Honest journalism is dead…will Real Justice follow?

It’s been 3+ years of one exposure after the other regarding the weaponized FBI, CIA, State Department that was orchestrated by the Obama administration’s highest levels.

Now we learn rank-&-file FBI agents had asked if they were expected to railroad people.

Americans are fed up with the drip-drip-drip of endless revelations that further confirm the disgraceful conduct of high-placed Obama officials. Enough is enough. Seriously.

We’ve seen the collapse of honest journalism, replaced with partisan sabotage efforts.

We’re tired of the Swamp being exposed…but NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Mr. President, it’s high time to show real Justice will be served. Every day of delay is a day added to the doubt and distrust piling up against our governmental process.

Pull the trigger.


BlueCollar 3-yr prediction – Michelle O’ will run – coming to pass?

Surprise, surprise…as the WuFlu hysteria drags on Pres Trump’s poll numbers, a new Netflix documentary featuring – wait for it…Michelle Obama – is coming out in May.

For 3+ years, BlueCollar has predicted a possibility of Michelle O’s candidacy in 2020.

Biden may not make it across the Democrat primary finish line. What to do, what to do?

And as we all know…Timing is everything.

Grab the popcorn, and put your feet up.

File this under ‘Ya Think?’

“It’s beginning to look as if California is deliberately trying to tank the economy”

In a state that showed a ‘flattened curve’ long ago, shutdown measures are still in play.

Why? Maybe this will give everyone a hint…

“California Governor: Virus Is Opportunity for Progressives”

Buckle up, Californians…Democrats don’t give up their ideology easily.

But, given the unrest afoot, maybe a Nov 03 election will change that tunnel-vision.

One can only hope.

…predicted this for weeks: over-inflated WuFlu deaths will drive other death counts down

So, now, the CDC indicates the overall total death rate in the U.S. is lower than avg.

Which begs the inevitable question…

“If Coronavirus Threat’s So Great, Why is U.S. Overall Death Rate Down?”

“…why are death rates falling while COVID-19 deaths continue to grow? It may be that many deaths that aren’t really COVID-19 related are counted as that anyway. The net effect is to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths, while underestimating others.” (emph added)

BlueCollar predicted this months ago…

…overinflated WuFlu deaths will take away from other causes.

Here’s a question for the FakeNews crowd…if they blame Pres Trump for over-inflated WuFlu deaths, does he, then, get credit for lower death rates among all other causes?

(Of course, we know their answer already.)

Only one reason why previously WuFlu-infected cases weren’t factored in…it didn’t feed the Panic Narrative

“Did policymakers overlook large number of undiagnosed coronavirus patients?”

“Beginning as far back as February, there were published reports and studies indicating the majority of coronavirus patients go undiagnosed. This could have been factored into calculations, projections, and public policy decisions many weeks ago.”

‘…could have been factored into calculations…’ BUT WEREN’T.

As far back as February.

There’s only ONE reason why published reports and studies…concrete data…weren’t used in factoring their calculation – such data would’ve indicated no cause for alarm.

An alarmed population is an easily manipulated population.

Class. Dismissed.

Media does a HUGE disservice to 45, and humanity as a whole, with sneering Lysol deceits

Last week, during the President’s Wuhan Flu press conference, an expert was brought to the microphone to discuss results of lab tests regarding the Wuhan Flu’s half-life.

He noted, on metal surfaces, the varying effects of different introduced factors that will reduce the half-life down to just a minute or so, when sunlight and disinfectant are used.

The President rightfully noted that could bring about useful medicinal opportunities.

Cue media deceit. Suddenly, print and airwaves were strewn with reports the President suggested people drink Lysol, or shoot it up as some type of Clorox-injection cocktail.

The deceit was inevitable…after all, President Trump’s always their target.

But these same so-called journalists seem unaware that toxic solutions in one form are very often developed into curative treatments…consider Botox as an example, for one.

Botox is a Botulinum toxin“Infection with the bacterium causes the disease botulism. But the toxin is also used commercially for medical and cosmetic purposes.” 

Whole industries are developed around turning toxins into medicinal treatments.

You’d think REAL journalists would know that…rather than use otherwise hopeful comments as a useful tool to bludgeon their OrangeManBad, again and again.

But then, we’re just BlueCollar layman…what do we know?

Flu is to humans as predators are to herd animals…with one major difference

When herds move to greener pastures, the jackals and lions follow, bringing down the most vulnerable and weak along the way: so it is with seasonal flu in the human realm.

Herds must migrate to find new food sources; protecting the weak is a lesser concern.

The difference is, we can use logic and reason to protect our vulnerable as they shelter in place, while the rest of us get on with a job of Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness.

Not allowing that freedom is unconstitutional…and UnAmerican.

ESPECIALLY when the WuFlu numbers Don’t Add Up.

New reports are surfacing almost daily, indicating herd-immunity has occurred from the West coast to the East coast, with the exception of a few hotspots prone to contagion.

Until various governors provide empirical data to think otherwise, we must insist they understand their role as in ‘elected TO SERVE’…and let Americans get back to normal.

We DEMAND honesty in contagion rates…hospitalizations…and death certificates.


Based on REAL contagion data, this Wuhan Flu is no worse than the seasonal variety. If they have HONEST data based on medical fact stating otherwise, they must show it.

Otherwise, stop treating Americans as serfs…and serve Americans with honesty.

We’re not Wildebeests…and our elected leaders should stop acting like Jackals.

‘Antibodies Mean Nothing’ – Who doesn’t see this coming?

The next lie: reports indicate WHO and media are now dismissing antibody testing (and there seems to be a lot of bad antibody test kits coming from…wait for it…China).

In their attempt to keep WuFlu panic alive, now comes an attack on the antibody testing by the same people who brought us the disease…and the fear-mongering?

An antibody is “…a protein produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful substances, called antigens. Each type antibody is unique and defends the body against one specific type of antigen.” (virus infects, then antibody is borne)

In other words, you don’t get Wuhan Flu antibodies unless you’ve had the disease. And, for the fear-mongers, therein lies the problem. Antibody testing reveals how many have had the disease THAT HAVEN’T BEEN COUNTED…proving it’s just another flu.

(Larger numbers of infected REDUCES the death rate to a seasonal flu occurrence.)

Those pushing ‘shelter-in-place, rely-totally-on-Govt’ hysteria don’t want fear they’re generating diminished by antibody tests proving WuFlu is not as harmful as they claim.

To achieve their goals, they have to keep the hysteria alive. And that means destroying the one test proving the Wuhan Flu is not the Black Plague-redux…antibody testing.

Expect the ‘antibody testing means nothing’ narrative to increase in volume.

But, know this…such wildly unscientific claims as this are just more proof

…we’re being HOAXED

…and if they can’t push a Death-Certificate hoax, they’ll push the Anti-antibody hoax.

Missing in their fraudulent WuFlu narrative? Burden of Proof

Government-media hysterics haven’t been close to accurate in this pandemic hype.

Predictive computer modeling has been wildly off mark. Basic factors aren’t even allowed in the equation…yet, they feel it within their power to deny our liberties?

As the estimable Andy McCarthy writes

“It is not enough for government officials, in reliance on experts, to tell you that they have very good public-health reasons to lock you down, remove your livelihood, deny your children access to education, and blockade your family from the use of outdoor spaces. Again, there is no question that government has a compelling interest in public safety. Nevertheless, before it restricts or denies our fundamental liberties, it has the burden of showing that its proposed restrictions are necessary, that there are no more modest measures that could better balance public safety with our right to live freely.”

Burden of Proof is an important factor in our daily lives; a legal cornerstone of liberty.

Yet, that burden of proof hasn’t been met, where this WuFlu hysteria exists.

And, for those who say ‘we must believe these medical experts’ we ask – if they’re so undeniably wise and experienced – why are they ignoring basic documentable proof in terms of counting TOTAL infected cases in order to make their dire predictions?

Claiming a higher-than-normal lethality rate by under-counting total cases is fraud.

Using unsubstantiated computer modeling based on predictive assumptions that are known to be inaccurate even as the modeling spits out astronomical falsity is fraud.

Attributing every death to WuFlu even when no flu testing was done is fraud…and when its existence was present, but not directly causative by WuFlu, that’s fraud too.

And using such FRAUD, to restrict our liberties, is UNLAWFUL.

When it comes to ‘Burden-of-Proof’…

…for the Liberty-restrictors, suddenly…that’s a burden they don’t wish to satisfy.

If they get away with it now, lawful restrictions on liberty-theft will never be the same.

Deflection multi-tasking…pandemic-style

With the upcoming National election, and failed Democrat leaders/policies staring them in the face, while revelations of their duplicitous 2016 behavior seep from the swamp…

…it begs the questions…

What better way to cast Trump as inept, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to cast Trump as inept, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to deflate the Trump economy, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to gain Big Government control, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to veil a failed Democrat narrative, than hyping a super-pandemic?

Consider the extent of pre-election exposure they were facing:

  • Duplicitous Obama/Clinton/Kerry/DNC 2016 election meddling using Russia and Ukraine disinformation…exposed
  • Weaponized FBI/CIA/DoJ/NSA/StateDept…exposed
  • Democrat/Biden/Feinstein/Pelosi China collusion-&-corruption that resulted in critical industries off-shoring to China while they personally profited…exposed
  • Liars Schiff/Pelosi/Nadler/Schumer phony Russia-collusion hype and media manipulation through (decptive, maybe unlawful?) leaks…exposed
  • Phony Democrat impeachment tactics…exposed
  • FakeNews reporting, on EVERY issue noted above…exposed

Desperate to forestall an election GOP-landslide, does anyone honestly believe they would hesitate to do anything…ANYTHING…to derail the oncoming political disaster?

Even if it destroyed America’s economy?


Do you understand the importance they place on power and control, and the lengths they’re willing to go to gain that opportunity…while hiding their acts from public eyes?

(Seriously, people, how else does an activist/former president buy a Hampton villa?)

Every attack against Pres Trump and his supporters has failed. He has even gained in popularity, turning their attacks against them…exposing the false narratives and deceit.

But, if there’s one thing humans will fear even knowing the extent FakeNews has been pushed on them, it’s the unknown…the unseeable…and the Wuhan Flu is now that tool.

Unsurprisingly, then…

Democrats continue efforts to support the panic-HOAX being pushed on us by media, by stalling or delegitimizing antibody testing efforts which will reveal their false narrative.

(If antibody testing continues, we’ll find that a much larger number of Americans were affected by the Wuhan Flu…which drives the lethality rate down below seasonal flu.)

Hoax revealed…Panic unnecessary…Economy destroyed – FOR WHAT?