Did the Smollett-clearing prosecutor go to the same college as Ocasio-Cortez…?

As reported at the RedState.com: “Illinois Bar Drops Hammer on Kim Foxx Over Jussie Smollett, Lays Out Possible Illegality By Her” ‘Possible Illegality’?

How about definite illegality…by her failure to follow law when she…

  • initially recused herself, and violated law by not following the process;
  • improperly sealed the case, violating the law;
  • failed to give proper legally-required notice (of intent to seal) to law enforcement;
  • lied to the public that the case-sealing was ‘mandatory’; and
  • lied about the ‘normality’ and ‘usual practice’ of dropping charges

Looks like the Illinois Bar should drop the hammer on Kim Foxx. Obviously she’s doing the bidding of someone high up in the political Left food chain (Kamala Harris, Obama?) and didn’t do even a sixth-grader’s best in whitewashing Smollett’s hate-crime hoax.

This comedy of errors, by a so-called law-school-degreed graduate, is comparable to another mental midget forced on the American public…Ocasio-Cortez (a mind-boggling and cringe-worthy example of her economics education tells you all you need to know).

Looks like Foxx went to the same college as AOC, and like AOC, bought her degree…

…because, judging by her actions, she never EARNED a law degree.

3 weeks ago we speculated that political chicanery’s afoot. It’s more believable now.

They need another ‘hands-up, don’t shoot’ lie: they’re bleeding away supporters who have benefited from the Republican economy…getting jobs, raises, and more benefits.

And in order to continue stoking the outrage, and most importantly, stop the exodus of black-Americans from the Democrat Party, they need Smollett portrayed as a victim.

How else could they blame Smollett’s crimes on their nemesis…Donald Trump?

Sorry libs…any Mueller report MUST address Hoax-effort as part of the issue

The hair-pulling begins: Liberal followers object to our recent blogs indicating the need for Mueller to address hoax-actors involved in perpetuating this collusion fraud…

…but to investigate ‘any and all issues that may arise’ from the probe – as instructed by the Rosenstein mandate – must necessarily include such hoaxing activities.

Russia-gate; Dossier-gate; FISA-gate; Unmasking-gate; BackChannel-gate; Media-gate; WeaponizedIntelAgency-gate; Leaker-gate; you name it, there’s a gate for it.

It should have all been discovered during any investigation Mueller conducted.

Human lures were used, trying to get Trump aides to bite on Russian contacts; the dirt-dossier and its unfounded (to this day) claims was paid for by Democrats; the base-less dossier was used to get FISA surveille warrant approvals; many Obama aides  were involved in unmasking Americans based on the FISA warrants; the media colluded with hoaxers to spread the dirt-dossier; FBI-CIA-DOJ senior actors orchestrated the scheme; and senior Obama-linked officials were leaking and coordinating with media.

‘Any and all issues that may arise’ should damn well include those ‘issues’ we’ve noted, and if they aren’t a part of Mueller’s report…Mueller himself needs to be investigated.

We don’t know if these issues are part of his report…but a lack of indictments is telling.

Just sayin’…

…but, wait…shouldn’t Mueller have included such investigations into his probe…?

Wayne Allyn Root writes “It’s time to play the Democrat’s game. If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. Attorney General Barr must name “Special Counselors” to investigate the endless scandals of the Democrats. It’s time to investigate Russiagate, Spygate, the Dossier/FISA scandal, the unmasking scandal, and the corrupt FBI and DOJ officials who perpetrated this hoax on the American people.”

And, then there’s this op-ed by Kimberly Guilfoyle, in the Daily Caller: “It’s Time To Investigate Those Behind The Russia Hoax”

Sure, such activities as these need to be investigated, but it begs the question: Why wasn’t this already done by Mueller’s team? IT WAS PART OF HIS MANDATE!!

Why has everyone missed this very obvious failure?

If his report shows that he ignored this part of his mandate…

…Mueller’s hoax-myopia needs to be included as part of further investigations.

Veterans – remember this when elections roll around…

At the Washington Examiner: “Democrats replace POW/MIA flags with transgender equality flags to protest Trump’s transgender troops ban” (underline added)

Anyone that argues ‘no disrespect, just a passive protest’ should be asked…if it’s not a sign of disrespect, why couldn’t they just add the trans-equality flag to the display?

Removing the POW/MIA flags was disrespectful.

Just one more poke in the eye, by the Party looking for any way to dis the U.S. Military.

How does any former or active military personnel vote for Democrats?

Failure to indict Democrat/deep-stater collusion-hoax conspirators proves Mueller probe was a fraud

No indictment of Democrats, despite irrefutable evidence? THERE YOU GO.

Proof the Mueller probe is a fraud lies in the lack of indictments for wrongdoing shown to have been done during multiple FISA abuses, the failure of the Clinton campaign to declare campaign finance funds used to create the dirt-dossier, and other illegal acts.

The special counsel was instructed to “…conduct the investigation…including…(ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and (iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).”  (bold, underline emphasis added)

Democrats and partisan deep-state actors leaked, lied, subverted the FISA process; yet, not 1 indictment as to ‘ANY MATTERS’ that ‘arose or may arise’ from the probe.

We’ve been calling for a COMPLETE probe for over a year – but, nope.

Yeah…call it what you want:



D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T. C.O.V.E.R.U.P.

The proof is in who DIDN’T get indicted…despite mountains of evidence.

Irony abounds – special counsel report confidentiality was legislated…by DEMOCRATS

Democrats screaming for the ‘full Mueller report’ have only their own Party to blame for the confidential nature of such special counsel reports, because THEY made it law.

Desperate to hide details of Bill Clinton’s actions, their legislation accomplished that.

And now, bitten by their own ‘obscurity-intended’ law…they scream for transparency.

Farce? Tragedy? Comedy? You choose.

But, no doubt, next time they need obscurity, they’ll be clamoring the other way. 

From their KKK yesteryears to their impeachment mantra today, Democrat lynch mentality lives on

House Democrats make new push for 10 years of Trump’s financial records

Ya see, folks, it works this way…

…Republicans impeached a Democrat president…so Democrats must retaliate.

Who cares if theirs DID break the law? (Bill Clinton had lied to a grand jury, obstructing justice by doing so) Who cares if the Republican they’re after didn’t break any laws?

Give them Trump’s history, and they’re bound and determined to find something.

Hey, it worked for them with their Party’s KKK militants; lynch ’em all, and to the Devil with the details! It’s not American justice that counts; only their brand of justice counts.

And they’ll riot in the streets ’til their justice is served: witness Antifa, BlackLivesMatter.

Same old Democrats; same old mentality – send out the Lynch Mobs, and Bull Connor.


…and the IRONY drips

Eric Holder conflates electoral-college system protections as a ‘defect’

At the Washington Free Beacon:

“Holder on the Electoral College: ‘It’s a Defect in Our Democracy’”


…only in the Liberal world that sees the Constitution as a negative-liberty document.

An electoral college process ensures protection of small-population states from high-population states that would, otherwise, control all results of every National election.

The real ‘defect’ in our system is…giving anti-constitutionalists any credibility at all.

DOJ can investigate collusion-hoax wrongdoing without a ‘special counsel’

There’s no need for a special counsel, where clear and empirical evidence reveals that a criminal act (or acts) were perpetrated during this Russia-collusion hoax meltdown.

There’s no conflict of interest here.

President Trump isn’t the one being investigated now, but those attacking him will be. As the duly elected President, the Att’y Gen’l and Justice Dept. answer to him…

…as the representative leader of the American people.

Political leadership should stop playing with disingenuous innuendo – get ‘er done.

Who REALLY wants to ‘take your health care away’???

Democrats, fast running out of issues, claim Trump wants to take away people’s health care, because of efforts to have the GOP come up with a plan to replace Obamacare.

Does anybody not understand replacing O’care with a plan ends up…with a plan?

Long story short – don’t listen to scary tales, recognize real efforts taking place.

But, scare-rhetoric aside, who REALLY wants to take away people’s health-care?

Bernie Sanders: “Damn Right”, I Want to Eliminate Health Insurance

Eliminate health insurance, and that eliminates tens of millions of health-care plans.

Class dismissed.