Flu is to humans as predators are to herd animals…with one major difference

When herds move to greener pastures, the jackals and lions follow, bringing down the most vulnerable and weak along the way: so it is with seasonal flu in the human realm.

Herds must migrate to find new food sources; protecting the weak is a lesser concern.

The difference is, we can use logic and reason to protect our vulnerable as they shelter in place, while the rest of us get on with a job of Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness.

Not allowing that freedom is unconstitutional…and UnAmerican.

ESPECIALLY when the WuFlu numbers Don’t Add Up.

New reports are surfacing almost daily, indicating herd-immunity has occurred from the West coast to the East coast, with the exception of a few hotspots prone to contagion.

Until various governors provide empirical data to think otherwise, we must insist they understand their role as in ‘elected TO SERVE’…and let Americans get back to normal.

We DEMAND honesty in contagion rates…hospitalizations…and death certificates.


Based on REAL contagion data, this Wuhan Flu is no worse than the seasonal variety. If they have HONEST data based on medical fact stating otherwise, they must show it.

Otherwise, stop treating Americans as serfs…and serve Americans with honesty.

We’re not Wildebeests…and our elected leaders should stop acting like Jackals.

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