing it now.


No honest person supports ideas that enable vote fraud…which tells you all you need to know about those who do

Anyone with half a brain knows unsolicited mail-in ballots sent to ‘eligible voters’ is an open invitation to fraudulent acts that can destroy the sanctity of our election process.

Aspiring politicians supporting such potential actions should be disqualified from office.

Our election process is a Constitutional principle…to openly support any act that could undermine our Constitution is antithetical to the oath taken swearing its support.

Consider our American right to vote as a ‘property’ that must be protected. Bequeathed to every American as a right by our citizenship status, our voting process is sacred.

Who is willing to support ideas that result in weakening the security of that property?

What does it say about those who knowingly support LESS secure voting?

History is replete with examples of fraudulent acts, for those willing to see them.

(For those who don’t go to the link, we offer the headline of that article…“Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America” …for convenience)

Finally, and just as importantly…

…what does it say about a political Party who wants to KEEP voting honest?

Choose wisely, people.

Democrats unwilling to legislate ‘WuFlu-only’ relief package, expose their anti-American crisis-exploitation principles

How hard is it, to create legislation that pinpoints only WuFlu virus relief for Americans?

For the Democrat politicians, evidently, EXTREMELY hard.

We emphasize ‘extremely’ because it reveals them as rabidly anti-American to the point of making Americans suffer unless their non-virus agenda items are included.

You’d think their dire warnings about this virus would make them more willing to put Party ideology aside, and create virus-specific relief…but it’s crisis-exploiting time…


Too bad America…you’ll suffer from WuFlu effects, until they get their way.

Happy with that?