BIG challenge for opposition…how to make a ‘ceasefire’ a bad thing?

Whoops, how can Trump-haters spin this as a failure? “Pence, Pompeo secure cease-fire agreement in Syria after meeting with Turkish president”

Let’s add up the score from this latest foreign-policy hat-trick by Pres Trump after he announces withdrawal of a handful of American troops from a Syria-Kurd imbroglio…

  1. Democrats & deep-state immediately oppose, which means they want more war;
  2. FakeNews melts down, fakes ‘war-torn Syria’ video, self-confirming FAKE news;
  3. Turkey’s leader is forced into a 180, accepts negotiating…w-America mediating;
  4. VP Pence and Secretary Pompeo announce a ceasefire has been achieved.

Uh-oh…that makes it…President Trump – 4, and Dems/Deepstate/FakeNews – 0

Hmm – a hat-trick is a 3-pointer…

Oh, okay…this is a Grand Slam

(At least until the Zucker/Pelosi/Clapper triumvirates spin out an alternate narrative)

They CAN’T stop now…

As the Democrats, deep-state, and media continue ratcheting up hoaxes and lies, it’s important to understand their dilemma…it’s the only way to obscure their criminality.

They have no choice; they’re too heavily invested in the corrupted state they built.

They know the preponderance of evidence will demonstrate their criminality; there’s only one alternative left for them – paint the opposition as just as corrupt and venal.

Then the cry becomes ‘Hey, Everybody Does It’…

…and justified prosecution gets unfairly reduced to self-serving political games.

‘Impeachment’ is just a thinly veneered equivalency tactic to dissipate criminality.

Sorry, libs…the Supreme Court ruled that Rights & due process requirements apply to Congress too

Whining about earlier columns on the unconstitutional nature of what House Democrats are doing, Liberals claim their congressional probe is following an allowable process.

NOPE…not even close.

As Gregg Jarrett points out today “…decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court in Watkins v. United States (1957) and Quinn v. United States (1955) in which the Justices ruled that the Bill of Rights and “due process” guarantees apply to congressional investigations. They have also been recognized as a requirement in impeachment proceedings.”


Class dismissed.

Seriously…is Princess ‘Fired-‘Cuz-Papoosed’ really their go-to candidate?

It’s pretty bad when the most outed liar in the room is the Democrat heir-apparent.

She lied using stolen-heritage to get into a prestigious college gig.

She lied using stolen-heritage on her Texas bar application.

She lied about being fired ‘cuz she was with papoose.

And, now, “Analysis: Elizabeth Warren growing into front-runner status”

But then…

…it’s the Party of Hillary ‘it-was-a-video/what-emails/everybody-else-colluded’ Clinton…

…so we shouldn’t be too surprised that another liar is in the coronation process.

…and in the Middle East, they got Trump’d…again…?

“Trump’s Syria plan reveals a master strategist in the White House”

Long story short, the fumbling/bumbling/simpleton in the White House has managed to do what decades of elitist strategists and Democrat ineptness repeatedly failed to do.

Their combined consensus strategy being we had to be militarily involved in Syria by helping the Syrian Kurds, if we ever wanted any negotiations to occur with Turkey.

Year after year, we were militarily involved…and no negotiations occurred. Then, lo & behold, President Trump decided to pull our U.S. military spec-ops from the region.

Cue the wailing, hair-pulling, and dire predictions of impending doom.

But, wait…what’s this…

…all of a sudden, Turkey calls and begs the U.S. to mediate immediate negotiations?

Trump saw what elitists didn’t: staying delayed negotiations…leaving FORCED them.

Yep. Crazy, like a ‘master strategist’ fox.

Read the American Thinker article laid out as derived from ConservativeTreehouse.

Hmmm…and it’s NOT a witchhunt…?

At the Gateway Pundit: “Stunning! Schiff’s Monday ‘Witness’ Fiona Hill was NOT at WH at Time of July Call – And Worked for George Soros for Six Years!” 

Got that?

House Democrats are holding ‘hearings’ behind closed doors, locking key Republicans out, keeping the entire process secret, refusing to make any inquiry Constitutional…

…questioning ‘key’ witnesses who weren’t there

…who (formerly) worked for George Soros?

This will certainly strain the limits of FakeNews.

…which means over 1/3 of House GOP members don’t know the Constitution they swore to uphold…

“Nearly Two-Thirds of House GOP Backs Bill to Censure Adam Schiff”

Schiff lied about no contact with their gossip-monger…err…’whistleblower’…and lied publicly about the telephone conversation our President had with the Ukrainian leader.

Lies that were specifically intended to smear and undermine a sitting President.

And, furthermore, continues an ‘impeachment’ illusion while trampling due process and rule of law basics that are bedrock principles of the Constitution he swore to uphold.

And only ‘NEARLY’ two-thirds of the House GOP backs a bill to censure Schiff?

Considering ALL collusion evidence points to Democrats, scrutiny of their finances is justifiable

So far, with the Russia-Ukraine fiasco proving any and all collusion/corruption/whatever has been conducted by Democrats, it’s high time to subpoena Democrat tax records.

That is…if proof and/or evidence are any justification.

(You know…the rule-of-law ‘due process’ thing they seem very willing & able to ignore.)

Just sayin’…

‘Journalism’ dies in bias

Remember ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’?

For 2 years+, so-called journalists ran un-founded story after un-founded story alleging collusion, cover-ups, and corruption amongst Donald Trump-&-Co…based on bias…

…all to bring down, at first, a candidate…then, an elected President.

Now, it’s ‘Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine’?

We’re hearing un-founded story after un-founded story alleging cover-up, corruption, and quid-pro-quo against Pres. Trump-&-Co…based on the same bias and objective… take down President Donald J Trump.

Anonymous sources, deliberate lies…none of it challenged by honest media.

Yeah, ‘democracy dies in darkness’…and NOTHING kills real journalism like bias.

(But don’t just believe us…look at media-trust polling.)

By their actions, they’ve changed the task of reporting truth to destroying opponents.

Judging by their sinking trust-polls, as compared to Trump’s rising poll numbers…

…they’re the ones being destroyed.

You’d think even if vanity wouldn’t stop their insanity…self-preservation would.