They claim he’s a dictator, then complain when he doesn’t act like one…?

Democrats have spent four years trying to paint President Trump as a dictator, yet now claim the violence and rioting occurring in THEIR cities are because he won’t act like it.

Dictators wouldn’t wait for a mayor or governor of a province to ask for help during such volatile situations…they would send in their military stormtroopers to quell unrest.

Presidents, in a free Republic, on the other hand, must wait for mayors and governors to request help before sending in federal forces…which is exactly what he’s doing now.

He reminded Americans of that last night, in his convention acceptance speech.

The Left encourages insurrection and rioting, claim President Trump is the cause of the unrest, then blame him when he won’t act like the dictator they make him out to be.

Media & Democrats are tying themselves in knots trying to demonize him…

…while he laughs at them for BECLOWNING themselves.

We can only hope America’s citizenry remembers the Left’s deceit in November.

2 thoughts on “They claim he’s a dictator, then complain when he doesn’t act like one…?

  1. Been pointing this out for about 4 years (actually more like 40). Truth is relative to them so it can be both A and not-A at the same time. There is no thought process involved in what they say. If you play a video recording of them saying something 1 second after they have said it, they will deny saying it.
    The only solution to this is a final solution. And yes, I am implying that one. Unfortunately, evil can not be defeated, it must be eliminated.
    Humans will not be the ones solving this. God will in His own time.

  2. It must be pure torture to have a liberal’s mind! I do feel sorry for them actually. They have a constant flood of emotions and no rational, reasoned responses to things. The problem is that this though process is dangerous to others in society.

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