‘Antibodies Mean Nothing’ – Who doesn’t see this coming?

The next lie: reports indicate WHO and media are now dismissing antibody testing (and there seems to be a lot of bad antibody test kits coming from…wait for it…China).

In their attempt to keep WuFlu panic alive, now comes an attack on the antibody testing by the same people who brought us the disease…and the fear-mongering?

An antibody is “…a protein produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful substances, called antigens. Each type antibody is unique and defends the body against one specific type of antigen.” (virus infects, then antibody is borne)

In other words, you don’t get Wuhan Flu antibodies unless you’ve had the disease. And, for the fear-mongers, therein lies the problem. Antibody testing reveals how many have had the disease THAT HAVEN’T BEEN COUNTED…proving it’s just another flu.

(Larger numbers of infected REDUCES the death rate to a seasonal flu occurrence.)

Those pushing ‘shelter-in-place, rely-totally-on-Govt’ hysteria don’t want fear they’re generating diminished by antibody tests proving WuFlu is not as harmful as they claim.

To achieve their goals, they have to keep the hysteria alive. And that means destroying the one test proving the Wuhan Flu is not the Black Plague-redux…antibody testing.

Expect the ‘antibody testing means nothing’ narrative to increase in volume.

But, know this…such wildly unscientific claims as this are just more proof

…we’re being HOAXED

…and if they can’t push a Death-Certificate hoax, they’ll push the Anti-antibody hoax.

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