…and the numbers STILL don’t add up…hysteria-wise


Going out on a limb here, but…

…analysis of total reported cases and total reported deaths from Wuhan Flu on an every-other-day basis seem actually lessening in proportion-per-period percentages…

…not increasing – and definitely not doubling, as so-called experts and media predict.

Measuring from March 24 (numbers started spiking), using every-other-day numbers and taking into account testing has increased disproportionately, either our healthcare system is stepping up dramatically, contagion/lethality is being damped by the mitigating policies Trump’s so far invoked, or this whole thing is and was being vastly over hyped.

If numbers continue this trend over the next 6-day period, Pres Trump might call a halt to the economy-destroying policies, and use pinpoint targeting rather than mass action.

death per ttl cases deaths % increase ttl cases % increase
1.42% 780 24-Mar 54856
1.52% 1295 166.0% 26-Mar 85435 155.7%
1.80% 2220 171.4% 28-Mar 123578 144.6%
1.92% 3141 141.5% 30-Mar 163788 132.5%
#DIV/0! 0.0% 0.0%
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(graph created from numbers courtesy Worldometer)


Defining their ‘never let him win’ scenario…while dodging their own failures

They ranted ‘racist xenophobe’ when he invoked a China travel curtailment and now they rant ‘too little, too late’ as the Wuhan flu picks up steam throughout the Nation.

Pres. Trump – in their eyes – should never be allowed to be cast in a positive light.


So, now, the Pelosi Impeachment Machine scales up their next narrative, claiming his ‘failure to act quickly’ puts Wuhan deaths on the President, ignoring their own actions.

Remember? As reported by the Washington Times: “FLASHBACK Feb. 24: Pelosi Stands In San Francisco’s Chinatown And Urges People To Come Out”

NY City’s mayor blew off initial warnings; New Orleans still held their Mardi Gras…and now, these sad examples of leadership want to dump their failures on the President.

City and state leadership are responsible for the wellbeing of their communities, not the federal government…by definition, each locale presents varying needs of its residents.

The federal gov’t can provide guidelines and assistance, but local leaders must take the fore in their diverse locations…blaming Trump is all about dodging their own fails.

Media won’t call them out on those failures…but BlueCollar will.

When our Nation needs crucial solidarity…they’re all about divisiveness.

What else describes that fact, with deceptions like this? “CBS Airs Video From ER in Italian Hospital While Cuomo Makes Emotional Appeal for Ventilators in NYC”

(Italy was at the breaking point of hospital demands when that footage was taken.)

Running deceptive footage of a foreign ‘breaking-point’ moment as representative in NY does nothing but feed the raw panic and hysteria that media uses to hype it’s agenda.

But that’s what they do. Left-wing politicians, media, activists…all of them.

If it weren’t for deceit, they’d have no message.



As reported by the Center for Disease Control: “…so far this season there have been at least 39 million flu illnesses, 400,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 deaths from flu.”

Those were the ‘seasonal’ flu cases.

And the Covid-19 (Wuhan flu)? “Total cases: 85,356, Total deaths: 1,246

Not saying it doesn’t need watching… just saying it doesn’t justify panic.

Dems think they’ll get away with holding Americans hostage to their agenda?

Kennedy Center cash? Solar and wind credits? An aviation climate-change study?

What do those things have to do with fighting the economic effects of this Wuhan-flu?


House & Senate Democrats are holding up a financial relief bill…for federal election takeovers? Corporate diversity reporting burdens? Carbon offset requirements for airlines? Policing racial make-up of corporate boards? Retirement plans for community newspaper employees? $300 million for PBS? Post Office bailouts? Ballot harvesting?


Here’s what President Trump retweeted from @ReaganBattalion today…

Here is what @SenSchumer  and @SpeakerPelosi are blocking:

  • $1,200-PerPerson, $2,400-Couple, $500-Child
  • $250 Billion-Unemployment Insurance
  • $350 B-Small Business Loan Program
  • $100 B-Hospitals
  • $11 B-Vaccines
  • $4.5 B-CDC
  • $20 B-Veterans Healthcare
  • $12 B-K12 Education
  • $5 B-FEMA
  • $10 B-Airports

Democrats honestly think their rank-&-file supporters hit hard by the Wuhan-flu will be okay with financial relief being held up to satisfy the Pelosi/Schumer slush-fund efforts?


Remember this in November – they are NOT OUR FRIENDS…

…but they’ll take our money to throw around among their crowd.

Come hell or Wuhan Flu.


Begs the question…

“Is This a Pandemic Or a DemPanic?”



All praise to the brilliant graphic artist (above) who captured so perfectly what we are witnessing today––the last-gasp efforts of:

  • A crazed, out-of-ammunition Democrat Party,
  • A doddering presumptive Democrat presidential candidate,
  • A deranged leftist media, furious at their low and devolving ratings,
  • Socialist/Communist/Islamicized Europeans,
  • Huge investors in the Globalist economy,
  • Angry Chinese leadership,
  • Failed Trump saboteurs Michael Avenatti (now in jail), Michael Cohen (now in prison), Anthony Scaramucci (now in now heresville),
  • Russian-collusion hoaxers of Obama’s FBI, CIA, State, Homeland Security, et al.
  • The exposed liars in the Ukraine phone-call hoax,
  • The losers of the crashing failure known as the impeachment hoax,
  • The cringe-producing sore-loser Hillary Clinton, who “lost” $6-billion dollars when she was Sec. of State, and presided over the tragic loss of American lives in the Benghazi catastrophe––and then lied about it!

These are just a few of the forces who have been working overtime for the past four years to sabotage, undermine, and ultimately destroy both candidate and then President Trump, the man who single-handedly exposed:

  • The Left’s seditious and I believe traitorous anti-American agenda and behavior,
  • The criminality they’ve engaged in for decades with absolute impunity,
  • The gouging of the United States’ economy for their own ideological and personal benefit, extorting billions that was laundered and stuffed into their own pockets,
  • Their devoted allegiance to colossal hoaxes like Global Warming,
  • Their abject neglect of blacks in education and where ignorance leads––ta da––prison,
  • Their seething contempt if not downright hatred of the United States of America.

And yet, with all their impressive advanced college degrees, fancy credentials, exalted titles, tenure-for-life government jobs, social-media collaboration with leftist Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al, and the flagrant abuse-of-power they’ve gotten away with––but not for long!––such as illegal FISA warrants, lying witnesses, shadow-banning, rigging elections, the list goes on…they still could not bring down THE. SMARTEST. GUY. IN. THE. ROOM.


Now, almost eight months from a presidential election, all of these forces are desperate, anguished, just-about suicidal with frustration. What can we do, they are asking themselves, to stop President Trump from winning a second term and then crushing for all time the remaining malignant remnants of the leftist agenda?

While none of them are smart enough to have created the corona virus threat, they secretly celebrated the fact that this crisis would prevent the president from conducting his two or three rallies a week around the country, where upwards of 50,000-75,000 people line up for days on end to applaud and support their president.

Well, they got their wish. Now he is on TV every single day, showing the entire country (and world) what genuinely strong and effective leadership is all about––which is why his approval ratings are skyrocketing!

Undaunted, the frantic left is spending untold billions,not to help the deserving people affected adversely by the corona virus…

Over half of U.S. reported cases are in New York state, according to this source.

There are few estimates regarding the level of cases that go unreported (84%?), so – to date – the open reported cases in the U.S. are 40,878; Deaths are 504…

…by some accounts in the U.S. last year, 40,000 died of regular flu; no panic ensued.

Again, we’re not saying it’s a hoax, we’re just saying numbers don’t add up to panic.

As noted in this linked source, California has 1828 reported cases (.0046% of residents) in a state with 39,560,000 residents (even more, if illegal aliens are counted).

Perspective, people…

Their agenda is more important than your economy…DURING A PANDEMIC!!

The Gateway Pundit reports: “McConnell Furious After Senate Democrats Screw American Public – Block Emergency Coronavirus Package”

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was playing politics on Sunday and said she’s working on her own pork-filled emergency relief Coronavirus package.” SERIOUSLY?

Want more proof? “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) worked to scupper the phase-three coronavirus relief package on Sunday after Majority Whip James Clyburn (D., S.C.) told caucus members last week that the bill was “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” Clyburn’s comments came on a Thursday call featuring more than 200 House Democrats, during which caucus members laid out a list of provisions they wanted to be included in the Senate’s trillion-dollar package.”

Apparently the Democrats are more intent on pushing their ideological agenda than doing anything to help the American economy during this healthcare emergency.

Is everyone okay with that?

It IS a Chinese-virus; and it IS a Media-panic…with beyond-coincidence timing

Two facts that can’t be dismissed…

  1. It is a Chinese-originated flu virus (despite media deflection); and
  2. It is a Media-originated panic.

Call it conspiracy-theory if you will, but…

  • no American has stronger, deeper ties to China than Joe Biden-&-son;
  • no recession-hype rhetoric could slow down our Wall Street boom; and
  • no Democrat had a chance in November against the Trump economy.

Suddenly (?) we’re hit with a Chinese virus with its origins and initial infection rate there hidden from the world until too late to stop a global spread – and just so happens to…

  • Drive the Wall Street markets down to pre-Trump lows; and
  • bring the U.S. economy crashing down around our ears;
  • just as Joe Biden becomes the presumptive Democrat frontrunner…

…several months before a National election.

There’s conspiracy theory…and then there’s CONNECTING the DOTS.

(Where the FakeNews media and Democrats are concerned, we’re seeing dots.)

The good news?

Either way, American resolve will triumph – the only question…how soon?

The cruise ship Diamond Princess, with its earlier tribulations, may provide a clue.