Hmm…those actually ON the call say nothing improper was said…?

At the Federalist: “NSC Official Tim Morrison To Schiff: ‘I Was Not Concerned That Anything Illegal Was Discussed’ In Trump-Ukraine Phone Call”

And THAT’S the difference between those with opinions about the Trump call with Ukraine’s leader, and those intimately involved: Morrison was on that call too.

Furthermore, as noted in this Fox interview with Rep. Meadows (R-NC) “The impeachment narrative built by House Democrats is beginning to collapse, as witnesses continue to contradict the quid pro quo claim being made against President Trump, said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. “All of a sudden what you’re starting to see is some contradictions between witnesses that we had yesterday [and] witnesses that we’re having today,” he said. “You’re starting to see a different side of the story. “And what we are finding and what your viewers need to understand is that each time that the witnesses are asked about holding up aid and [if] it was held up for improper purposes — the answer is no,” Meadows continued.” (emphasis added)

(And, NSC Morrison says Taylor testimony was riddled with ‘key’ inaccuracies.)

UPDATE: John Solomon destroys the Ukraine myths built around the Shampeachment efforts in a new article today, proving Democrats did everything they claim was done by President Trump, and points out Ukraine re-opened the corruption probe months before President Trump’s call to their leader…dismantling the basis of the Democrat case. 

Looks like Democrats better gear up their next hoax…this one’s failing fast.

Lipstick on a Pig still leaves it a Pig

As reported at “House Democrats Pass Partisan Impeachment Process Resolution in Face of Bipartisan Opposition”

The pig (aka, impeachment ‘process’) has added the lipstick of ‘inquiry’ to its title.

Maybe it’s time to change the Democrat jackass mascot image?

But, it’ll take more than lipstick to make this Shampeachment leader look anything like legitimate: Adam Schiff is a proven leaker, a proven liar…and a material witness.

Now, with this latest ‘resolution’ he’s the man who decides its discretion and control?

As stated…it’s gonna take a lot more than lipstick.

Andy McCarthy breaks down the ‘resolution’ and the challenge faced by the Trump team in dealing with this situation, but its ludicrous proposition does beg a question:

He does a fair analysis, and toward the end notes that “…the president and his allies are going to need a substantive defense to the charge that, with a purpose to interfere in the 2020 election, he abused his foreign-relations power by encouraging a foreign government to investigate an American citizen for violating foreign law.”

But…isn’t that EXACTLY what Obama-&-co did in 2016?

It’s pretty bizarre, when the originators of a Russia-collusion hoax can get away with trying to impeach a duly-elected President for investigating and prosecuting hoaxsters.

‘Cuz that’s what’s going on here…

…their Shampeachment is meant to obstruct/discredit a real investigation

…of a REAL crime.

And they will not stop.

Just curious though…don’t Democrats realize Republicans will want to put Joe Biden’s corruption with ‘foreign-relations’ on full display as good cause for an investigation?

Goodbye California…hello Medieval times?

If ever there was a poster-state for failed Democrat policy, California is it.

How else to describe, when a wildfire possibility can put you into the Dark Ages? We can’t clear-cut, manage undergrowth, or build new water-capture capabilities.

Between extreme environmentalists and Big Government Democrats, Green giddiness and Blue blundering have created Black conditions for California…and its populace.

“No longer is California the land of opportunity, it is a purgatory of high taxes, unaffordable housing, an outrageously steep cost of living, crumbling roads and bridges, soul-grinding traffic, and catastrophic homelessness.” Typhus, anyone?

This Issues-&-Insights article captures the irony: “Each of these is a man-made disaster created by public policy that limits and directs rather than frees and stimulates.”

California’s 2020 elections will be a choice of continuing to huddle in darkness…

…or be creative.

…and, folks, that’s called ‘witness tampering’…

“Nunes: Adam Schiff was coaching Alexander Vindman throughout his testimony”

And, when he wasn’t coaching, Schiff was telling him not to answer GOP questions.

Doesn’t get any more blatant than that.

Now, add this to the fact that Schiff, who is heading this Shampeachment proceeding, lied about he or his staff meeting with a whistleblower gossip-monger in advance.

Why would he feel the need to lie…unless aware it would be witness-tampering?

Federal agencies have protocols in place for whistle-blowers, and a complainant’s first contact over allegations would NOT be to partisan members of Congress; otherwise, such a contact made first is understandably considered unethical witness-grooming.

In other words…T.A.M.P.E.R.I.N.G.

This whole Shampeachment stinks…but not as badly as actions of the guy who runs it.

Race-baiter former first lady runs away from ‘her people’

Michelle Obama claims whites run away from blacks, but considering where she and The One have chosen to live nowadays, looks like it’s the pot calling the kettle…a pot.

Her new digs in DC and Martha’s Vineyard are in super-predominantly white areas.

Kalorama (Washington DC) is populated by 82.9% white, 3.8% black residents.

Martha’s Vineyard is populated by 94.4% white, 1.8% black residents.

If anyone’s running from ‘her people’…it’s Michelle O.

Typical Liberal…talk the talk, but NEVER walk the walk. (She could’a chosen Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta…funny, even she doesn’t want to make that choice.)

Why would she accuse whites of the very act SHE’S guilty of? With such overwhelming hypocrisy of hers on FULL DISPLAY, dare we suggest some pre-election race-baiting?

(At the risk of her accusing BlueCollar of ‘running away’ from a version of HER truth.)

On the one hand, we have a Trump economy making black employment great again…

…on the other hand, you have Michelle ‘Sharpton’ Obama…running away from Chicago.


At the end of the day, they’re angry ‘cuz corruption IS being investigated

As the ‘quid-pro-quo’ saga continues, it’s sadly ironic to note how easily and openly the Democrats are willing to expose the fact that they are outraged over corruption probes.

And, tragic…that media is so deceitfully obscuring that naked truth.

Because, even IF the President suggested a quid-pro-quo to the Ukrainian leader, it would’ve been to conduct an investigation into corruption…not hide it to protect family.

Being fixed on the insignificant is exactly what Democrats want, because with everyone arguing about if a quid-pro-quo occurred, they’re NOT arguing about if corruption did.

Shouldn’t the real outrage be…


Now there’s a real campaign slogan, hiding in plain sight.

The only thing more outrageous, is the media’s duplicity in an effort to cover for them.

A fraud is being perpetrated on the public; first, begun before the 2016 election results and then – post-election – with a full-throated ‘collusion’ hoax…all to undo that election.

Can anyone spell RICO indictments’…?

“The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization” (hat-tip to Wikipedia)

Corrupt is just another word for ‘politics-as-usual’

As the Democrats put finishing touches on their strategy of dodging criminal prosecution by running for higher political office, we can’t help but ask if any of them are innocent?

Or a follow-up question: why not put forward candidates who AREN’T corrupt?

Since they opened the dance with an ‘election-meddling’ mantra, it’s heart-warming and gratifying to see them squirm as ACTUAL meddling evidence mounts…against them.

Democrats call pre-election investigation of their corruption as unacceptably political.

We call it serendipitous, and based on that mounting evidence…well deserved.