Missing in their fraudulent WuFlu narrative? Burden of Proof

Government-media hysterics haven’t been close to accurate in this pandemic hype.

Predictive computer modeling has been wildly off mark. Basic factors aren’t even allowed in the equation…yet, they feel it within their power to deny our liberties?

As the estimable Andy McCarthy writes

“It is not enough for government officials, in reliance on experts, to tell you that they have very good public-health reasons to lock you down, remove your livelihood, deny your children access to education, and blockade your family from the use of outdoor spaces. Again, there is no question that government has a compelling interest in public safety. Nevertheless, before it restricts or denies our fundamental liberties, it has the burden of showing that its proposed restrictions are necessary, that there are no more modest measures that could better balance public safety with our right to live freely.”

Burden of Proof is an important factor in our daily lives; a legal cornerstone of liberty.

Yet, that burden of proof hasn’t been met, where this WuFlu hysteria exists.

And, for those who say ‘we must believe these medical experts’ we ask – if they’re so undeniably wise and experienced – why are they ignoring basic documentable proof in terms of counting TOTAL infected cases in order to make their dire predictions?

Claiming a higher-than-normal lethality rate by under-counting total cases is fraud.

Using unsubstantiated computer modeling based on predictive assumptions that are known to be inaccurate even as the modeling spits out astronomical falsity is fraud.

Attributing every death to WuFlu even when no flu testing was done is fraud…and when its existence was present, but not directly causative by WuFlu, that’s fraud too.

And using such FRAUD, to restrict our liberties, is UNLAWFUL.

When it comes to ‘Burden-of-Proof’…

…for the Liberty-restrictors, suddenly…that’s a burden they don’t wish to satisfy.

If they get away with it now, lawful restrictions on liberty-theft will never be the same.

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