Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice…shame on me

Meaning, of course, allowing oneself to be gulled more than once by the same people is a failure by the person being fooled, because they failed to learn from the first time.

Now, consider the massive Russia-collusion fraud playing out…and those exposed in the orchestration of this hoax – political appointees at the very highest level of gov’t.

If they’re not held to account, what’s to stop them from doing it again?

A great article by Emerald Robinson brings it all into perspective.

Pull quote: “Make no mistake: the American intelligence services have been caught red-handed attempting to subvert the 2016 election. If the ringleaders are not brought to justice soon, there will be little reason for ambitious and unprincipled men to fear attempting such a coup again. Just witness their collective behavior as we speak. Having been caught, these deep state bigwigs are unwilling to comply with congressional oversight, and openly are defying both the president and the House.”

Being held accountable is an understandable concept in our personal lives, and should be just as understandable in political life…failing that, the unprincipled will try again.

Funny…we don’t recall the Left losing jobs when comparing a Republican to a monkey…

Those with heads exploding over Roseanne’s comment about Valerie Jarrett being the logical result of a Muslim Brotherhood/Planet-of-Apes tryst weren’t outraged dissing W.

Remember all the racist comparisons about George W and monkeys?

Not racist, you say? Only if you’re black, you say?

Sorry, if we’ve evolved from apes as many assert, that’s where whites came from too.

Which makes it just as racist to use the monkey comparison…

…unless, of course…you’re a Left-wing wacko.

And, if that’s your inclination and you’re tying this to Pres Trump, sorry…no can do…

…Roseanne Barr has never been right-wing…she’s one of yours.

Facts are so inconvenient sometimes…no?

Knowing the whole story puts Rep. Gowdy’s comments in perspective

“Gowdy Defends FBI From ‘Spygate’ Accusations”

The Daily Caller lays out the perspective Rep. Gowdy has:  “President Donald Trump has accused the FBI of spying on his campaign, but intelligence officials say they were simply trying to find out the scope of Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 election. Gowdy seemed to affirm the FBI’s side of the story during an interview”

If that were the whole story, sure.

But when you add the fact a Soros groupee (Mifsud) fed the ‘Russia attempts’ details to a Trump aide, then a Clinton groupee (Downer) prompted remembrance of those details by the aide before then alerting intelligence officials of the conversation, it begs the question – how do they justify an investigation of suspicious acts THEY initiated?

Absent that knowledge…Gowdy’s comments need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Maybe LOTS of grains.

Especially when you consider the Clinton campaign should’ve been investigated too, from their DNC server to their cash collection…and Hillary’s unsecure email activity…

…IF, of course…

…thescope of Russia’s attempts’ were actually a concern.

When ‘scope’ is defined by probing just ONE of the campaigns…IT’S POLITICAL.



Haters gotta hate…

Economy’s booming…minority and women unemployment at historic lows…the first black-American heavyweight champion, unfairly convicted, is (finally) pardoned…

… incomes are rising…Jerusalem is, at last, the capital of Israel as many presidents promised (but failed to recognize) with our U.S. embassy move to that great city…

…and just reported – America has regained the top global competitiveness ranking…

…but the haters still hate.

As true as the old saying that ‘you can’t wake someone who’s pretending to sleep’…

…you can’t stop the hate…of those who GOTTA hate.

But, as long as they’re outnumbered…there’s hope.

Did you know that Memorial Day was a post-Confederate South construct?

After the Civil War, many family members of Confederate fallen visited grave sites annually, to express their love and respect…and included flowering Union graves too.

That annual activity eventually became a federal holiday, Memorial Day.

The eminent Wesley Pruden, Washington Times editor-in-chief emeritus explains…

“The Confederate gift to the nation”

(As is ever the case) Mr. Pruden’s article is well worth the few minutes it takes to read.

Orchestrating the ‘suspicious’ activities that, then, justified being…suspicious?

Another day…another revelation.

Anti-Trumpers have long held the view that Trump Jr meeting with Russians at Trump Tower justified the suspicion that underhanded chicanery and collusion were evident…

…but it seems all the Russians involved worked with FusionGPS way BEFORE that so-called suspicious meeting, which logically calls into question how entrapment is legal?

FusionGPS, remember, paid a Brit to create the dirt-dossier alleging Russian collusion. And FusionGPS was associated with all the Russians that arranged the Tower meeting.

And, FusionGPS actions were funded by Clinton/DNC-paid lawyers Perkins-Coie.

Got that?

The very people suspicious of ‘Trump-campaign’ activities…

…orchestrated those activities in the first place.

The circular logic of gas-price hikes…Democrat style

As we near the Nov midterm election and the Democrats see their generic ballot lead go up in smoke as a GOP economy booms, they’re grasping at any message for help.

The latest – rising gas-pump prices…which is ironic, since they’re the root cause.

As noted in an IBD article, the three drivers of rising prices are OPEC, a ‘spring-blend’ environmental regulatory law, and rising demand driven by…a booming economy.

But, if we unpack the driver issues, it becomes clear that artificial supply shortages here are caused by – you guessed it – Democrat obstruction of expanding drilling.

And, oh yeah…those environmental regulations requiring costly blends of gasoline? If we’re not mistaken, a look behind the regs shows Democrats hiding in the shadows.

And, common sense tells us that increasing supplies as demand increases would allow a steady price point for gas…but, did we mention why supplies can’t increase?

For the low-information voter, their Democrat leadership may be able to keep them in the dark until election day…but the informed voter knows what Party drives costs up.

Pain at the pump? Blame Democrats.



He lied about surveilling Americans…and now lies about Russian election-meddling

Clapper has a yapper problem.

Remember? He lied in 2013 testimony to Congress, about NSA spy programs.

Now, he’s lied again…about Russians having an effect on election meddling, or, more to the point, about the U.S. intelligence community’s ability to assess Russia’s impact.

On his recent book tour, he’s asserting that ‘of course’ Russians swayed the election.

But in Jan 2017, again, in testimony to Congress, he was asked (3:56 mark)…

“Director Clapper, you said to Senator McCain earlier “the intelligence community cannot gauge the impact” on the election [of Russian activity]. Is that because that kind of electoral analysis is not a task that’s within the traditional responsibility and skill sets of the intelligence services?” (emphasis added)

He responded:

“That’s correct…it certainly isn’t within the purview of the intelligence community”

What’s changed, Jimmy? Oh…yeah…you’re selling a book.

Judge Napolitano seems to think illegal means of starting & continuing an investigation is…okay?

Fox News legal analyst Judge Napolitano seems to think the President and Congress have no right to investigate those who may have started their investigation illegally.

“The president cannot interfere with criminal investigations against himself without running the risk of additional charges of obstruction of justice — interference with a judicial process (the gathering of evidence and its presentation to a grand jury) for a corrupt purpose (impeding his own prosecution or impeachment). Nor can members of Congress see whatever they want in the midst of a criminal investigation…”

Does that mean investigations started illegally, and continued illegally, are sacrosanct?

Isn’t that what Congressional Oversight is supposed to protect us from?

Just curious.

Listen closely…deep-staters often give away what they’re planning

We know the FBI probe into Hillary’s illegal server was code-named ‘Mid-Year Exam’ and we know the FBI activities targeting Trump was code-named ‘Crossfire Hurricane’.

Both Hillary and Trump were in the midst of 2016 presidential campaigns at the time.

Mid-Year Exam…Crossfire Hurricane

Do we hear anything, when those phrases are invoked?

It’s typical of such agencies to often use symbolism when code-naming operations. Mid-Year Exams are to be passed. And Crossfire Hurricanes are theoretically not survivable.

Funny, isn’t it? Hillary was exonerated by the FBI before she was even interviewed, and Donald Trump has been buffeted from deep-state crossfire for the last two years.

If FBI code-naming was predictive, each activity’s result was pre-ordained…

…except…Hillary, the presumptive winner, LOST the election.

And now, the script isn’t being followed.

Conspiracy theory? Maybe…

…but when was the last time you heard of an Operation ‘Fuzzy Bunny’?