For the GOP, winning the Senate in midterms is just the beginning

Mainstream media outlets are already trying to spin the election as about nothing.

It’s the only way they can explain what appears to be a major rout in the making.

Whether they acknowledge it or not, if the wave begets a Republican-majority Senate, the people will have spoken…in a clear rejection of Obama’s policies and lawlessness.

A mandate, to stop the direction Democrats want to take this Nation.

The GOP better be ready to play hardball…for keeps.

Is it possible minorities finally see the bad hand Democrats have dealt them?

A week from the mid-terms, headlines and Youtube videos indicate minorities may finally see the damage done to them by Democrat policies over the last 6 years.

The Democrat Party claims to be the champion of minorities, but their Big Government  programs, stifling tax & energy policy, and crony deal-making hurts those very groups.

The Republican Party’s ‘low-tax/limited-government’ policies supports all business…

…and business drives America.

Next time someone says ‘what’s the difference, they’re all crooks’, tell them this…

…if you feel that way, vote for one who supports business America’s driving force

…vote Republican.

(And let’s hope minorities show their displeasure at the ballot box November 4th.)

As Texas goes, so goes the Nation…while California withers?

Did you know, if the 1.32 million jobs Texas created since 2007 Recession are removed from the statistic, the other 49 states would be minus 1 million jobs…from 2007 levels?

Energy – natural gas and oil extraction – is the reason for the Texas job boom.

California once led the Nation as its diverse economic industries flourished.

With a drill-friendly legislature and governor, it could be that way again.

But ‘drill-friendly’ translates into ‘Republican policy’, not likely in today’s California.

It isn’t job-creation ’til Hillary Clinton says it’s job-creation…

“Don’t let anybody tell you corporations create jobs.”

Pure Democrat philosophy…without government’s okay, businesses don’t create jobs.

That’s what Hillary Clinton was saying.

We all know businesses do create jobs…but in Hillary’s Democrat world, the hand of government must first be extended benevolently before such job-creation can occur.

The exceptionalism that is America was that it was built on a Constitutional concept that set government up to SERVE the people…Democrats want to reverse that concept.

They want the people to serve government, from which then, all largesse must flow.

In a Constitutional system, free market dynamics set the stage for business and job creation…in Hillary’s Democrat system, govt. bureaucrats choose the winners.

(Democrats have controlled Congress 70% of the time, setting most business rules.)

And, more often then not, today’s politician chooses those who grease palms most. So, you can let free-market dynamics decide, or you can let politicians decide.

In the end, it comes down to ‘who do you trust’?

No agenda? Reid’s Democrat Senate dungeon is full of stalled GOP agenda

For those in angst over a non-articulated GOP agenda, look no further than the Senate.

Harry Reid has hidden away a huge amount of GOP legislation meant to unleash our economy and spur the growth of jobs and GDP that this Nation so desperately needs.

Reid hides the bills because he wants to protect his Democrat cohort…they don’t have to go on record to vote against effective legislation, if those bills remain hidden.

Hundreds of House bills have been suppressed by the Democrat Majority Leader.

Suffice to say those bills should pretty clearly define the Republican agenda…

…once revealed to the light by a Republican Senate.

So right-wing pundits need not agonize over that which is already borne; one can simply visit the House GOP website on this issue, or wait ’til Jan. 2015 and a GOP Senate…

…when they open Reid’s dungeon, and release the American prosperity within.

(Note to Larry Kudlow: the media isn’t ‘missing’ the “Optimistic GOP Story”

…they’re deliberately ignoring it.)

‘Costanza media’ downplays a ‘Seinfeld election’

Print and digital media in the bag for Democrats once again show their colors.

Coining the midterm election as ‘an election about nothing’ reveals the depths of media disdain for the Rule of Law, the Constitution, and an honest dialogue with Americans.

In a move to downplay its importance, they push midterms as a ‘Seinfeld election’.

Politicians will always play the crowd to get votes…it was ever thus.

But, an honest media would hold them accountable…

…a ‘George Costanza’ media finds honesty a punchline.

Jon Lovitz, in a Seinfeld scene with ‘George’ (at 1:46), admits he’s been living a lie…

George looks at him pityingly and says “Just one? I’m living like 20.”

Welcome to the ‘Costanza’ media.

BIG money buys the ‘Stupid’ vote

Why would the poor and low-income groups keep voting for the very Democrats whose policies – more than anything else – keep them locked in their destitution and misery?

An excellent article at The Weekly Standard shines a light on that paradox.

“The Real Party of the Rich” details the big money used by Democrats to buy ads that slime their opponents, with a compliant media that veils corruption and failed policies.

A Democrat Party with no good ideas, policies, or leaders can only throw mud.

And ‘the REAL party of the Rich’ can buy a lot of mud.

So, election cycle after election cycle, those who need help the most elect those who give help the least…unless, of course, ‘help’ is defined as keeping them in their place.

The BEST way to reduce Black-American poverty and unemployment

Black-American poverty – climbed 25% since Obama & Democrats took over.

Black-American unemployment – twice the national average.

From energy to immigration, Democrat policies have devastated the black community, yet, using class warfare, that Party pulls 90%+ of the black vote every election cycle.

Will the Black-American community wise up Nov. 04, or vote for more of the same?

Republican policies – from school choice to free-market solutions – favor everyone, and it’s high time the GOP started making that case strongly…and effectively.

A Townhall article listed 5 reasons there are so few blacks in the Republican Party. How can that be, with a history and economic platform that benefits blacks so much?

We suggest there’s only one reason…Republicans are lousy at messaging.