This isn’t the first time they sabotaged our economy: you can bet the 2008 mortgage meltdown was intentional

Witnessing how far the Left has been willing to go to regain power in November, with the actual sabotage of our booming economy, we’re convinced now the 2008 meltdown was an intentional, orchestrated event…with radical mortgages providing the explosive.

Today, they’re pushing the Panic button on what’s now revealed as a seasonal flu event that, while serious, is no more deadly than the standard variety we go through yearly.

Even as we discover that total deaths in America are actually BEHIND the total average (year-to-date) for the last 5 years, media and Democrats keep stoking a fear narrative.

They’ll do whatever it takes to derail Pres Trump’s re-election.

Here’s what we think was another example of deliberate economic sabotage…

Rewind to 2008: John McCain’s running against a neophyte community organizer, put up as the Democrat nominee for president, and what happens? Mortgage meltdown.

America’s economy tanked, with a Republican in the White House. Obama is elected.

Democrats created that ‘improvised explosive device’ in the late ’90’s, by forcing banks to offer home-loan mortgages to unqualified borrowers, and waited for the moment.

Banks, knowing those mortgage packages were potentially damaging to their bottom line, did what banks do…packaged them with other financial vehicles to lessen liability.

Those financial packages were time bombs, just waiting to be triggered if necessary.

That trigger was pulled in 2008, several months before the presidential election. Our economy tanked; Obama was elected; Democrats won total control of Congress.

Mission Accomplished.

Today’s events, revealing that a new flu virus (no more deadly than the seasonal flu we deal with every year) can be used to push Fear-mongering to destroy an economy, is just one more example of what Democrats and the Left will do to regain power…

…at the expense of the American public.

No honest person believes career politicians with extensive banking/legal backgrounds would not know forcing bad mortgages would create a financial nightmare…

…tanking our American economy.

No honest person believes creating Panic, with lies and bogus context hospitalizations and cause-of-death scenarios because of a bad flu, would be anything but deliberate…

…tanking our American economy.

They did it before…they’re doing it now.


4 thoughts on “This isn’t the first time they sabotaged our economy: you can bet the 2008 mortgage meltdown was intentional

  1. Now it seems easy to blame Dems for all recent economic downturns, but what was their drive to destroy Obama’s pitiful economy? That Democrats supported bad economic decisions is certain, but I doubt they premeditated the 2008 meltdown. That is simply giving them too much credit.

  2. Let’s add a bit of facts to your assertion. Senator Charles Schumer, during the Summer of 2008, released confidential information about Indy Bank’s dire straits, causing a run on the bank…setting up a run on all of the TBTF banks.

  3. Their ‘Community Reinvestment’ legislation was implemented in the late ’90’s, and all they had to do was sit back and wait. Don’t ever believe they do these types of things without understanding the consequences. While we play checkers, they’re playing 3-dimensional chess…anything to get, re-gain, and keep power.

  4. The financial collapse and allowing 9/11to happen was because of the rapist Bill Clinton. Fact.

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