America, the dutiful – Land of the meek, Home of the HOAXED

The most successful hoaxes are those that result in a public’s focus on the issue being hoaxed, rather than the fact it was a hoax in the first place. Witness the WuFlu hysteria.

Fact: infection-v-mortality rates of WuFlu prove it’s little more than a bad seasonal flu.

Fact: deaths attributed to WuFlu resulted in sudden drops in all other causes of deaths.

Fact: the HOAXED are focusing on lockdown & mask arguments, instead of the hoax.

Fact: even as over 53 reports show Hydroxychloroquine is effective against the WuFlu, the media and power-crazed Left push the loony 14 reports that deny it’s effectiveness.

Wake up people…these facts are hiding in plain sight.

We’re not experiencing higher than normal death rates this year…we’re actually lower on average than the last five years, when comparing y-t-d deaths over like periods.

(A previous BlueCollar post laid out the case, according to CDC reports.)

There is no deadlier-than-normal pandemic occurring in America.

You wouldn’t know that watching the daily news cycle.

Everyone is fretting over lockdowns, mask-wearing, and mail-in balloting, instead of the very real fear-mongering HOAX behind the need for all of these arguments.

When did Americans become so craven, so malleable? We’ve gone from America, the Beautiful – to America, the gullible. We’re no longer the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave – we’re now the Land of the Ruled, and the Home of the Meek…

…all because of a Hoax built on fear – a primary tool used by rulers to control a people.

They turn daily events into fearsome possibilities…from seasonal flu, to dysfunctional postal services…in order to keep the American public in a constant state of FEAR.

It’s beyond time for the President to call out the hoax for what it is.

Facts already available prove the hoax…and it’s time to make the hoaxsters pay.

Otherwise, from now til Nov elections, they’ll use every-day occurrences to feed the panic and create the anxiety and uncertainty they need to pull off an election fraud.

Facts prove you’re being HOAXED. Wake up, do the research…

…it’s time to resurrect the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave.

One thought on “America, the dutiful – Land of the meek, Home of the HOAXED

  1. This article nails it. Right to the point and everything I’ve been thinking and saying. Scary that so many people are stupid enough to go along, and many others who know it’s a hoax are too cowardly to take the masks off and fight back.

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