It isn’t job-creation ’til Hillary Clinton says it’s job-creation…

“Don’t let anybody tell you corporations create jobs.”

Pure Democrat philosophy…without government’s okay, businesses don’t create jobs.

That’s what Hillary Clinton was saying.

We all know businesses do create jobs…but in Hillary’s Democrat world, the hand of government must first be extended benevolently before such job-creation can occur.

The exceptionalism that is America was that it was built on a Constitutional concept that set government up to SERVE the people…Democrats want to reverse that concept.

They want the people to serve government, from which then, all largesse must flow.

In a Constitutional system, free market dynamics set the stage for business and job creation…in Hillary’s Democrat system, govt. bureaucrats choose the winners.

(Democrats have controlled Congress 70% of the time, setting most business rules.)

And, more often then not, today’s politician chooses those who grease palms most. So, you can let free-market dynamics decide, or you can let politicians decide.

In the end, it comes down to ‘who do you trust’?

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