‘Costanza media’ downplays a ‘Seinfeld election’

Print and digital media in the bag for Democrats once again show their colors.

Coining the midterm election as ‘an election about nothing’ reveals the depths of media disdain for the Rule of Law, the Constitution, and an honest dialogue with Americans.

In a move to downplay its importance, they push midterms as a ‘Seinfeld election’.

Politicians will always play the crowd to get votes…it was ever thus.

But, an honest media would hold them accountable…

…a ‘George Costanza’ media finds honesty a punchline.

Jon Lovitz, in a Seinfeld scene with ‘George’ (at 1:46), admits he’s been living a lie…

George looks at him pityingly and says “Just one? I’m living like 20.”

Welcome to the ‘Costanza’ media.

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