No agenda? Reid’s Democrat Senate dungeon is full of stalled GOP agenda

For those in angst over a non-articulated GOP agenda, look no further than the Senate.

Harry Reid has hidden away a huge amount of GOP legislation meant to unleash our economy and spur the growth of jobs and GDP that this Nation so desperately needs.

Reid hides the bills because he wants to protect his Democrat cohort…they don’t have to go on record to vote against effective legislation, if those bills remain hidden.

Hundreds of House bills have been suppressed by the Democrat Majority Leader.

Suffice to say those bills should pretty clearly define the Republican agenda…

…once revealed to the light by a Republican Senate.

So right-wing pundits need not agonize over that which is already borne; one can simply visit the House GOP website on this issue, or wait ’til Jan. 2015 and a GOP Senate…

…when they open Reid’s dungeon, and release the American prosperity within.

(Note to Larry Kudlow: the media isn’t ‘missing’ the “Optimistic GOP Story”

…they’re deliberately ignoring it.)

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