Deflection multi-tasking…pandemic-style

With the upcoming National election, and failed Democrat leaders/policies staring them in the face, while revelations of their duplicitous 2016 behavior seep from the swamp…

…it begs the questions…

What better way to cast Trump as inept, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to cast Trump as inept, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to deflate the Trump economy, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to gain Big Government control, than hyping a super-pandemic?

What better way to veil a failed Democrat narrative, than hyping a super-pandemic?

Consider the extent of pre-election exposure they were facing:

  • Duplicitous Obama/Clinton/Kerry/DNC 2016 election meddling using Russia and Ukraine disinformation…exposed
  • Weaponized FBI/CIA/DoJ/NSA/StateDept…exposed
  • Democrat/Biden/Feinstein/Pelosi China collusion-&-corruption that resulted in critical industries off-shoring to China while they personally profited…exposed
  • Liars Schiff/Pelosi/Nadler/Schumer phony Russia-collusion hype and media manipulation through (decptive, maybe unlawful?) leaks…exposed
  • Phony Democrat impeachment tactics…exposed
  • FakeNews reporting, on EVERY issue noted above…exposed

Desperate to forestall an election GOP-landslide, does anyone honestly believe they would hesitate to do anything…ANYTHING…to derail the oncoming political disaster?

Even if it destroyed America’s economy?


Do you understand the importance they place on power and control, and the lengths they’re willing to go to gain that opportunity…while hiding their acts from public eyes?

(Seriously, people, how else does an activist/former president buy a Hampton villa?)

Every attack against Pres Trump and his supporters has failed. He has even gained in popularity, turning their attacks against them…exposing the false narratives and deceit.

But, if there’s one thing humans will fear even knowing the extent FakeNews has been pushed on them, it’s the unknown…the unseeable…and the Wuhan Flu is now that tool.

Unsurprisingly, then…

Democrats continue efforts to support the panic-HOAX being pushed on us by media, by stalling or delegitimizing antibody testing efforts which will reveal their false narrative.

(If antibody testing continues, we’ll find that a much larger number of Americans were affected by the Wuhan Flu…which drives the lethality rate down below seasonal flu.)

Hoax revealed…Panic unnecessary…Economy destroyed – FOR WHAT?

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