If every U.S. veteran gave just $0.25, hoax-targeted Gen’l Flynn’s legal fees would be paid

Breitbart article: “Report: Michael Flynn Amasses Huge $5 Million Legal Bill”

As of 2016, in America there are around 20.4 million U.S. veterans” that could help.

Retired General Flynn was targeted by Mueller after being framed by the FBI, who found that he ‘didn’t lie’ during his FBI interview…before witch-hunters found he did lie.

If every veteran gave a quarter, his fees would be covered.

If only half the veterans believe in Trump, okay, give fifty cents.

Then, file a class-action suit against deep-staters in the FBI found to have perpetrated this hoax, recover the $30 million spent on the witch-hunt, and reimburse Gen. Flynn.

(And anyone else caught up in their legalistic web of lies.)

‘Ever-Collusion’ers’ don’t seem to realize what they’re admitting…

At the Washington Examiner website: Dem congressman contradicts Mueller report, says he has personally seen evidence of Russian collusion

Those of you who refuse to believe President Trump is innocent of collusion unwittingly seem to – then – believe him to be an ultimate Machiavellian shape-shifter, capable of pulling a fast one over on the CIA/FBI/DOJ/FakeNews/Mueller-team opposing him.

What other explanation is there?

That said…

…isn’t this the brilliance one would want in the most powerful leader of the free world?

After all, by definition it makes him the SMARTEST man in the room.

(And those who target Att’y Gen’l Barr as the ‘bad guy with misleading excerpts’ to spin the report may want to ask themselves, where’s the Mueller leaker to back them up?)

Sorry libs…Obama either orchestrated this hoax, or turned a blind eye to it

The result of the two-year-plus investigation driven by a hoax, proves there was NEVER any evidence to initiate surveillance of Americans, let alone the investigation itself.

Our ‘peaceful transition of power’ concept was turned on its head, and the leader of the Party in power – Barack Hussein Obama – is responsible for this egregious act…

…either by his orchestration of the effort, or turning a blind eye to it.

No lesser official would have put themselves in that position without a nod from the top.



Beyond the ‘no-collusion’ report conclusion, consider: ‘what hath Democrats & Hillary wrought’?

Talk about blow-back…the 2016 decision to go with a faulty Hillary candidacy is epic.

With collusion hysteria collapsing, Victor Davis Hanson observes: “…the hysteria that helped prompt the Mueller investigation was in part whipped up by those who had knowingly acted unethically or illegally during and also after the 2016 campaign. These Obama officials bet on the sure-thing but wrong horse and suddenly, after Nov. 8, 2016, feared that they were soon to be subject to lots of criminal exposure.”

What kind of ‘criminal exposure’?

“… an assortment of crimes by Obama-era officials, such as lying to federal officials, conspiracy to obstruct justice, illegally leaking confidential or classified documents to the media, deceiving a FISA court, and myriad conflicts of interest.” (bold added)

If this Republican administration has the guts, indictments should begin any day now.

The epic explosive blow-back of a Democrat Party willing to nominate a seriously flawed Hillary…and her acceptance of that nomination…will be heard around the world.

Democrats foisted Hillary on us, Hillary foisted the dirt-dossier on us…and, VOILA…

…FakeNews perpetuated it, exposing themselves in the process!

Thank you Democrats. Thank you Hillary. With your assistance, you’ve exposed the DeepState, FakeNews, the depths of Democrat dishonesty, and lousy Republicans.

Let the sun shine in.

Chicago prosecutors white-wash Smollett, but Feds should step in

“All charges against Jussie Smollett dropped”

Jussie Smollett hoaxed a hate-crime, which itself is a hate crime, and as such can be dealt with on a Federal level – Chicago’s biased prosecutors did him no favor.

Not only did he fake a hate-crime assault, in the past he mailed himself hate mail, and by that act falsely claimed racist acts, which is mail fraud on a Federal level as well.

Smollett’s connected to the Obama-Chicago cartel, and that cartel tried to validate his actions, then tried to take over the probe with friendly FBI cronies to hide his misdeeds, and perpetuate the race-baiting methodology meant to muffle their opposition.

If there is to be any end to this hoaxing hate-crime trend by the Left, the Justice Dept must take over, re-open this as a hate-crime, and let the investigations commence.

Otherwise, hoax hate-crimes will continue…

…until the Right kneels to their race-baiting masters.

The HOAX is dead…long live the hoax?

The hoaxes will continue…until belief in them improves.

The Mueller investigation HOAX is over, with the release of the special counsel report.

Now, the spin begins. Anti-Trump Democrats, the media (redundant – we know) and the never-Trump’ers all have their unique, albeit phony, take on keeping their game alive.

For Democrats and their media masters, their claims now are irrefutably cheapened by the hoax they’ve attempted to perpetrate over the last 2-plus years…who will listen?

As for the never-Trump’ers, NRO’s David French seems to sum it up by validating the hoax, then doubling down with this hilarious sub-title that’s at once laughable and tragic: “The DOJ responded to a challenging moment with integrity and resolve.”

You know, that ‘challenging moment’ brought on themselves by falsifying surveillance warrants to the FISA courts, using unsubstantiated rumor, and backchanneled by…

…you guessed it…the DOJ.

The System Worked‘? French can’t be serious, unless he’s talking about the unspoken rule-of-law system that works against one Party, when the other gets panties in a wad.

We can overlook the Democrat/media/Left hype for what it is – cheap trashtalk – but the never-Trump republicans (yes, small ‘r’) in our midst deserve special scorn from peers.

They’ve exposed their smarmy elitist veneer with an unmitigated scorn of a Republican president the voters elected; and now, when exposed…attempt to validate their actions.

But, just as the DeepState, FakeNews, and despicable Democrats have revealed their own self-serving agenda, so also do the never-Trump republicans…to their disgrace.

The system?

A system allowing such baseless chicanery is NOT what this Country stands for; but by such guile-swelled prose, never-Trump’ers disgracefully show what they stand for.

Prediction – Stand by for Act II, III, IV, V, VI, and on, and on, and on.

Their hoax will take on shape-shifting qualities…until indictments thin their cohort.

FrontPageMag.com channels BlueCollar on states giving away electoral vote powers

“How Small State Democrats are Selling Out Their States to California”

The eminent Daniel Greenfield explains in detail what we posted days ago: small states relinquishing electoral votes to the popular vote become captive to California (and NY).

In a nutshell, “The electoral college was meant to protect the political power of even the smallest states. But Democrats in some of those states are eager to abandon local power for national control. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact nationalizes local votes in a trick of political socialism.” (Aahh, why campaign in Vermont, anyway?)

The problem? “The compact puts (small states) in a grim place…Their only political assets were their electoral college votes. And they chose to give those assets away to New York and California in the hopes of rigging a future presidential election.”

The result? “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact formalizes the centralization of power in the few wealthy areas of a few powerful states at the expense of the multitude of smaller states of the country. It overturns the balance of power keeping a handful of powerful states from controlling the country.” 

(But, hey, what’s a little ‘balance of power’ loss between states, right?)

‘Eager to abandon local power for national control’…yet, not aware those willing to give up vote liberty – for political security – deserve neither such liberty or security.

Time will tell.

Some questions answer themselves…

“Will Democrats finally admit the Obama DOJ and FBI lied to the FISA court?”

(Hint: Key word in that question is ‘Democrats’. Need we say more?)

Well, yeah…there’s always gonna be some claiming more needs to be said.


There are three key elements necessary when documents are presented to support FISA surveillance warrants to spy on American citizens. As John Solomon noted “First, the FBI must present evidence to FISA judges that it has verified and that (it) comes from intelligence sources deemed reliable. Second, it must disclose any information that calls into question the credibility of its sources. Finally, it must disclose any evidence suggesting the innocence of its investigative targets.”

To this day, not one iota of proof substantiates the ‘dirt-dossier’ evidence given the FISA courts – it has not been verified, the author’s sources have not been identified (which means it’s unreliable, and the credibility of its sources are unknown), and exculpatory evidence suggesting the innocence of its investigative targets was not revealed.

But that didn’t stop the DOJ and FBI from their goal: to spy on Trump and his aides.

Now, go back to the first question in this post.

Question asked, question answered?

Maybe the real question should be – can Democrats be honest?

You decide.